A GT-R For The Street & Track… By Nismo
Impossibly Japanese

Nismo – which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary – has always had very cool and direct link to us enthusiasts. Back when the RB26-powered GT-Rs and SR20-powered S-chassis cars roamed the streets of Japan, Nissan’s motorsport arm created a comprehensive list of road car tuning parts – many of them developed through knowhow gained from its factory-backed racing exploits.

I’ve never known how to best categorise the tuning wings of Japanese manufacturers. Most westerners will always try to compare them to say, AMG for Mercedes-Benz or M for BMW – but it’s not quite so simple. In creating a ‘tuned’ line of Nissan production cars, Nismo is certainly delivering something new and exciting.


The Nismo catalogue is nothing short of a bible. It’s what people like me would take to bed, flicking through the well-organised sections making mental lists of what was needed to create the perfect street car. Nismo, however, was usually seen as the expensive option, ultimately leading many Nissan owners to less expensive aftermarket tuning brands for their upgrades. 


Forget about the price tags for a moment and imagine what you’d end up with if you took all the best gear Nismo has to offer and put it into one car. Well, if that car happened to be the BNR34 Skyline GT-R you don’t need to dream, because Nismo Omori Factory have created it, and are calling it the Clubman Race Spec. Using parts from its expansive catalogue, including some previously reserved for the Z-tune edition, Nismo has reengineered a classic and tuned it with the trackday enthusiast in mind. The ultimate street BNR34 perhaps…


This dark metallic silver demo car was built to showcase the best parts Nismo have developed for BNR34 since it went on sale in early 1999. Take the exterior for example – the bodykit is a mix of Z-tune parts as well as regular Nismo aero upgrades that have been available for the last 15 years. Except it’s taken one step further, because the Z-tune front bumper and wider front fenders are now also offered in dry carbon. Yes, these pieces are very expensive, but they’re also meticulously crafted with a OEM-like fitment – you get what you pay for.


The popular carbon fiber front lip spoiler that’s been seen on many Nismo demo cars over the years was a given. This readily-available part favours a closed-in design over the stock, vented, Nissan item.


Inspired by Super GT race car vents, the openings on the Z-tune fenders are totally functional. They not only channel hot air away from the engine bay, but also allow the R34 to cut a cleaner path through the air. I love the way Nismo have worked in an unpainted Omori Factory logo so you can appreciate the carbon construction that lies beneath the paintwork.


Despite having been around for 13 years or so, Nismo’s R-tune carbon fiber bonnet still manages to look impressively modern. Again, its construction is all about function too. Like all of the other carbon parts fitted to the car it’s very light, and it also helps more hot air escape the engine bay. And the double-skin design effectively channels water away from the engine when it rains.

Borrowing Anchors From The R35


If you regularly point your car at challenging roads or the track, brakes are something you need to splash out on sooner or later. Nismo offers an upgrade kit for R32, R33 and R34 comprising of the same Brembo calipers and rotors fitted to the R35 GT-R. The kit comes with model-specific caliper brackets as well as braided lines and Nismo pads.


The 380mm front rotors just manage to fit inside 18-inch Nismo LM GT4s, which like all of Nismo’s wheels are made by RAYS. Great both on and off the track, Advan Neova AD08 tyres get the nod too.


Nismo side and rear skirts feature as well, along over-fender strips at the rear. The latter are actually more of a requirement to pass Japan’s shaken test, which has a limit on how far out wheels and tyres can stick out from the body. There’s no issue at the front end as the Z-tune fenders are already slightly wider than stock. Looking at the Clubman Race Spec it’s hard to gauge just how much preparation work went into making it look this good, but I can tell you that absolutely no corners were cut in its creation. The particular car’s began as used Midnight Purple 2 V-spec model, which Nismo stripped right back down to a bare chassis and placed on a chassis alignment machine to make sure that it was factory-true. Reassembled, it was finished in Nissan’s KAD Gun Metallic with many layers of clear laid over to obtain an extra deep look.


One of the finishing touches is the Nismo carbon fiber adjustable lip for the rear spoiler. Again, this is a part that has been around as long as the R34 itself, and is still available off-the-shelf today. The subtle Gurney flap helps increase downforce.


