Get Funky: 180SX Meets Camaro

The thing I love most about drift cars is how creative their owners get when it comes to styling. Drifting is an extremely visual motorsport with no rules, and that has led to some very unusual drift cars over the years. Which brings me to the city of Utsunomiya in Tochigi, Japan, where I encountered one of the strangest S13s I’ve ever seen.

180SX-Camaro-6 copy

While I know some might question the look of this car, Mihiro-san’s Funky Racing 180SX reminds me of everything that’s cool about the grassroots Japanese drift scene. It’s over the top, fun and, yes – a little weird…

180SX-Camaro copy

The most dramatic part of this slammed wide body 180SX is the front end, which is styled after a fifth-gen Chevy Camaro. Mihiro built the entire thing from scratch using FRP, and I really dig the DIY mentality behind this car.

180SX-Camaro-5 copy

Along with the Camaro nose, the 180SX is also running E46 BMW tailights in the rear – because crazy drift car.

180SX-Camaro-7 copy

With the extravagant widebody, a proper set of wheels is needed to fill the fenders and the mismatched setup includes a pair of the always-cool SSR Agle Minervas up front.

180SX-Camaro-8 copy

And while there’s enough custom bodywork to make this S13 a show car, it’s not only street driven, but it gets drifted regularly as well.

180SX-Camaro-9 copy

That becomes the apparent the moment you look inside the car and see the roll bar and stripped-out hatch area.

180SX-Camaro-10 copy

And when you poke your head under the hood and see that the Nissan is powered by a worked SR20DET with a V-mount intercooler setup. The power from the SR gets used often when the guys from Funky Racing hit the track.

180SX-Camaro-11 copy

It’s far from subtle and the body lines are certainly busy – but there’s no doubt this thing has put smiles on the faces of many when it’s being flicked around the tight corners of Nikko Circuit.

Long live the funky drift car.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

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Ugly, wasn't this called rice?


I kind of like it, but you could only get away with it in Japan. I'm not sure how that rule works, it just does.


Brace yourselfs.... This is going to get messy.

I actually really like the rear. The BMW lights look good.

Gianluca FairladyZ

too funky.....

osvaldo matamoros

pedey because america didn't start the car scene you see today, we migrated it from other places. like japan for example, the oni camber, the beat up drift missles etc etc. (yet asshat americans still hate on their cultural fathers for being different, because they think its "rice") its a shame really, you're gunna see people comment on this feature and call it ugly, stupid, ricey, yet they are more than likely running set ups inspired by japanese car culture. wtf even. sorry I picked on your comment there, Pedey just thought it'd be a good starting point for a rant.


First time I've been disappointed when I saw there was no LS swap under the hood.

osvaldo matamoros

at first I kinda thought it was a bit too blocky, but then looking at the rest of the pictures I just fell in love with it. A+ creativity/originality


Wow, worst looking car ever on Speedhunters...Parts from various cars thrown at an S13... Terrible


osvaldo matamoros pedey Not sure whether serious or serious trolling.


D4k0t4 It's been making a comeback for a few years now, but in RWD form...
Tackiness on a FWD = the ultimate rice. 
Tackiness on a RWD = the epitome of style. 
So what gives?


The over-the-topness makes this incredibly bold and badass. I'd be stoked out of my mind if I ever saw this on the street, lol!


The front end conversion would look even better if it was on a coupe.


WIN.. Good stuff Mike, I hope this is at Nikko next Sunday.. be nice to see it in the flesh (^^)


Brett Allen Ditto. If it had a LS then meh the Camaro front could be forgiven but without it just looks cheesy.


Can't wait for the comments to pile up! hahaha :)


well-executed rice?




obviously a slow day at Speedhunters and they had to break out a backup feature...


The fabrication is amazing, and well executed

But i can't stop thinking that if it was anyone other than a japanese who pulled that stunt, he/she would be crucified and burned , then blown to smitherings. (notice that i didn't said that it is bad, but it would be viewed as a bad thing if it came from elsewere in the world, and i have noticed this kind of prejudice many times on the automotive culture groups)


Ummmm don’t know what to
make of this… It’s certainly unique, I guess.

It’s a bit late 90’s Max
Power with the front end swap and mis-matched tail lights…

Well at least it doesn’t
have a bloody LS swap.

What’s that smell..?


gosh, how about use these tactics on an EG civic coupes or protégé and/or paseo's. Though plenty of hours may have been spent on this car perfecting its "funkiness".. it is terrible IMO. || #GourmetRice ||


When you see it, you´ll sh*t bricks...


All bad


Surely this is not worth feature space on SH? Are all the editors on holiday?


Dear speedhunters.
I've been with you guys since day one but, your screwing up. I'm all for change and progression but this is ridiculous. Because it's a drift car it dosnt make it valid to swap a camaro front end into it. Also the funny thing none of the chrysler shelby cars get any love but crap like this does. C'mon baby. Get it together.


Haters gonna hate A LOT. Personally love how Japanese can come out with these kind of unique build. I love how this car looks, plus its even daily driven and drifted. Pure awesomeness!


