Can England Build A Better GT-R Than Japan?
I Say Old Boy

Every time I see a GT-R I feel like I’m looking at a computer-generated character, as though a comic book page or game frame came to life in front of me. They feel like the stuff of hyper reality, existing purely for the purpose of being the best at what they do. Naturally, I associate them with Japan, and I’m sure that part of the allure for a lot of us is the mythical midnight Wangan runs that we’d all love to go on, or the touge blasting that Dino so often tempts us with.

But what if I told you that I thought that one of the best R35s anywhere in the world was actually built in the quiet English countryside? Is that even possible?

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-65

How can an English company take something so intrinsically Japanese and make it their own? And before you think I’m biased, I’ve travelled the world for a long time now, so I’ve been privileged to see a lot of impressive workshops and cars. Yes, I might be going out on a limb here, but it’s a stretch I’m happy to take.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-19

It’s worth remembering that here in the UK we have a long history of sportscar manufacturing, from Aston Martin to Jaguar. I know the latter is owned by the Indian firm TATA, but they were still the first people to make a disc brake work on a car back in the ’50s. And let’s not forget that most of the Formula One teams call central England home. That’s some pretty heavyweight expertise on UK soil.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-27

Slap-bang in the middle of this rural land is Litchfield Motors, a name I’ve known of for a long time. Founded by Iain Litchfield in the late ’90s, the company was always known for quick Subarus and an almost factory-like aftermarket service. Over the last decade and a half Litchfield has naturally expanded and embraced new areas, and now the R35 GT-R forms a large part of the business.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-20

Iain apologised as he was showing me around their new and unfinished, purpose-built facilities, as to him it probably appears untidy or disordered. You quickly realise these are not two things that happen in his world. And yes that Lexus LFA lives here…

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-2

Obviously, I can blow smoke all day long about a local hero and you’ll still be wondering what all the fuss is about, so this GT-R is here to speak the real truth about Litchfield Motors.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-69

It was one of those dream builds that I was told about and couldn’t resist going to see. An anonymous customer decided to have Iain and the team build him the ultimate road-going, all-round R35 GT-R. It needed to look authentic, be able to outperform pretty much anything he might encounter and not be too gregarious. If Litchfield could do it, he wanted it done, and as you’ll see there’s not a lot they can’t do.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-17

So that’s what we’re looking at here.  At first glance there’s something for everybody, the original GT-R lines are still obvious and they’ve been respected and improved on by the numerous Varis upgrades. The pearl white paint has a flawless finish but it’s not a crazy-bright shout about it colour. No graphics or wrap, a small but decent measure of tyre-to-arch clearance… On the move it looks great.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-30

Then there’s the 4.6-litre twin turbo engine. Oh wait, I didn’t mention that yet did I? Well, I have now…

Would You Mind Awfully?
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-48

At first glance the engine bay is very much like the rest of the GT-R – its subtlety is deceptive. Move on without looking closer at your peril, what you can’t see here is the 4.6-litre conversion. Litchfield call it their VR46 for obvious reasons, but its unique designation goes a long way in demonstrating how much of this powerhouse is bespoke. Starting with a bare VR38 block, both oil and water paths are modified and replaced, then Nikasil-coated liners are fitted and the block strengthened. This work is done by Capricorn in the UK, before it’s line-bored in house back at Litchfield.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-33

Not heard of Capricorn before? Their name rang a bell, and as much as I wouldn’t put it past Iain to have discovered a one man band who can turn water in to wine, they’re a little bit bigger than that. With centres of excellence across the globe – including a dedicated composites facility at the Nürburgring – they were also linked at one time to buying the legendary circuit. Everything Capricorn do comes from motorsport, and their work can be found in many high-end applications.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-46

Of course, if you’re familiar with the engine bay of an R35 or the VR motor in general then you’ll have instantly recognised the modified inlet plenums, as they’re much wider than standard. Iain talked me through slicing open the standard items, then the work that went in to working out an optimal flow. But again, they’re not externally polished or especially shouted about – a simple crackle black heat-resistant finish has been used to keep things feeling factory. It’s this approach which almost hides the work done that I really like.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-73

