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A little red roadster might have been making all the new car headlines last week, but this week it’s all about Mercedes-AMG and its stunning new sportscar.

Designed by a team led by Daimler AG’s Vice President of Design, Gorden Wagener, and developed entirely by AMG under direction from its Chairman, Tobias Moers, the simply named ‘GT’ is a high performance coupe that ‘embodies the spirit glorious of Mercedes sports cars from the past’. And it’s only eight months away from becoming a purchasable reality.


For its second ever in-house build, Mercedes-AMG had clear intentions for the sports car: first-class racetrack performance with superb everyday practicality. If its specification and these first images are anything to go by, Mercedes-Benz’s official tuning arm looks like its achieved everything it set out to, and more.

Two versions will be made available, the GT and higher-powered GT S. Based around a largely aluminium chassis structure that weighs just 231kg, the tightly-packed bodywork design with minimal front and rear overhangs and active aero, has both beautiful visual proportions and a 47 per cent front and 53 per cent rear distribution of weight (1,540kg total).


Under the hood there’s a one-man, hand-assembled biturbo M178 4.0-litre V8 that Mercedes-AMG designed specifically for GT’s application. By way of architecture, the twin turbochargers that boost output to 510hp/650Nm in the GT S variant (462hp/600Nm for the GT), are not mounted on the outside of the cylinder banks like you might expect, but in a ‘hot inside in the V’ position. It’s a configuration popularised by BMW in recent times, and offers a number of performance benefits, including quick turbo response and low exhaust emissions. A dry sump system in the mix ensures reliable oil supply regardless of lateral force loads and allows the engine to be positioned lower in the chassis than it otherwise could be.


As you’d expect in a car of this pedigree, there’s no third pedal. What you do get is AMG’s quick-shifting seven-speed Speedshift DCT in a transaxle arrangement, with a mechanical differential for the GT and a electronically controlled unit for the GT S. Mercedes-AMG says that it all equates to 0-100km/h (62mph) sprints in just 3.8 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 310km/h (193mph) in the S.


The interior is a place where art and function collide. Here, high quality materials including Artico man-made leather, carbon and aluminium, mix with technology – the latter incorporating a centrally-mounted 8.4-inch command screen. Multiple trim options are offered to satisfy all tastes.

It will all come at a cost of course, and while we’ll have to wait until next month to see how deep your pockets will need to be to own a GT or GT S, an on-sale date of April 2015 has been confirmed. Check out the clip above to see and hear the machine in action, and then let us know what you think of Mercedes-AMG’s creation in the comments section below.

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I prefer the S class coupe tbh


I really like it. Kind of like a "lighter" SLS... Although I have to say, having the required amount of money and looking for a classy two-seater like this, I would probably take the F-Type. Just as good looking (if not a bit better) than the GT, but that V6S's exhaust is so bloody addictive! Saw one few days ago, launching from the lights, full tap... Jesus Christ, I could hear it for the next 15 blocks.


Yet another advert from…



@guest I'm not sure what would make you think that this is an advert? It's an informative news piece aimed at encouraging discussion within the community. Please feel free to join in!


jusaramp that's like, 22 tonnes heavier and 5 miles longer than this.


The AMG GT looks the part. But that centre console... where the shifter is... I don't really know about that!
But this is just me...


F - Type Coupe over this anytime, but I do like the Benz' front.


The rear quarter is pure Jaguar!


i can't wait to hear a review from jeremy clarkson on this. the interior looks cool. i'd also like to see a dtm version of this car now!


SeBaBunea I'm with you on that one. I just feel better with a shifter over paddle-shifting or automatic.


I would really love to see this in a manual style shifting. I know everyone is all about the electronic/automatic stuff, but I prefer a shifter. 
Awesome post and can't wait to see this in its racing form.


Has anyone looked at the AMG website lately??? The new E63 S goes 0-60 in 3.6s with 4WD!


Deeper pockets than I have. Then again this wouldn't be my first choice if I did. Not too shabby though engine wise but if I look sideways and squint a little I swear I see Viper. LOL.


Can't wait for you guys to do a drive like you did with the Lambo at Pebble!!


"Here, high quality materials including Artico man-made leather,..."

I think we still call this vinyl.


don't like the back end nor the roofline and absolutely hate the interior. that monstrosity of a centre console. what were they thinking? who thougt that would be a good idea?


@jack All the things you hate I like. To each his own I guess.


I think that on a design level that its boring to say the least. Mercedes looked better a few years ago when they had a lot of sharp edges and a sturdy, machined look. This looks like laziness that they're going to call "organic". imho....


@guest if that would be the case, AMG's marketing is way off. This isn't The Economist or Yachting Monthly or something. Ain't nobody on here got that kinda money.


I much prefer the sls.


well, looking at the photos I can't see anyone reach the gear-knob without hurting his arm. and call me lazy but I like a nice arm rest (I hate grabbing that wheel like a maniac when I'm sitting on a traffic light). 
(I also like being able to reach across to my girl-friends knee, but maybe that ain't your world...)

all in all the interior looks to busy to frantic to me. it's called a GT, it should be relaxing rather than distracting on the inside. but each his own as you said.


lol yeah 

Kind of reminds me how ridiculous the Civil Hummer H1's center console was


@jack I imagine part of the reason the console looks that way is to allow the engine to be moved rearward. The gear selector appears to fall at hand considering the controls for the monitor are just above it. (The picture may be throwing off perspective.) 

Your girlfriends knee will just be cold Im sure she'll get over it. But, If I could Id have it as a single seater without a windshield. (If that tells you anything about me)

Pretty relaxing to me. Reminds me of something I cant put my finger on and I keep looking at the picture trying to remember what it is.


JakWhite Same here, while I'm OK with this, I'd take the SLS over it anyday.


so is this the SLS's successor? or more like its new brother?


Never liked the SLS's rear although I do like the front, same as this GT. But now they've disposed of the gullwings so there really is no point to retaining any of the previous styling cues. Just like the SLS the front and rear look like they were designed by two different people. Looks like a cows head and a horses arse.


Looks awesome in every way!!!!  I'd buy the F-Type. lol.


Classic GT proportions. Love it! Hated the SLS, but this looks way better. It's always nice to see engine that far back.


The difference in price between the GT S and GT wont justify the 48hp difference. The GT S should be knocking on 600 hp. Cant wait to see the brabus version!


Mercedes Benz is the best.


SeBaBunea These controls look a bit alien-ish don't they?


LukeEVOVIII Make it a T-Model for me, disguised with a more subtle exaust and rims and a 220D lettering.


yourmobiletech78 Shouldn't be too complicated to release some extra ponies from that turbocharged V8 ;)


kphillips9936 Agree. Just can't believe there isn't the market for at least an option of clutch and proper gearbox. I do think that at least some of the thought behind no manual option in this type of car is engine and driveline protection + as a driver aid. I don't care if shifting myself is slower, really don't.


pretty good