Mark Arcenal’s Top Wekfest Picks
The San Jose Selection

For a fresh spin on an established event, we asked Mark Arcenal, founder of Fatlace, to walk us around the recent Wekfest San Jose show and select his favorites to share with you. Take it away Mark…

I’ve had the privilege of picking my top eight from Wekfest San Jose, and even though the majority of the cars at the show were modern, my choices were far from that.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3146

That’s probably because many of the cars at the show looked a lot like the one sitting right next to it, or maybe I’m just an old guy that appreciates classics.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2927

Don’t get me wrong though. I love modern, VIP and race cars, but at this particular show the classics were the cars that stuck out to me.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3053

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in this industry for quite some time now and have been extremely grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. So walking around the show and seeing the details that people put into the cars proved to me that modifying cars still has a future (old or new). Anyway, onto my picks…

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3160

Ford Escort MK1 Mexico

I’ve known the owner of this Escort for over 20 years now. Philip was the first person I bought a set of wheels from and when he started fixing up old Escorts, BMW 2002s, and Simcas, I knew he was onto something.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2965N

This was around eight years ago and now he’s built up some extraordinary cars like this Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico fitted with a Cosworth twin cam engine.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2963

This car is amazing.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3018

Lotus Exige

I’ve been in the market for a Lotus, but the value of classic Porsches keep going up which makes it such a hard decision when it comes to priority.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3021

This particular Exige is one of my top eight cars of the show with its wide body and copper BBS with gold rivets.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3023

Everything about this car was perfect to me and I’m sure it would perform extraordinarily on the track.

More Classic Cuts
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3177

13-Window Split Window VW Camper

Ever since I sold my 13-window Bus in 2002 I’ve regretted doing so every single day.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2955

So when I see a very cleanly executed VW Bus a little tear drops out of my eye. This extremely cherry example of an early (1956) Camper Bus caught my eye from the rows of bodykits and chrome wheels.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3172

Something about vintage and old school still stays true to my roots, even if there’s so much more technology in cars these days.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3209

Chevy Corvair Lakewood

I’ve owned alot of cars in my lifetime and the station wagon has been a staple part of my fleet since the beginning.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3202

A Corvair that’s fixed up is rare, but seeing a Corvair station wagon with wire wheels, bags, and custom paint is out of this world.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3201

The tank setup in the front bonnet with the sheep skin fur lining looked extremely comfortable to lay down in.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2914

The original license plate and pinstriping is something to appreciate.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3213

Acura Integra GSR

There’s something about Integras. Maybe cause I used to own one just like this? Well, not exactly like this but this body style was probably the last model I liked from the Acura brand.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3212

This particular one has some awesome history to it and I’m glad it’s back in the hands of its rightful owner. Game changer – yes indeed.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2983

Mazda RX-7 GSL

An ’83 RX-7 with a Honda heart and soul. Some may have seen this car online, but seeing it in person is something else.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2971

A turbocharged S2000 engine with Mugen wheels. Different yet nice.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3009

Buick Riviera

We all like to dream about owning one of these big boats and one is definitely on my list in the near future. I love old school cars as you can tell from this.

Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3010

Chevy Impala

The don’t make them like they used to. The lines of this ’59 Impala make a body kit look so cheap. Love it!

Mark Arcenal
Instagram: @markfatlace

Photos by Rod Chong
Instagram: @speedhunters_rod

Cutting Room Floor
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2857
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2945
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2892
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2901
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2925
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2952
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2976
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3014
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3041
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3204
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-2968
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3127
Wekfest 2014 Speedhunters-3134


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Awesome event and story. It's really great to see it through the eyes of Mark Fatlace - cool way to do a story - really made it feel like you were there !!
Love the Exige and VW bus - for totally different reasons. cool that he did too!!!


I'm not really digging the fitment on the exige, but that escort is awesome!


Got anymore of the Rivy?


The RX-7 definitely looks great and the engine isn't too bad to deal with but Mugen wheels on a Mazda. I feels like seeing the newer Honda Factory Performance wheels on a Mazda 3. Yes, it looks good but something just feels off.


I thought that 59 was an Impala not a Bel Air. No door post.


Thanks for the great feedback veecee8! We're glad you enjoyed this feature.


between the rx7 and riviera it says s2000?


Good spotting @WhaDaPho, we'll get that changed. Thank-you.


DavidZhao s2000 engine*


It'd be a hard choice for me between the Riviera(which I can't even really see and I still want it), the Covair or the RX7.


Love that twin cam Cosworth!!!!


That VW Bus is something my wife would love! And I, the Cosworth Escort.




Great seeing Mark again, although he gain some pounds there... :)))
The video with him talking about the Hakosuka is still one of the true inspirations in my car life.
Not agreed about some of this pics, but....he IS THE MAN.
So, the Escort.


PierceJones1 Sorry for the tease, we just have the one image here!


Not a fan of the engine swap in the rx7... but the color, wheels and fitment is spot on. One of the best looking 1st gen rx7s I have seen.


Escort all the way, absolutely amazing car


greenroadster need to get back in the gym!!! hehe.. thanks


Afroneck I think since he had the Honda Engine, why not put some Mugen's on. But I hear what you're saying.


Absolutely the Escort.
Please please please get a feature on that


That's a good point. I can definitely appreciate fact that they went with genuine parts.


scibO Funny! I love the swap but not the wheels.


I know, "to each his own," but I can't help but cringe when I see a car like that Exige. Nothing about the wheels, fitment, ride height areo, but cheap, low performance tires on a car that is masquerading as a track car. I don't understand how you could spend multiple thousands of dollars on a wheel setup like that and then cheap out on what actually does the stopping, accelerating, and cornering.
With all the areo and modifications it would be slower around a course than an exige with even the OEM equipment tires, I just don't get it.


I would also like to read more about the Escort. There could potentially be a lot of interesting history to that car. For instance, the Mexico was never bubble arched and came originally with a 1600cc single-cam Kent. That twin-cam Cosworth is unlike any I've seen in Europe (the alternator is on the wrong side for a BDA and the coolant pipe is located in a different place), looks like it could be from a Chevy Cosworth Vega? There's an uprated radiator too, along with extra round vents below the grill, much like the competition cars. 

It'd be really cool to read about the car's history before / after it was imported (from Germany I presume by the plates).


Wack, Mugen wheeled/S2000 powered 1st Gen RX7??? 

Gotta be kidding me. To each their own, but damn...that thing is garbage in my opinion. 

#loyalty #rotaryenginepurist #uchesaidit


More like FatFace hahaahahahahahahahaha!


That poor 1st gen RX7 :(


Keep in mind there's always gonna be a show set and a race set. You never know.


Glad to see people moving away from Chrome Rims! Seems to be a US thing but I just can't appreciate Shiny Rims maybe something to do with me not being a Magpie & having an attrition to shiny things! That's just me though! Each to their own I suppose.