For track regulars, tow hooks aren’t much use unless they’re within easy reach. That’s no problem for the rear of the car at least, where this billet and anodised hook has been fixed onto the center part of the chassis just above the carbon diffuser.


In the engine room Nismo threw their entire catalogue at the Clubman Race Spec, and the result is nothing short of exquisite. If you like your RB26s with giant high-mount turbos and 1000hp-plus, this is probably not going to impress you much; but Nismo takes the conservative road with its modifications – especially when it comes to the engine. The R2-spec RB26 is nothing new – it’s been around for over a decade and it boasts around 450hp thanks to an N1-base block built up with Nismo goodies. Nismo R1 turbos supply 1.2-bar (17.6psi) boost, and to this Omori Factory have added an R35 injector setup to boost mid-range response and cut on emissions. In the mix is also one of the most sought-after Super GT inspired parts: the Nismo GT intake plenum, which goes a long way in equalizing the volume of air headed into each cylinder for optimal combustion.

Details Count For Everything

The Clubman Race Spec is also the guinea pig for the development of carbon fiber turbo inlet pipes. There’s also a carbon air box, but that was removed at the time of my shoot. Both of these – along with a new generation titanium strut tower bar – show that Nismo is not giving up on these older cars, and in fact, is catering to them at a higher quality level than ever before. The carbon inlet pipes and intercooler piping might make it into production one day, but don’t expect them to be cheap!


As far as Nismo is concerned, there was no need to make any improvements in the exhaust department, which is why you’ll find the same Weldina NE-1 stainless steel system that’s been available since the early ’00s.


I for one have always liked Nismo’s approach. There’s actually a lot going on under the bonnet here, but the fit and finish is understated and factory-like.


The R-tune carbon bonnet comes with a carbon air guide option which attaches to the stock air box.


You can see the entire piece here, with a scoop that picks up air from the grille and channels it directly to the air box. At speed this creates probative pressure – a sort of ram air effect. It’s all in the details!


While Nismo won’t disclose any actual figures, it’s safe to say that with the modern additions – like the R35 injectors and retuned ECU – the Clubman Race Spec should easily develop 500hp. To meet that power Omori Factory has sat the factory Getrag six-speed gearbox on a set of stiffer transmission mounts and added in a Nismo Copper Mix twin-plate clutch. Up front the BNR34 runs a 1.5-way Nismo LSD, while the rear has been upgraded with a 3.9:1 final gear set, slightly tightening the ratios for optimum punch out of corners. This was always one of Mine’s secrets, along with a custom made LSD which made the car untouchable on the track. Extracting the most out of the driveline is the Nismo Z-tune Attesa ET-S ECU – a reprogrammed unit with much more aggressive settings that keeps the car in full AWD-mode for more of the time to take full advantage of the mechanical grip the system can generate. This works hand in hand with Öhlins DFV adjustable suspension and a full line-up of Nismo links and firmer sway bars.


Nismo’s main aim with the Clubman Race Spec was to create a street-legal car that was also capable and fun on the track. This called for an HPI half-rollcage, an Alcantara-wrapped Nardi steering wheel, a Recaro SR-6 seat for the front passenger and a Recaro RS-G SK seat fitted with a Nismo harness for the driver.


Nismo’s iconic 320km/h and 11,000rpm combination meter features to, as does a Nismo upgrade for the Multi Function Display.


Oh, and how could I possibly forget the Nismo-branded foot mats!


They may not be building high performance production cars like BMW M and AMG do just yet, but Nismo is definitely headed in that direction. What makes JDM tuning outfits like Nismo so special though, is that they have supported enthusiasts. And 30 years on Nismo is continuing to do so by catering to the cars that we love with ever-expanding parts catalogues.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I think that nothing can sobstitute the R34 look, even the R35.
Well done Nismo!

P.S.: è già nel tuo garage Dino???


Speechless, this is what wet dreams are made of!!! Love the photos Dino, saved them all ;)


The only R34 that I like as much as this is Mine's one. Now paint it bayside blue and give it to me!


Beautiful car, hope it gets driven.


Nice! What colour code is that?


I'll take it. What's the price and who should I make this out to?


