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Daniel Ricciardo’s spectacular rise to the pointy end of the 2014 Formula One Championship standings has been nothing short of amazing. What is perhaps most impressive, however, is that he has raced into title contention as the new kid on the block at Infiniti Red Bull Racing – competing with teammate and reigning four-time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel.

We all have our favorites on the grid – and perhaps those whom we root against; however, it’s virtually impossible to find a fan or rival driver who does not like and respect Daniel. And it’s the 25-year-old Australian who will be on-point for our next round of Ask The Expert.


Daniel is no stranger to the heat of a championship battle. He won the British Formula Three Championship in 2009, before moving to Formula One’s Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2011. Daniel was tapped to join Infiniti Red Bull Racing for 2014 and wasted no time, taking the checkered flag for second at the opening race of the season in Australia (before a technicality excluded him from the points). Daniel grabbed his first Formula One win at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix, overtaking Nico Rosberg on lap 68 of 70. He then scored his second win at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix and won his third at Spa just last month.

Opportunities to pose questions to a driver in the midst of a battle for a Formula One title definitely don’t come along everyday, so if there’s something you’d really like to ask Daniel – now is the time. Add your questions in the comments section below, and once they have been collated I’ll be sitting down with Daniel at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix and passing on a select few for him to answer in an upcoming feature.

Elizabeth White
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Aside from aerodynamics, which seems to dictate everything these days, what is the most important engineering on the car? The engineer who comes up with the tire compounds? The one in charge of the safety equipment? Who, from the drivers perspective, makes the biggest impact besides yourself and the aerodynamicist?


You are at the pinnacle of traditional motorsport. What do you think of less traditional motorsports like professional drifting? Would you ever try your hand at something like that?


Daniel, a lot of fuss has been made lately about Formula 1 being less and less about the driver being the "hero" of the 70s and 80s.  Obviously F1 wants to change that image, but I don't think they're going about it in the right way. What do you have to say about the current driver/machine situation in F1 and what would you recommend to the FIA to bring back the glamor and theater back to Formula 1?


How much are you looking forward to the last 6 races bearing in mind that the Red Bull has typically been rather strong at all of them bar Sochi?


If you had a day off to do anything you wanted in the world — but you couldn't race — what would you do?


Daniel,  my question is how much does the behind the scenes conflicts and events of the personalities of the other drivers effect your mindset during a race and how do you overcome such feelings leading in to a race?


@Clay Honestly for me, it's KERS and a push to pass button used once per lap. Otherwise it's "formula". They've made it harder and harder to pass anywhere but the straights, which ends up being really hard anyways since the cars are all so similar in terms of power and acceleration.



 How much do computer simulators help in prepping to race an actual track in terms of technique and gaining familiarity?


What happens when your phone runs out of battery when you watch the videos of you taking the championship? Have you hear of Juno Power? I heard they want to give you a free battery :)



When and how did you get your first real sponsorship to support your racing? did this sponsorship eventually lead you to an opportunity to race in Formula 3? Was open wheel always your passion or was there another form of motorsport that inspired you to get into the racing as a profession?

Keep up the great driving @ RBR! rooting for you mate!


How do you mentally cope with knowing that you personally have the goods to beat the best in the world, i.e. 4 times World Champ Seb Vettel,  and yet you have an engine that sucks and takes that chance to be World Champ away from you. Do you ever think, "if only I got into a Red Bull last year..." or wish you were in a Mercedes?


Hi Daniel. First of all, great move against Sebastian at Monza. You're amazing. I was watching Formula E Beijing as I typed this so will you consider driving in Formula E? All the best for Singapore.


What do you think of the Formula E race at Beijing? Do you see electric racing rising up in popularity in the future?

Also, have you got any requests to do a toothpaste/teerh whitening advertising? That smile is almost unnatural.


How many days after a race does it take to go over the data gathered? Do you do it immediately afterwards, or does it happen later in the week at the factory?



What is your best lap time on the Smokey Mountain track on GT3?


Daniel, are there any special exercises for training your reflexes and reaction times that you do?


