Eye Candy From StanceNation Japan
The Hot Rod Approach

Last week we brought you the 2014 StanceNation Japan show, and now I can show you the five cars that really caught my eye at Fuji Speedway.

I like it when people think outside the box. Challenging the establishment and putting in the effort is what counts, even if it doesn’t necessary yield something great. The car I’ve chosen to kick off this Spotlight-O-Rama exemplifies this perfectly. Why? Well it’s the unique approach that does it for this 180SX – the owner wanting to create something that would turn heads by using tricks and touches that we have seen in other car scenes, but executing them in a much different way.


This was the car that everyone was talking about. I even spotted Daijiro Inada of Option and his daughter Mamina taking their time to soak up all the details.


What piqued interest was the way the custom built front tubular structure held up the SR20 and its V-mounted intercooler and radiator setup, along with the rest of the front end.


It all looked very hot rod like in execution, and even paint was used to give the whole chassis an aged feel about it. The engine was sporting some nice goodies, including a Tomei Powered turbocharger, while the suspension was modified to give an extreme amount of negative camber and allow the wheels to sit just right within the widened fenders.


The louvered rear quarter panels were a great touch too.


We’ve been seeing a lot of this bumper-delete style going on, Miura-san being one of those that has really pushed it over the years. It fit this particular RPS13 perfectly. And as for the conrod tow hook – genius!


The next car I’m going to show you is one that stood out to me personally, because up until seeing it I’d never really taken much notice of the Z31 Nissan Fairlady Z. This car proves that when you add the right touches real transformations can occur. The two-tone bronze paintwork really helps the car stand out, and the way the wheel centres are color-matched further emphasizes the fact.


The ducktail rear spoiler is finished in the same contrasting darker hue as the skirts and front splitter, and sets off the rear end beautifully.


And then of course there are the extended fender flares – executed in such a way that they boost the presence of the car, but integrated in a way that almost makes them look like they were factory fitted.


What sealed the deal for me though was the choice of engine. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but the RB25DE just manages to fit in there. The naturally aspirated 2.5L straight-six might not be the most powerful engine out there, but it’s got a ton of character. Obviously the owner prefers it to the VG30 that the car would have originally come with.


The velocity stacks must give it great throttle response!


Oh dear, here we go again – another Nissan! Sorry, but I didn’t plan this, I just walked around and took a note of all the cars worthy of a feature. But I’m sure you’ll agree that I just had to show this R30 Skyline – sitting nice and low on a set of new two-piece Barramundi Grouper wheels, in more detail


Its FJ20ET has been treated to a bit of an overhaul and fitted with modern parts to ensure it copes with the extra power it now manages to develop.


That’s thanks to a healthy dose of boost, supplied by the rather large GReddy T78-29D turbo it’s been paired up with. This turbo can develop up to 700hp on an RB26, so it’s easily good for 500hp in this sort of set up.


Here’s a closer look at those Barramundi wheels, as designed by Nori-san over at Common Snapper. It’s great to see his line-up of wheels growing with more fresh and cool designs.


Out the back we have those legendary afterburner taillights and the sort of exhaust that can flow copious amounts of spent gas with minimal resistance.

The Devil RX-8

If you are out to shock people, coming up with a car like the RX-8 from Drift Club Racing is one way to get attention. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an SE3P sitting quite so low, not to mention with this sort of exaggerated negative camber.


The Mazda runs overfenders, created by Miura himself, so it has the sort of authenticity one would want to see on such a wild build.


You really have to look at the car head-on to truly appreciate just how much angle those wheels are running. You can almost see the entire breadth of the tyre sticking out of the bodywork!


And there is even more negative camber at the rear. Although, looking at this picture, I don’t think the Mazda’s owner is going to be carrying any rear seat passengers any time soon.


One of the aspects I like most about Miura’s designs is how he often tucks in the rear side of the front fenders, and it’s cool that he’s gone for that extreme look here. It’s funny how you can see the wear on the inside edge of the tyre as well as the rubbing on the outside shoulder, but the center section doesn’t look like it’s doing much of anything.


When it comes to low, and I mean real low, nothing can quite touch a true shakotan car. It doesn’t matter how low you go though, but rather how good your car looks doing it that gets you the kudos.


And when it came to that, this Z10 Soarer was doing everything right. First up, the car itself couldn’t have been better picked. This Toyota model is a favorite in the kaido racer and shakotan movements, and it looks hot regardless of how it’s laid out. This particular car has a more showy approach – the aero touches, the two-tone paint, and even chromed fender insets.


