Euro Vision:</br> The German Cars Of SEMA
Making The Best Of The Old

New or old German cars? Which does it for you? It’s a question I always ask myself when going through shows like SEMA or the Tokyo Auto Salon. You are constantly bombarded with the latest sportscars, dressed up with the newest bits and pieces that everyone must have – wheels, spoilers, overfenders, exhausts, suspension, you name it. It’s all paraded in front of your eyes and while it’s cool to see it also gets a little too much. But then, every once in a while you are treated to the unusual – a breath of fresh air that gives you down to a more accessible outlook on things.


The M2-Motoring M3 was just that. There’s no denying how much love the E46 M3 continues to get – and rightly so as it was one of the finest interpretations of the BMW sports coupe formula. But what the owner of this car has achieved is something very special. It will stop any enthusiast dead in their path as it just looks imposing from pretty much any angle. A variety of aero additions from Voltex have been mated to a ton of smoothly executed metal work courtesy of Oink Fabrications – including those mean blistered fenders. Work took care of the wheels and Brembo the brakes.


The racecar-inspired aero culminates at the rear with the bumper-mounted wing stays that support the carbon Voltex wing, all joining up with the diffuser treatment and those DTM-like louvered air outlets behind each of the wheel arches.


The interior is well appointed with Alcantara and carbon covering most of the cabin. The whole JDM feel about the build is further highlighted with the deeply-cupped KEY!S Racing steering wheel, which really emphasises the overall motorsport theme of the build.


A breath of fresh air it definitely was!


That said however, how could one possibly turn down the lure of a car like the Vörsteiner M4? The reason this F82 was generating so much interest is that it took a different route to the whole widebody look, doing away with the bolted-on overfenders that Liberty Walk has released and going for a more OEM-like look.


The front widening is definitely pretty aggressive, but it’s so well integrated to the overall shape of the wheel arch that it almost tricks the eye. The same, however, cannot be said for the rear.


Again, it depends what angle you view the car from, and dead-center from the back, the girth, while noticeable, doesn’t really stick out much.


Move off center and that changes! This thing’s rear end is seriously wide – a 7-inch boost over factory to be precise. What makes the effect more obvious is the fact that the widening doesn’t fade out into the doors, but instead ends abruptly at their openings.


The best part of the car for me at least was the extended trunk lip. It gave a kind of E46 CSL feel to the M-Car, something I criticised the M3 I drove last month for not having.


Next up is another BMW, this time a 5 Series E61 wagon that has followed suit with the current world trend for widening fenders. But the reason I had to show it, is that it steers away from the norm and exhibits a very unique flavour starting out with that F8X M3/M4-styled lower section to the front bumper.


That’s followed up with custom fabricated blistered fenders – all in metal – blending into an emphasised lower skirt section. If you’re sharp-eyed you will also notice an M3-style bonnet ‘power’ bulge, as well as louvers on each side to help rid hot air from the engine bay.


The car sits on air suspension controlled by an AccuAir management system, which allows the big German wagon to look its best when dropped right to the ground. VIP Modular wheels complete the package.


These guys took their time to fade that rear widening right onto the rear doors, resulting in a more progressive feel.


The nicest touch are the openings that have been cut out and meshed right behind each of the fenders, making it all look even more aggressive from the rear.

Racecars For The Street

Nakai-san has done great things with his RWB Porsches in Japan and around the world, but it looks like there is another new contender when it comes to widening 911s: Fastes.


These guys teamed up with 1048 Style from Osaka to develop their own wide body kit for the 997, and the idea behind it is pretty cool. The owner of Fastes is a GT300 driver in Japan who’s piloted a 911 RSR in this year’s championship, and he wanted to bring the feel of the racecar into a kit that was adapted for road use. That’s how this car was born.


Under the fender flares are 3-piece Work Meister M1s finished off with black painted centers mated to black anodized outer lips.


The idea to use a big GT wing was scrapped in favour of a more subtle RS-type spoiler, which is held up by a pair of stays that are integrated into the vented engine cover.


Seeing Nakai-san doesn’t really do – or should I say, has yet to put his touch on more modern Porsches – this Fastes kit might satisfy 997 owners wanting their cars to stand out from the norm.


Okay, you guys must be really angry with me right now. Since our 2014 SEMA Show coverage began, all I’ve been doing is posting pictures of cars running overfenders. But trust me – it’s what SEMA this year was all about. Japan has led the way, and the rest have followed, but along the way there have been some pretty cool and interesting interpretations – like this Audi S4 from Enlaes, which was sporting the company’s new EB8X aero kit.


