Turbo Bricking It:</br> Riding In A 740hp Volvo
Happy Place

There’s a strong chance this could be one of the best Volvo 240s in the world. I’m serious, I wouldn’t joke about something like that. There has been plenty of fun poked at the boxy 200 series over the years, but as a long-time 245 owner myself, I’m not even sure why people jest at all. Maybe it’s because these cars are just so good at everything, in an inoffensive and likeable way? So mocking them is probably the only way people who don’t own a Volvo can handle the amount of awesome that comes as standard with one… Maybe.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-105

Okay, so I’m sorry (not really), I promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away with this one, but I just can’t resist it. I have found my own personal Volvo Valhalla in Sweden – and I’m pretty happy about that. Up until April 2014 I didn’t even know this particular 242 existed, but I had been trying to track down a guy called Mattias Vocks for a while. All I knew is that he’d built an absolutely kick-ass Amazon estate that ended up travelling to the SEMA Show, and that he might work for Koenigsegg.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-137

So there I am, stood inside the Swedish hypercar factory looking at the incredible One:1,only days before its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and what do I do? Ask if anybody knows a guy called Mattias Vocks of course…

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-69

It’s probably not the first thing that would come to most people’s minds in that situation, but when you’ve got Volvo fever, you’re pretty sick.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-66

Bizarrely, Mattias was stood two people away from me as I blurted out how amazing I thought his Amazon estate was. He and the assembled technicians obviously thought I was a bit odd, after all, I don’t think many journalists that pass through Koenigsegg use it as an opportunity to track down an old Volvo. Contact had been made though, and this was a good thing.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-6

Later that night, whilst the team were still busy putting the One:1 together, Mattias and I had a coffee and I learned he’d sold the Amazon a couple of years prior. But he told me that he had his brother’s 242 at home – which he’d built also – and that I could come and take a look at that if I wanted to. “It’s got 740hp,” he said.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-50

I can remember thinking to myself, this just gets better. I knew the Amazon was an incredible build, so I could only imagine what he might have done to one of my favourite cars. I had to see it. To break up an all night work session, we drove the short distance to Mattias’s newly-built home workshop and he pulled the cover off the 242 that’s in front of you now.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-111

Now, at first you might be thinking the same as I did then – ‘yes it’s clean and I love the BBS LMs, but it’s not as wild or as modified as I hoped it would be’. But then I got to learn the full story and my mind was changed…

Happy Face
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-122

Because let’s face – it in the last year we’ve seen some pretty incredible Volvo 240s, two of which made it on to our Top 10 Feature Cars of 2014 list. There was the mongrel Viper-motored track weapon, and the super clean, BMW-engined 242 which brought home second spot outright. But arguably, if you’re a Volvo fan you’ll want to see a Volvo brand motor under the bonnet.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-3

It helps with that perverse sense of satisfaction when you blow somebody’s doors off and they must know what engine you’re running. Reply Viper V10 or BMW M5 and they’ll credit that with your success. But for Mattias, it had to be the 24V six cylinder motor from the larger 9-series Volvo model.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-19

It’s not an obvious choice by any means, and not a common swap at all. In fact, on the Volvo radar the six seems to be largely ignored after the smaller and supposedly punchier four cylinder B230 engine, or even the 20-valve, 2.5-litre T5-sourced motor. But if you want real Viking power, then six cylinders are definitely the way forward. More cylinders, more boost!

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-48

It was one of the reasons why Mattias bought the saloon back in 2007. When he picked it up from his friend Marco Garver it was already running the inline six, so Mattias figured it would be a good test bed for the technology he wanted to put in the Amazon, which was still being built at the time.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-14

The state of tune has way surpassed what it was back then, with power now topping 740hp on 1.7bar (25psi) of boost running on E85 fuel. It does make me wonder if Mattias can only tune an engine to Volvo model number figures, which means by (questionable) logic, next up he should be aiming for 850, then 960? Musing aside, the level of finish on the whole car is lovely. That ‘tab’ in the middle of the intake side of the manifold was added the night before I turned up for the shoot, after Mattias remembered that it had split the last time the Volvo was used in anger. If he hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known as it looks like it’s been there all along.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-17

