The Carbs-Only Theme: <br /> It’s Time To Kick It Old School

Welcome to our ‘Carbs Only Theme’. For the next couple of days we’re going to be regressing into an entirely analog world – 48 hours in which float bowls, idle jets and venturis rule our pages.

Before anyone pipes up, we definitely know that carburation is not the smartest choice when it comes to feeding your motor – a modern fuel injection system is better in nearly every way. If you want efficiency, power, reliability, there’s no argument that EFI – which is certainly one of the most important technological advances in our relatively young auto industry – is the way to go.


But – and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming – there’s something to be said for soul and character, for pure analog control of a vehicle’s running. While yes, we’re only talking about a car part here; a mechanical jumble of zinc, brass, steel and alloy that feeds nourishing air and fuel to an engine, carburettors possess a certain rustic charm and a personality that you just won’t find in a modern EFI setup. You can almost use carbs to identify somebody who really knows their car; if it’s running well, the owner has most likely spent a lot of time sweet-talking their machine into the early hours of the morning… Many people call carburettor tuning an art, not a science, after all.

Chevrolet_Camaro_Speedhunters_Feature_Keith_Charvonia_Otis_Blank 091

Over the next couple of days we’ll be checking out the inner workings of some monster carb-fed cars, including the infamous ‘Seabiscuit’ Camaro out of Arizona – a satin-black mass of ProCharger-equipped big block muscle capable of 7.1-second quarters.


We’re also getting behind the wheel of a classic Ford Escort rally weapon and taking it for a proper thrash on the deserted roads of back-country Luxembourg.


At the start of the month, we also asked our readers to submit their own carb-fed cars and projects, and we’ll be showcasing some of these in a #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER post.

Holley 1

To round it all off, we’ve invited an expert from Holley to cast an eye over the carburettor story, right back to the late 1800s, through two world wars, into the post-war hot rodding era and beyond.


Carbs might be hugely outdated these days, but from our point of view, they’re not going anywhere soon. It’s time to revel in the glorious sights and sounds of obsolete, antiquated technology – welcome to the Speedhunters Carbs-Only Theme!

Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey



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I'm glad for carbs getting us to today's tech but EFI/DI FTW baby...



Gianluca FairladyZ

Weber Bologna :D


CV carbS!


Twin 40 Solex's Hard to get parts for but I bloody love 'em


The "carbs-only" theme sounds like someone got tired of the Atkins diet and decided to make their own.


Bit disappointed that that Escort isnt YB powered but nonetheless it looks like an amazing machine!


Carbs are one of my favorite things about cars!


My '65 Buick will eventually be powered by a "Dual Quad" 425 Nailhead.

Is it too late to submit photos? My father-in-law's '66 442 is running a three carb setup.


Only pic´s where is the sound


Love that top pic Pedey, looking good!!


I've got a tip for you guys keith ross's 66 volvo amazon his engine is really good ;)


I'm *really* looking forward to this theme!!


bluestreaksti This may be more of your liking, its also a carbed M20.


22R Hybrid, Weber, A/C, P/S, and it is road raced at the track.


@CoronaGTR Any photos of the engine bay? How's the handling on the track? I love when people track cars like this.