Super Starion:</br> The Car That Does Everything
Homegrown Hero

The car you see before you is amazing. It’s fast, it has handles superbly, it looks positively badass, it’s fully street legal and it takes daily driving duties with ease. It’s also been built almost entirely from scratch – but that’s just the beginning of it.

Say hello to what I think is one of the most inspiring feature cars seen on Speedhunters all year…

Super-Lap-Battle-14-71 copy

John Lazorack’s 1988 Chrysler Conquest (the Mopar twin to the Mitsubishi Starion) is a car I’ve been following for a couple of years now. When I finally had the chance to check it out in detail at the Buttonwillow Super Lap Battle a few weeks ago I was ecstatic. This was a car long overdue for some Speedhunters lovin’ and it turns out John is a regular reader who has been dreaming of the day when his project could be seen here.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-113 copy

For as impressive as John’s Mitsubishi/Chrysler is, the machine itself is just part of the story. This isn’t just a cool car, it’s a tale of do it yourself magic and a young man who’s living out his automotive dreams on a modest budget.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-61 copy

John grew up in Pennsylvania and acquired the car when he was just 16 years old. It was a bit of a cream puff with just 70,000 miles on the odometer and one previous owner – not a bad car to drive to high school. He drove the Conquest for a couple of years before blowing up the original turbocharged four cylinder engine.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-60 copy

He used this as an opportunity to rebuild and upgrade the stock G54B engine, fitting it with a larger turbo and other goodies. Even so, he was never satisfied with the power and more importantly the reliability he was getting from the boosted motor. When John moved across the country for college, the project was put on the back burner, although he did spend time working on it whenever he came home to visit.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-98 copy

This whole time John was studying to become a designer in the automotive industry, and when he took a job with GM in Detroit it meant he’d finally have a place where he could store and work on his car. After getting the car to Michigan from Pennsylvania, he decided he’d had enough of the old setup and was ready to give the Conquest a ground-up rebuild.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-73 copy

His idea was to build a car that he could drive to the track, beat the living crap out of and then drive home again without any issues. That meant he’d need to make a major departure from the finnicky G54B setup.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-4 copy

Being fresh out of college, John didn’t have much money laying around, but what he did have was a decent set of mechanical and engineering skills – and most importantly a desire to learn. Then again, even if he had a lot of money it wouldn’t have helped much.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-97 copy

That’s because there’s pretty much no aftermarket support to speak of for a Conquest/Starion. If John was to reach his goal, a whole lot of DIY was going to be needed. And thus began a five-year process in which he taught himself how to weld, how to fabricate parts and how to build a functional car for both the track and the street.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-76 copy

Over the years John has been constantly refining the car’s setup, and the version of the car that I saw at Buttonwillow last month has evolved greatly from its original iteration. So let’s take a look at what makes this thing tick…

V8 Or Bust
Super-Lap-Battle-14-56 copy

At the heart of the car is the engine: a 5.7-liter LS1 V8 from a 2002 Corvette. You might be saying ‘oh, another V8′, but it really was the perfect choice thanks to its power, compact size, light weight and of course its legendary reliability. When John bought the motor off his buddy for cheap, he knew he he’d found the perfect engine for what he wanted do.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-57 copy

In terms of modifications, aside from a set of custom-built long tube headers, a K&N intake and an aftermarket oil pan, the LS1 is completely stock. The big story here is the engine’s placement. John wanted the motor to sit as far back as possible, so he actually cut into the firewall to make room for it. This required the steering system to be completely redesigned and it now uses a rack and pinion setup from a Ford Mustang GT.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-75 copy

Not to be left out is the custom exhaust system which features a pair of pipes exiting from the middle of the rear diffuser and exudes that perfect V8 rumble.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-109 copy

As for the chassis, the whole tub has been stitch-welded and John digitally designed and fabricated custom steering knuckles along with control arms and a strut tower brace in the engine bay. The suspension itself consists of custom-valved D2 coilovers along with adjustable camber plates, polyurethane bushings and a set of Suspension Techniques sway bars.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-67 copy

Up to this point braking duties have been handled by a set of Mustang Cobra R 13-inch rotors with PBR calipers, but this winter John’s in the process of upgrading the stoppers to a set of giant Wilwoods with 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston rears.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-102 copy

The wheels are CCW Classics – 18×11-inch in the front and 18×13-inch in the rear – with 275/35R18 and 315/30R18 BFG G-Force Rival tires respectively.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-101 copy

