Initiation: BMW M Style

Ever since BMW decided that it would call the next iteration of the M3 Coupe an M4, there’s been some mixed reaction from long time M3 fans. That’s why BMW USA decided to put together this short film with an M4 demonstrating its skidding capabilities around a group of previous generation M3s and other high performance M cars.

New name, same old attitude it seems.

Mike Garrett
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Read the words at the bottom. lol.


Anyone remeber the BMW short movies of the early 2K with Clive Owen as the driver and Madona, James Brown, Marilyn Manson, Peter Stormare and other major stars???
DP says: Star featuring Madona sliding aroud in an M5 Downton LA was my fave....


When introduced the M4, BMW had put together a drive test in my city with all M cars. Although I drove the car with 270 kmh (legally if I may ad so because BMW had arrange with the highway police that it would be safe when traffic allowed us to floor it) well, actually, I kind of fell in love with the M6! It pulls harder, sounds better and feel planted on the road. Never the less, I can understand why it's faster the M4 around any track. Still, I prefer the M6 any day.

Funny fact - at 270 km/h, behind other M cars, my windshield cracked every 10-15 seconds. The huge rear tires had thrown so many little dust stones that, at the end of the day, the windshield looked almost white.


Hahaha funny story,windshields have always been the problem with me I've been to so Maney meet and drives you can't see crap out my car when the sun hits it.
I will be replacing my M4 badge with a M3 badge lol I have a s85 and a s54 it won't hurt to add this to the family. Only complaint I have and it's a small one that most people would think I'm crazy for bringing it up, but it's the torque dilivery, it's to much at to little rpm. You can't imagine the joy I get when that s54 goes past 5k, or the rush you get when the s85 hits past 6k. It's all good though just a little price you pay


E39 M5 a E30 M3 ftw


I got goosebumps! Such a bad ass video.


clicks anaconda video link promptly after bmw vid is over. ;)


Such a bad ass video. Lots of epic cars in that lineup


DP Race Tech i still want the e39 because of those movies. or even the e38 because of the transporter / james bond.  (albeit not an m car but still a cool car none the less)


Isn't this driven by Chris Forsberg?


The M series of BMW is astounding!! It just slides across the road. Love its design and hue.


I must be the only person one the Interweb that thinks the new M4 was designed by Homer Simpson.  Give me the old M3 thanks.


Professional driver, closed course, don't even think about it.


The M division at BMW make some of the most stunning vehicles in the world. If you're looking for a bit of excitement, then BMW M division is the place to go.