Endless Journey:</br> Building The Ultimate Street Supra
Street Dreams

It’s the mid-1990s and the place is Southern California. On the streets and at the local dragstrips, people are beginning to take Japanese imports and hot rod them. They swap the motors, add turbochargers and nitrous kits, they source wheels and body styling parts straight from Japan. It was a humble beginning, but one that formed the basis of an automotive revolution.


At the same time, young people were starting to dream not about Corvettes or Porsches, but about the high-tech performance cars coming out of Japan – the NSX, the RX-7, the 300ZX and the Toyota Supra. While few youngsters could actually afford to buy these cars when they were new, they would serve as a halo cars for this group of new-age gearheads. It was the dawn of a new era in car culture.


Growing up among all this was a guy by the name of Enrique Munoz. Enrique would head to Long Beach on Sunday nights to watch the street races, and while these gatherings were dominated by Hondas and other cheap imports, it was the new Supra that consumed his thoughts and dreams.


He wanted a Supra from the moment he saw a poster of two JGTC versions at his buddy’s place, and when he happened across a Royal Sapphire Blue example in person, the want turned into an obsession. Over the next few years he began saving up every spare penny he had, while at the same time researching about Supras and the people who were modifying them.


Enrique read about a group of guys on the East Coast that were building and racing some of the fastest Supras in the world. They included import drag racing legend Vinny Ten, as well as two twin brothers from Queens that were starting to make a name for themselves. He was fascinated by these guys and dreamed about working with them someday, but because they were on the other side of the country all he could do was watch from afar.


By 2001 Enrique had finally saved up enough money to make his dream a reality. He had become the owner of a stock JZA80 twin turbo Supra, and wasted no time mapping out a plan to modify it.


He began with what’s known as ‘BPU’ in the Supra community, a basic assortment of parts proven to extract horsepower from the 2JZ-GTE engine, honing his basic mechanical skills along the way. He also began to track the car, and on one fateful day at Willow Springs he took a spin which resulted in some body damage. It was disappointing, but on the bright side it was also a great excuse to think about adding aftermarket aero to the car.


While in Japan on a Tokyo Auto Salon tour with the now defunct Turbo magazine, Enrique had the chance to meet racing star Manabu ‘Max’ Orido. Right there he made an agreement to import one of Orido’s Ridox brand Supra body kits to the US. He had completely fallen in love with the JGTC-inspired look as it reminded him of the cars on the poster he’d seen long ago. Getting the kit to the US was not easy nor cheap, but when he finally saw the kit on the Supra Enrique knew it was worth all the trouble.


He was extremely happy with how the car came out, but life, as we know, has a tendency to interrupt our hobbies at times. Enrique bought a house in 2004, and soon he had other financial commitments which brought his toy buying to an end. Meanwhile, the Supra project had become stagnant, and at one point Enrique was even contemplating selling it. He really wanted to take the car to the next level, and if he wasn’t able to, he thought maybe someone else should. Fortunately, his family and friends convinced him to hang on to the Supra, knowing that he would deeply regret parting ways with the car he’d worked so hard to get.


After a few years of handling life’s responsibilities while the Supra sat dormant in the garage, Enrique was finally ready to continue with the project. He began doing research for the next phase of the build, and quickly realized he was going to need some professional assistance. He’d learned a lot about working on cars since buying the Supra, but what he wanted next would far surpass his own mechanical abilities. But it just so happened that Eric and Marc Kozeluh – the twin brothers from New York who Enrique had followed back in the day – had relocated to the West Coast. You probably know them as the guys behind Twins Turbo Motorsports – the shop responsible for building Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR-X Mustang along with many other radical street and track cars.


When Enrique met with the twins in 2010 to discuss the build and how much it would likely cost to achieve what he was looking for, it was a bit of a reality check. To transform the Supra into the dedicated street and track weapon that he had envisioned, the car would essentially need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Enrique was given a three-page laundry list of the components that were required to make his vision a reality – and the cost would be about double what he was expecting to spend. The twins told Enrique to come back when he was ready to get started, knowing the chance of him actually returning was slim.


But Enrique was not going to give up. Once again, he began saving every spare cent he could, and in early 2012 he returned to Twins Turbo, having already purchased many of the parts on the list. The twins, being extremely impressed with Enrique’s perseverance, took delivery of the Supra and the rebuild was underway.


Enrique was expecting the build to go quickly and figured he’d be driving the car within a couple of months. But once again, he was in for a reality check when he began to see the massive amount of work the twins would be putting into the project. As he settled in for the long haul, Enrique and the twins began to bounce ideas off each other as the scope of the build grew. Completion dates were pushed back, and then pushed back again, but Enrique could see that his patience was going to pay off in the end.


