12s,11s,10s: Modifying The ’15 Mustang

Now that the 2015 Ford Mustang is here, it’s time to watch as aftermarket tuners and builders dig into the car. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Ford Racing has unleashed its engineers on the new Mustang to see what sort of 1/4 mile ETs could be achieved with some basic modifications. The results have been compiled into a video called The .99 Challenge which features three modified ’15 Mustangs: two V8-powered GTs and one 2.3L EcoBoost model.

With basic performance upgrades and sticky tires, the guys got some impressive ETs out of the cars, including a 12.56 run with the four-cylinder version and a 10.97 from a supercharged GT. Take a watch and see how they did it…

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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We are officially well beyond the 90's-00's where DC and EK drivers might talk sh*t  about the performance of a common mustang with relative accuracy.


I wonder what you would have to do to get the front wheels off the ground


12.5 is impressive from an almost stock 25K car with a warranty.
But... plenty of late 90's, mid 00's imports are already running that.
Just look at any STi's or Evo's that's been treated the same way (intake/exhaust/tune), hell, even a Civic with a tuned K20 will give it a good run...
Good to see Ford catching up, hopefully it's only the begining!


Love me the sound of a Ford V-8 at wide-open throttle.

The EcoBoost is impressively fast, but that said, a 4-banger still sounds like a 4-banger, whether domestic or foreign.


Can't wait to get my hands on the new mustangs parts.


DoBeriault Paizuri_4g63 What 2.3 import from the 90's or mid 00's is running a 12.5 with just tires?


Catching up? Mustangs have been running 10-12s and lower for other models straight from the factory for years now. And reachinf those numbers with the addition of a power adder since '96.


116 mph is one thing, but having a bend at the end of that straight is something quite different. This isn't the 60's, comparing almost stock cars with 1/4 mi ETs is neanderthal and boring.

That being said, it's still hard to beat american muscle for the price, either in a stang or vette, and they're slowly being more and more refined. The 2.3 is exciting and it's time for the imports to step up their game coughvwaudicough


A large part of the mustang world will always revolve around dragracing. I particularly with Neanderthal or put you down because some form of racing that's very popular and that I wouldn't put down another Johndra of racing


One thing that I never understood about mustangs is the 5.0L engine; what I mean by that is that Ford for the most part stays at 5.0L and although they are using super chargers and other developments with their 5.0L engines, I feel like eventually they will have to start bumping it up or get left behind other companies. Staying at 5.0L in my opinion is limiting yourself and not exploring anything greater. Don't get me wrong, I love the way they sound and for the most part they perform well but when I look at the LS series found in Vetts...oh my god its AWESOME. Take for example the LS7; 7.0L N/A with 500hp stock. The LS7's architecture is a thing of beauty as well.

I don't want to start a whole thing about what I've posted or hurt anyone's feelings, I just feel like they may want to look into a 6.0L or something like that. I know its only 1 or 2 liters difference and liters of course does not mean everything in the world when it comes to engine performance, I guess I just feel like they need to move on from the whole 5.0L thing but that's just my opinion.

Oh and I don't like this new design of mustang; its too big in the front and kind looks weird from the side. Actually I really liked the last design, that one seemed very fitting for the car and I kind of liked it!!

Anyways, good luck to those who get one, they seem like a fun car from what I saw on this video.


Wildcardfox I'm just saying it's a poor way of bench racing cars, straight line performance is basically an engine/torque/gear ratio test. Not saying those are impressive times, they are, but there's got to more to a car that that, say g's pulled, lap times, etc. But to each their own, that's what makes this site fun, there's a little for everyone. And just because it's popular, doesn't make it right... it's usually the easy way...


KootenayDub Wildcardfox well I agree with you on the site; however just because it is popular does not mean that is is wrong either. What my iOS left off of that sentence was "popular in the mustang community." For mustangs, they are built with the idea that people will be drag racing. Most of the car is setup knowing that it will be thinkered on them, so there are many open spaces for aftermarket items, and usually they are easy to be taken apart. In the vid, when ford said that they wanted to be the first, they were directly responding to the trend in mustangs world of the race down the numbers. Depending on the model there is always a race of who can be first in the 12s, 11s, and 10s, and so on. That is just the nature of the beast of the main market that mustang exist in. 

I'm fortunate to have grown up around a lot of race teams, NHRA, PSCA, drift teams, and rally cars I don't think I would label any of the racing styles as easier than the other because any type of autosport is extremely technical and takes precision and many factors to be a success at. Drag racing particularly has lots of stuff that is technical and it can be an extremely tricky sport. 

But once again, respect your opinion, but I'm just trying to respond as a mustang person why they focused on the drag times.


MrSOLOMON85 I saw daylight under the four cylinders from tire!