Daniel lets just say there a guy that wants to get into formula one or a high racing such as gt classes or any other but he comes from a family with out wealth or self riches is there a way for him to get in to a seat to work on getting noticed to move up the ladder ? where ..and how?


Hey Daniel :-)
My goal is to become a mechanic for the redbull team.
What kind of mentality do you need to join the formula 1 family?
There are drivers, mechanic, team boss and so on, but what mentality or should I say most characteristics personality, would you say describs the persons behind the car. And what do you enjoy most about being a member of the formula 1 family?
Best regard and good luck


Whats the main difference between driving an F1 car and driving a normal street sports car?


Seconded, I'm sure there's a lot of practice, practice, practice involved but - if there're any drills or techniques you use - I'd love to know more detail =P


Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?


When you gonna come and chill at barbagallo?


1. Do you think if the RedBull team had a car that could keep up the pace with those of Mercedes that you would be in a better standing in the drivers championship?
2. Do you ever get scared in an F1 car or what is your scariest racing experience?


Apart from the actual driving aspect, what's your favourite part of an F1 weekend?


How did you felt when you entered and started-up for the first time a formula 1 car?


Would you be open to trying some different forms of motorsport, like GT Racing, Rallying, Goodwood style races?


How does one use the washroom while driving and f1 car?


Usually I miss these ask anything bits but, this is more of a cc (car culture) question. If you scroll around through some of the SpeedHunters articles which car would you most like to take home? And of course why that? (Mad Mikes cars excluded because we all have mad envy)


What type of music do you listen to? Any particular artists/bands/groups?


Hi Daniel ! Strange question, but nonetheless ...what kind of strength training (not cardio)  do you do in order to cope with the g-forces? 

Thanks and all the best !



Car you always wanted as a kid & car you want now, custom or stock?


What does being an ambassador for CAMS in Aus involve & what do you hope to achieve?


How does it feel to be the hero we need after what was quite frankly the disappointment that was the end of Mark Webber's career?

How did you start off in motorsport?


silly question:
did you ever fart in the F1 Cockpit?
did you ever sneeze in the middle of race?
how do you manage yourself when you need to pee in the middle of race?
what's your favourite meal during F1 weekends?

normal question:
what's you favourite car scene?
what's your daily ride?
did you ever go to gatebil, FOS, or another car-related events?

besides open-wheel racing, did you ever get involved in another race?


What was your feeling when you were first told you are replacing your fellow countryman Mark Webber at Red Bull?


What was your first car?
And How did you get started in racing?


Where do you see yourself going after F1?


What happens if you need to scratch your nose during a race?


What's your favorite track to race in F1?


How useful was your experience with HRT in 2011 to prepare you for F1 and do you feel it gave you an advantage over jean eric vergne whilst at toro rosso?


How does it feel when you pass through Eau Rouge at more than 250km/h?


What was your scariest on-track incident?


What is the best road you have ever driven?


What are the biggest behind-the-scenes differences between being a STR driver and a RBR driver?


iamcollin This one.


What is your pre race ritual?


what is the best on track??


How much mayonaise is TOO much mayonaise !?!


If you could drive any f1 car (other than your current one) from any era, what car would it be?


Will you ever have a honeybadger plush toy on sale ?


So we've all heard about the new pit radio bans that are now in place.  Do you feel this will negatively affect you? Do you see this as a positive change to the sport to allow drivers to shine even more? Or do you see it differently? If so, what's your take on it?

Good luck for the rest of the season and upcoming ones too!


How are you able to withstand the nervous energy before races and size up the bigger, more experienced drivers with just a smile and  good nature? Don't you get rattled sometimes?


I'm from Australia and how does it feel to become an upcoming Australian formula 1 champion?


Pretty generic question, but what is the biggest lesson, or lessons that you've learned throughout your years of racing? Is it that you have to have patience, etc?


Would you ever like to drive for Ferrari?


Statement that I agree with


Should clarify. I think it's more of a statement than a question which I agree with. It helps to have money. Though it does come with with ability and results so all in all it was a good return on his fathers investment.