Just as I started shaping my car according to my taste you come out with this article, re-igniting my love for the r34... :(


automotive perfection


Z-tune from the future :technoglassesnod:


This is the kind of car you mortgage your house for


i... i think... i think im in love.


Very very clean 34 unless slightly overplayed(please don't be angry with me)...I wonder when Nismo is going to lay their hands on the R33?R33's needs loves too...Most of the focus was pointed towards R32's and R34's but not R33's...


I thought , why SpeedHunters featured Z-Tune now ? And then I realize this wasn't Z-Tune , this was something built to be more modern than Z-Tune !


I wish I could own a R34, so I can send it to NISMO and let them do their magic and in return, give me my own Clubman Race Spec R34!


When I see Nismo mainstream product (poor Juke Nismo, the boring engine of the Clio RS EDC and the last "meh" 370Z Nismo) and this, I'm starting to believe that there is too different Nismo.


Really good presentat


Really good presentation of the car and it is nice that even after all those years tuners haven't forggot the R34. It is also nice to see functionality combined with looks and more important weight reduction (big issue for the R's). However at this HP stages i believe Mine's has showed the best example for a street purposed R34.


Admittedly I didn't read much of this article... I kept going back to the lead photo and admiring how clean the floor in that shop is... Jesus, it's like a mirror!

... Am I weird? I think I'm weird.


Not weird at all, I think it's polished concrete which makes it even more impressive how perfect it looks, no blemishes!


I prefer the 33 to the 34 too, it does seem to be the forgotten sibling I agree.


I would drive it like I stole it


Is it illegal to make love to a car or just frowned upon?


JDM_Luca I'll take mine in Millenium Jade!


As a R33 GTR owner it's nice to hear some appreciate the 33 too. Most concider them the outsider of the skyline gtr's.
If your into JDM you might like this clip of mine and my friends nsx


White pearl or midnight purple II for me :)


i'd take this over the r35 nismo anyday. also looking back and comparing the the z-tune coverage from way back, I like what they did with the gauges and steeringwheel on the clubman. also whats the difference with the nismo mfd vs the stock version??


Can we please get the photo at the very top of the article in desktop background size please?


It would be more correct to say the fender vents were inspired by the Falken Nurburgring 24 hour R34 GTR.


d_rav RDS Nice ! I already forget about that !

And yeah , Z-Tune don't have rear diffuser . XD


B_Sides  left kidney


Today we are too obsessed with extreme power... don't get me wrong i love 1000 horsepower cars like everyone else but i also think that something like this is a lot more fun to drive both on the road and on track, especially if you live in a country with beautiful mountain roads like Japan.


Couldnt agree more!
Most of people push for extra high power numbers but forget about driveability (not tomention reliability and so on...)
in our local scene, 201m drag vws from the 80's often boast three to four times the stock engine power but handle like shopping carts with cut springs...
There are small opel from the 80s used as drift cars and people dont ever run less than ethanol+20psi combo on the engines, but again saving dependability and driveability as the very last items (if ever) to be looked at


Terencey Under Gentlemen Act, it's illegal, or at least illegal after teen years old from date of birth, in some countries on the northwestern hemisphere. But some tribes do have a cult practicing this behavior, even believing in paganic entities, eg speed demons, machine god etc...


@dfsgbhj Bless the Machine God that grants the waxing effect to be perfectly executed...


All Hail Godzilla!


Max_Ryde Perfection emerges from the mountain of failures and hopes...


KamilOsman Terencey  in other words if you are caught dry humping a gt-r in public you may be treated to a lashing or even castrated by a gtroc member or even the owner himself. I would stick to a selfie to be on the safe side


Every stock RB can take 450 hp with turbo swap, aye? This thing is too flashy for the power it has. (ye, i prefer sleepers)


I'm a Z owner and I always hold back my compliments about skylines as your always asked "why didn't you buy a skyline instead".. but this thing is droolworthy .. WOW very nice!! and the sneaky intake, I like that a lot.


@Jason Oh but you can, press presentation mode (the screen button left of the title) and save the image behind the text.


Very cool car with all the bits you would expect a top level GT-R to have. Would love to own one of these in the states. Good choice of color too. Everyone has a different idea about what the perfect power level is, but this looks like a very well balanced car that ticks all the right boxes. Ohlins are about the only thing other than Penske that I would want on a car like this. 