4cyl Mustang....
pokerface time


@tom the coyotes like the 4.6s respond really well to power adders, due to the dohc design it is very expensive to build them n/a but they can make over 500hp with the right combo, you could stroke it too if they make a kit but thats not gonna be 5.0l


I work at a ford dealer indiana. We got our first 2015 today. A canary yellow 4 cylinder. If you have driven a 4 cylinder ecoboost fusion it feels exactly the same. No faster and no slower. If I wanted to stick with a 4 cylinder I'd get a focus st. If I were getting a new mustang it would have to be a v8 but I haven't driven a new one yet.


One thing I thought that was wierd is that there are no ford ovals on the car anywhere. Just poneys.


WOW that's awesome


@tom It's already a gigantic engine, with DOHC.  If you look at an LS7, which has bigger displacement, next to a Coyote, the Coyote will dwarf the LS7.


@tom ever heard of the GT500? 5.8L motor...


Well done Ford, I think their whole idea is so appealing.  When's import drag racing going to come around again? SH can you help?


The USA's Ford buyers needs more Ford Falcon GT & F6, oh wait only us lucky Australians get those and FORD USA is shutting down FORD AUS!


Zebra P Knee So true, the Barra motors are so good especially with forced induction.


@Jake Laird DoBeriault Paizuri_4g63 
No 2.3L... actually they only need 2.0L.
The Ecoboost has a straight exhaust, a tune and stronger drivetrain... not just tires.
Ever heard of Sti's or Evo's??? Those will run those numbers all day long.
Like I said, I'm happy Ford is making fast turbo's... I'm not knocking Ford other than being a lilttle late to to party... but I'm still stoked it has decided to join!


Without any serious work the 5.0L from the 80's early 90's were dogs. They had a hard time making 250WHP.
The 4.6L wasn't any better really... and don't get me started on the 3.7L V6 boat anchor.
The new 5.0L is great, even the V6 isn't bad anymore.
The 2.3 Ecoboost is a great value on the ol' ''bang-vs-buck'' ratio


DoBeriault Wildcardfox  The 5.0 I'll let
someone who is an expert there speak. But on the 4.6 you are mistaken
4.6L 4 valve is one
of the most powerful motors out there. power ranges of a 4 valve go from
400-1000 hp. Heavily modified can go up to 2500 hp. See accufab racing and our
2500 hp car is still a 4.6L motor.. The 4.6 4valve is also the same engine that
is used in Koenigsegg. 4.6L 283cu for years was the fastest modular
mustang in the world at 6.05 seconds in the 1/4. This was just surpassed by our
sister team running a 5.4L. 
4 valves are the similar to the 4.6, just with added displacement.
GT500, Ford GT, etc. Last time I checked, the standing mile world record
was a 5.4L mustang. 

Also look at the 2013 Engine Masters competition, the competition was dominated by modular motors.
New 5.0Ls are good
up until a 800 plus. Then the block becomes a restriction.
The new V-6s with
the cyclone motor are good. 
My problem with
your assessment before is that you are comparing a top model STI, EVO
versus a V6. That is apples to oranges. The v6 in is most basic form is
not meant to be a performance car. An apt comparison would be STi versus
GT or even STi versus GT500.


I know some of the their engines are bigger that 5.0, that's why I said for the most part. The V8 engine that they mass produce is 5.0 but you do see special edition car a little higher in liters.
AND both of you are right about the DOHC. I am a huge fan of DOHC. I'm more into Japanese engine myself, and MOST of the Japanese engines that iconic are in fact DOHC.
Now what I want to know from anyone is their thoughts on this 2.4L Eco boost motor. Honestly it sounds like a step backwards. Its a mustang!!!?!? Its meant to be driven hard. Do true die hard mustang fans/owners worry about MPG??


TimMorgan IDRC.


Wildcardfox  DoBeriault Those 4 valve 4.6's barely came in Mustangs though. Only the SVT Mustangs came with them.


@tom But the GT500 Shelby Super Snake isn't a 5.0... it is a 5,8L.


KootenayDub I've been to the track in a BOSS 302... It can corner just fine. It was passing the Aston Martins and Ferrari F430s without problems. I agree the GT500 is better as a straight line car, but the GT and the Boss can be made into proper GT racers (with a pony name I know...)

Same with the new Z28, and I'm not a fan of the car, but it can corner quite well.


Wildcardfox  DoBeriault 
AMS GTR is the Texas Invitational record holder... no mustang can come close. Here, let me show you:
The 4.6L 4 valves (Cobra/SVT) and the 5.4 supercharged (Cobra) are not the same beast as the regular 4.6L that is in every GT since 1996.
Now, like I said, the new cars/engines from Ford are great and I'm happy to see them finally get things right.
Because for that dark period of the late 80's, 90's and early 00's the 5.0L and 4.6L wasn,t anything to write home about. The 4V and the 5.4 DOHC didnt suck, but those are unicorns amongst pigs.


@Aaron Wildcardfox  DoBeriault all cobra motors from 1996-uptil now in the GT500 are 4 valves.


DoBeriault Wildcardfox AMS looked like it ran 237 mph in the texas mile... correct?