The real genius is hidden away and this is where Iain’s passion really starts to blind me – he genuinely becomes more animated as he tells me about their Inconel manifolds with Zircotec coating. The benefits of this material and the plasma-sprayed ceramic coating have been proven in the highest forms of motorsport, which is why you’ll find them here. But this is nothing compared to the flow testing the componentary has undergone, and thousands of pounds have been spent using testing equipment that usually only F1 teams have access too. With a wide range of contacts, Iain isn’t afraid to go the extra mile or 10, just to see if something can be improved.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-72

Again, I’m sure many of you will have experienced this kind of technology, but if it’s new to you, how exciting is it when you discover something like this? Instead of a more traditional gasket material, check this out. The gasket here is the silver ring you can see, which sits in the recess. It’s hollow and contains a gas which expands minutely when heated, forming a perfect and incredibly strong seal between two surfaces.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-47

Alongside household names like Nismo, you’ll see ones like Forge Motorsport – area specialists who are quickly gaining pace on a global scale. Litchfield have their own custom intercooler, with Forge supplying the transmission cooler. The turbochargers are based around Garrett GT30R units, but benefit from 76mm custom compressor wheels and TiAL turbine housings. Quite possibly my favourite engine modification – just because of it’s name – is the ‘Battleship’ fuel pump conversion. The 1,200hp generated at 1.7bar (25psi) and 7,200rpm is the result of all this. And there’s 918hp available at 1.1bar (16psi) just in case you wanted to have a quiet day, by the way…

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-45

I actually ended up spending quite a lot of time under the bonnet as I was left alone to take my pictures; it’s builds like this which inspire me on my own much lower scale. In the GT-R tuning world a lot of people seem to spend a lot of time trying to do something ‘different’, which means they sometimes miss what attracts many enthusiasts to the GT-R in the first place.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-15

For me, R35 tuning should feel as close to factory, whilst changing as much as possible. It’s like a respectful homage to the original engineers who originally fanaticized over every aspect, but you can still improve the marque.  The suspension demonstrates this theory well. Undeterred by the legions of press and test drivers who sung the standard setup’s praises, Iain went to Bilstein and Eibach and didn’t come back until he was happy. The improvements made were just that, whilst being entirely valid. Much like Nismo would do in Japan, his way of thinking is similar. In fact it’s something Iain does very well…

Terribly Sorry About That
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-3

Making any sort of changes to the iconic body work is hard. For a start it’s all subjective, and we’ve seen many attempts – some good, some bad. You might not like the Varis additions such as the front bumper, lip and side skirts, but they’re not over the top or as intrusive on the original lines as some.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-36

The heavily-vented GT carbon fibre bonnet has been left naked, as has the AMS carbon fibre roof which ties in nicely with the dark centre of the front bumper. A detail you’d find on a factory standard car.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-11

And yes, it makes it look more aggressive – much more when coupled with the 20-inch ADV.1 wheels. The stance is purposeful but not compromised in the hunt for aesthestics. In other words, it sits right in my eyes.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-42

To be able to do everything so well you can’t strip a car’s interior out. Having done over 40,000 miles in my stripped-out Volvo I can assure you it can be done, but not pleasantly. And when you have the potential for well over 1,000hp under your right foot in a car that weighs 1,650kg, you don’t need to get rid of any luxuries such as the hip-hugging seats.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-29

The steering wheel has been trimmed in Alcantara to help with grip levels, but it’s the factory standard wheel so you don’t lose any functionality. The gear selector paddles have been redesigned to be larger than standard, and I’m assuming this is so they’re in reach for a longer time when you’re in the quarter to three steering position.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-44

The Bose factory sound system and sound deadening is still in place too, so after you’ve decimated lap times at your favourite circuit, you can relax on the drive home. That Jekyll and Hyde style side to the R35 really appeals to me.

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-66

If you know what you’re looking at it’s unashamedly bad-ass, but in these days of overfenders and wild aero, it could almost be considered subtle. Did you notice the MY2015 rear lenses? It could just be ‘another’ GT-R with a few tasty add ons, but I wonder how many people will completely underestimate the potential this Nissan has to relocate your internal organs at full boost? Come to think of it, part boost will do that!