First of all, congratulations on your outstanding performance so far! Now for the question:
How involved are you in the testing and mechanical tweaking of your car before races? Do you give your own personal input on which changes you deem necessary or leave most of that job to the test driver? Or do the engineers decide on the adjustments just through telemetry data alone?


if you could improve or change one performance part of the RB10 other than the engine what would it be.


I’ve got some many questions that i cant even choose which one to write!

With McLaren begin to use Honda engines in 2015, the FIA reinforcing the
fact that "the driver must drive the car alone and unaided" and
therefore a limit to radio transmissions on car performance, and also with Luca
di Montezemolo stepping down as Ferrari Chairman amongst other regulations, how
do you think the competitiveness of close rivals such as Ferrari, McLaren,
Mercedes and even Williams will perform in comparison to Redbull in 2015?

And do you think that Redbull will be able to repeat the dominance that it
portrayed in the past few seasons?
Best of luck for the rest of the season!!


Well done Daniel, looking forward to seeing you again at the Melbourne GP! If you could have 5 cars in your dream garage, no matter how rare or expensive, what would they be?


What has been the difference between Torro Rosso and Red Bull that has challenged you. part two, what about your career challenges you the most.

BTW, cool stuff this, Kudo's to Daniel as well for coming off as the most real seeming human being on the grid. Not to mention some downright disgusting race craft. He's got a fan in me.


As a spectator, we see how seemingly cool and collected you are during your drives and battles on track. What goes through your mind when you make those superbly professional moves on your opponents? 

You can tell that some other drivers have a nervousness about them, or they get overly excited but you appear to be so steady behind the wheel. One can only imagine the rush of emotions and strategic thoughts going through your mind when making the moves on the likes of your team mate Vettel. 

I'm a Red Bull fan through and through, It's been a joy watching both teams every season!


What is your favorite track of the f1 season and do you feel lonely being the only Aussie in the field


As a future engineering student I love everything about f1 cars and dream of one day working with them.
Daniel; are you at all intrigued or fascinated by the physics that affect you and your car?


What are the most challenging aspects of driving today's F1 cars? Be it the physical strain, managing electronics, or anything else that comes to mind.


What would have you done as a career if you had not started racing formula 1/ formula 3? 
Proud Aussie Right Here


What is it like to be regarded as one of the best drivers in the formula 1 field? Must say too, you do a great job of looking like a top bloke. Australia REPRESENT!


Have you ever thought, 'maybe I might not be good enough'? If so, how did you overcome it?


If you could have a race against any driver (DoA) at any track in any F1 car. What track, car and driver would you choose?


AndrewGriff Please help legalise burnouts


What is your favourite road car?


A 691kg car with 750+bhp should be, and is, a complete animal; yet the rule makers perceive public opinion to be that almost anyone could manage, and you guys need to be handicapped with the latest 'alone and unaided' rule interpretation - Do you think changing the way F1 TV footage is produced to show the speed and forces involved could help with the perception by the audience of your job as a driver?


For you who is the best race driver of all time.


growing up, and now looking back on the different calss' of racing, what class had the biggest influence on your development, and how/why?


Ask him has the experience of driving for HRT & Toro Rosso in cars which are less balanced and move around more. Has that helped him drive this year's less stable to gain an advantage over Vettel, who is use to rail like stable cars.


If you could choose to bring back any formula one driver from the past to be your teammate now, who would you choose?


f1 man. just, why you hating the V10s. god damn polution.


What changes from 2013 cars to this year do you feel have been specifically advantageous to you as a young driver?


Hello Danny Boy,

Do you like modified cars and if yes, which category-ies excite you the most? 

a) Performance Builds (Time Attack - Drag - Drift)

b) Stance Scene - Aggresive Fitment - VIP - Dub Scene

d) Resto Mods - Retro


Would you consider joining mclaren after the engine supplier change to honda.


What is your pre-race ritual-- i.e., how do you get yourself psyched up before every race?

Do you listen to music before races, and if so, who are your favorite artists?

If you prefer the quiet, do you meditate? Do yoga? Or do you consider fitness your preparation?


What is it like living your dream?