Finally in September of this year the completed Supra rolled out of the Twins Turbo shop in Long Beach, ready for its debut at the Supras Invade Las Vegas national meet. Enrique had tried his best to keep the project under wraps, and when people finally caught a glimpse of the car, they were blown away by what they saw.

The Twins Turbo Way

But what could be so special about another Supra with a single turbo conversion? Couldn’t any shop do that? And why the hell did the project take so long? Well, with one glance at the engine bay I think you’ll realize that this is anything but your typical Supra build. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it one of the finest street-going Supras ever built.


Twins Turbo isn’t just known for building cars that are fast. As we saw during the RTR-X build and other projects they’ve undertaken, the twins are well regarded for their obsessive attention to detail and mechanical craftsmanship. We’re talking about cars that are as pretty to look at from the bottom as they are from the top – and this Supra might just be their crowning achievement.


To simply rattle off the list of performance parts that are fitted to this car would in no way do the project justice. Instead, the twins have merely used these components as ingredients for creating a handcrafted masterpiece. Seeing as how Enrique’s day job is working as a background artist for various film and video game projects, he’s got a very keen sense of color and texture. During the course of the build he exchanged many different ideas with twins and sent them different renderings so they could decide which color combinations and finishes would work best together.


Let’s begin in the engine bay, which is where you’ll find the meticulously-detailed 2JZ-GTE setup. A single turbo conversion was something that Enrique wanted since he first acquired the car, and sure enough you’ll find a big Precision 6667 turbocharger perched on a Full Race manifold here.


Internally, the engine remains stock for now, but there have been plenty of upgrades in other places. There are HKS cams for example, along with ID2000 injectors, twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps with E85 capabilities, and a Weldon fuel pressure regulator.


Plans originally called for a standard front mount intercooler, but when Enrique saw the V-mount system the twins used in their own black Supra build a few years ago, he knew he needed a similar setup in his car. This would mean sacrificing the car’s air conditioning system, but Enrique decided that it was a worthwhile trade-off.


The big Full Race downpipe has also been modified to perfectly fit within the engine bay, while the twins have fabbed up a 4-inch stainless steel exhaust system which features an electronic cut-out with a Veilside titanium muffler in the rear.


Electronics are another huge part of the equation, and given the twins many years of experience building fast Supras it wasn’t hard to settle on a MoTeC M820 engine management system with a custom harness and tuning by Shane Tecklenburg. Thanks to the ECU, the Supra even benefits from traction control now.


Despite having stock engine internals, the car has been dialed in to make a safe and sane 740 horsepower at the back wheels. Next year the plans are to do a full motor build, and I would certainly be counting on power figures in the four-digit range once that happens.


But as I said a moment ago, this whole build is about a lot more than just making horsepower and going fast. It’s all of the other work that truly sets this Supra apart from the crowd. The road race style ducting, for example, isn’t something you’re likely to see on many street legal Supras.


If you followed the RTR-X build here on Speedhunters, you might remember a guy by the name of Mark Delong who performed that car’s custom metal work. For this project, the twins once again hit up their buddy Mark to lend some of his amazing metal-crafting skills to the project. Among his contributions to the Supra are the custom steel panels, shields, radiator core support and the trick twin shroud setup for the intercooler.


Great care was taken to ensure everything was pleasing to the eye, and the custom engine bay panels even have inspection hatches to allow quick access to concealed areas.


There’s a good chance that Twins Turbo spent more time figuring out the car’s hardware than some people do planning their entire builds. Every nut and bolt was scrutinized, right down to individual washer choices and custom-made studs for the engine and front crossmember. It’s staggering to think about.


There are 36 pounds of hardware beneath the car, and every nut, bolt and washer has been cleaned and cadmium plated. Perhaps the twins can pick up some side business serving meals off the bottom of their cars?


Another cool touch is the military-spec quick disconnects on the nose, which make maintenance and loading a breeze.

Finishing Touches

Because a big part of Enrique’s plans for the car include track days, the Supra has been fitted with a number of high-end parts in the suspension and chassis department. There are HKS Hipermax Max IV GT coilovers, TRD sway bars and a set of Brembo brakes with 6-piston monoblock calipers up front and 4-piston calipers in the rear.


As for the wheels, Enrique’s choice of Volk Racing SF Challenges by RAYS Engineering perfectly captures the Japanese tuner look, particularly with the giant Brembos leaving but a sliver of daylight inside the spokes.


