A Win For Us Is A Win For You

We were absolutely stoked to be judged the winner in this year’s Scion Tuner Challenge at SEMA, and a massive thanks goes to all of you out there who voted for our FR-S build. Well, we say our, but all the kudos goes to Speedhunters’ builder extraordinaire, Keith Charvonia, who sweated blood to craft our track-day special, designer Andy Blackmore who drew out the awesome old school-inspired livery, and our many partners who helped bring the project to fruition.


It was a fantastic experience for all involved: all three cars were awesome builds, and we were proud to be up against Super Street and GT Channel – two great teams that created two amazing and unique machines. We’re going to treasure the trophy!


We’d created some special themed T-shirts and hoodies for the Speedhunters crew to wear at SEMA, and printed up a load of stickers.


With the car being white, the T-shirts had to match – it’s probably just as well we gave Keith’s his after he’d finished working on the car…


With winning the Scion Tuner Challenge, we’d like you to share the celebration: so for a limited period you can get your hands on this set of Speedhunters 86-themed swag. First up there’s the sparklingly white T-shirt, a top quality American Apparel tee, with the 86 badge on the left breast and a big striped logo across the shoulders.


The white zip-up hoodie features the same logos, with a #MaximumAttack graphic running down the right sleeve.


Then there are the stickers – there had to be stickers. 8.5 inch by 3 (220x75mm), these bumper decals are itching to crop up on cars, laptops, drift tracks and armco all round the world.

Head over to the Speedhunters store to get yourself some 86 love – but hurry, as these items will only be on sale this weekend. You’ve got just 48 hours: it’s the only time 86 will go into 48.

Speedhunters store (EU)

Speedhunters store (US)



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Yesss, I'm so glad you guys won. I made sure I voted. I've followed the progress closely and I have to say that you definitely deserved it, it is an awesome build.
No bias here either (well maybe a little). I thought SuperStreets car was awesome but the overall theme and execution of your car won it for me.


Hell yeah!!! Keith and Andy B showed them how it's done. Next time, let's have a collaboration between Keith and Aaron Beck!


store requires a login?


It was rigged!


Just tried to put in an order, the store went through four redirects before two separate browsers said it was unable to load. Then I got a call from my bank saying they had denied the purchase on the grounds of fraud. Any idea what's going on?


I swear u guys were like the underdogs in this competition. Not even the websites lame twitter fed judging could shake the judges decisions. Winning's winning. Keith congrats bro on a phenomenal build and great work.


Hey guys! Well done on this project and final vote that makes you the winners! :)

About store, i also encounter strange behaviour... I can't select my country anymore (Only a selection of few is available?) and my account seems not up to date anymore either (No more infos are filled in?) Any idea what's going on?


Is the logo on the right sleeve or left? The words don't match the pictures.


Wonderful work.It has been awesome to follow this.Well deserved win!


Said this before and ill say it again... Keith, yu are such a brilliant craftsman


Where are all the 2XL t-shirts?




@SuperStreet i used to read SS a while back and i understand what you are going through. I am sorry you feel that. It's not too late, the door is always open here at SH and you can be on the winning team next year..... or not. suckers. =B


it'd be nice to get a tshirt and a couple stickers, but your store is really sucking right now. i tried it about 2 hours ago on a different computer and it wasn't loading, and i still get the same problem now at home. it's saying the page isn't redirecting properly when i try to add to my cart. don't you guys want my money? haha.


Marry Christmas/Happy Birthday to me!  Hoodie and Stickers!  Boom!  This car is so rad!


8(    no XXL size


finally got my order through. thanks!


Our apologies @slim, we've been experiencing a few technical issues over the past few hours and our team are doing all they can to sort things out.


YamaGema Unfortunately we've been experiencing a few technical issues with our store over the past few hours, but our team are doing all they can to sort things out. Hang in there!


Oh thank god, I was worried Super Street was gonna win. Probably gonna pick one of the T-Shirts up, them TRD colours be rad.


SgHawk Ah yes, oops. The *right*. It's, uh, because you drive on the left in the UK and the right everywhere else?... :)


Slappy Pistons We had tons of people asking where to buy them at SEMA, so figured why not offer them? It's not like the whole car build was an evil scheme to sell t-shirts. LOL


LukeEVOVIII Wow, thanks! Just doing what I love. :)


d_rav Thanks! I did feel like the underdog going in, working in my garage and not utilizing a shop. In the end it all worked out.


Jordan_Burgess Thanks!


So glad you won. The car is awesome, was afraid the "car show" was going to give it to the "show car"(super street.). Hopefully this gets into the next need for speed so I can get a chance to drive it abit. :P
Congrats, you deserved the win


always knew you guys would win!! just ordered a t-shirt and can't wait to show it off. too bad the car doesn't come with it... ;)




Awesome, congrats on a well deserved win! I was afraid that not having an "audio" component to be judged on and the outlandish loss of the bonus points from the scion website would leave you out of the running. I think some rule bending was done by the challenge judges, but rightly so :)  

btw, who gets to keep the car?


you guys deserve the win :D
just random question: 
Are you will be continue build the car or you guys think now the car is alrealdy done? 
And when the car go to the track? :p


The win is not a surprise at all.
Huge media coverage, popular site, nice car.


@FlushPoke Nope, we just put in more work and overcame those obstacles. :)

Scion keeps the car. They will continue to show it, and we can also request it for events.


Dhikaz The car is officially done, we aren't allowed to work on it any more. We can request it from Scion, so I'm hoping to get some time for dyno tuning after it goes to a few more shows. I have a dyno at work (Airaid) and Bill Knose from Delicious Tuning is itching to see what he can do with the Cosworth and Flexfuel.


KeithCharvonia Dhikaz

I was curious to see some numbers for the Cosworth addition so this will be cool.


AZMIDLYF Just ask Keith to make a wide-body version LOL


ToyotaSupraMan AZMIDLYF

T-shirt sizes bubba


Congratulations on the win Speedhunters. Never doubted Keiths one bit, especially after the amazing work he did on the Kaiser.  
|With that said, is there any possibility of a spotlight on the other 86s too?


bearclaw_18 Thanks for your support!


wasn´t here all weekend, missed t-shirt...I´m sad...:-(((

...but anyway, congrats! :-) 

(I´ve voted for your project)


So sad I missed the sweater call (@least my car runs now!!) but good job on the 1st place!


Congrats guys. The perfect mix of style and substance. NAILED IT!