The Precision Turbo PT67 RS is a fairly new addition to the engine bay having been added last summer, and the polished cover and hard piping compliments the Volvo Titanium Metallic paint perfectly. As for what it does, well, on a slightly damp day in December it made the ride across to our location hilarious. The turbo spools up fairly quickly given its physical size, but then that’s because there are six cylinders feeding it I guess.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-30

And this brings me to another thing I love about the way Mattias has finished the build: it’s subtle. The original plan for this build was a rough and ready track weapon, but there are plenty of those already and I’m glad it turned out like this. If I hadn’t told you, you could easily believe it was running a tweaked 2.3-litre motor with a couple of hundred horsepower, which would be fine. But over 700hp? That’s somewhat ridiculous, right? The more I look at this simple execution the more I think about my own project and how I’ve made it stand out more and more. Now I kind of want to take it back to an almost stock look.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-58

There are some very subtle modifications that go together to create the overall deception here though. The rear wheel arches are in fact front arches, and Mattius has mounted them further up the bodyline to help lose the ‘Volvo squat’ that so many have when lowered. They also give extra clearance, which helps with the 17×9.5-inch BBS LMs and Hankook 255/40s. That’s the same size tyre I’m running on my wagon, with its big sticky-out arches…

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-136

You can see my train of thought rolling on down the tracks right now. The reason why I bought my 240 in the early ’00s was because I liked the shape, so why change it? It’s what Mattias has put in behind that engine and under the back end which is inspiring me right now too.

Happy Pace
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-29

To handle the power, Mattias has moved away from Volvo components – something which is okay to me as the important stuff is still from Gothenburg. For starters he’s gone for the BMW 6-speed manual gearbox that you’d usually find backing up a V8 in a 540 manual. By cutting the front off the Volvo bell housing and welding it to the back of the BMW item, it now mates right up.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-40

The back axle is a Chrysler 8.75-inch unit fitted with Moser 38-spline axles and a Wavetrac diff. That’s a stout combo right there and seems to be handling the power just fine for now. I did ask why he hadn’t gone down the Ford 9-inch road, and Mattias told me that even with an alloy centre housing he felt it was still too heavy. Yup, been there, done that!

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-131

So there’s a lot going on here that might not be obvious at first, and I like that. There’s a certain restrained finesse to it all. From the standard door-mounted mirrors to the egg crate turbo grille and the Group A style rear spoiler. Because yes, the 242 was kicking-ass in the ’80s on the race circuit, so a little modification is fine.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-64

Looking inside, Mattias has resisted the urge to change too much. There are some Auto Meter gauges where the stereo used to mount and a suede-wrapped steering wheel to help him hold on when things get hectic. You can also just make out the cage here in the A-pillar and lower sill area.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-62

Just about the only place it’s really visible is through the rear window, but that’s because it ties into the rear suspension mounts, so can’t faithfully follow the C-pillars. At the other end it runs up through the back of the dash into the front shock towers, adding that all important rigidity now the power levels have been quadrupled over standard.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-70

There’s still plenty of room for passengers to be scared in comfort though. I find it hard to believe that there’s a later model leather back seat in here, but then the envy comes in again. The added sound deadening from having the upholstery in place is welcome, and as if I needed reminding again – why strip weight out when you have 740hp to play with? There’s a moral in there and it’s something to do with just adding more power.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-65

Thankfully, in the front there’s a bit more support. This is welcome when the back end decides to dance like your mum at a carnival – all ass and wiggling. And just in case you were wondering what that sounds like, this video should satisfy your curiosity.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-75

Getting back to the Koenigsegg connection, the best parts bin the world provided the front brakes, as they’re from CC8S and feature 340mm discs and 6-piston callipers. I find it kind of fitting that the guy responsible for the prototype department at the forward-thinking hypercar manufacturer drives a kick-ass Volvo… That’s Mattias in the white hat by the way.

Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-142

Yup, that was a good day. Although Mattius’s brother Magnus owns the 242 now, he rarely gets to use it. But that doesn’t matter too much, because it’s not like this is ever going to go out of fashion or get boring in any way.

In fact, come to think of it, everybody should have a kick-ass Volvo at their disposal. But you’ll just have to accept it probably won’t be as good as this one…

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunterbryn

(PS. Mattias unwittingly sold his Amazon to British motorbike legend Guy Martin. So if you’re reading this Guy, how about a feature?)