Ask him if he thinks the championship would be that different if the cars were still the stick shifting, spark shooting, rpm screaming monsters that they once were.


If you had to drive for anyone but Red Bull, who would it be. Also, which driver do you look up to the most, or which era of F1 do you wish you could have been a driver in. Cheers


Hi Daniel
  What was your first car? Current daily driver? Dream car? Was there a defining moment that got you into motorsports? Would you ever race tin tops, or are single-seaters the way for you? What was your progression to Formula 1?


Hi Elizabeth and Daniel,
Formula 1 is an amazing team sport and often times the spot light tends to shine only the driver.  As a driver, how do you support your team and how do they support you?  In addition to, are their any strict rituals that you and the team stick to for consistency both on and off the track? 
thanks for your insights and I wish you continued success on the rest of the season!


I like the fact that lots of people dont take the time to read the comments and post identical or similar questions and at the same time there are those asking if he would join mercedes or ferrari while Dan still has a contract.


Do you take a tube of Vegemite with you to every race or a pack of Tim tams? or maybe a slab of Vb?


James Hunt or Niki Lauda?




Hi Daniel,

if you have to choose one car to drive for the rest of your life, what you choose?.


Have you received any Mercedes engined offers for next year or are you all tied up with RB?


Hey Dan,
Are you coming back to the Top Gear festival in Sydney this year, and if so, can we buy you a beer?


Question - it is still pleasure in driving a F1 car or the politics, the pressure from teams/fans, money involved in the contract, etc., has taken away the fun of it?
Another one - It is fun or scary?


Hi Daniel,
The engineers of F1 would have to be some of the smartest cats around. Do the engineers get to work on anything outside racing? Do you know of any engineers that have moved on to other world-breaking work?
Onya mate


I was hooked on Formula 1 in 2007 when a rookie with a super positive attitude challenged his championship-winning teammate for the reigns of a major team and the driver's championship. Watching you this year has reignited that fire for watching the driver perform in what is, arguably, a technology led era of championships. How does the car you are driving make or break your chances of success within a team or across the grid?

Keep on smiling!
Bill - Tulsa, Oklahoma


what is your favorite car and why?


Hi Daniel,
When turning a corner at high speed, and accelerating out, how do you initially tell if the car is wheel spinning and oversteering/understeering.
Your reactions and corrections are so fast, we never can tell!
P.S always a pleasure to see you race!


Going from Toro Rosso to the big team, there was a lot of pressure on you to perform. You have done that in spades, obviously. 
Has the change from last year's V8's to this year's turbos really changed the way you drive, or were you more ready for this switch than say your championship winning teammate? 

Second question, when doing a track day in my much slower car, I'm struggling with looking ahead past the exit of the current turn before I'm at the apex... how far ahead are you having to look, or is it just muscle memory for the track layout, and your more focused on the traffic?


Hey Daniel

How is the relationship between all the F1 drivers right now? Do you guys actually talk with each other? Are some of the current F1 drivers even your personal friends?

P.S. Keep the aussie flag up front man


Hey Daniel,
My son is eight and has started karting this year and loves it. He like watching you drive and being Canadian really enjoyed your victory here in our homeland.
We just wanted to know if you have any advice for a young karter looking to progress up the ranks of open wheel racing? Do you think it is better to go to Europe to progress through those ranks or are there other avenues that we could explore?
Thanks from both of us mad keep on taking it to those pansy Mercedes boys!
Phil and Ethan- Nova Scotia, Canada.


@TROLLS ROYCE Have you ever driven an extensively tuned car and what was it?


What is your fitness regime in season and off season?  Mark Webber said one of the reasons he moved on was that the weight limits really taxed him to the point he was nearly zero body fat and that took a personal toll.


What do you currently have in your personal garage, and what is on your dream/fantasy list to own now or in the future? Please excuse the cheeky assumption that you are probably going to get closer to a having true fantasy garage than many of us. Best wishes and keep pushing till the flag drops!


Hi Daniel
Racing dirt track cars. After being belted into a hard seat surrounded by loud, hard metal, it is weird getting into a saggy, floppy, QUIET road car.
What is it like getting into a road car after an F1 drive?