What actually stopped me and made me take special attention was the fit and finish of the all-carbon kit. It looked more OEM than something you might find in the aftermarket.


But it was mainly the combination of the carbon fiber fender flares matched to a set of RAYS Volk Racing ZE40s that really set it off. And you know me, I have a soft spot for Japanese wheels on German cars!


There’s no denying that this is one of the freshest expressions of this popular style.


But it all brings me back to the same question I came to while looking at the Japanese cars that were present at the show. What will the next big thing be? Will we see a return to narrow bodies? Have we gone too far with all of this? What other ways are there to make cars and the products they’re modified with with stand out as much as possible? While it’s the future that ultimately holds the answer to that question, something tells me that this widebody thing isn’t quite done with yet…

What do you all think?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Do you have any pics of Daigo's new gtr?


To answer your question, yes they have gone too far with widebodys and huge fenders. It was cool when RWB was doing it because it was something different but now its super overkill.


Widebodys and huge fenders have gone to far. Most of them don't even look good. No I rather see a clean stock m3/m4/911 then any of these.


That first M3, oh my god.
Apart from the oversized rear wing, it's fkin perfect!


Damn that audi looks like crap


GTRSv Agreed. If they took the time to match those fenders maybe?


GTRSv Agreed. If they took the time to match those fenders maybe?


I think I would love to see someone do a DTM-styled build (with overfenders, louvers, big-spoiler, etc) of something like a Chevrolet Lacetti, if only for the "did they really tune THAT?"


Ok, the overfender thing is getting really old and really fast. 
The first and second BMW are amazing and look like they can give a good run for your money. Should take some of these down to LV Speedway to try em out *nudge nudge*.


Ok, the overfender thing is getting really old and really fast. 
The first and second BMW are amazing and look like they can give a good run for your money. Should take some of these down to LV Speedway to try em out *nudge nudge*.


This is wack. Where is Elizabeth's 918? Please let Mike show the rest of SEMA.


Those wide arches were acceptable in the 80s! .. The Vörsteiner M4 looks like a it took inspiration for the rear arches from the plastic fantastic Mattig Vauxhall's


The main problem with automotive stylings can be seen in the comments after every article... "Its wack, its lame, this is not cool anymore, that is overdone"... A lot of the design in the aftermarket etc is about form and no function. People need to realize that the aftermarket creates modifications that they can sell and make the most profit.
If you're dissatisfied with what companies create look no further than yourself and your fellow automotive enthusiasts...
Personally I prefer function... But If you prefer form I'll just look at it and say "That's nice" (or nothing at all if I don't like it) and keep looking for what I want to see.


That blue E61 wagon gave me a power bulge...


I don't think its about what they can sell as much as trying to jump on a fad and hoping it will sell. Neither I or any other enthusiasts I know have contributed to it. I think most people prefer function which is why this has caught on.


That M3 and M4 are both absolutely stunning. Thanks for my BMW fill for the day!


No more overfenders - they've had their time


I imagine a natural evolution will be to go to box flares and then die out. hopefully.  although I like well done flares that are well integrated and mostly on the more subtle side but all the poorly done executions make the whole trend seem lame and played out.


Dat M4 Booty though. Loving what Vorsteiner did there, I might have gone for something a little less lippy in terms of rims, but otherwise I'm completely digging it. Can't say the same about the S4, however; while it is wacky and interesting in a way, the overfenders contrast way too much with the lines of the bodywork and the ZE40's don't seem to fit with such meaty tires in my opinion.


The overfender trend goes wayyyyyyy back. Overfenders forever!!


I think not having overfenders was a fad. Racecars need/have widened fenders and modified syspensions/brakes. People take racecar tech (fastes 911) and try to replicate that on the street. I think that sleek, hellaflush, euro- style was our break from obnoxious overfenders. Now we need our fix again. This time its like smoking a crack rock though. The overfender phase is big, powerful, in your face! but it won't last long. Until a relapse ;)


soooooo.... howabout some vintage bavarian muscle?  Shame shame!  I did see you guys poking your lenses around though.


Are there anymore Picts of the blue Mercedes that's sitting behind the 911? Looks like a great car.


I love the horse power freaks (hpf) m3's. I never get tired of seeing a clean savage e46 m3. And that 5series wagon! Very bold move there. Looks mean n I move that color. (Yas marina Blue?) And that Audi. I'm a sucker for tuned sedans n wagons


TROLLS - That 918 on HREs was awesome - THE car of the show. Never saw so many people around a car - and so many instagrams posts too. Let's see Em!!