The reason that the car’s able to run such aggressive wheel and tire sizes is because it’s been fitted with a wide body conversion that pushes the fenders out a full six inches further than stock.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-96 copy

Needless to say, these body parts weren’t sourced from an aftermarket catalog – John digitally designed and built the parts himself. What I especially love is how they’re dramatically wider but don’t detract from the factory lines that made the Conquest look so cool in the first place.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-74 copy

Elsewhere on the exterior you’ll find an APR GT250 rear wing with custom-built stands and a rear diffuser. Up front is a custom-built adjustable splitter with aero canards and a vented hood.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-111 copy

Other touches include a set of custom HID projector headlights mounted in the original pop-up locations and a set of trick LED running lights and fog lamps.

Road Trips, Track Days & More
Super-Lap-Battle-14-87 copy

One of the most impressive aspects of the entire car is actually the interior. Over the course of the build John reinvented the entire cockpit with a focus on keeping things lighter, cleaner and simpler than stock. Using a mixture of aluminum, carbon fiber and a suede material, he fabricated a new dashboard with a simplified instrument layout and an integrated Samsung tablet PC.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-94 copy

Because track days were in John’s plans for the car, he also digitally designed a full 10-point roll cage that was built by the chassis wizards at Art Morrison.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-89 copy

Elsewhere in the interior you’ll find a pair of Sparco Evo-L bucket seats with Corbeau harnesses and a deep-dish Nardi steering wheel with a suede-wrapped rim.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-90 copy

I especially like the placement of the Pivot tachometer and smartphone mount that’s directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-91 copy

The Tremec T56 6-speed transmission has been fitted with a custom-made short throw shifter, and you can also spot the lever for the car’s hydraulic handbrake system. Yep, that’s right – John also likes to take his car out to the occasional drift event.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-185 copy

Up until a couple of months ago he was using the car everyday, but now he usually only drives it to track events. John says he typically hits two track days a month, and the homebuilt machine can also be found competing in series like the Optima Street Car Challenge and Global Time Attack.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-82 copy

He’s also logged thousands of miles on cross-country road trips, hitting up some of America’s greatest racetracks and driving roads along the way. In a cool touch, John actually has decals of all the track he’s driven applied to the rear window. Which ones can you recognize?

Super-Lap-Battle-14-77 copy

Everything John’s done to his Conquest has been in some way inspired by something seen on another racecar or supercar. Every track day he attends, he learns something new about the car, and all of this knowledge gets funneled back into the build itself.

Super-Lap-Battle-14-80 copy

The car is a constantly evolving project and this off-season it’s going under the knife for some big improvements. Aside from the aforementioned brake upgrade, John’s also planning to rework the car’s aero setup and to swap over to a more powerful engine. He very much likes the idea of staying naturally aspirated, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an LS7 lurking under the bonnet soon…

Super-Lap-Battle-14-209 copy

For me it’s tough to think of a positive quality that John’s car doesn’t have. It’s quick, it’s balanced, it’s street friendly, it’s cool looking and it’s extremely unique. It’s not a big-budget fantasy build, and its grassroots, homebuilt ethos is nothing short of inspirational.

We only have a handful of days left before we say goodbye to 2014, but hey why not save the best for last?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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LOVE this feature. Great work, SH!!!!
I saw this car evolve over the years and definitely deserves this kind of attention.


the head-on photo is what it's all about. that thing a beast!!!


Pretty cool.


I'm impressed with this guy, really. He turned a car that would make Jason Torchinsky proud into a number one contender.


I'm still waiting on a rocket bunny equipped FC3S. Now there's something similar.


Had a feeling this was packing power and man that thing is sweet!


Great build, as a Machinist and welder by trade I can appreciate the hands on approach to this car. I believe the version of this car in Canada was a dodge daytona R/T. My first sport compact car was a 91 eagle talon, a mitsubishi eclipse everywhere else in the world. these Mitsubishi and Chrysler colaberations had a DSM vin plate on firewall standing for Diamond Star Motors.

the 4G63 4 cyl in my talon I found not to be the most reliable platform. although with 16psi of boost from a Garrett T3 it would give mustangs and M3 beemers a run for there money. after a chat with ACP (Andrew Comre Picard) he had reliability issues as well mind you this was long before he was backed by Mitsubishi Canada. And the reality is the FWD version of that car I had sucked.... I removed any go fast bits I had purchased or designed and manufactured. And dropped her off at my nearest scrap yard in turn for a couple hundred dollars.