Cutting Room Floor
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-11
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-149
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-20
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-21
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-34
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-37
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-42
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-46
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-53
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-61
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-71
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-76
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-80
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-98
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-132
Mattias Vox Vocks Volvo 242 24v turbo-147


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"Dances like your mum at a carnival"
Oh man, I am committing that one to memory.
I used to write early Volvos off as boring when I was younger but they're really growing on me these days.


This car makes me want to be a better man!


I love this. I don't think I could want anything more


That is perfect. I mean perfect. There isn't once single item i would change. It's like someone has built my exact idea of a modified Volvo.


Oh, thanks a lot. 

I was all prepared to finish the mountain of paperwork that backed up during the week, and now you've got me all inspired to go play with my 850 Turbo.


I can never forget Mattias Vocks & his amazing 788-horsepower Volvo Amazon , it was one epic combination & I still love that built in today ! I love how he keep using Volvo engine instead of source Toyota straight-6 or Chevrolet V8 like most other builder !


This car is the definition of "Talk softly but carry a large stick".

Also seeing that P1800 in the bonus pics reminds me that to my eye they may be one of the most beautiful cars ever.


What an awsome volvo. just how i would want one. Well maybe less power.
But what a great sleeper.MORE PLEASE...


TjChannon Hate to go all Swedish on you, but this is an early Volvo :P


Being a 70s kid, I remember these well. But in their time, they never looked quite s good as the Mercedes c class or the bow 3 series. All these years later, it's pretty amazing how they have all aged gracefully. Their are far more similarities in styling than differences. And then the power...very corruptive!


klevenspielberg TjChannon
And you can do this ,


LOL! The intake manifold split is really "danger to manifold", if you guys know what I mean. XD
Anyway, that P1800 is intriguing me. I hope Vocks has got some solid plans for it!


Design-wise I dont like the 200 series Volvos (sooorry Bryn) but I do respect their powerplants. This car is quite nice tho. My favorite part is the leather rear seats?? idk why lol.
Your enthusiasm for these bricks is always infectious and I was happy to read the connection to one of my favorite cars of all time.
Before Speedhunters was launched I was already addicted to car porn-mostly of that Amazon:D!!! I used to orgasm uncontrollably at that exposed transmission. like arrrgghh!!
Anyways, maybe you can track down the following Volvo powered monster-loooooog overdue for a Speedhunters feature, and personally my favorite home built street-car in the world:


Yesss a volvo story again , have been waiting for this bryn
Mattias is living the dream !!
I also need a voovo in my life asap


We need to funf this !


Nice sneaky picture of the P1800 'Retro-Touring' in there, can't wait until that is finished too.  Volvos are always cool, all the best people own them.


The older I get the more I just love clean, simple looking cars with a ridiculous suspension and engine set up.  This Volvo is a wonderful build, more please!


That P1800 though… damn!


Best car of 2015 on SH. LOVE everything: the article, the car, the build. Well freakin' done!


Nice car let down by lack of grill slash.  All real Volvo cars have a grill slash.


Just like you've mentioned, that volvo virus... i was waiting for this article ever since it was announced
thanks man


Guy Martin?? It's Guy who bought the Amazon?? Feature pleeeaaaaasee

But this 242 is really wow.. wow wow wow, just wow. Really.


So many ideas...
Thinking about running a brick myself.


SJGnanaPragasam that whole intro is awesome. But a V6 240. That's my dream.


SJGnanaPragasam Oh, it's straight. I can live with that.


kphillips9936 Get with the Volvo program :)


FebrianRusdianto Yup! The very same, Mattias told me the funny story of how he got a frenzied call late one night, followed up by another the following day. Then this wild haired Englishman turns up in a Transit with a trailer on the back 24hrs later. Paid for it and drove home! I wanted to feature it before that, but even more so now!


GavinVanderStar Pleasure, glad you appreciate it :)


@Paul Schuh If that's all you don't like, then we're doing alright!


@SW1 Glad you like it, early days but I'm hoping it will remain popular. There's a lot to learn from this build.


