5 Must-See Time Attack Weapons</br> From Tsukuba
Carbon Beasts

Given the quality in the paddock, I could have featured so many of the cars that were present at the recent Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle, but I had to come up with the next best thing and that was selecting the five that really stood out to me.

To kick things off it’s the Racing Project Bandoh ZN6, which definitely isn’t your usual tuner car. You see, these guys don’t modify cars per se, they actually run the Weds Sport Bandoh Lexus RC F in the GT500 class of the Super GT Championship.


That fact alone is what makes Racing Project Bandoh’s time attack 86 all the more special and interesting. This is a car born out of a need to have some fun on the side of their usual motorsport activities, and also introduce a whole new level of development to the ZN6 platform.


That’s why most of the 86’s exterior is made from lightweight dry carbon, widened to contain the increased front and rear tracks as well as a revised and adjustable suspension layout. Not surprisingly, the car runs Weds Sport TC105N wheels, finished here in time attack red.


While I wasn’t able to get a clear shot of the Scorch Racing developed engine, I can tell you that it’s been fully built and is running a rather large turbo to supply the boost required to achieve well over 500hp and see the 57-second lap Orido was able to extract from the car. But it’s not all about sheer power, rather the attention to detail. There’s a sequential transmission in the mix here, along with a carbon reinforced floor and transmission tunnel, as well as a wild aero package.


It’s not the first time we have seen this car, but it’s definitely the first time we have seen it in finished guise and sporting all of those prohibitively-expensive carbon aero bits and pieces. For a car that has been in production for a little over two years the ZN6 is certainly garnering a lot of attention at the moment.


Next up, Under Suzuki’s S15 Silvia – how could I not, right? As the most well-developed time attack car on the Japanese scene today, it’s hard not to admire how it’s evolved from that roughly put together, self-built project that we originally featured years back. It’s all been made possible through the vision and perseverance of one man and a team of close friends and advisers who have helped create the fastest production-based car to ever lap Tsukuba Circuit.


The SR20DET with SR20VE head continues to become more powerful, now running MoTeC engine management and a trick traction control program that allows Suzuki to tap into more power when he needs it. Nestled under the heat-shielded hot side of the engine is a low-mounted GCG turbo which supplies silly amounts of boost. The exact figure remains a secret, but I’ve heard it’s much higher than 2.0-bar (29psi)!


Along with the latest aero changes, Suzuki has also added this slick side-exit exhaust that pops out from the passenger door. I love the louvers to help keep the titanium pipe cool!


With plenty of input from Andrew Brilliant, the new aero package has made the car look even wilder that it already was. And with the added downforce at the back of the car there was a need to maximise the weight pushing down on its front end too. The S15 now runs on RAYS Volk Racing ZE40 rims, and thanks to a new sponsorship with Endless, a brake setup featuring monoblock callipers and huge rotors.


But this S15 is really all about the ‘tunnels’ now – something that Suzuki had been wanting to do for a long time. It takes the S15 to a whole new level, and while he managed to break his own record during the Super Battle, this car is capable of much more, and everyone knows it.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Now for something completely different, but in no way any less extreme than the two racers we’ve just seen. D Language is a relatively new shop to hit the scene, but since 2010 its quickly cemented itself as a force to be reckoned with in Japanese time attack circles. Building no less than four cars and entering them every year at the Super Battle will have that effect though. While their ZN6 and R205 GRB were some of the fastest cars at the event this year, it’s actually their ZC31S Suzuki Swift that I wanted to check out in more detail.


Like I showed you in the first part of my Super Battle coverage, this car managed to record a sub-minute lap – 59.446 second to be precise – which is something beyond impressive for a front-wheel drive car of this size and engine size. It’s obvious these guys know what they are doing when it comes to pushing little turbocharged four bangers to the extreme.


The best touch of all is the side-exit exhaust, which is literally a straight-pipe punching out from the turbocharger.


It easy to see that corners haven’t been cut with this build, and they aren’t quite done with the car yet either. In true time attack spirit they will continue to develop the Swift further and get their driver to push harder and harder at future Tsukuba outings.


Finishing off this impressive little package is the aero treatment, which on top of countless canards, prolonged splitters and a hatch-mounted wing, includes some interesting side skirts with a rubber section that seals the car to the ground.


Mitsubishi may have given up on its own supercar-slaying creation, but its fans sure haven’t. It’s great to see big names like Garage G Force using an older car as the basis for a new time attack project.


This CT9A certainly isn’t doing things by half – it’s sporting some of the best bits on the market starting off with a Varis wide body kit for extra girth.


It’s the same at the back, all topped off with a set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37s shod in everyone’s favourite time attack rubber: Yokohama ADVAN A050s.


You’ll have to wait for a full feature on the car to find out all the specs on the engine, but suffice to say this is a heavily-modified setup, despite what appearances may suggest.


Taniguchi was able to jump behind the deeply-cupped Personal wheel and come up with a 55.5 second lap – one of the fastest times on the day.


As reminder that it’s not all about power, the last car I want to touch on in this Spotlight-O-Rama is the Techno Pro Spirit ZZW30 Toyota MR-S. These guys are out at every Tsukuba time attack event I go to, and are in it for all the right reasons: pure passion and the drive to shave hundredths of seconds off their lap times.


The little mid-mounted 2ZZ has been refined over the years and is now churning out more power thanks to a custom intake setup, special headers and a titanium exhaust system.


Here you can see the main silencer, which sits up high behind the rear bumper.


There’s also a big air scoop that directs cool air towards the sealed-off intake. Being separated from the engine bay like this, it breathes only the coolest air.