I then invested that money into building my ProAm Drift 240SX. After building a reliable KA24DET with 1mm/.040" oversized forged pistons and rods custom stainless steal manifold and a GT28RS ball bearing turbo, intercooloer, meth injection, roll cage etc. list go's on. I did however have way wore drifting the RWD 240SX over the FWD Talon.

over the years I'vve built and thrashed on many different vehicles FWD, RWD, AWD I always seem to lose interest in them after awhile then they end up being sold or scrapped and transfering useable parts onto the next project call ADD if you will. But Ive slowed down a bit now with kids having a little less of a budget for these builds I focus on building on and maintaining the ones I have now.

I found Ive grown especially fond of my Audi A4 quattro with 2.8L V6 great all around 4 door sedan gets groceries and attacks time at local events. 

I'm now working something new for me with a growing interest in vintage British motorsports I picked up a rolling Triumph Spitfire from a good friend of mine who is a collector of things like this. the car was stripped so it saves me a lot of time by not having to do it my self the short block of the original 1500 engine was left in the chassis it will make a nice anchor for my boat lol. I plan on replacing it with a Nissan power plant of some sort. I would a 20B 3 rotor turbo but relatively hard to find in my area for a reasonable price.

I think I've rambled on long enough. but point is I appreciate the dedication to a single project and watching it evolved over time similar to the growth of a child.

Thanks, The S1DC Guy.


Very nice!
Sort of the same idea that I'm going with my E30, except a bit more street oriented.
Well, that's unless it ends up so fast that I feel it needs a cage and harness :)


XRG from LFS, like


This is a race car.. Even if it has license plates.


Definetly one of the coolest cars of the year, imo. It is perfectly understated, and the way that wide bodykit fits with the natural flow of the car is just soooo good. It really has an old school gt look about it, I think. 
Super cool car, will probably get the vote for greatest car of the year (along with the baby blue Golf from Japan we saw a couple of months back)


I love these cars. They're the epitome of 80s Japanese cool.


Well done John! This is a well deserved feature!


I love Starquests and I regret ever selling my 88. I love the detail in this car and it really shows the untapped potential in this chassis. I'm also a fan of domestic V8's and I own a Camaro. For some reason is still hate the idea of LS swaps into rare or low production vehicles especially if their factory powerplant is something unique. As a former RX7 owner I hate seeing the rotary removed for an LS and I feel the same way about this car. I know the shortcomings of a G54b but there are plenty out there making more power the a stock LS1. If you are going to swap this car a wide block 4g63 or maybe turbo mitsu v6 would be cooler in my book. I understand its for budget reasons though and I still appreciate the car.


Grown to like these so much more lately and this is brilliant


Been following this build seemingly forever. Great car to see progress and get featured here!


A very inspiring build, indeed. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Starions/Conquests, and this one is a prime example. Thank you for posting such an awesome article!


For now, that's the most beautiful interior on a track day car I've ever seen. I mean, check out those stitching, tight mounted roll cage on A-pillar, gadgets, color scheme, everything is just well designed. It's more like a race car built by a huge well-known-garage. Just amazing.


Nice build. If I could offer any advice that the owner could read would be to keep the motor and just slap a turbo or two onto it. Reliable and a lot faster and he wouldn't have to source a bunch of parts.


Twisted Steel iirc all the dayton's were front wheel drive


Love it. There is something about the angular lines of late 80's sport cars that just works so well.

Can anybody tell me why the exhaust system has a set of baffles so close to the end of the system? In my experience the baffles are usually located much farther forward.


@Epoxy  It's a good combination!


Jagdroach iirc, the corvette donor has the butterfly valves at the end as well.


Awesome car John Always love seeing your build progress on Truly a work of art


If only V8 engines are available abundantly in Asia. How much are the cost of those general V8 engines? Is the price similar to RB26s, 2Jzs etc?


Great car, great build, truly one of the best features of the year. Kudos to the owner and Mike for a job well done.


Really starting to get boring seeing chevy engines in everything.


Best. Conquest. Ever.