Taryn Croucher Pretty damn cool huh? You can just make out marks on the wheels where Mattias will make the oval holes round, he's had it for longer than the 240 or Amazon. Maybe a feature in the future :)


ChrisMcNamee With age comes wisdom :)


HoTWire Haha! ;) That's not actually the Retro-Touring build unfortunately, that got shelved. Although this is the P1800 that inspired it all. Mattias has had it longer than the 240 or Amazon. Much plans, such excite :)


vroomtothetomb Never apologise, if everybody loved the look of a Volvo like I do then they'd shoot up in price. Thanks for the kind words :)

Now, the Hilmersson Manta? That is the stuff of legends! I remember trying to find it about four or five years ago, but I never tried that hard. I should probably try again, it must be out there somewhere and the chances are I've probably been quite close given all the travel in Scandinavia I've done recently.



jay8393 Haha, danger to manifold... I could I have missed that opportunity! 

The P1800 has been around for years, a stout motor and the wheels will see it back on the road. I'll try and get some more pics when it's finished.


@Revtil9k Absolutely, they were very workaday at the time, now because of the sheer numbers of people who experienced them from the back seat or relatives garage, their popularity has shot up.


kayjaypug205 For sure, such a sublime shape.


RDS Completely agree, I will track down the Amazon and you're quite right. It's all the more special for staying Volvo.


Ice Age Can you imagine how distracting it is having these images on my desktop! I'm with you, to the Volvos!


J45ON You and me both.


Finian Small Haha, that's a good thing, unless you're already a decent kind of person. In which case, buy a Volvo and complete the circle of awesome!


RDS klevenspielberg TjChannon Mattias was involved in that build too ;)


What a start to 2015! First the supra and now this!


Speedhunters_Bryn FebrianRusdianto LOL, very funny indeed. Yes do it man, i'm waiting for it!
Maybe you could even catch a glimpse of Guy's 500 HP Turbo Suzuki GSX-R sitting next to the Amazon.

Oh what an 'eccentric' Englishman he is


Damnit, I want one now. I actually has some pretty awesome lines. Either that or that Delicious looking 1800.


Speedhunters_Bryn HoTWire

'Rumour' is that some one already bought this one for when he has finished it, so he'll just have to build another for himself.  You know it'll be special :D ... Also Retro Touring wasn't the right term for this build .. 'Pro-Retro' is the name that he uses, it makes sense, it is my new favourite term :D


I love you guys. so much. get my approval. 

speaking of a 6 cylinder 240, i have plans for one that might grab your attention if i can ever find the engine..


EuRo24o Wow, that's dedication right there! :)


kurko I know, we're going hard this year :)


@zz There's something very unassuming about the shape, but it can be made to look bad ass with a few simple tricks.


FebrianRusdianto Speedhunters_Bryn Hahahahahaha, you're fuckin kidding me!? Guy Martin? Hahahahaha. That's just wicked. Now imagine, Isle of Man TT 2015, beautiful aerial shots, those super bikes going 200mph... And Guy Martin going past in a bloody Amazon wagon. Now THAT would be priceless.


And I'm still thinking for the engine I should use in my 245
I can tune the 4 cylinder 8 valve to around 700 whp and it will coSt shit load of money and time and yet be kinda unique
ore just dump in a BMW s54 in line 6...
aah hell i will finish the 4-link suspension first..
So yeah theres some serious shit going on in the Netherlands too, hoping to get it finished in 2/3 years and then skidding it to gatebil


Best feature since the last Volvo feature... 225k miles on my custard R wagon but i'll never part with it. Ever. It just gets better...


Speedhunters_Bryn vroomtothetomb Unfortunately the car have had a small fire after being on a cartransport at an angle and leaking fuel. But the new owner is now bringing it back to its glory days.


ArnoldvSchepen ElinedeV Rappe donder!


Mistervanloo ElinedeV En met Volvo motor i.p.v. een BMW V8 of Viper blok!


ArnoldvSchepen ElinedeV Like it should.


I just love when people buy and tune an old Volvo. I still haven't found my 245 wagon....


Love me some Volvo - keep them coming!


Pedro Gonz I will try my best!


greenroadster Good call! You must find one, any plans for it?


overfenderedhatchback I think they're the only car you can buy secondhand where high mileage is almost a positive selling point! I bought my 245 on 200K and have had a few others on similar numbers.

We had a few 850 T5s in the family but I could never get on with the FWD or reduced steering lock. My life would have been so much simpler if I did! I could have been enjoying far more power and refinement by now :)


GavinVanderStar We'll keep an eye out for you :)


@FunkyChild FebrianRusdianto Yup, serious! I want to see that too.