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-55

So going back to my original question, is this better than we’ve seen come out of Japan? Take away the need to see your favoured names and look long and hard at that spec list. Is there a better all-round GT-R in the world? I’m not saying there isn’t, and I also need to say that this is not a claim Iain makes – he’s very humble about what Litchfield Motors and the team can do. But again, by creating a bespoke development package, you know something is right, rather than relying on somebody else telling you so. Yes, I realise the irony of writing that in an article!

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-5

Maybe I should also say I’m not a massive fan of the R35. They’ve grown on me over the years, but I’m looked at this with a clear head and I genuinely want to know. I almost don’t care if it is the best, because if you disagree I’ll get to see a better one! And if you really want to find out if this combo is the best, get onto Litchfield and make it happen!

Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-71

Along with some bonus images in the next chapter, I’ll leave you with this nut and bolt that Litchfield use when required. It has an ‘infinite cycle’ lifespan, Iain explaining that there’s an engineer on an F1 team whose job it is to specify hardware. So if you want a nut and bolt combination that you can shave as much weight out of as possible, but it will only last five laps, no problem. This nut and bolt won’t break, that’s what infinite cycle means. That’s why it has the Litchfield name on it, and when it comes down to the nuts and bolts, that’s what you want.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunterbryn

Cutting Room Floor
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-1
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-4
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-13
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-16
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-21
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-22
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-23
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-24
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-25
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-26
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-28
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-32
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-37
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-38
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-39
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-40
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-41
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-53
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-54
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-60
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-68
Litchfield Motors LM1000 R35 GTR-70


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4.6-litre , now that is massive ! I thought Brian Crower's 4.4-litre is huge !
I love how they made the engine room looks stock-ish , like it is trying to tell you this is just a 600hp engine .

I'm not a fan of the look , but oh hey , it's not mine .


Nice build, but nothing too spectacular. The coolest thing is that F1 infinite cycle nut and bolt, I seriously want some. Probably astronomically expensive but probably worth it just to say your car has F1 spec nuts...


VR46... that sounds familiar.


they have done nothing to improve the look of the car, infact id say its a backwards step. they should have ran with the keep it looking stock theme they did under the bonnet.


Ten out of ten to Litchfield for their engineering skills and the owner who must have paid mega bucks for the work - funny there's no mention of cost. Then again if you have enough money and the expertise is available any car be improved upon, be it England, Germany, Japan or the U.S. 

Now, I'm sure it uncomprehending fast, I can't begin to imagine but hell is it really that much better than a standard car when all is said and done...don't know, don't really care, I'd be putting the total cost or less into something else. As for 900,1000 or 1200BHP, it's pointless in the real world, even if it offers scary fun. 

I can't help thinking reducing the weight by 2500Kg would not have been a better aim.

So, in a nutshell a great and fast car made faster & less pleasing on the eye at huge expense.




John Ireland Reducing the weight by 2500 kg would make it weigh less then nothing at all considering the car only weighs in at 1740 kg from the factory.


Blow off valves are the wrong brand in the text :(


Is not surprising that this monster has come from the Uk when you see as you well explain the pedigree of the UK in the motoring industry. Don't matter if you are talking of F1 teams or companys like Litchfield, ProDrive, Mclaren, Noble and so many others theres absolutely no denying about the Insane and Proper Brilliant British Engineering. Something that has been for many decades now.
Im not to fond of the R35 I still like the R34 more...but the car is awesome.


Yes familiar but they are not talking about Rossi. Lol!


EhruMejil Thanks for that :)


@Guest I had the spec checked out before publishing and it's how it was supplied to me, what's the confusion?


mikeisnissan Everywhere!


John Ireland It's all a question of perspective for me, there is no mention of cost because that's a private matter for Litchfield and the client, I'm guessing by your comments both you and I won't be able to afford the same sort of spec anytime soon!

Having ridden in some standard R35s and some modified, I'd say hell yes it's worth it. Nothing is pointless is you enjoy it, sure it's a rare occasion you get to use the whole party, but when you do... Then the value is obvious. 

Less pleasing on the eye is subjective, just as I said in the text and as for your weight comment, not sure where you're going with that but with over 1000bhp... You don't need to reduce weight :)


turtlemon The customer wanting everything done and as I believe Iain and the team tried to keep the body modifications as subtle as possible. It's all down to personal taste, but as we all know it could have been a lot more extreme!


EhruMejil UWerqxTeam_MJ The Doctor!