@MyLifeAsLouis  Not sure about RB26's but a used LS1's and 2JZ's can be found for similar prices. However if you're willing to just go a junkyard, often time you can find the truck version of the LS super cheap. The LS9's and whatnot get expensive fast though.


zach42hill because I forget what you said about the starion.... Something about being good for nothing???


JayC_City I don't remember this conversation


zach42hill I was saying that every Mitsubishi looked good, and you pulled a starion up and said it was good for nothing... #lies


JayC_City I thought that was a talon. Idk its a Mitsubishi. I just think 4 cylinders suck, and 6 cylinders should be for MPG


zach42hill #ThatMomentWhenYouKnowYourWrongInTheArgument


zach42hill You're right..


zach42hill it was a talon


JayC_City hahaha it's all good, I don't like any of them but that's just me. I like my small block Chevys


zach42hill and guess what's in that starion.


Jagdroach its probably a simple approach to quiet the car to meet specific track/event regulations. If its blowing 120dB while the butterflies are open and the venue only allows for 100dB or lower, he could shut them 50% or whatever and silence the car to meet the regulations. Thats only speculation, he could also use it to quiet it for street use or just for his own sake while he drives cross country.


Wow, im very impressed. His attention to detail is very refreshing. You can really tell that he has a passion and slight OCD habits about this car. Thats a complement!

The interior is fantastically functional. The engine is perfect. The exterior is a huge nod back to the mid-late '80s and early '90s SCCA racers.

Its awesome to see a car that extracts its potential without dangling two huge turbos off the side of an built up LS motor just to say you make over 1000whp. Horsepower is boring. Refinement and execution are fascinating. Hats off to you Mr. Lazorack


Popcorn22 Yeah I like the way John's waited until now to up the power beyond stock LS1 levels, waiting for the car to truly need it.


@Corey K You may be right sir.


Smiggins To some maybe, but I think most people can see beyond an engine brand. There's a lot more to this car than a simple V8 swap :)


BLKFLD Thanks much!


@MyLifeAsLouis Yeah it all depends on the exact spec. They can range anywhere from race ready crate motors to basic truck motors that can be had for cheap.


Jagdroach I actually forgot to ask John about that, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the car being used both on the street and on the track.


Porthos1984 He's considered that, but from what I've heard he likes the idea of staying NA. Less heat, less moving parts, more room in the bay etc.


mathiasdanang Yeah it's easy to tell he's a designer by trade, isn't it?


nwbdwb Glad you liked it!


nwbdwb Glad you liked it!


DaveT Me too! Now that John has moved to the West Coast I greatly enjoy seeing it at various events.


88blkiroc Arguments to be made for both, but I think for John it was easy an choice to take the reliability of a V8 over the "wow" factor of a turbo build. Then again it's not like the car is lacking any wow factor even with the V8 :)


Ice Age Yes! Remember the one Jackie Chan drove in Cannon Ball Run 2?


AsgerFriisNielsen Not a bad vote if I do say so myself.


econti Nice. Keep us updated on the build!


Twisted Steel That Spitfire sounds rad. Keep us posted on it!


ClaytonPayton Def one of the best angles!


@SW1 Thank you!


I love the interior. So often you see track cars with a really shitty interior - just because it's for track doesn't mean it can't look nice and still be functional!


THIS is what Speedhunters is about, not that stupid hardparking stance bullshit. Great article!


Smiggins These comments are getting really boring. Get over it, there are over 100 million of these motors in circulation. 100,000,000. Read a book.


Nice car but what a wrong idea to put an LS motor in there. What happened with the 4G from an EVO? It ruins the car spirit in my opinion anyway. It should have run an 4 cylinder turbocharged from Mitsubishi anyway... But the body looks pretty nice.


Mike Garrett Porthos1984 Also, more linear/predictable power, as you said less packaging issues, more simple in terms of management etc. There are many benefits to staying N/A if you're driving on track.


What a frankenstein of a build!  Great feature to boot!


@Drive Circles This car still has stretched tires.


Is that diffuser made of corrugated plastic?


And those are Cobra calipers, not Cobra R (unless he got them from a '95 model but they're the same as the normal Cobra's). The 2000 R model had monobloc Brembo calipers, the PBR's are twin-piston floaters.


