Choose Life: Choose Speedhunters

Can 2014 really almost be over already?! It means that another year of Speedhunting is almost in the bag – and it’s been another stellar 12 months for car culture. There have been so many amazing builds created and epic events all round the world that we’ve turned the spotlight on, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them (and going to some of the events yourselves) as much as we’ve enjoyed covering them.

To celebrate 2014 and all its Speedhunting memories, we’ve decided to put together a final collection for the year, Speedhunters Life, celebrating the basic tenets of a healthy existence: always maximum attack, never lifting; it’s about the joy of machine – it’s about being the Speedhunter.

SH Life_02

First up for you we have a huge art print, Moments.02, the follow-up to the wall-cracking behemoth we released at the beginning of the year. Moments.02 contains a collection of almost one hundred images taken around the world by our crack team of photographers: a curated look back at 2014, Speedhunters style. Going through the many thousands of images we’ve published during 2014 so far for the creation of Moments.02 reminded me just how much we cover in an average year. We’d have to publish a house-sized poster to include absolutely everything, so I can’t wait to read our contributors’ reviews when they’re published in a week or so.

SH Life_03

Moments.02 is 1,242mm by 690mm (that’s 48.9 by 27 inches) and is basically as big as it’s sensibly possible to output on an art quality printer. The poster is printed on 220gsm premium art paper with a semi-matt finish and lay-flat PE backing coating, and will be sent out in a heavy duty cardboard tube so it reaches you in pristine condition.

SH Life_04

That’s your wall sorted; now for bodies. We’ve brought together four of the Speedhunters themes onto one T-shirt: Maximum Attack, Hold Stumt, Joy Of Machine and I Am The Speedhunter. These new Speedhunters Life theme shirts feature a brand new logo on the front, with a Speedhunters tag on the sleeve.

SH Life_05

On the rear shoulder, a summary of what life’s all about.

SH Life_06

These new shirts are available in five colours: white, heather grey, navy, asphalt and black, all using premium stock. They’re available in mens’ cuts and come up slim, so upsize for a baggy fit

SH Life_07_v2

In the northern hemisphere at least the nights are closing in, but a cosy zip-up hoodie is just a sensible piece of apparel in general. The Speedhunters Life logo is on the breast, and it features a Speedhunters logo running down the outside of the sleeve; the rear shoulder carries the Life slogan.

SH Life_08_v2

Our new flex fleece hoodie is available in asphalt and navy.

SH Life_09

To complete the Speedhunters Life collection we have a great new bumper sticker, measuring 225mm by 75mm (8.8 by 2.9 inches).

Head over to the Speedhunters web store right now (swap between currencies on the store using the dollar and pound signs in the top left corner as necessary) to get your hands on this exclusive new gear.

2014 was pretty good, huh? 2015’s going to have to go some way to beat it…

Speedhunters store (EU)

Speedhunters store (US)



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So much good here! I grabbed one of the hoodies from the last collection and it just arrived, absolutely tickled to have some Speedhunters gear. Hopefully some of this stuff is still available after the holidays, I might just have to make another order!


matthewyaa Thank-you for your support Matthew! Much appreciated.


I really like the gear, but have a hard time justifying 30+ bucks for a t-shirt


I ordered two items four days ago but the order is still "processing". I sent two emails to two different addresses but receivd no answer to both. I understand it is a busy period of the year, I just want to know if my order is still available or i if I have to make a new one and get a refund for the old one. Thank you for your attention! Very nice gear, by the way!;)


Me still want some hats


JDM_Luca We just saw your Instagram comment; our apologies for the delay. Our store is constantly receiving a huge volume of emails at the moment, but if you haven't heard anything by Monday please send our CM an email and we'll chase it up for you!


MrSOLOMON85 Still working on that :)


@Speedhunters wow that was fast thanks:)


Speedhunters JDM_Luca Thank you for your answer. I just needed to know what I had to do.


Why haven't you guys made a smaller version of the speedhunters katakana sticker?! Been waiting for this since I saw the windshield sticker. Im sure it would be a hit with the JDM heads.


Any chance you guys will be selling the black plastic Speedhunters license plate frames again?


All that and no diecasts?
Or at least Asian (PH) stores?


Though it'd be a bummer to buy these. I love the hoodies.


IanMacdonald1 Same, and 60+ for a hoodie :/ 
T shirts should be 15 max and hoodies should be 30-40. Then id be all on it lol.


2015 Calendars... how long do we have to wait... hhaha I want one now.


Speedhunters please i need you to sell camera straps my body is ready


rwreyford Stay tuned... :)