@FlushPoke Nothing too spectacular? Wow, I want to live in your world :) F1 spec nuts, roflcopter :)


ProMotiv Litchfield_UK One comment says it's 'nothing too spectacular'. I want to live in that guys world! It must be full of amazing :)


@Mitch John Ireland

Ha, ha. I should have wrote 250Kg,


Brynmusselwhite Litchfield_UK Yeah I know that guy. His 'Shopping' car is a Cizeta Moroder, and he has two pet unicorns. Fair comment.


@ProMotiv Litchfield_UK I think I went to his house once, it's New Zealand.


Speedhunters_Bryn John Ireland

Standard car less 250kg, no need for 1000bhp then, no to mention all the associated advantages of weight reduction. It's only my opinion, not important really.


John Ireland Now normally I'd totally agree with you, it's the exact theory I lived by for ten years on my own Volvo build, but I dunno, like I referenced in the text, this is a good place to be and it's still not a heavy car by any means. And your opinion is important! :)


I live a mile from Iains place, and along the test drive route. He is a lunatic in a very sensible mans body. You'll need to come back to review his Tesla though...


@Skodaman1 Funnily enough I drove the Tesla the day I did this shoot, very, very impressive. Great description of Iain!


Speedhunters_Bryn John Ireland

The old NSX is good place to be and only with 280bhp and I'm sure the LF-A is too with it's modest 550bhp (?).  

I'll refrain from  commenting further until I check out the Volvo! Ha, ha. 

Is there a thread on it somewhere, I'd like to see it?

Gianluca FairladyZ

I had the pleasure to work with Iain and met him even at Geneva auto saloon! Very good person and always great support! UK is just the home of motorsports! Great article Bryn


John Ireland Both very good examples, I'm actually a smaller, lighter car kind of guy. A Mk1 Golf GTi or bike engined Mini keeps me just as happy as something three times the size and ten times the power. 

Here's the Volvo, it's called the Strip Club for a reason. This is a couple of years old, but it should give you an idea of where I'm coming from :)


Thanks for the opportunity to see this beast.

The engineering that has gone into this machine is nothing less than phenomenal.

And whilst I agree with most that the styling isn't quite 'perfect', I would imagine it's rare that the car hasn't been transformed into a black and white blur skirting out of the corner of your eye.


How about the R35s in Russia?
Examples like the AMS Alpha, Switzer Performance or EcuTek.


Speedhunters_Bryn John Ireland

Excellent, you fell for the trap! I'll have read on it later and see if I can steal any of your ideas as I'm in the process of doing similar. Big smiles.


@MyLifeAsLouis How about them? I'm all ears :)


Ollie Clarke I think a lot of us would make the car visually 'our own', but that will always be the case... But I think you're right there!


Gianluca FairladyZ Thank you!


So my question is this: Can you drive the better R35 in England without being tagged by Big Brother's speed cameras?

What stood out to me the most was the completely huge bump in displacement. Most stroker kits are 4.1, some are larger, but this is the biggest I've seen yet. That's quite the increase and is worth some hefty low-end grunt.

Also, dayyuuuuuum them some fine photos...


the car and photos are truly incredible, great job Dino


I live just down from Litchfield and constantly see some very nice GTR's roaming the local roads, and this one is a great showcase for their work! I think it's awesome a company on a humble industrial estate can produce something like this, just goes to show the engineering talent that works there.

Slightly off topic but mind if I ask which road(s) you used for the shots? I'm always looking for a decent but quiet road around here!


what kind of pussy drives a GT-R?


real man drive a supra.


And what about the 8sec. UK's quickest GTR from JM-Import ?


How can a car like that be fun I know its a track car and has all that grip and power but what about the basics? I couldn't see anybody having fun with something like this at a grass roots events or at a local pro event. In my opinion if your making more than 900hp don't plan to compete because nobody is gonna have it like that at normal events only international level events my opinion though.

P.S bigdog71 Real men also drive challengers and other cars

P.P.S @Brynmusselwhite great article love the pics!!!


what a beauty

nice article by the way!


Bryn you couldn't make England sound more shit in that first paragraph if you tryed! Don't really like the R35 in general but this is a good piece of British engineering!