Rather that dropping in a bigger motor or going for forced induction, Techno Pro Spirit has stayed true to the original concept of the MR-S and focused on suspension, chassis and handling. It’s all specially set up for Tsukuba too, and the Toyota runs a close-ratio gearbox to maximise its performance throughout the tighter and more technical midfield. At the Super Battle it managed a 1:01.010 lap, which not only looks like binary code, but is also a seriously fast lap for an MR-S, let alone a naturally aspirated one!

That’s it from the 2014 Rev Speed Super Battle, but let’s not forget that Battle Evome will be kicking off soon… So get ready for lots more JDM time attacking!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I love the Speedhunters time attack articles. Great cars, cool info, and even better cars in the parking lots! This reminds me of why i started coming to this site.


Great details and engineering on the Swift ZC31S ! I myself from Asean region drive the same road-going model (1.6L Manual)  totally excited to see the road-going engine look (looks like either M16 or M18) as well as the very-much-road-going front and rear designs. 
Thanks for the great photos and special coverage, love the rear shot of the Swift, it looks so simple and rear suspension and brake looks stock torsion beam ! 

never expected a Swift to be featured in TTA, let alone doing a sub 1minute lap time. 

Thank you very much Speedhunters!


That Suzuki is pretty sweet. I would rock it to the grave.


THIS is what I like about SpeedHunters! I wonder how awesome would it be if Dino had his own site free of Vossens advertisement!


But what was Michael Bay doing when the S15 was running on track? Did the track officials inspect it for looking rather deceptive?


Suzuki-san's car sure has changed a lot since it's first incarnation, but I think it first form is certainly the most bad ass looking S15 I've ever seen. Will you be doing another article on his car anytime soon, or is it all super top secret these days?


johnbezt :)


@weng It's pretty crazy, isn't it!




@Chris ?


3nigm4 I think I really have to refigure it, it's so different it really deserves it


Another winner here Dino.


@Chris Ya,,,, it certaintly was "more than meets the eye".


At least make Under Suzuki's S15 a Hot Wheels Mainline model.
Actually, make EVERY TIME ATTACK CAR FEATURED ON SPEEDHUNTERS a Hot Wheels model under a special Speedhunters line.

Can you badger Mattel to do so?
Please, please do. I'm gonna buy them faster than the MR-S' time.


Transformers joke


This is the kind of article that has always drawn me to speedhunters over all other sources. Hell yeah Dino!


Can you even buy parts from the Racing Project Bandoh ZN6?
I've seen that diffuser on the race TRD Griffon 86 (not the plastic street and "track" versions), didn't think it was available for purchase. I'm assuming there's some sort of string pulling involved or they've made an extremely good replica (and i want it lol)
other then that, awesome post as always dino


sometime it give me giggle, it's like yeah buddy that's Suzuki driving a Nissan :D


Did anyone else's eyes shoot straight to the NOS bottle sitting in the passenger space in that little swift or was that just me?


Obviouslyitssexist returnity  Thank you, I'm here all night hahaha.


hope I can attend the first Battle Evome on January 15th. Its just a day after Tokyo Auto Salon, but I'm still having doubts about reaching Tsukuba though... (since I'm mostly relying on public transport and also a bit short on cash the entire trip) But yeah... hope I'll be able to go and meet you speedhunters_dino! (and probably meet you in a few more events including TAS and maybe the AllThatLow x STF drift day at Fuji Speedway!)
Btw, if anyone wanted to know the Battle Evome schedule you can find out here:


How wise the tire is , on Suzuki-san's S15 ? 295 all around ?


please more coverage from this event, this can`t be all.
and please more pictures from the V40 Volvo!


Volvo ?!?


I don't know if it has been done or not......but Under Suzuki needs to bring his s15 to the nurburgring. Just sayin....


Lol  at Under Suzuki's camber plates... /That's/ how much he has widened it...


Mfabs yes he does. Needs sponsors!


JustinOdijk Bit too stock...


@Volvorista Haha well I'd love to show you more but let's do that through car features :)


RDS 295s


O thought it was some sort of sleeper bit these will do fine as well ;)


Muzaffar Musa speedhunters_dino Yeah I'm hoping I can make it too!


tnle Don't see anything here but you never know http://www.web-magasin.com/bandoh/shopping/products/list.php?category_id=24


returnity Thanks!!


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emotional_r :)


Mmmm my favorite kinda posts :)


Hey Dino, nice bunch of cars you selected! But... "... every Tsukuba time attack event I go to..." now you owe us more time attack coverage!
Aaaaaand , come xmas ago you told this kid about off roading in Japan, hows that going?


what an amazing s15!


speedhunters_dino Well ok, then you have to feature the rasty 86, the Blitz Legacy, Autech Tsukada R35 AND the volvo from ERST ( because i drive one and need to know what´s possible ) ;-)


mbretschneider Yes I did! And I will get to it, there is a small off road track outside of Sodegaura Raceway that I've been meaning to check out


zephoto :)


@Volvorista speedhunters_dino Impreza?


returnity Ah


Never get tired of checking out these beasts


I love the time attack coverage you guys provide.  I can never get tire of it.

So glad you chose to spotlight the TPS ZZW30 too.  Give us a full feature on that MR-S please!


Dino,  please make a full coverage for the D Language Swift


Is like to see that too, I've got a 2zz in my zzw30 and it absolutely transforms the car, much more fun on the way out of bends now! It's got to be the cheapest and easiest engine conversion possible on any EFI vehicle, just a shame Toyota didn't make the car with this engine in the first place... It'd be a modern classic I'm sure.