HoTWire That rumour is true, he wouldn't sell it like it was, and the buyer said whatever you want to do to it is fine by me. I like Mattias :)


Eastman vroomtothetomb Eastman you star! bookmarked that for future contact :)


Is there any Volvo-powered modified Volvo that didn't involed Mattias ? XD


I wonder how much it will cost to tune a White Block L5/L6 to 700-hp ?
Or ... even the Yahama-Volvo V8 engine .


I'd love to see that car & its spec !


I'd love to know more about that Amazon , so far on Google , I found out it have very similar engine spec as this Volvo 242 , although it have a Toyota 5MT ... but still , hopefully you can successfully track down the Amazon , and of course , feature it here .


Any more info on the p1800? I heard he was planning on building a v8 powered p1800. Does anyone know if that plan still is going?


Awesome! That thing has a great stance.


JulesBastin The P1800 has been with him for a long time, he was going to develop a pro-retro type P1800 but that idea got sidelined thanks to other things.


Wildcardfox It really does, the rear arch mod is genius!


RDS GavinVanderStar I keep on thinking about the Yamaha/Volvo V8!


Speedhunters_Bryn Wildcardfox Ive seen it done quite a bit, especially in BMW world where overfenders are hard to come by. 

Speaking of BMW theres a bunch of 800whp+ e36s in my area... any e36 features comin up?


This is my favorite 240 I've ever seen. The Eggshell grill and Group A spoiler are on point. The arches... I can't quite handle that but I like it. Nice subdued color that still looks great on the Swede. A+ stance. Non-stretched tires on classic wheels. A full interior. Powered by the quite unloved whiteblock. And I love the exhaust tip.


Speedhunters_Bryn Finian Small I'm doing my darnedest to complete that circle, bryn!


What a magnificent finish! Really going up a whole new notch with this Volvo, eh? Plus its "subtle modifications" make it a more irresistible innovation. Kudos to more Volvo!


Speedhunters_Bryn greenroadster  Plans, that I really do have, plenty of them. Low, brown-dark red, really wide tires, steelies, stock body, stock interior, steel roof rack, tow hook for the trailer with my drift Soarer on it. Oh, with inline 6 turbo and manual 5 transmission. And welded diff. :))


This is true Speedhunting.  I hope there will be less stance and more of this stuff in 2015 from SH.  Please SH if you could hunt down a balistic Volvo XC60 3.0L Turbo it would make my day.


SonnyNguyen Thank you, glad you like it. We always try and keep proper performance at the core of what we do. Interesting choice of feature for us to find as well!


AlexLobanov Where are you from? Awesometown?!


greenroadster I like the sound of that! Send us pics when it happens and we'll feature it! :)


Speedhunters_Bryn AlexLobanov NYC/LI/CT/NJ area. No joke, one of the e36s here broke a world record I think, 8.9 1/4 all bmw drivetrain... 


You guys ever speedhunt(?) up here?


AlexLobanov Holy crap Alex! That thing is amazing, love the stock(ish) looks. I've bookmarked it and yes, we need to get to your part of the world.


Speedhunters_Bryn You should do a feature on Paul's 245TI. He bought it new and has been modifying it ever since.


AlexLobanov Any chance you could drop me an email? There's a chance we might be able to get Larry there later on in the year, if so it would be great to hit you up for some recommendations :)



Man, I never get sick of these bonkers Volvos. Too bad you guys haven't found any crazy 850s or 740s to feature. It's always the 240/242.


Billy J Good point, we'll see if we can rectify that in 2015!


Speedhunters_Bryn Billy J  I feel like most people don't build the 850s that often because they are FWD in the states, AWD in other countries.


That's actually not right. Europe and other parts also got the fwd 85 . But also the AWD. But nog many AWD's remain. Because most of the gearboxes and transferboxes die quite early


AlexLobanov Speedhunters_Bryn Here in Sweden they ran 8.79 1/4 back in 2012 with a Bmw e30. So not really the fastest manual Bmw out there. Cant really beat Scandinavia when it comes to turbo'ed Bmw's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhW8dtZZJeI


Billy J There are plenty of crazy, built 850's. I dont think you'll see them on here because they arent exotic enough though. The majority of them are left with the stock T5 because it is already so easy to make power with minimal mods. Beyond that, it is hard to find a suitable engine to swap into the transverse, FWD layout while the engine bay of the 240 is massive and easier to drop in a longitudinally mounted engine from another family of cars.