It might not make the most power in the world, but it's very tastefully done, and I'm sure it offers a great feel to the driver with a nice balance. Excellent.


Awesome! but they should have left it in Midnight Purple!


Another article proving how ageless the R34 is and how much potential these cars have.  It may seem that every route has been explored, but there is always something new and original!


LNDNFSU2 Don't know, this color looks pretty amazing up close


@Chris You can always go for bigger turbo/s if power is an issue of course.


importfan Well said!


d_rav It gets a G-sensor, boost gauge that measures to 2bar, lap timer and so on


@dfsgbhj The floor has an epoxy coating. And no you are not weird at all. I folded that floor when I was there...


Max_Ryde There is. There's the old one that sells you rebuilt N1 RB26s and turbos, while the "other" that puts over-designed bumpers on Jukes and Micras haha


RDS d_rav No as it had the coolers under there for g/box and rear diff


HSV_IRC They have not made an R33 yet in this sort of guise no. 32 & 34s bring in the most money for them I guess


@patriot It's in the story ;)


@Jeroen Willemsen Thanks Jeroen!!


@superpern No, mi va bene la mia haha


If I was given a choice to have just one sports car for the rest of time, this will be that one car. Just absolutely magnificent!


speedhunters_dino Exactly, if theres one thing we know it's that GT-Rs are fully capable of making more power if you want it! I'm more taken by the Ohlins / cleanliness of the car overall than the power levels. This is a great GT-R imo.


I wonder how much would this car cost? Fully loaded... :) AMG money?

Gianluca FairladyZ

If i would win in Euro Millions.... I would go for it... I like the mentality of Nismo. No exagerated designs, true understatement sports car. Powerful and beautiful, just so right!


Ahhh this color is beautiful in person. My 180 is painted in similar/exact (KAD) color. It looks ordinary from a far but as you get closer its a very beatiful color (better then I expected!)


I'll always be a VW guy, but I love NISMO for this exact reason. Always got a finger on the pulse beyond most "comparable" factory backed tuners as you mentioned :)


Honest question, is this for sale or is it for display purposes only?

Also, in terms of handling, speed, etc - would you say that this is superior to the Z tune or not so, seeing as how most are off the shelf upgrades and the Z tune featured one-off parts and a proper hand built engine.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts Dino as something tells me the Z tune is still the Daddy, but would the R35 calipers on this be better than those crazy ones the Z tune had, as well as other comparable parts?


@AGR Mate, your car sounds great, and don't worry - there are still some huge fans of the R33 left. 

But your friend's NSX... Holy crap... I love turbo engines, but there's something incredible about a high revving NA engines, and this one sounds so mean...


My dream car but it has to be bayside blue or midnight purple, I like the grey but the blue is my favourite, like Dino's car but with stock mirrors.


iProGam3r Thx, and my stock mirrors are going back on...soon..I think...not sure yet ...haha


Joeguard1990 The Z-tune had more power, Sachs 3-way dampers, a few better touches so it would still have the upper hand - but then this gets pretty close and has some new type of parts over what the Z-tune came with...


AndyLy180sx Yep, and when it has 5 coats of clear it really shines :)


greenroadster A45 AMG? No. G63 AMG? Yes


I thought Nismo didn't do that anymore. But what a catalogue it is. Especially the carbon fiber pipes. Hope it'll go into sale. But still I think it'll be better in Midnight Purple haha.


speedhunters_dino Joeguard1990 So basically buy the Z Tune still, but then take that to Nismo and ask for the 2015 update. Sorted haha ;)
Now I just need to find a Z Tune for sale...... :


This is something that has brought me back to nissan. I love the fact that NISMO have given the time and money to develop something that isn't brand new or super modern, but can still keep up with the modern day super saloons. NISMO, I salute you


That's awesome!!  Dino, please tell us you shot the R32 as well!!!


Now if only they would do a 300ZX :3


speedhunters_dino AndyLy180sx Totally Agree! mine looks a bit matte in photos but probably because mine only has a few coats of clear


speedhunters_dino greenroadster  That's a very expensive Nissan. And they get away with it :) That's why I demand Nissan to take a good look at Toyota and make a new S chassis car like the new GT86. That's a win-win combination. You can't live forever with a memory of a affordable sports car.