The Volks measure 19×9.5-inch in the front and 19×10.5-inch in the rear, with Toyo Proxes T1R tires all around.


When it comes to the Supra’s exterior styling, Enrique has stuck with the same authentic Ridox kit that he fell in love with more than a decade ago. All of the rare body parts are constructed from carbon fiber, save for the FRP front fenders which are some 30 millimeters wider than stock.


The Ridox kit included not only the body panels themselves but also the trunk lip spoiler and the GT wing too – the latter being one of just a couple known to exist.


Complementing the Ridox parts are a Top Secret rear diffuser and carbon fiber hood, along with the requisite set of carbon fiber Ganador mirrors. Another cool touch are the custom LED turn signals mounted in the front bumper, and everything is finished off by a gleaming coat of Ferrari Rosso Corsa paint. The original paint and body work was completed by 20/20 Autobody, while Buddha Concept Designs in Buena Park renewed the front end following the rebuild.


Everything is equally tidy inside the cockpit, which features a pair of custom-built leather Recaro buckets with red stitching, a TRD steering wheel and tachometer, plus Veilside pedals and shift knob. Let’s not forget about the custom 6-point chromoly rollcage either.


One of the neatest things inside the car are the instruments. A guy by the name of Stu Hagen has converted everything to a full LED setup which really helps to modernize the interior without taking anything away from the original factory look. It’s just one more amazing little detail…


This project is really the result of two parallel paths coming together. First there was Enrique’s long-time obsession with the Supra, and his perseverance to deal with the obstacles and stick with the car to its completion. During his 13-plus year journey with the Supra, he’s learned a ton and it doesn’t sound like he’d take back the experience for anything.


Then there are the twins, who used this project to execute a vision of the perfect street Supra, and over the course of the build were able to realize a bunch of ideas they’d always had spinning around in their heads. Eric tells me there’s not a single thing on this car that they aren’t proud of.


It’s crazy to think that it’s been more than 20 years since Toyota first unleashed the fourth generation Supra on the world, earning a lifelong group of fans at the same time. But as we’ve seen here, the Supra’s story is far from over. With inspired builders and passionate owners cranking out stunning examples like this, I really can’t see the beloved Supra handing over its dream car status anytime soon.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

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At first I was like "Great, a ricer-fied supra." Then I saw the pictures. Holy s**t this is a beautiful machine. So much detail. True dedication.


Ya gotta love a clean build.....now get things dirty.


This is definitely some of the best fit and finish I've seen on a modified car.


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[Latin, Above; beyond.]
Yep, this build is definitely worthy of the word. It's above and beyond regular JZA80 tuning.


BusThatCantStop şöyle dream car örnekleri görünce bi yandan adamlar için mutlu oluyorum bi yandan da BENDE NIYE YOK LAAAN diyorum


BusThatCantStop gerçi bendeki dengesizlikle supram olsa aklım skyline'da, skyline'ım olsa suprada kalır


BusThatCantStop NSX de güzel tabi. 240-280Z Fairlady de var. Dream car denilecek çok fazla araba var, Japonya dışına değinmedim bile :(


Make sure you guys check out presentation mode. Also I added a few bonus photos. Enjoy!


Didn't realize the Twins we're the ones who built the RTR. They've been known a long time for quality work and it really shows in this build. Their attention to detail in the hardware department is something a lot of builders over look, but is one of the fundamental aspects to creating a reliable car. You can have the best parts in the world, but a simple washer can ruin an entire car if care isn't taken. Very admirable dedication on both the builders and the customers part and a good overall example of how a car should be built. 

Hats off.


Kudos for having keep the 2JZ-GTE !


So true. Those were my first thoughts as well... Still, the absolute ONLY thing I'd change are the wheels. But that's just my personal preference. Everything else is spectacular


Brilliant article. Brilliant photos. Brilliant build,


This thing is beautiful! I can't express how much sincerity is in that statement. I'm in love with every aspect, colors, custom bits, every detail. Very good taste Enrique, by far the best Supra I have seen.


Cheers for this Speedhunters, yet another car I'm drooling over (best month of SH everrr). So much inspiration for my own project.


Pure car porn! This is what it looks like when you pull the dream car out of someones head, and plonk it on the pavement in front of him (or her).

Sooo much swag!


The front end pictures have it summed up: that Supra is happier than a living turkey.


This is the kind of article I absolutely adore on Speedhunters, I love the little detail shots.
Great stuff Larry and Mike!



BryanC AutoJunctions



I really need to learn how to do a wire tuck haha


I have spent many years obsessing over Orido's supra. When every one fell for the supra due to the fast and furious movies it was the Ridox machine that stole my heart. To see a Ridox kit equipped supra in detail that   exceeds the original in certain aspects is amazing! Hats off!