LukeEVOVIII First para doesn't reference England at all? :)


Second and third paragraph


I'd prefer to have this drivetrain in a completely stock looking R.
The looks does give a hint about what's in the engine bay..


@ Bryn - I assume by "England" you mean the UK?


I`ve always loved Litchfield Motors stuff, the UK is the home of motorsport really.




bigdog71 I own both. Why would you compare an old sports cars to the world's fastest lapping production supercar? idiot. The only reason you would hate the GT-R is if you can't afford it.


No disrespect but I believe the readers are mising the point of the build here. Is not about the style or the looks that is just cosmetic....only the owner needs to like it you gotta love diversity period. Its about the craftmanship and engineering and cleverness of people like Iain that are capable of putting OEM to shame. I would love to se pics of the suspension set up and underneath the car...cause that where the real magic is happening.


Oh look a bolt on GTR how exciting


@darthvader bigdog71 or if you wanna drive a manual


I must admit that I was looking at that LFA more than any other picture in this article


Speedhunters_Bryn Can you do the Tesla then, would be interested to see a modified take on an electric car.


Few things definitely come to mind. 

Why use the Nismo oil cap? They're rated at 1.3 bar when OEM is 1.4 bar on the R35. 

ADV.1 wheels? Well that is all owner preference but those wheels are anything but performance oriented. 

4.6L engine... That is a first in my eyes. Seen upwards of 4.4L but definitely not 4.6L. A lot of issues have already been occurring on the 4.4L builds stateside. Unless they have some serious magic on it! Must be nice to get the low end boost from displacement increase. 

I'm going to become an asshole real quick if I start poking at this car. It's a great build by all means but to say it's the best.. well I see the same level if not better every day ^^;


Can Bryn could be more full of it? No.
Pretty sure that this GTR, although impressive, it's no record breaker in Europe nor in Japan.
We had a few years ago a street legal GTR with a European record on 0-402m, and was street legal. 
And for the race the owner drove the car from Romania to Greece and back. Impressive? I guess not because I know that some Scandinavian could top that easy.
BTW, the car is ugly, if aesthetics will come in discussion.


I actually love the way it looks, and I hate r35's.
Awesome job Litchfield, all that work is top notch.


Speedhunters_Bryn Checkout official website or Youtube channel, they have tons of GTRs with crazy horsepowers but look stock from outside. A true sleeper :)
Maybe perhaps the Russians are too damn rich lol


WayneW Proper animal! But as an all rounder? That was what I was getting at here :)


ChrisBurnham Completely agree! Very low key operation turning out some incredible machines. 

The road I used is if you turn right out of Litchfield, right at the traffic lights and then take a left after a mile/maybe two? Hope that makes sense!


MrSOLOMON85 Thank you, I'm sure Iain would appreciate that as much as I do :)


FunctionFirst Speed cameras are a pain in the ass, but at least they're generally obvious or well signposted. In places like Australia they stick them in wheelie bins! I just look on it as part of the fun. 

And yes, that's a big displacement change, I'm guessing it would make a big difference low down. It was partially wet on the day I was there and the road didn't allow us to find out just how good it is. I also think this particular car is headed abroad. 

And thank you, the pictures are often down to the location or help you get on the day and I got lucky with both.


@MyLifeAsLouis Russia is very much on the radar, some incredible machines out there. i was trying to get to an Unlim500 event last year but it didn't work out. I need to try harder!


bigdog71 I don't know, what kind of pussy drives a GT-R? 

You're joking right? Kaboomtish *Golf clap* :)


@Frozenstar I think as an example of how everything on the car has been modified, yet it's not covered in wild aero, it works. But yes, I'm sure a lot of us would love the chance to style it our own way :)


EhruMejil Yup, you hit the nail on the head. Next time I will look underneath! We were very pushed for time, sorry!


AlexLobanov Well I showed a picture of a bolt and a GT-R, but yeah... That.


NYporkdept It's pretty distracting right? Imagine how I felt having it sat there whilst I was taking the pictures.


Speedhunters_Bryn very low key, you'd never know they were there from the entrance to the estate! I think that's part of what makes this car such an achievement, they don't necessarily go around shouting about their work and making a huge show, but go about it with passion and dedication. 

Also thanks for that, I know the one you mean, believe it's towards a golf centre...great job with the photo too by the way!