Where it went over above the expectation was in the details. The engine bay, for example, was shaved, tucked and cleaned up before being painted a few coats of flat black. Its candy red detailed 3M engine sports an open intake and race headers to boot.


The polished Speedstars wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN Neovas is a further touch of perfection.


And then there’s the interior, which has been decked out following a very evident ’80s ghettoblaster theme.

It’s the perfect car to wrap up our StanceNation Japan coverage with, and leaving us all wondering how this whole stance movement will continue to grow in the coming years. Speedhunters will be there to bring you all of the action, so just sit back, wait and see!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Loving the recent posts Dino ;)


correct me if im wrong but i believe that's a 5m in that z10 not a 3m just trying to help the 3m only came in the 2000gt back in the late 60,s


Lovin that Z31!!! But somebody please tell me just who stepped on that RX8. I can just hear that frame groaning and creaking from here. 
Awesome post!


The last car just oozes style…more shakotan goodness please!!


DINO single handedly carrying speedhunters with a bunch of dope coverage lately. I see you.


404: Eye candy not found


#love it.
More please..


Loving that Z31!! Running Barrumundi Design wheels; I'm I right?


@Jake Laird Maybe not eye candy for you, but definitely for others :)


Love that Fairlady Z. Man did they do I right. Not just eye candy but eye porn!


I always wonder how cars like the 1st car and red rx8 will feel like to drive hard


turbom Absolutely more to come, turbom.  Looking forward to fueling pure automotive enjoyment!


@dzd Thanks Sir:)


LukeEVOVIII Thanks Luke!


ra64freddy! Yup


Not so keen on the ridiculous camber, I can't help but think they would look so much better without it yet would still get the same attention. Other than that these cars are all amazing.


Love the R30 Skyline...oh and the owner of the RX8 forgot to tighten his wheels. :p


Welding/design on the first car looks wack


What the hell?! I didn't know Muira-san had done a kit for the rx8?! I'd have been all over this if I had known! I just recently sold my rx8 too....


I believe it's a 6M. 5M is 2.8L whereas 6M is 3.0L


so good, specially that x8


Man, that soarer screams "80ies" in so many ways. love it and done really nicely!




That interior, from the Z10 Soarer looks spot on. Except for the speakers. What a great dash and colors. My Soarer, the Z30 looks way to modern but not that cool as this.


What wheel size that RX8 is running on? And what rims are those?


I really dont like this stance thing, but thank god there are so much more stuff going on. That R30 is gorgeous. Executed perfectly..


AdamBezzegh Your comment is exactly why we continue to push the envelope on the features we bring to our readers.  We know not everyone will like every style or movement but hearing that you might look at things differently after reading a feature - and found the R30 resonated enough for you to comment - is why we do what we do!  Thank you!


Loving both the R30 and the Z31. Beautiful examples of both cars, great excision by the owners.


The r30 and z31 are amazing, I like the mazda but the camber is too far for my tastes. I also like that soarer despite the loud (hehe) interior.


I say less stance and more old school ICE, please.


JDM z31 had an option for an RB20. They called it a 200zx. fitting a RB 25 isn't as hard as it may seem


That Fairlady though. Sew Good.


That Z31 and R30 are just so right.


E Sutton Glad to see I'm not the only one that has developed a love for that Z31


@JDMjunkies_ch It sure does! Love it!


3nigm4 First I heard of it too but looks like a one off I believe


koko san lol


High on my list of want right now - cruising down freeways in that Z10, with Georgio Moroder tracks cranking on that system. Oh yes.


I loved the Z31 and the R30!! We need an article about the Z31!! And the RX-8 looks like its doing push-ups, hehe.


Finally some love for the Z31, you guys should try to cover more of that car,that thing is sexy!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful stuff!!!


Stance. Looks 100%. Function 0%.


that z31 is set up perfect. love the idea of a n/a RB


Chri5 Duncan hate 100%, appreciation 0%


Z31 is one of my favourite cars I would seriously love to have some video of this car think I need to buy one


CharlesChris15 Just guessing stance started with someone lowering their car and not being able to fix the alignment. Then for one reason and one reason only they decided to keep it that way and maybe even change it to make it even further out of align. It's 100% poser. It pretends to be a performance car yet it handles way worse than bone stock. I do appreciate the build, but not the lack of function. Sort of like a supermodel that can't bang.


These cars are beautiful regardless of there height I can appreciate a car regardless of it being stancy or stock or lifted


PierceJones1 200ZR


What the wheel spec on the Z31 Mr. Luke? Please reply on the info. Great picture shots...


Wheel spec please