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A few weeks back Speedhunters’ Publisher Elizabeth White – @itswhitenoise herself – dropped me an email and suggested I meet up with Rod at the Players Show, held at North Weald Airfield in Essex. ‘Sure!’ I said. And then she replied saying that it would be cool for me to walk around the event and pen an article for Speedhunters. Now, I’ve been a big fan of the site for a long time, and although this was a great honor to be asked, I am by no means a writer.

However, I do love cars…

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8547

People often say that automotive culture is in their blood, and when you grow up in the state of Michigan, this is often the case. For me, it was impossible to not have a love for cars, as both my father and grandfather are traditional American hot rodders. I guess I was born with this passion.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8608

Elizabeth mentioned that I should introduce myself, so, in a not-at-all-awkward first-day-at-school type-of-way – my name is Corey Rosser, I’m the National Sales Manager for Air Lift Performance and I like a very eclectic mix of cars – from JDM to hot rods (of course), and everything in between. Back in the ’90s I was seriously into mini trucks, and since then I have owned a lot of different cars, from a ’66 Cadillac to my current project – a Rocket Bunny S14 build. I really do appreciate all automotive cultures.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8580

Ultimately, I am a big fan of any build that has a strong theme adhered to throughout. I like a build to have direction and be cohesive. I guess that’s why I love Speedhunters so much. The site has stories on the very best builds from around the globe all brought to my iPhone or laptop by some of the most awesome writers and photographers. No pressure, then…

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8477

If, like me, you really do like cars from all automotive cultures, then you will love the diversity of Players Show. I mentioned that it’s held in a place called Essex, which for those of you who aren’t aware, is county just outside London. The show is maybe an hour drive from central London, so it’s well located.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8602

Air Lift Performance is the headline sponsor, so each year I am lucky enough to jump on a plane and fly over from the States to check out the event. Fear not though, I appreciate all things on four wheels, so despite what you may think, this isn’t going to be a ‘cars on air at Players that I want to shout about’ post. Okay, maybe I am a little biased toward vehicles of the bagged variety, but after 15 years of loyal Air Lift service, you will have to forgive me.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8418

The first car that really caught my eye was this lovely piece of Beetle art. Dropped hard over a well-chosen set of wheels this thing bent my mind.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8540

Why? Well apparently this Bug had been put together by a 16-year-old. Madness! In the USA you can score a driver’s license when you turn 16, but in the UK you have to wait another year.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8421

The Beetle boasted amazing attention to detail and I’m a sucker for anything air-cooled, so this had to make my cut.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8543

Jumping forward a decade or two, this E30 M3 is a real attention divider. As you may have seen in the Speedhunters feature, the orange BMW packs an S54 motor swapped out of an E46 M3.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8423

The interior and audio system is on point and I have to tip my hat to anyone with nerve enough to do this to an iconic car like the M3. Some will say utter madness. I say, why the hell not?!

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8442

Another performance car that goes against the grain is Elmo’s completely bananas Audi TT-RS. These cars are very quick in stock form and Elmo is in the process of upgrading his RS’s performance with Revo software and an exhaust and intake swap. This will see the TT at ‘stage 2′ tune level and laying down around 420hp via the Air Lift Performance suspension setup and Rotiform OZT rolling stock.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8445

In my opinion, cars are for driving and having fun with. This year Elmo has been on many European road trips and it’s been cool to see this car appearing on the #airlift hashtag in various different countries including Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. Honestly, it’s really great to see our product being enjoyed around the world and Elmo really is making the most of his TT-RS creation.

The Misfits
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8554

From new school to some American metal. This Cadillac was running bags and had so much presence.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8448

I used to own one of these and they’re such a feel-good car to drive. Despite their land yacht size I would definitely have another in a heartbeat. It’s really cool to see this type of car at an event like Players.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8560

This Renault absolutely had to be my car of the show. Well, when I say ‘car of the show’, what I really mean is gypsy caravan of the show.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8478

Anything that is old school, laying frame with a laid-out ’70s porn-covered caravan behind it, is going to be a crowd pleaser.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8464

As well as being best of show, I also picked this for the Air Lift/Players trophy.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8604

Beardy is the man behind this French vehicle and caravan combo and he has done his crazy mind proud with this one!