Speedhunters_Bryn WayneW 

I saw a picture of him picking up his daughter from school in this beast... So yes I assume that's an all rounder...


I'm sorry that Bryn had erased his comment, he had a reasonable point regarding the quality of the build. Which I didn't deny it. The other part, was way off.


Litchfield's work has inspired the vast majority of the modifications on my Impreza. Should I ever find myself in the position to own a GT-R, they would be my first port of call for modifications on that as well!

As for this car the aesthetics are a bit much for me (specifically that bonnet), but cracking job everywhere else!



You are not alone. Now, that's a car I would aspire to owning just as it came from the factory. I'll dream on sadly.


Speedhunters_Bryn NYporkdept

Is not too slow for you compared to the GTR?


Pretty sure that if my comments will be deleted any more that I will never open another article from this author again. I have written that I didn't agree with the author and didn't like the car. Can I have this right on


RoryRodgers  Good point.


Speedhunters_Bryn WayneW  Didn't you said that you know Exelixis Motorsport GTR that made 8.4s runs and was drove from Romania to Greece for the drag race and back? More rounder than that? They filmed the whole trip somewhere on youtube.


WayneW Good work! But can it make you a nice cup of tea? ;)


The wheels bolt on, the brakes bolt on, the varis kit is not common but bolts on. the rest is largely a complete custom build from what I see. Guess your garage has much more than most others


When you build your R35 and shed 250kg while retaining every ounce of street comfort, you should post it up for all to admire.
Everything in life is subjective - no one really cares what car their neighbor has, and someone can always one up you, no matter what budget you're swinging with. If this isn't your idea of the ideal GTR or even a tastefully modded one, that's great. But to air that view with the arrogance that you somehow know better is quite dismissive.


The bodywork looks bad especially in the front, too much clutter.  I think they are pulling your leg about the gas filled exhaust gasket. It may be a different alloy but that design is just a typical factory metal o-ring gasket. They never leak and thus there would be no reason to improve them. And the "infinite cycle" nut and bolt is no different from a lot of the hardware supplied by the factory, except it has their name on it.


Speedhunters_Bryn WayneW do you mean ? x)


Speedhunters_Bryn You are wellcome) If you go there and you need any help, just ask me (Instagram @kart777)


Chri5 Duncan They aren't joking, have a look at O-Flex metal O-rings, they are filled with an inert gas that expands and contracts with variances in temperature.


Chri5 Duncan you have no idea how much metallurgy and development can go into a simple part like that bolt ;)


moleman Are you serious? No, England is where Litchfield is based, not anywhere else in the UK...


Wow! That is an insane amount of engineering into this build. I would like to learn more about some of the products the used to go the extra mile.


Acc Chri5 Duncan And the Japanese factories have already done it. To say ""This nut and bolt won’t break, that’s what infinite cycle means."" Well that looks like a drive line bolt. Like where the drive shaft bolts to the diff flange. So the factory bolts in this position never break so where is the improvement? In fact there are no bolts that break on a factory vehicle. Unless it's titanium which it doesn't look like it's not lighter, that would be the only possible improvement. Without more info like weight savings or showing a problem with higher HP or something this statement is meaningless.


Learned something new, thanks.


EhruMejil  ""I would love to se pics of the suspension set up and underneath the car...cause that where the real magic is happening.""
I agree, always a dozen pics of the trim but rarely any of the suspension or undercarriage.


I think it is possible and wonderful
signature: |


John Ireland Speedhunters_Bryn NYporkdept  i think he means it is a better looking car, it is a very classy car, the GTR is a bit cheap looking for true super cars, even though it's performance is true super car. in original guise, the LFA is quicker then the GTR, and with a more interesting and better sounding engine (v10!!)  but people who buy GTRs are more likely to buy modified versions.


@darthvader bigdog71  do you really? im asking that because you claim it to be the worlds fastest lapping production supercar, which it is not.  ofcourse bigdog71 made a retarted comment.... but i often see these replies in forums: "i know because i own one".... and then the same people make class and money related comments like "you cant own it", like you have done.


What ADV.1 wheels does it have?


Your information is very useful to me. I'm not a perfect person and always want to complete all the work, so sometimes become overzealous and demanding to work. However, I am trying to overcome this weakness.! | |