She's a beauty.


What color is that valve cover and intake manifold. Plz dont say black! It looks like a grey/light purple/black???


The Perfect Car.


The Perfect Car.


The nsx is actually supercharged. It's a comptech kit. Putting out 400hp. His plans for the winter include a smaller compressor wheel, a taitec exhaust and maybe e85 conversion. Aiming for 500+hp


I know , I think there was two of them there ? I thought they both for rear diff , I didn't know one of them are for the gearbox . I was thinking , if it was possible to have both of them ? I meant , like design a special diffuser that could suck air out , as cooling the fluid cooler .


Absolute perfection! What else can be said?


I saw this baby when i visited Omori Factory in August ! unfortunately i was only allowed to take pictures outside T_T


TimJotPunkt I know its a wrinkle finish. But what color is the finish?


Yes, I've found that I can hover over the top photo, right-click and chose "View Page Source," then scroll down a bit and find the first in a series of pictures. Copy-Paste to a new window and there I go.
That said, OperationIvy's method is much smoother!


MrSOLOMON85 You probably DID steal it...


I'm with you on the understated look--especially the engine bay. Function, function, function. The extra clear coats are definitely key in making that color outdue how it usually looks. Almost every Nissan sold in the States has Gun Metallic as its gray. Also need to say that air intake contraption is just badass. 

Just beautiful.


that nismo is so beautiful


yunusjambangs basically a 2014 Z tune. Nice..


syed_yasin yeaaap nismo still working on the legend. Kau dh baca full feature?


yunusjambangs yah. Btw ive only seen S-tune r34's here. Ever seen an r-tune one?


syed_yasin nope so far.. not really sure whether there's an r-tune gtr here. Btw kau prgi pj esok?


syed_yasin nope so far.. not really sure whether there's an r-tune gtr here. Btw kau prgi pj esok?


yunusjambangs tengok aa macam mana besok. Kalau bosan aku drop by kakaka


syed_yasin hahaha jom laaa naik aku, cam malu pulak nak jumpa otai otai lulz


yunusjambangs its just basically a car park meet right? Ke ada anything lepas tu


syed_yasin yeaaap I think after that they wanna jalan jalan and wangan kot usually matcanyon buat gituuu


yunusjambangs ko bawak s15 kan? Dont worry ler.. Kalau wangan you'll be at the front hahahah


syed_yasin yeaaap hahaha not really minyak naik brooo i only tarik when it's necessary now hahaha


syed_yasin http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/07/rage-within-machine-valtonen-rx-7/ alien's fd3s. Sayang laaa not running on 13b


This exact car in Midnight Purple (or Bay Side Blue with the same finish as this silver) would be my dream Japanese car. I say that as someone who's been taken around a track in an LFA!


la R34 Z Tune reste ma voiture de coeur


WoooooooooooooooW very ver very excellent . my dream car <3


as a nissan fan, i find this to be dissapointing. dumping parts existed over the years into 1 iconic car. honestly im only amazed by the r35 stuffs in this car, which is really something. many years have passed & all the special edition r34 comes with the same old dashboard, absence of nissan vvel, billet duralumin block & what happen to engine downsizing & hybrid turbocharging? how bout a stronger but lighter chassis(subframe,front rear axle). steel as the chassis is pretty heavy. all the money nismo earned all these years? come on.....still using cast iron block? how bout a titanium alloy chassis or something even better than that if its too heavy. the tech is so old in iconic jdm & the mpg sucks. why cant people just enjoy race cars with good mpg like LS? if nismo were to sell a very expensive car, at least make it worth the buy


maigaolimpeh LOL!!! xD Seriously, new dash, vvel??? Nismo is NOT another car making company, Nissan handles that part. Nismo is their tuning arm, and they are not gonna make commercial cars just yet! This is another example of a "customer requirement" GT-R.


syed_yasin yunusjambangs This is not "basically a 2014 Ztune." Ztune GT-R uses some different parts, and is more powerful. ;)


can i order this beast to Greece???
Oh i'm joking of course..And jealous in a big way..
Great car..