@JayC_City zach42hill an LS1 which is a small block chevy motor that kicks a$$


Porthos1984 If it were a different car I would say that's a great plan but I personally like a built N/A motor because of the true power they can put out versus the forced power that could ruin a motor if you don't build it anyway


Popcorn22  Although this site is written in English, I don't agree the general idea of an LS engine in any car. Yes, the LS is an American engine, and the readers here feel that this engine is "better" or "cool" or whatever. But do you have a limit somewhere? This should be it. This is the limit. Don't do that. It ruins the car even though the engine is more powerful or lighter or reliable. We don't put BMW engines in any new build here in Europe, even though they are very cheap and very powerful. You should have a plan, an idea, not just random parts.


Great build. This thing has 'designer' written all over it. It's the kind of detail-oriented build that someone in that line of work can pull off. I wish I had the time and skills to do something to this level, at the moment I have to resort to calling in favours for fabrication work :(.


Holy cow Mike!  I liked that thing when looking through the exterior, but then when you did a shot of the interior dash I fell in love.  That single tach and smartphone mount is a stroke of genius!


now thats what Speedhunting is all about!!!


TylerHorne He said that the rotors were from a Cobra R, not the calipers.


gcvphoto2 under "chassis/suspension/brakes"


Ezalis Agreed. Well done Mr Lazorack & thank you Mr Garrett.

With talents like this coming through the system, perhaps there is hope for the mainstream car manufacturers after all :)


bearclaw_18 Agreed :)


Ezalis Yeah it's one of those cars that looks great from afar and gets more impressive the closer you get to it.


Robo_No1 I feel the same way. If I had these sort of skills I can only imagine the crazy stuff I'd be doing with my '69 Crown :/


SRT FTW Thanks!


greenroadster I feel the car has plenty of spirit, but to each their own right?


@dmc Form and function at its best!


@Chris Smiggins How dare someone not like what you like!


Mike Garrett Smiggins Oh, yes the rest of the car is very nice until you get to the engine. Never been interested in American cars or their engines. Too old, too much of the same old thing, etc.


It's not random. He's on a budget and scored an all aluminum v8 that's lighter than iron block 4banger turbos, instant torque and throttle response, can be rebuilt for next to nothing, huge support system in the car community and it's so reliable is almost funny. Soooo what's the disadvantage? Turbos are not for everyone. Also, everyone doesn't feel the need to be incestuous with engine/car combos. Don't like it? Do it yourself...


Sad that you realize you don't need 4 cams, 40 valves, variable timing, and direct injection to have fun? Privateered track cars need to be two things: affordable and reliable. They do that by being simple and "too the point".
It's purposful. I don't see how you can hate.


Looks like alumacore. Basically two sheets of very thin aluminum that sandwich a plastic rib core. Used a lot in the sign industry for temporary/cheap signs.


Popcorn22 hey, if it works, it works


Damn, this car has come a long way since the last time I saw it out on Woodward! Great article Mike Garrett this car and it's owner are very deserving!!


That's at least a $15,000 "budget" build. I don't know many people that say a $4,000 set of CCW wheels are affordable


Brad_S This guy has been building this car for years... like probably close to 10 years. I remember seeing this thing back in, hell, 07 or 08 at an Xceedspeed BBQ and it was no where near what it is now. i think it was on like used Grand Prix wheels back then.

Isn't the point of a "project car" to gradually, over time and on your budget, build your dream ride? That is exactly what John did here and the execution is spot on in my opinion.


AirLift_Lucas Mike Garrett Thanks!


AirLift_Lucas You couldn't have said it better.... these things take time, $15,000 over 10 years is more than what you could call 'budget build' in this day and age, and I would imagine this build cost much more than $15,000 in the long run. It's about doing what you can given the circumstances. He's been able to balance his professional and personal pursuits well, and I'd say the final product is nothing short of amazing. Love all of the unique interior touches and custom fab work all around, it definitely pays to have the engineering and manufacturing knowledge in your back pocket!


Smiggins Most generalized & uneducated comment I've read all day. If you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all!


matthewyaa AirLift_Lucas Dude...if you dropped $15,000 in a day on a car (and thats all you spent) I would consider that a "budget build." Are you kidding me? I used to work at a shop where guys came in and spent $85,000 to $125,000 in a DAY on a motor. I have friends who spend 5 figures rebuilding Formula Atlantic motors they run 4 times a year. When I was a karting instructor I saw parents spend $20,000 on their 10 year old kids in a year so they would have the best equipment! 