That's the way it should be done. When I see the engine pics I smile!


It could cost you a lot to built , but look ,


JulesBastin  I know that, I was just saying that the US didn't get the AWD versions while just about everybody else did.


BradHarvey Billy J  I'm sure there are, but I feel like they don't get the same amount of love and attention as the 240s do and they are exceptional cars.


Sorry, my bad. But the awd's weren't that good.


Billy J BradHarvey We do feature some of the later models too ;)



I grew up riding around in one of these, and I love what Mattias has done here. When you look up "sleeper" in the dictionary there should be a picture of this 242. 
I'm happy you posted the video link, too - the noise just made me smile ever more broadly.


JulesBastin  it was probably better than the FWD ones


One reason the 6 is not used as often as the 4 or 5 cylinder is that the motor tends to eat timing belts rather quickly. Perhaps Mattias has found a way to circumvent that weakness. Great car! Volvo for life!


Of all of the vehicles I have owned, two remain fond memories, (not including my current baby, of course), the first vehicle I ever owned and the old "yellow brick" Volvo station wagon. The very same model most of the 70s and 80s English professors owned. When I bought mine it was at 212k miles and when I sold it, the new owner took it at 345k, and that baby kept right on performing. Kim Shugart CEO @ http://federalautoloan.com


i used to own a 164e volvo.  it was the worst car i have ever owned for driving feel, it felt like you were sitting in a bathtub and had the worst body roll ever. i noticed the body roll on all the 2 series volvos too like this one (we had a 242 in the family), it comes with the pathetic thin track.  in anycase it is funny  to see a car of this body shape being modified. someone must not care about their expenses!   it is so ridiculous to see this!
i must admit i liked the 164s 3.0l straight six engine with mechanical fuel injection which revved to 6000rpm....  umm for about  about 5minutes, because it was mated to a 3 spd auto and had the worst economy of any car i have ever owned, and i have owned 4.0l 6s and 5l v8s.  i sold the car after 3 months, suprisingly for a profit!


incredible car, I have a 1984 240 GL and Im about to repaint it, it is lowered already and I´ll go with the front fenders on the back, it just look terrific. Really a pretty good job. very nice car.... VOLVO FOR LIFE...!


Hey nice car I just wanted to ask where can i find a spoiler like that? @Speedhunters_Bryn


Would he ever sell this car? I'm very interested.
Eric Curran


Speedhunters_Bryn Eastman vroomtothetomb That Manta is completely done now and the finish is on the level as when
Hilmersson had it. The car has already been featured (with the new
builder) in Swedens biggest car tuning magazine and did receive
attention at Swedens biggest car tuning show this easter (Hilmersson was
happy with seeing it that perfect after the fire).


Speedhunters_Bryn Eastman vroomtothetomb That Manta is completely done now and the finish is on the level as when
Hilmersson had it. The car has already been featured (with the new
builder) in Swedens biggest car tuning magazine and did receive
attention at Swedens biggest car tuning show this easter (Hilmersson was
happy with seeing it that perfect after the fire).


Speedhunters_Bryn Eastman vroomtothetomb That Manta is completely done now and the finish is on the level as when
Hilmersson had it. The car has already been featured (with the new
builder) in Swedens biggest car tuning magazine and did receive
attention at Swedens biggest car tuning show this easter (Hilmersson was
happy with seeing it that perfect after the fire).


after seeing yr pics above,  i feel very very proud to own a volvo 240. great job bro.


KrzysztofPiotrowicz Strange comment. I too noticed the things you mentioned about body roll and the slab sided'ness making you feel like you were sitting in a bath tub, but a lot of sedan crap was like that. It's also out of context when you consider how much racing (and winning) was done by those old cars. 240's have a great track in Group A and Rally alike. 

Curing that body roll is childs play BTW.


That 1800 is going to be the 5HIT!!!!


What kind of engine is this? is it B6284T from S80? @Speedhunters_Bryn


I own a 1993 240 wagon with some modifications but this is what I would like my wagon to end up like! This is just a brilliant build,unassuming and kickass. I have to get this guy to the states to help me finish my wagon! Keep up the great articles about these hot rod volvos. The prancing moose runs again.