This car has tipped the scales for me.  Up until this point I've doubted that imports would ever truly join the ranks of hot-rodding in terms of quality custom work.  This car however proves that this is possible while still remaining uniquely tuner.


Contender for Car of the Year?
I think so..Also double points for being street and track machine..much like the Orido-spec supra most of us known...

Gianluca FairladyZ

Enrique, hermano.... This is by far the most beautiful, more fascinating Supra that i ever have seen! Wow, que coche!


Its seems almost forever when I last read a new article on a SUPRA. These days, I just love anything with a supra... A damn legend!


Amazing build, pictures and location!


This is awesome..
Except the license plate.


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Now they should remake that famous BMI video of the Supra VS Mine's R34 GTR, let's see who wins this time...


Incredible level of detail on this build. Perfect example.


Awesome build n coverage. It's good to see he held onto the cart despite almostn giving up. End result is wonderful. I love the detachable ridox bumper n v mount setup. I also didn't know the twins were in the neighborhood!


For the first time of my life I am left speechless.And
or the first time of my life I like EVERYTHING in another person's build.


when i first saw this car on supraforums i tought it was really on an other level... but damn reading about it really gave me the strenght to finish my personal, modest, supra build! rebuilding a car after a day of work isn't easy but I want to drive it again and I want to be proud of my work, even if it will be obviously not even comparable to this masterpiece.
Congrats to those who worked hard and saved money to complete such an incredible piece of art...


HSV_IRC You could be right!


AceAndrew2 Yeah they are slowly moving more in that direction!


ninjapirate2 Thank you!


Brett Allen Thanks Brett!


Calorus Thanks!


@Chris Yep, if you'd like to you should be able to go back and read all of JR's build updates which show how the Twins and Mark worked on the car. I was going over there to shoot photos a couple times a week!


When I first seen this Supra my jaw hit the floor & the words "Oh my God!" came out...

Another out of the park grand-slam review by Speedhunters - Bravo!
Truly no amount of words can justify how amazing this 4th Generation Supra has been created - attention to detail is microscopic..
God these guys are like Michael Angelo & the paints of the 16th chapel - this thing is absolutely stunning...Congrats...
Now I need to lift my jaw from the floor...


This thing  just... Absolutely jaw droppingly brilliant. And to  think, my bus driver drives  supra! A real truth that If dreams become  reality they con flourish brilliantly!




This is very close to something I had in my head that I wanted to build in scale form. I even wanted to do the same wing but I couldn't find it in the scale I needed. 



Impressive. If I were you though, I'd keep it "safe and sane".


This is possible the best supra build i've ever seen. I have fallen in love... Everything seems to be brand new... Congratulations to the owner, he completely nailed it.. Awesome photo work here too! I risk to say it could be the car of the month...


@Joel don't forget the Hoonicorn or the Huracan or the Blue Bunny...it's tough.It really is,


Can anyone tell me what's the color? It's spot on!


Eric_Murphy Red!


Ant86 well, maybe a little bit more specific please.


Mike Garrett Nice. I actually called them for a job when I got out of tech school. They seem like they keep a pretty small operation and were pretty critical about what skills a person had. Understandable I suppose given the level of these builds, but kind of a bummer for someone coming out of school who wants to learn from the best. The down side is at a certain point these people will get old and if they don't take some young people under their wing their brand name will die. 

I've since gone on to work for some of the biggest names in the automotive and financial industries and believe most small operations do this out of a sense of self preservation, but that's another story. Solid build and I bet it was fun to shoot the cars. Really good photos.


Amazing Supra, especially under the hood!


Eric_Murphy Ferrari Rosso Corsa. It's in the post.


how much hp


I think it said 790hp at the minute


i lovin it  Volk progressive OF RAYS , too TE-37. HKS hiper suspension to loved
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Honestly if he wants to track the car he shouldnt increase the power anymore. No point in 1000 horsepower without race tires and a lot of functional aero



Between your jaw-dropping photography, great location and amazing subject, this has to be one of the best Speedhunters posts in years. Easily top 5 of all time. What an amazing car too. Nice fucking job.


AceAndrew2 Id say you were pretty dumb if you actually thought that.


This is LOVE right here. I really appreciate and look up to this people who choose to build a daily street and track ready car. MORE POWER TO YOU PEEPS!


Smiggins AceAndrew2 Go immerse yourself into hotrodding to gain a better perspective of what I'm talking about.  I can understand how you'd be in denial though, I was for a number of years.


