The Big Red Corvette
King Of The Bay

Before the advent and spread of the internet, car culture was much more local. Sure, there were enthusiast magazines, but those only provided a brief glimpse of what was going on in far off lands. Flip on the TV and you’d be happy to catch a race broadcast or spot a cool car in a movie. There certainly weren’t 20 different reality shows about guys working on cars and yelling each other.

It wasn’t like today where we can all connect, share and be inspired by, or argue about, cars across the world that we might never see with our own eyes.

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In the years before the internet, people’s automotive interactions usually took place in real life. It could be unforgettable memories of going to a car show with your dad, seeing a badass car cruising the boulevard one night, or maybe going to the track and hearing an uncorked race motor for the first time. The cars that we dreamed about were often found in our own towns and not in digitized images or video clips.

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For example, if you like fast cars and come from Northern California then you might be familiar with Brian Hobaugh and his family’s 1965 Corvette Sting Ray – a machine I recently had the chance to spend some time with in the hills east of San Francisco Bay.

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When you see the bright red C2 Corvette with its widened body and enormous 315-section tires you might think this a brand new, high-dollar pro touring car that just rolled out from some popular builder. That’s not the case here though. This ‘Vette is much more old school than you think.

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The Corvette has been in the Hobaugh family since Brian’s father purchased it in the mid-1980s with the intent of using it for SCCA Solo racing. The history of the car goes back even further than that though – all the way back to 1965 when it was ordered as a factory fuel injected car and promptly modified for autocross.

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Back then nobody really knew what these cars would be worth in the future, and many C2 Vette owners in the ’60s and ’70s had no qualms about modifying their machines. Right from the start, this ‘Vette was built to race – and that meant doing things like cutting and widening the factory fiberglass fenders to fit more rubber. Although they’ve been tweaked a bit over the years, it’s these wide fenders help give the Corvette the aggressive look it carries to this day.

65-Corvette-33 copy

When Brian’s dad bought the car in 1983, the Vette had already developed a reputation among Bay Area racers. Mr. Hobaugh himself had also been establishing himself as one of the region’s quickest drivers behind the wheel of a race-prepped Camaro (today Brian also owns a ’73 Camaro race car which you’ll be seeing shortly), but it was the Corvettes that were dominating the class.

Refined, Not Rebuilt
65-Corvette-7 copy

So with a young Brian watching, Pops helped turn the Corvette into a true legend, known by just about everyone who’s ever watched or competed in a Bay Area autocross event. Naturally, Brian himself started driving and racing the car after he got his license, continuing to hone his autocross skills and further building on the ‘Vette’s local reputation.

65-Corvette-29 copy

Incredibly, the car has remained in the family ever since, and it’s been raced the entire time. It’s never undergone a full restoration or a complete rebuild, but it has been refined over the years as the Hobaughs search for more speed through the cones. The Corvette’s most thorough update came recently when Brian repainted the car red at the body shop he manages and fitted new wheels and tires.

65-Corvette-14 copy

Lift the hood and you won’t find an LS swap or a couple of turbochargers hanging off the engine. What you will find though is a proven 364 cubic inch small block with Brodix Track 1 aluminum heads and a TPiS fuel injection system.

65-Corvette-12 copy

The small block is also equipped with a lightweight SCAT crankshaft, Crower rods, a Crane roller cam and Harland Sharp roller rockers. When Brian lays into the throttle the V8 will spin all the way up to 7,500rpm.

65-Corvette-13 copy

All together the setup is good for 525 horsepower and 500 pound feet of torque. Neither figure is astonishing by today’s standards, but the Corvette’s competition accolades don’t lie. We all know there’s a lot more to having a fast car than just dyno numbers.

65-Corvette-18 copy

The small block is mated not to a late model T56 or a fancy race transmission, but to an old school Muncie four-speed which has taken every bit of abuse the Hobaughs have thrown at it.

65-Corvette-5 copy

You might also be surprised to find out that the chassis beneath the Corvette’s wide body is also relatively original. The only significant changes are stiffer springs and a set of competition-proven JRi ST-08 shocks.

65-Corvette-9 copy

The wheels are certainly one of the most outstanding parts on the car. They are from a company called Aristo Collection and measure a serious 18×12-inch at all four corners.

65-Corvette-27 copy

Each wheel is wrapped in a steamroller-like 315/30R18 Falken Azenis RT615K tire. Brian actually wanted to fit even larger rubber in the rear, but this was the widest size he could get an RT615K in. Either way, the wheels and tires do a fine job at filling up the Vette’s widened fenders and putting those 525 horses to the ground.

65-Corvette-10 copy

Once you get past the gigantic dish on the wheels, you will notice the upgraded brakes. While a ’65 Corvette left the factory with disc brakes all around, these have been upgraded to a race-ready Wilwood setup with six-piston calipers up front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

A Part Of The Family
65-Corvette-25 copy

As for the body, aside from the widened fenders the modifications are pretty mild. The bumpers and chrome trim have been blacked out for a more aggressive look and Brian has also fitted a clear Lexan rear spoiler for added downforce without disturbing the lines of the car.

