Drifting The Peak

Late last night I received an email from a certain Larry Chen with a video link and a note that simply said, ‘You gotta post this’. The attached film was from the folks at GT Channel and featured in-car video of Ken Gushi attacking Pikes Peak last weekend in the GReddy FR-S. Being a drifter by trade, it seems that Ken couldn’t resist yanking the e-brake and throwing down some opposite lock around some of the mountain’s tight corners.

The result is visceral automotive excitement at its best. No music, no special effects – just Ken and the mountain. Check it out.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

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I'll take this and a thousand more. How about a weekly featured in-car from some event around the world?


D1RGE EXE Agreed!


give Mad Mike a go at that :)


kphillips9936 D1RGE EXE 
Good idea. I've also thought for a few years now that they should add audio bites to some stills. Esp frames where the featured car is in motion or in #maximumattack. I'm guessing they want to keep it focused on the photography but honestly, the amount of times I've either read about or seen a certain image and thought "wow I wonder what that beast sounds like". And, if it's just a sound bite referencing a still photo, it still leaves something to the imagination of the audience, much like the stills do now, just with another sensory experience. Working in television I know that most DSLR's can pick up a semi-decent audio clip these days esp if you add a cheap mic. Just an idea. Love the site either way lads and ladies. Chur.


Awesome. Why aren't you guys posting more Pikes Peak videos? I'm kind of let down by speedhunters lack of coverage


i messaged Tureck last month about doing it...figures im late haha


I just messaged Turerck about drifting Pikes Peak last month on FB


Yeah I was wondering the same.  Pikes Peak and 24hrs Nurburgring are two events that I look forward to you guys covering every year but there was little to none this year.


Give Vaughn JR a go at that. Maybe I'm lucky and misses a turn :)))) Save that, judges!


Love Pikes Peak footage. Its always mesmerizing to watch.


daspook kphillips9936 D1RGE EXE
They always do a little video walk around, and then start the featured car on the Adam Carolla Carcast. It is great to get a feel of the power of some of these cars through the sound.