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8469

This Land Rover used to belong to resident Speedhunter and all-round top guy Bryn Musselwhite.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8475

I’d heard a lot about this build and it was great to see it in the metal. With no roof it takes serious dedication to drive something like this in the UK, so huge respect to new owner and rebuilder of this first edition Land Rover, Bruce Holder.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8559

The rat rod Landy is one of the most original builds out there and it’s seriously low too. The V8 motor gives it the punch to match its looks and, according to Bruce, there’s more to come from this. I can’t wait to see it develop further.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8484

On to something a bit more polished, and that’s Mac-Xzibit’s Mk1 Golf. The work carried out by The Paintbox in Essex is off the chain.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8487

If you’re into old school Beetles you’ll no doubt have heard of the Paintbox before. This is some of the nicest paint I have seen on a car. Underneath the bonnet there’s a G60 motor that will be putting out around 250hp.

The Low Slow Movement
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8585

From Wolfsburg to Bavaria, this BMW has been doing the rounds recently. Becky has put together a timeless car that really does look great.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8493

The E21 is one of the nicest shapes and decked over a classic set of BBS RS wheels this is simple, but very effective.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8568

Whilst we’re looking at BMWs, this red E28 also caught my eye.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8498

Another very clean and simple build – and ultra low. I absolutely loved this.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8572

AC Schnitzer wheels make almost anything look good, but the owner of this car really had the fitment dialed too.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8526

This ‘53/’54 Chevy 3100 pickup truck was a lovely example of classic American iron laid out.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8521

Awesome patina. White-wall tires. Steelies. Game over!

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8523

Seriously, if I could have picked two cars of the show, this would have been my joint choice. Maximum awesome.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8550

Back on the Bavaria vibe, Matt’s 840i was an interesting car for me. An eye-opener, if you will. You see, when the 8 Series came out – and you will have to forgive me for this – I felt like it was a really ugly car.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8532

But having seen this model laid out on a set of Rotiform TMBs, I think I was a little hasty. Perhaps it’s time I gave the old 8 Series another chance! I think this looks great. Really tough and classy at the same time.

Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8509

Finally, this Imp is worth looking at in more detail. There were actually several of these at the show, but this was the one that got me looking longest.

Players Show 2014 Rod Chong-8507

Such a classic British car and it was crazy to get to see these cars in the metal. Obviously they’re completely unique and to see these in the wild was cool.

For someone like myself who loves all car culture, Players is the perfect event. You can see a very diverse selection of metal and the vibe is super relaxed. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of the cars I’ve highlighted. They are all fun in their own way, and for me, that’s what it’s about. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read my words and a big thank you to Elizabeth White and the team at Speedhunters for inviting me to write this story.

Corey Rosser

Photos by Rod Chong
Instagram: speedhunters_rod

Cutting Room Floor
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8424
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8447
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8452
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8456
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8460
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8472
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8497
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8538
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8558
Players Show 2014 Speedhunters Rod Chong-8575


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Sorry, but "timeless" and stanced do not belong in the same sentence.


EmersonShaw THANK YOU!


840s on bags and Rotiforms make baby Jesus cry.


@Schlitz You are more than welcome.


so on slide 3 pictures 1 does the car behind the BMW have Steeles with neon green lips?


on page 3 picture #1 does the car behind the red BMW have Steeles with neon green lips


EmersonShaw Double thank you.


All I see is a bunch of ride needing a major suspension adjustment. 
The only one I love is the Chevy Pickup, at least those can be dropped w/o the stupid camber. Jacked up paint and still looking more pimp than the rest of this lot.


kphillips9936 So narrow minded. How can the chev be cool, but nothing else. It's the friggin same as the others in it style of mods pretty much. Oh, and a lot of that stupid camber is naturally occurring with most of those cars. Good work son, all aboard your hate train!


Spaghetti kphillips9936 It sounds like you bought a ticket to board that train as well don't you think?.. I can understand that people are bothered by the angle the camber is set or how it sits naturally when dropped..people will always have dislikes. Arguing with opinions like that is like you're trying to make yourself be the correct one, but who gives a shit. See it for what it is, and when people have something to say about it take it like a grain of salt or gravel or whatever the hell.


