Final Bout Keeps Drifting Fun

A couple weeks ago, a group of grassroots drifters got together for a one-of-a-kind event in Wisconsin. It was called Final Bout and the whole idea was to bring style back to drifting: think tasteful cars, matching team themes and lots of drift trains. It appeared to be an amazing event and I’m seriously regretting not being there.

Thankfully though, Will Roegge and Josh Herron from Keep Drifting Fun were there, and they’ve each put together high quality films documenting what went down at Final Bout. Here’s Will’s edit:

And here’s Josh’s edit:

What a fantastic looking weekend.

See you there next time?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

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love the decals- especially the gold metallic vinyl!!!


Would've loved to see more of that Sharkstyle RX7


Do you have any vids/photos of that celica in the first pic? :)


This even looks awesome. Glad there's a push to get back to some style in drifting. Although, Half the cars looked f**ked by the end of the vids haha. Also, drift Miatas are always full of win (I really need to get out in my Mx5 more often!)


2:30 that drift ute reminds me of nigel's hilux


So cool. Too bad about the whole "kiss the wall" attitude, it's ruined some pretty cool machines over the years. Stupid bravery


That was such an awesome event. Everyone was in an awesome mood and the cars looked amazing.


pontusblomqvist search for gecelica1 on youtube


greenroadster If you're afraid to crash then don't drift. It's part of the nature


The automotive part of my day just got brighter. Thanks for sharing. 

If both videos are any indicator, this had to be a really fun event.


Regret for not going to this is even higher than before.


Speedhunters_Bryn I think he meant from the event. I believe it had some engine issues.


70's era Celicas drifting is the best thing ever.


wow, as a Drifting culture,  we as Californians have really lost our way.  The Middle of the country is keeping it about style and its roots, the east is got the close car tandem and missile cars,  and California might as well be off the map.  Maybe its because we either have beginners that are starting out and still in the ricer stage, and then it just jumps to people wanting to be Pro.      
California needs people that just want to drift for fun and to have style,  leave the Vanity and Ego at home and take notes of everything happening outside our state.  Someone bring back BH, Tommy and Matty Cakes please. CA needs you!!!!!!!


These street-style drift cars have got more style than all the FD pro builds accumulated. Matching liveries, slammed and deep dish wheels. I would take those over the FD V8 swap donks. I miss 2009 when Linh and Roegge covered those grassroots events thoroughly.


YES!! Awesome to see Will and Joshua's hard work posted on Speedhunters. Great work guys!


The midwest is killing it right now when it comes to grassroots events.


I don't even know what to say. I haven't been this interested in drifting in a long time. I think part of that can be attributed to only paying attention to Pro level drifting. This truly looks fun. I think once people are participating on a pro level it becomes a lot more competitive and loses a lot of the out right enjoyment from drifting. On another note, there were some PRISTINE cars out there getting damaged! What the heck? No practice runs? That 300ZX in red from the 2nd vid was awesome, as was that mint rx3? I think it was, and I was digging that tan, beige color that group with the Miata was rocking. Awesome share Speedhunters, I watched the first vid a couple days ago.


Man, this event was a part of my life's biggest adventure so far.
Many years ago, I found this local Chicago area 240 forum. I live in Norway, mind you. For some strange reason I stayed there, and I had become an established member there. We had talked about me coming over to visit the crew many times, but it all just seemed like a distant dream to me.
This summer I finally got my mind set on actually going. Without thinking too much about it, I find myself ordering the tickets for my week-long trip to the States. Next thing I know I'm sitting in a truck towing one of my favorite S-Chassis cars ever built in America, together with the whole Dark*Squad in a small, but awesome convoy up to Wisconsin for Final Bout.
My whole week in Chicago was surreal, with visits to Touge Factory and other tuning shops, drinks with people I've never met before other than on the internet, and being able to see cars I never thought I'd see with my own eyes. Final Bout just topped it all off, and I'm so glad I followed through with one of my dreams.
See you there next year!


FD lacks fully, just not interested in the sponsorship spattered livery and over abundance of V8 power hungry swaps. Thank you Sam Hubinette and Rhys for diluting what used to be fun, attractive and fair playing field. You failed the US drift scene.