The E46 M3 is beautiful, but not without any issues for me. I mean, bumper mounted wing? You're not serious right? I refuse to believe that but somehow I couldn't see anything to suggests that the mounts are reinforced to the frame rails. Same with the diffuser mounts. And the exhausts are cancelling any benefits of having a diffuser.


That kit makes the 997 look 350z-ish


Liberty Walk's baby blue Ferrari 458 Italia had rear ended by a jeep @ SEMA Show.....


Flairs and wide body kits...starting to look like IMSA in the 80s.


umm widebodies have been popular for YEARS! ive been a fan for over a decade. its funny to me that its getting popular now


is it just me or is the car scene regressing? everything is slowly morphing back to a late 90's early 00's Maxpower feel again i.e. gigantic arches, huge kits and a whole lot of pointlessness. The pink previously featured subi is the epitome of this whole backward movement, its just become so pointless, have people run out of ideas?


AmirIzham i can see slits in the bumper, it seems to be chassis mounted.


AmirIzham i can see slits in the bumper, it seems to be chassis mounted.


Saw this on fb. Damn jeep!


sprinterGLS You aren't the only one here who holds that view. 
Wide for the sake of going wide (wheels, fenders).


SEMA is more like a Lady Gaga music video. You wonder what the bitch will do next to shock you but you never buy her stuff.


I think I know when the overfender fad will lose momentum. You'll start to notice it less when you see cars on the street that  really shouldn't have overfenders.
You know those kind of cars that have no real performance to start with like a 1.5 sohc Honda Civic (or Dodge Neons, or Vaxhall Nova) with the standard beige interior, a cheap aftermarket intake tube and cone filter and noisy exhaust. The same type of person who used to buy these cars and pretend to be Fast and Furious with their neon lights and NOS stickers, will get hold of the overfender and suddenly make them undesirable. 

There are some cars I can dig with them on and there are those that really should not have them. We may be about to see a lot more of the latter...


Brett Allen That would do it


I'd have thought BMW would have learned the first time around with Phoenix Yellow being the worst liked colour on E46 M3's....they're always the cheapest. Doesn't look any better on the M4's.


Brett Allen Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later. I'm well and truly over it.....and big wings were so uncool at one point.....when did they get bigger and become cool again???


sprinterGLS I know people hate on the stance scene, but I'd far rather it continue than this crap. It's all so ugly and as you say, pointless.


d_rav @directlineinsurance  lucky it was just a whole load of plastic bolt-ons dribbling onto the tarmac... fortunately the Jeep didn't feel a thing.


GTRSv double crap. My eyes hurt.


The Audi looks like crap with all that shit bolted on. I know I would never do that to my RS7


Personally, I'm fine with overfenders. But these cars looked awful. Especially that white race-inspired M3. What a mess.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Sick 997! I like


sprinterGLS It's not only the arches, the massive 90s wheels are back too. 17s and 18s on mk1 Golfs, that sort ot thing. Horrible.


meh...that poor white audi...looks like its being car-shamed... =(*


GregoryS Good...tired of them anyway...


Thank you Dino for posting our Audi S4! It definitely has started a buzz at SEMA!


That E46 M3 is amazing,  the wheels width on the Vorsteiner M4! But the carbon  on the S4 is beautiful


Great pics and article Dino! 

I wouldn't say the over fender is a problem, but the bolt on look over fender is. If it leaves a seam to people to see a gap, it is a sore point. 

Just imagine wanting to drive your dream car in a country that puts salt on the road for cold weather traction. You might not even be driving your LB Aventador in that weather, but the salt stays on the roads, and you will get rust blossoming out thanks to the petrie dish conditions (humid air, changing weather conditions, and salts and alkalines on the road to dust up).

The risk is much lower if you have a solid piece for the whole quarter panel. For that reason, I like the look of the two BMWs, and the Porsche, but not the Audi... and I like Audis more than BMWs as far as looks go!


AllroadOutfitters The skin is interesting in a really good way in my opinion, more for a track than street. Overfenders with wide wheels always have a mixed reaction with me, but theres something about the way its put together that works with me. Aggressive flares blend well with GT wing!


The Enlaes kit looks "more OEM" because there was an automotive design proffessional with over 30 years experience involved in the design process. You can always pick out the cars that have been "designed" vs those that have been "tuned"


@CKreations True that.


FraserinFinland But that's the thing. Everyone is out to shock, that instant split-second reaction. The real details aren't as important, it's all about creating a crazy look. Hopefully things will change for the better. Of course there were tons of cool "detailed" cars to look at too


sprinterGLS Just like fashion?


In reply to the final paragraph...

"Ya need Neonz and Soundsystem. Ya get me bro, innit.?" :)


the title should be like this.

the euro trash:how to ruin fine german automobile.