Spaghetti kphillips9936 Neat name by the way, just voicing my opinion is all just like everyone else. Never did the work "hate" get typed in my post, did it? Nope. I just don't prefer these compact cars with the silly, frame breaking camber. A 50's Chevy on the other hand can do it with out the camber and are built to last. 
Besides I'm a old school American car and truck fan. Vehicles made of metal and V8 muscle, simple as that.


Man that E28 made my night!! WOO WEE! I love these cars, whether sitting low or on some sport bilsteins they have that timeless look, thanks for that! If only I could get my baby looking like that, I wouldn't go air but well.. hell maybe!


Thanks for your feedback kphillips9936. We always aim to bring coverage from a wide genre of events, so if low cars and camber might aren't your cup of tea, we've got plenty of American and V8 muscle car content as well. As you can imagine, the tastes of our audience vary wildly - it can be hard to keep everyone happy!


EmersonShaw They were not used in the same sentence…


Uk really is the least impressive cars of any car scene,bad cars clueless lads and body shop workers/owners battling away with bad taste no nice ride height just people grabbing random cars for some cheap fame no love at all


There actually is. Depending on where you go, you can find some really nice cars with love put into them. You just need to know where to look


Speedhunters kphillips9936  Not a problem and I love your racing car and performance posts. In the car world, to each their own and I don't hate. if you wish to drive it a certain way then that's your ride as I prefer my way of rolling. Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to more great post.


.reknaw detacudenu ,dediugsim ylsuoireS .kcoc a tahW




Wow, the UK really has impressive cars of any car scene,top cars clued-up lads and body shop workers/owners battling away with great taste nice ride height just people ragging handsome cars for some neat fame much love to all.
(Fixed that got you...)


I'm really very sorry, because I love this website a lot. BUT! Contracting this dude for an article is not what i was looking for. This guy really only likes ride height and the accompanying wheels. Look at his reactions to cars. Cool! Low! Wheels!

I come to speedhunters because they choose cars carefully and explain exactly why this particular stance-mobile deserves a feature or spotlight. Remember that lol. This isn't stancenation.com. With that said I love the whole stance-scene. But again, I like how on speedhunters, usually the stancemobiles have a good reason to have features/spotlights.

turbo BEAMS ae86


turbo BEAMS ae86

@Jake Laird Feeled sick when i see the 8 series.  What a wicked folly

turbo BEAMS ae86

@Jake Laird Feeled sick when i see the 8 series.  What a wicked folly


If I wanted to read shitty Speedhunters-esque articles, I'd go to that site.


If I wanted to read shitty Stanceworks-esque articles, I'd go to that garbage site.


thats not very nice :(


Ain't nobody got time for that


Show me it im still on the search dude keeping hopeful


That's backwards and rude I see what you did but that's very offensive to be rude to someone your the kind of people I see at shows that are rude and ruin it for every body .,.,.,,


LukeEVOVIII You should search for some of the time attack features on here then, the UK is perhaps one of the best countires in the time attack scene.


Will do mate ;) cheers


johnbezt Thanks for your feedback John. This particular scene has a strong focus on low ride height and cool wheels, so with that in mind we completely agree with the vehicles Corey has chosen here. We'll try and add a bit more detail in next time for you :)


nice write up...ppl need to relax. I mean what did you expect to see in the article? After all this event is sponsored by an air suspension company and the article is written by its "sales rep." Based on the cars that are in the article it looks like most of these were build by average working ppl that spend their past time and money on their cars and not shop sponsored cars.




zero lip......ewwwwww!


Nikhil_P Ha ha! A good point well made.


Davidmcboyles Sadly there is a lot of truth in what you say sir, but there is some good stuff out there, and once in a while some of it finds its way not Speedhunters.


Oh forsure i totally agree with you.I want to be apart of something great but it's a struggle when the great parts of the U.K. scene are not in the show field people seem to photograph the same crap at shows instagram fame means not much it's about starting something and supporting each other nurturing a community of individuals not worshiping people with money and shiney bits and air ride