Final bout had a sprinkle of V8's, but a lot more tasteful in the roots dept. Drift Mango? Yes. I applaud you Final Bout, great work, California has ASB, I'm positive roots/privateer culture is alive and well in So Cal.


Merc  "I haven't been this interested in drifting in a long time." "This truly looks fun." 
That's almost exactly what I walked away from these videos with.


AJ and Chobbs kings of US four door


Maybe show more photos so you can't tell more then half of them can't drive and spent all their time on the internet looking up japanese style


marvis photos show suckiness whereas videos don't ?  ¯_(ツ)_/¯


D1RGE EXE ..except for the mango!


marvis You hit the nail on the head and drove it through the damn wall!! haha. "Spent all their time on the internet looking up Jap style" Too perfect...


marvis and on a side note, hopefully the trend of having jap motors in jap cars will come back from the 90s. I respect USDM motors to the fullest. But what happened to the days of hearing Takahashi's Chaser sawed-off shotgunning through Irwindale and the BEE-R R32 backfiring like a fourth of July show @ D1???? Raw SR20s, 20valves, rotaries. . .  Drifting is flooded with LS swaps and V8s and yes i know some people run VK's and UZ's v8's , but more 4cyl's and straight 6's would be nice to hear sometimes


Hopefully the trend of having jap
motors in jap cars will come back from the 90s like these guys are doing. I respect USDM motors to
the fullest. But what happened to the days of hearing Takahashi's
Chaser sawed-off shotgunning through Irwindale and the BEE-R R32
backfiring like a fourth of July show @ D1???? Raw SR20s,
20valves, rotaries. . .  Drifting is flooded with LS swaps and V8s and
yes i know some people run VK's and UZ's v8's , but more 4cyl's and
straight 6's would be nice to hear sometimes


somedisplayname greenroadster  Well, I have a Soarer for track drifting and it's been a project for a long time and a lot of money. After years in working progress a thousands of euros, it would be stupid to kiss the firs wall, just for the fun of it. If you are rich or don't care about your car, you can always do that. But that has nothing to do with drifting. You know that drivers that crash in front of huge crowds that gather to see cool cars leaving some car shows? Just to show how cool they are. You are that driver my friend. I said just let those stunts to professionals in Formula Drift, not ruin your car at grassroots events. It's lame.


greenroadster somedisplayname If you don't push yourself and your car you will never improve. You have to take risks to improve your skill level, the drivers like to push the limits to improve, and they know full well what will happen if they push too far and they accept that. Sure they may have damaged their cars but they can be fixed.


I usually keep my negative comments to myself but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed speedhunters didn't send anyone to cover the event. Final Bout is the chance to give american drifting a breath of fresh air and I'd hope speedhunters would be there to help show the masses.


JoshuaWhitcombe greenroadster somedisplayname 
Improving is about practice, not taking unnecessary risks. Just as professional athletes seek to push themselves within their limits so as not to sustain an injury, it is wise to push yourself in a safe environment where mistakes are unlikely to result in a crash. If you crash your car you can't drift, and that ain't fun, and the simple truth is, tapping walls is all about showing off, and drifting is full of wannabes desperate for attention.


Can someone tell me which bodykit is fitted to the red s14?


sp33dfr34k super doof type 3 made by 2f performance , basically a knock off of d max type 3


thx ;)


@Hachiboy marvis I don't think it's very funny :P the cars look great and the Japanese influence is clear and very welcome, the look was very well executed on some of these cars. Are they just not "legit jdm" enough for you guys? Lmfao.


@Hachiboy The dudes who won the team competition (High Fade) were all V8 powered.

All of them also drove stylish cars....and outdrove everyone there by a huge margin.


The A31 Cefiro is just killer, so BOSS in a lot of ways.


Anyone know if there's a name for the whole vinyl-creating they're doing in the beginning? My car could use a flaming dragon.


@P I M P  How about those other wannabes who are actually just desperate for experience? Tapping walls is also about not (yet) knowing your own limits or your car's...


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Now if all the chi-town dudes would quit thinking they are too good to drive with anyone that isnt a part of their cliche, or internet famous,,.. we'd be on to something.

Initial idea was awesome. Felt like a popularity contest. :/


@CPogue I honestly didn't even know it was going on, nor did I get an invite.


Inspirational !! Amazing cars amazing video I show everyone this