Beside the fact that your stories getting better and better (not saying that those were bad...), THIS is one of the best and I'm glad that I saved this for a lazy sunday morning...thank you very much for this, well done!

Respect to Enrique for his well balanced taste and hanging on all the years. This is what defines a dedicated enthusiast.


ngweijiang Eric_Murphy


awesome build.  the wait was well worth it :)


<3 <3 that engine bay <3 <3


@Joel Agreed. That engine bay...


FunctionFirst Great feedback, the team appreciates your support!


importfan Good luck with the project - it's always worth it when you drive out of the garage under its own power for the first time!


I'm the owner of the car I thought I would add some names that were not mentioned.

Carlos Valenzuela.  He works at Twins Turbo and was a huge help in getting this car together.  Carlos has outdone himself even after the build with helping transport the car for this shoot and to & from the body shop.

The Buddha Concept Designs owner's brothers Long & Jim Le.  These guys are masters of their craft.  They really brought the engine bay together after Mark Delong was done with it.  The whole front end would not look nearly as good if it wasn't for these two.

Lastly, for anyone who wants an even closer look at this build.  I have a build thread I have been slowing posting up at http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?861522-KingERM-Supra-Build-Ridox-VMount-MKIV

You do need to register but it's free and just requires password and email to verify.


UWerqxTeam_MJ This actually crossed my mind as well.  The Supra now looks like it has a smile!


Probably the best written and documented article I've read on here in the last 6mo - well done!


AceAndrew2 Thanks Andrew.  Hotrods are exactly what drove the inspiration for the engine bay.  The bulk heads and the sheet panels, as well as the hard pipes for some of the plumbing that all is taken from hot-rodding.  Great catch!


HSV_IRC Dare to dream!  This month is alone is tough competition with the Hoonicorn and others in there!  I appreciate the compliment though.  Thanks!


@Frozenstar :-(


@LukeEVOVIII Nicely put!


bananos It been a long hard road but the outcome has been very worth it.  I couldn't be happier.




This is by far my favorite car that you guys have featured in the last 2 or 3 years. Talking about the import game in the 90's, this car perfectly embodies that theme. It's exactly what I imagine a car from that time period would look like if built with modern parts.


KingERM guess you will get used to it ;-)  Appreciate your patience as your story is familiar to me, my project is sitting since seven years, no time due to house & kids.. but ideas not getting old, but develop whilst keeping in view!


KingERM Inspiring stuff mate


Hanma except if it were the 90s the wing would be made of fiberglass. /shutter


Wow, respect to the owner, love the car.


Work of art I would put in my living room and watch it like if I was watching my favorite show on TV


Me gusta :)


Amazing build by Twins Turbo Motorsports, Enrique went over the top with his Supra build and he executed it perfectly, well done!


Amazing build by Twins Turbo Motorsports, Enrique went over the top with his Supra build and he executed it perfectly, well done!


I've seen the supra in person and to read this article to know to full story is a amazing. The owner has a great one of a kind supra and twins are truly artists


FINALLY, another Supra featured on Speedhunters. And what a stunning example, This may be my new favourite Supra... In fact, I think it is. I'm also hoping to own one one day, and the picture I have in my head has always been of a red Ridox kitted example, pretty much the same as this (on the outside at least!). I love that kit too, I think it's easily the best kit for the MKIV.

And as if the outside of this car wasn't appealing enough, the mechanics on this thing are simply amazing. I don't think I've ever spent so much time looking at the underside of a car before. And that engine bay... Stunning. I know that when I get mine it will never look anything like this, which makes me lust after this car even more.

This was a great article - amazing subject, great photo's and an engaging story. Thank you!


Sexy car


this whole car tho....


I saw this masterpiece at Supras In Vegas 2014 and it was even better in person. Such a meticulous build. Not sure I could go without AC though, LOL!


Killer BUILD!!!


Saw This Ride At Toyota Rest This Year :)


It's awesome to visit a dream in progress. I met Enrique before the car, he was 14, had an after school job at the company I worked at...I was stunned, at fourteen I....nevermind. The first thing I learned about Enrique, besides his professional and enthusiastic attitude, was that he was going to buy a SUPRA, See article.
A tear drops my eye, dude, not only making the dream real, but Masterpeice Style, in true Enrique Fashion. See his work, see his car, ain't no bullshit. And so, I cut short my ranting hommage to my homie. What an awesome article, and photography, car porn for the autophile...p.s. Only thing missing would be 3D diagrams.


That bay is a thing of simple beauty.


Beautiful Enrique! Does it have an 8track or cassette in it? Sweet.