65-Corvette-28 copy

It’s the same story inside, where the cockpit has been kept largely as it was back in 1965 – with the exception of a few safety upgrades.

65-Corvette-31 copy

The original driver’s seat has been replaced with a racing bucket and harness to keep the driver secure during autocross runs.

65-Corvette-19 copy

There’s also a simple roll bar setup in the rear for added safety and increased rigidity.

65-Corvette-11 copy

A stock ’65 Corvette steering wheel looks cool, but it’s also a bit large for racing use, so here it was replaced by a smaller one that still keeps the old school feel.

65-Corvette-17 copy

Otherwise, everything has been kept just as it was when the car rolled off the Chevrolet assembly line – and that’s not a bad thing at all.

65-Corvette-37 copy

With the the value of C2 Corvettes steadily rising over the years, it’s not surprising that you don’t find too many modified examples around.

65-Corvette-34 copy

While I’ve got no idea what hardcore Corvette purists think of a car like this, I personally love the way this car matches an aggressive look and modern track performance with a ton of history.

65-Corvette-32 copy

But it isn’t just the car that is special, it’s the way it represents a family bond passed down from father to son – and surely to future generations of the Hobaugh family.

65-Corvette-40 copy

Whether it’s a local who has watched the Hobaughs race their ‘Vette over the years, or someone who has recently discovered the car through the power of digital media, it’s hard not to feel good about this car and its rich history.

65-Corvette-2 copy

And that said, here’s to many more years of inspiration and smiles from the legendary Hobaugh ‘Vette.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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In the details you put 305s instead of 315s but thanks for the feature this car is sooo crazy!


That's just awesome


sweet ride


Already seen this on DRIVE, but I got to admit that more Pro Touring full car features are a necessity. This is one of the most interesting genres that has occured in the tuning industry during the recent years. Thank God we got Mr Auto Otaku to give us something fresh, I still remember this one >>


Seen pictures of it before but never an article, great to know some background info. SO BADASS!!


atflorio Damn... Word up!.. Ha!


I've been following this build since it was featured on /DRIVE. It's a simply amazing machine. I love the originality still in many aspects of the car. It is a really inspiring build.


Sweet 'Vette. Vivid imagery for sure.
The story really shows the evolution of so much by one family over such an extended period of time. The whole being so much more than the sum of its parts.
Great stuff. Thanks Speedhunters for finding and documenting this coolness.


I've said this before but the editing of this site has gone to shit.
Missing words misspellings it is painful to read and torture Bc This is an intriguing vehicle.


I love that this guy has raced it since it was new and gone for the acrylic wing to help keep the stock tail shape.


I remember this car from DRIVE. Amazing vehicle. Still drooling.


I've seen this car everywhere and I still can't get enough. Such a bad ass car. The history it has and the fact that its not a show queen sets it off. Never sell her Mr. Hobaugh.


My utmost respect for that car! I love everything about it, way to come back from the stupid Air+Vossens articles guys!
The engine choice is quite original, the story is great, the styling is quite simple and still up to today's fashion standards, the lexan spoiler is quite creative, the interior just oozes cool and the wheels look like they're drums on a freakin' steamroller!
What an unbelievably wild yet classy ride!


I gotta say i love that car, ive seen it in a few youtube videos and it and the guy behind it are both awesome!


I've seen this car all over the net and always wanted to know the power plant & such. Love this ride and everything about it, the 364 small block was the perfect call for this ride.


What an amazing ride. Brian Hobaughs Camaro is equally stunning/bad ass


This is awesome. The widened fenders and huge wheels/tyres make it look so menacing. I do like Pro Touring builds, but the old school mechanics and history of this make a nice change. The Lexan spoiler is a very neat little touch too.
Again, very cool.


Casper IV It was a good DRIVE...


JoshuaInman Sorry Joshua, it looks like a few mistakes slipped through the cracks here. They've been corrected now. Cheers.


JoshuaInman Punctuation is also important.


This car always attends SFR Solo Competitions and does really great! I feel blessed having seen this car in person as well as on SH.


Great car and great story! Keep features like this coming, awesome words and pics! Let Mike run free to do more like this, he's got some talent that can't be ignored.


RacingPast Casper IV Yep it WAS good too bad they chose to change... Chris Harris should have his own show. I did enjoy Muscle as something different.


Shot that too


Expect more Pro Touring articles soon!


Awesome car and Great story. It's so cool to have a car with so much history behind it. Love the Lexan rear spoiler!


Go on YouTube and look at drives video of this car!


Not an LS swap... this is a gen 2 motor... still an SBC... probably an LT1 variant


I'm curious to know what class this car competes in, X-prepared? Anyone know?


I've seen pictures of this car all over the internet I'm glad there's finally a feature. This car looks like an absolute beast with those fenders.


FunctionFirst My first guess would be XP, but I have no idea why they would be running street tires, particularly on a car with that much power, if they didn't have to.


that. 1st. pic.  WOW.


