Mustang RTR: The Next Stage

We have nearly reached the long-awaited debut of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, and over the last few months we’ve seen all of the well known Mustang tuners reveal concepts and renderings of their individual takes on the new car. Naturally, our good friend Vaughn Gittin Jr. is  also getting in on the act, giving the RTR treatment to the ’15 Mustang.


Whether you spec out a turbocharged EcoBoost model or the classic V8-powered GT, the new RTR looks to bring the aggressive style that the package has become known for.


The 2015 Mustang RTR is scheduled to go on sale at participating dealers in January 2015, and the individual parts will also be available à la carte for those looking to add the RTR touch. Now the only question is – turbocharged thrills or 5.0 grunt?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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How bout a thrillingly grunty 5.0 litre turbo


go mental, twincharged but still energy efficient like those new vw engines... absolute torque with high horsepower and crazy noises


I'm feeling it, lookin mean.


I hope it come stock with bucket seats


I heard that RHD mustangs had testing started this week


Something about being able to purchase a Mustang with a factory four cylinder attracts me to the car. Sacrilegious is the word that comes to mind but it's like someone telling you 'you can't do that'. It just makes me want it more. The throw RTR into the mix and I'm definitely in.


RHD Mustang just sounds weird.


RHD mustang means mustang I can buy from a dealer in Australia sounds perfect to me.


Dude it will be awesome to see a Mustang on the other side of the street.


Afroneck actually back in 84-86 ford made an svo mustang powered by a turbocharged 2.3 it was actually as fast if not faster than the 5.0s of the time.


"Now the only question is – turbocharged thrills or 5.0 grunt?"
BOTH! Twin turbo 5.0, because power.


Wow that's crazy. I read and saw in '85 it was rated at 205 hp. That's awesome, thanks for the info. It's says it became unpopular due to the higher price difference from the V8. I wonder if that's going to happen again with this new model?


Us brits have to have our RHD cars lol


ToyotaSupraMan Take my yes.


Afroneck They are pretty rare now but definitely cool. I think this new one will be embraced pretty strongly, people love the ecoboost v6 in the trucks and are already hotrodding them. I am very excited to see what people will do with these ecoboost mustangs, that said I would still buy a 5.0 given the chance.


I can definitely understand the attraction to the 5.0 or even higher displacement. I agree especially with this being an international Mustang that many people will choose to purchase the 2.3 turbo model. Either choose, it's great to see the direction the automotive industry is going and how with decisions like this they are reaching a larger audience.


Honestly id like to see an affordable 'Meaning under 30k" ecoboost model with a coil over suspension package and upgraded "smog legal" Turbo setup.


Afroneck Well it's not the first time (as much as Ford would like you to believe it!), I have one of a handful of RHD mustangs built in 1981 for official Ford of Europe sale (with the brochures to prove it) to promote the new fox platform. And I believe they did it again with the SN-95 as well.