The 4v 5.4L motor that my team built for Hennessy GT went 257.7 mph and then the next year went 267.7 mph. 


and the 257 run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tZPj7Ebh0o

the Heffner Ford GT (motor that my team also built) went 266.93 but I believe that was unofficial because it was done at an unsanctioned event.


you can see either Accufab Racing or John Mihovetz credited in the vids for the engine. 

as for "no mustang can come close" my team have many race cars, our engines have already done it, and we have many platforms in many different racing leagues. Any of our motors can do the same thing even in a mustang chassis. For instance Danny Thompson was trying to get to 300mph in a mustang, he had an Accufab motor, however he crashed at 265 mph http://www.autoblog.com/2010/11/08/video-danny-thompsons-265-mph-mustang-crash-from-inside-the-ca/

The motor in that car was a 5.4 motor running a supercharger running between 1400-1600 depending on the supercharger.



Danny's car was the closest car that I can think of that was setup for top speed runs, mainly the standing mile is usually a fav or Ford GT owners whereas most are drag oriented, but if an owner wanted a standing mile mustang, they could easily achieve similar numbers with the mustang chassis. 

I mentioned to Aaron above that the cobra motor 4v motor is still a Ford motor and cannot be discredited because they are less numerous than lower models—they are no more rare or unicorns than other top model runs from other manufacturers (zr1/corvette, zl1/camaro, sti/wrx, etc. etc. etc.). If we are going to exclude the 4v 4.6/ 4v 5.4 in the ford mustang discussion, then we also need to eliminate all other top models because of their lower production numbers, and discuss the lower engine because that engine was the most numerous.

You point out that the regular 2v GT motor is not the same as the 4v, correct: different heads, manifold—same lower block hence the modular design. However, my first post was not mentioning the most vast mustang platform (which would probably be the v-6, then GT), and although the 4v is a superior motor to the 2v, 2v's with superchargers or turbochargers regularly broke down into the 10s and even 9 second zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QefhZ77hxBE (I'm sure there are more, I just posted one vid). So they can be made to run. The v6 motor was a joke until lately, but there were a few rare 600-800 versions on the old v-6 motor platform. 

I like you am happy that ford finally upgraded the lower models to a better engine architecture. I'm ecstatic—the aftermarket world has finally included all of the mustangs including v6s, and I am happy to see mustangs at road courses frequently. It is also nice to see a 470 hp v-6 with with just a simple supercharger installed. It is also nice to see that the new engines hp numbers are either higher than the mustangs competitors are almost as high versus previous models coming from the factory with less hp versus the competition.

Every motor build by my team are 4v's 4.6/5.4, and larger. However, back to the first post if we are talking about a mustang being able to make it down to the sub 12's and down to the 10's—even into the 9's, a 4v is not needed. A built 2v 4.6 mustang can make up to 800hp. Their hinderance on the stock motor like many motors are pistons and rods, change those, throw on a power adder, and you can turn up the hp to those numbers. The heads are less efficient than the 4v, so there is a cap, but a person with those cars would not be an owner of a car that has no hp potential or a motor that needed excessive work to get the car to being a street monster. So back to the beginning, if we are talking about mustangs reaching these track times, mustangs have not been catching up, these numbers were already obtainable. Although it is nice that you can reach them in a V6, a GT, and a GT with a supercharger.


Wildcardfox  DoBeriault there was a typo "lower numbers" = lower models... 

my point is that if we are going to cut out the 4v 4.6/ 4v 5.4 from the discussion, then we also need to cut out the top models from other manufactures because they are not as numerous as the lower models.


SeanStott The Coyotes are around the same size actually (taller but shorter), and they're lighter. You're thinking of the 4.6 SOHC/DOHC motors which are huge.


ChanukaMan Zebra P Knee Future classic motor, so good. So much easy torque and strong bottom end :)


MikeChandler Fiesta ST > Focus ST


MikeChandler the ford oval did not appear on the outside of a mustang until 1983 I believe so Its kind of a homage to the older ones


But I'm 6'3 270 I don't get in a fiesta, I wear one.


Didn't know that one. I did see one in the black sunshade strip on the top of the windshield.


DoBeriault Paizuri_4g63 Not for very long on a stock drive train... Also Evo's and STI's are in a totally different category than the ecoboost Mustangs. One costs 25k in today's money, the other cost 30-40k when it was new 10 years ago.Show me any import that's made today that can keep up with that for that kind of money. If you want to start comparing the Evo and STI to a car in it's category, and you're comparing it to the Cobras. 

Also I'm sorry, but the average fox bodies and SN95's you'd see at the strip were not slow. There's a reason why import drivers had to start their own categories back in the import drag days. The only imports that could keep up were hopped up AWD DSM's and Supras.

I like imports and domestics both, but I'm not about to make a bunch of ignorant "hurr durr 90's 'Merican cars are slow, JDM fo lyfe" comments. Educate yourself.