This is a great looking car, reminds me of "Old Blue" which is a '64 (I think) Vette out here in NM that has been autocrossed since it was new.


3nigm4 JoshuaInman "...blacked out bumpers and trip"? Try again.


iamcollin FunctionFirst 
In the 1970's, this was a B Prepared car.  From 1983 - 1997 it ran B Street Prepared.  1998 - current it is a Street Mod car as the engine was pumped up a bit.  It also runs CAM (Classic American Muscle) with 200 TW tires (Falken RT-615K's).


It is a gen 1 SBC with a TPIS fuel injection system that looks like a modern LT1.  Stroker crank with longer rods = 364 cubic inches.


So butch...


yeah I would definitely autox this as well. good job on the owner.


This is an abomination. Is that supposed to be a wing on the back???
No respect for a classic. Disgusting.


The NCRS and Bloomington Gold guys are probably losing their minds over this, but they can afford to lighten up a little.  It's a Corvette, it's not very rare, and people have been modifying Vettes since 1953, so chill out.  If it was just a restomod of an otherwise restorable Fuelie, I might feel a little different, but the history makes this car. The only change I'd make if it were mine would be less modern looking wheels, but it's just badass as it is, and to each their own, so party on.


@T Fritch Exactly. It's not like these guys took a pristine Sting Ray and started playing around with it. This car's been used (and modified) for racing since day one.


MarkieMark I personally think decades of racing are better than decades of sitting in a garage somewhere, but to each their own.


Mattblackhatchback That's one way to describe it!


iamcollin All the great cars have nicknames!


nugundam93 Thanks!


EricSeanDelaney Hopefully I could do it justice.


@smallblockguy Yep, that's what I said in the story.


cutterjones13 Thanks bud!


@AFRTuner Nice. I need to get up there and see this thing on action. Seeing it on the street was crazy enough already.


Hotcakes Thank you sir.


AlejandroRamirez Glad you enjoyed it.


CSAlltrac I don't think he will!


yotafan 3nigm4 JoshuaInman Yep, typos and happen sometimes they slip through our proofreads. Sorry for the trouble.


veecee8 Thanks!


F1Fan426 Yeah I really no idea that this car had roots that go back so far until I talked to Brian about it.


@TROLLS ROYCE Thanks Trolls!


Mike Garrett MarkieMark keeping a car alive, racing, and in one piece for that many years. I think that's utmost respect to the car and what it was made to do.


RodChong Yes please! 

Those auto-crossers look mean as hell.


Too bad we cant hear that Muncie whine


Tell you what, if this thing pulled up next to me in my Z on the track, I'd slump down in my seat all scared. This thing looks soo aggressive I really like it. !!


I love the car and I love the story, but I'm really tired of hearing/reading about this particular one.


where are the vossens though?! lol
but an awesome car, nice feature mike!


Drive's video on this car :



Not sure what the issue is here.

These spoilers are tried and true in the autox world. Most competitive American iron racers run these (see Maier Racing's cars). These spoilers are all business, light and effective. I think it's f'n rad.


MarkieMark  HAHA be offended you sheep.


Mike Garrett My dig wasn't aimed at you. Someone complaining about typos, but not having the sense for proper punctuation shouldn't be telling you how to write.


Another great article Brian, but I'm kind of biased with our family raced 66 Are you getting to any goodguys events east of the Mississippi?


Mike Garrett 
Is the title pic available in its original resolution? It's the only pic that I don't have the option as downloading as a wallpaper.


Or the Rays rims?


Shaun G If you hover over the title image, you'll see a white icon with a computer screen to the left. Click on this button to enter Presentation Mode, and from there you can download any image in high resolution as you please.

JMax Paint Garage LLC

My reaction seeing this car....


I've seen this car at my local autocross a few times!  Cool to see it getting featured a lot!


MarkieMark This car has been modified and raced since the first day. This is a special type of classic, the one that becomes unique for its history, respect the hours invested on it, and just enjoy the work.


Dbee ford fan.^


such a beast.


Amazing! Beautiful and functional. Not so keen on the lexan spoiler though


I never liked American sports cars until I saw one in person. This one - 
I've changed for good from that day forward.
And made me feel that modern cars really are missing the passion altogether.


Best part about this car; STOCK chassis with just upgraded springs, shocks and brakes! Old Zora had the fundamentals down from the beginning.


completely in love with the vette right now, its perfect


Yossarian I'm on the same boat but I think that a solid spoiler or painted one would look worse. Otherwise its a beautifully done machine!


This is all that this car must be for look good.


It's sacriledge I agree...


Stingrays do have tails though - don't they?


Rays on a Vette might hurt a lot of peoples feelings. It's hard to even picture. I have to say I now want to know would it would look like. Vossens or Rays (large size of course) on a new C7 sounds amazing.


in love


i had come accustomed to the share feature, where has that gone?


This is why this era of Vettes are the only ones I liked up until the new Stingray.


was this car in the fate of the furious?


Beautiful piece of machinery. That colour is amazing.