$15,000 over 10 years is NOTHING in the world of automobiles. Brad...yes this is a definitely a budget build and it goes to show what can be done with a small amount of money and a lot of care and knowledge over time. If you asked me how much I thought this guy spent to build this car I would for sure have told you $30-40k.


4DGS stretching tires within reason is not "stance."


Popcorn22 Because its boring. Camrys work too but I dont think Ill ever own one.


matthewyaa Smiggins Sorry, Im having a hard time seeing any part of my post that isnt untrue. Domestic car culture has been around in this country way before people got interested in Japanese cars. Hell, when did the Japanese even start selling cars over here? Hence, my boring same old thing comment.

Next, popularity with rednecks, white trash and the ever obnoxious buy Murican types. Rednecks/whitetrash like American cars and probably hate Japanese cars, wouldnt be surprised if there was a bit of racism behind that one.

And there are no rules saying people arnt allowed to say what they dont like.


greenroadster  Yep, as if American cars werent boring enough to begin with.


Smiggins Education is your friend.


Mike Garrett Ice Age Yes. Yes I do.


@Chris Smiggins No way bro! You educate yourself! Ya!


This car is freaking awesome, I like it so much but I would use a Lancer Evo engine to keep in family hehe


My favourite stories on Speedhunters are of builds like these - the story of one man and his machine and how it came to be. There was the great story of Enrique and his Supra in November which I loved, and now this.

Love this project - a long and interesting history culminating in one super cool car. I would love to have the skills to be able to create something like this, but since I don't, it makes the end result all the more impressive.

Congrats on the build and on finally getting it featured!


I love the Starquest, I have had a few of them, I still have a closet full of New Old Stock parts that are no longer available and a completely built G54B on a stand in my garage. You did a very tasteful build. Do you have a website with more pictures along with more build info? Id love to build a Starquest with a 2jzgte. Keep up the great work!


RED is not my color, but great job!!! Awesome!


@Chris matthewyaa AirLift_Lucas I don't finished my Car, and spend more than 10k and need more 20k to do what i want. Like u said, is not the best equipment and needs lot of search to spend less on equipment.


who likes cars pledge this game we need this to happen only for pc and mac its a amazing game please support us if you are interested


Great build.  I would love to see a Starion/Conquest with a 4G63 in it.


OK kids... I have so many comments on this car, this build and the ridiculous comments from the "4-banger kids"...
This guy is awesome, first of all... He did an incredible job with a car that 99% of the time gets overlooked. I have personally owned 5 Star/Quest's over the last 25+ years, just for starters... I loved this stupid, unreliable, completely ridiculously impossible to keep running reliably, turbo charged 4 cylinder Japanese, piece of awesome, yet F'd up engineering mistake from Mitsubishi for way too many years! 5 of these cars made me yearn for a Naturally aspirated Honda, Toyota or Corvette...
I still do, love and always will have a passion for the design of the Conquest/Starion, but I wish I would have put an Ls Vette motor in my Conquest, the last time I had it rebuilt... I would have probably spent about the same or maybe less $$$ and it might still be running, and maybe faster and more reliable...
Instead, it sat motionless for almost 4 or 5 years, while I regretted the money I dumped into that piece of shit, while my Honda Prelude kicked it's ass every day because it ran flawlessly... 
This kid did what I should have done........ put a V-8 conversion in, and enjoy the car.
As for the 4 banger-turbo purists, move out of mommy and daddy's, get your own place, get a good woman to spend your money on, then get an Ls V-8 and enjoy reliability, then you might understand why american muscle, reliability and saving your hard earned money is better than Turbo 4 cylinder Bs...
Try not putting someone down for improving on a cool, yet flawed car, and maybe quit sucking on mommy's teet's, and maybe get out of the basement and try building you own car with your own money, Douchebags...
Just saying... lol


Dj Kules Completely agree. Cars are completely subjective and may not appeal to someone when they're in a so called "Pure/Stock" form. Putting a Mitsubishi engine in a Mitsubishi Car may be an admirable choice but it's not always right.
Were I live, and even in Japan of what I've heard, these cars have become rare. But rarity shouldn't be an excuse to build the car of your dreams. Depending on purpose, resources and ambition an American LS V8 motor might be pure overkill as well as a bit of a social No-No in terms of JDM. But if you have the nut and the desire to already go that route, well see no hinders. 

To me this build feels very outlandish and from every angle of it's square 80s body I see nothing but a reflection of it's owner, just pure awesomeness! Props to this dude!