This page represents all that is wrong with the current car culture, and its not the car. Its all the hate for a car, that while may not be to everybody's taste, is deserving of respect. If a lot of people in the scene had their way all cars would either be black, white or grey and lowered with a few minor mods; and the car scene would be a far more boring place for it.


It would look even better on fire..


pedey well said sir. Salute.


It's the freedom to experiment without the fear of rejection which keeps their car scene vibrant. Unlike the rest of the world where a car like this is met with horror which stifles creativity. Personally I'd love to be that free from socially accepted norms. Kind of an odd thing to say about a culture so based in honour and following the line I know.


The term 'ricer' should die like Pokemon and Paul frank tshirts as shit best left in the 90's/early 2000s. I honestly thought as a culture we had moved this shit on but clearly not. Roll out the VTEC yo! Memes and r type mustang videos .


TarmacTerrorist  I'm with you man. The term rice is a weird one too, the Japanese started the import car scene and people look to what they're doing. Yet when people see something they don't like they call rice which seems disparaging to the whole culture that brought the scene. What do the Japanese call a "ricey" car, if anything? Because I doubt they call it rice.


Just because it was made in Japan doesn't mean it's worthy of a feature. A shoddy hackjob is a shoddy hackjob regardless of the country of origin.


@Jake Laird That's not the reason I spotlighted it. This thing would get a reaction anywhere me thinks.


TarmacTerrorist Pretty much this. And like I've said before, it's not that people in Japan love everything, they just don't waste their time attacking the stuff they don't like and focus on the stuff they do love.


OnLowBoost Shoot as an email with some cool turbo Shelby cars!


T dice This margarita is delicious! Time to go for a swim.


apex_DNA I was thinking that too. Would be interesting to see at least.


MartinBrandan Yes, that was pretty much the point of the whole thing.


Yossarian Sorry bro.


Brett Allen huge lol at this one
Well, not mine, but hell, I live on the other site of the earth, why should I complain about it?


apex_DNA D4k0t4 My idea of "rice" wasn't a car that was ugly but a poser car that's made to look fast while not being fast at all. Obviously the style is subjective, but this car gets driven hard - and if it didn't I probably wouldn't have spent the time to to shoot it.


"Why waste your time complaining about something you don't like when you could spend that time building something that you do" it's a uniform rule to most cultures that thrive. Let's hope it filters through to western markets eventually.
Ah, but then I'm not a young man with energy to waste on hate.


"Under developed" would be my guess


I get it, people don't like it. Where exactly is the "shoddy hackjob" though? If it's not a show car or you don't like it then that means it's not worthy of a feature? Okay...Whatever...I was intrigued by the Camaro front end..I think it would've looked nicer with the standard 180sx tail lights...and isn't that an s15 dashboard? Cool...


TarmacTerrorist  Would you like some Bosozoku with your fries Sir?


@Jake Laird This is a shoddy hackjob. The car above is actually done quite well all things considering.
Furthermore any of the damage you do see on it sounds like it occurred from being driven hard.
Also I reckon this is more of a spotlight then a feature.


Mike Garrett T dice I don’t always like the cars on SH but that’s ok, I’m being
challenged and I’m seeing new stuff that’s one reason I keep coming back. If I’ve
nothing positive say I’ll keep schtum I happy people are doing their creative thing
and it would be boring if we all had the same taste, today though you got a
genuine reaction from me. Maybe it was a bit like blurting out “damn your kids
ugly” before thinking about it but it was honest. …..I’ve never actually said that
to someone’s about their kids by the way.


I actually love the idea of this car. Kinda reminds me of the Cefiro A31 with Dodge Challenger front end. It rocks all the way! Not all the people will like the car because they have a different taste in modding cars and I understand them completely.


Depends, can I get a side of kanjo lightness and a dollop of hothatch wings too?


TarmacTerrorist We DID move on "as a culture", under the guise of political-correctness.


Looks better than the actual 5th-Gen butt rocker special. Now all he needs to do is grow a mustache and a mullet, slap a pack of Marbs in his sleeve and he's all set.


@Jagdroach TarmacTerrorist In Japan, the call it Spo-Com style, which is its own separate subculture, not a fad that takes over the entire country. And if you deem what's done to Hondas nowadays as "rice" too, then it's USDM style.

JMax Paint Garage LLC

so sad seeing a car with cancer  ( ಥ_ಥ)


I looked I laughed I think that was the point here. Dont be so serious, do what you want.


Mike Garrett 
Do I sense a hint of butthurt?
It's funny, this. Reading through the comments we have a very clear division. There are those that are 'hating', and those that are hating on the haters. SH has long now tried to be the ultimate mediator of the automotive world, to bring all car lovers together under acceptance that all cars deserve love and admiration. It is flawed from the very core. I love cars, through and through. I love many kinds - race cars, old cars, weird cars, ugly cars - but certainly not every car. And when I don't, I share my opinion, however blunt it may be.
There are countless automotive publications from all across the globe, the largest of which are not lovers of every car that passes through their pages. Car & Driver, MotorTrend, etc., express their opinions. They critique cars. It isn't this love, peace, happy that's so often being preached here. Have you ever watched Top Gear? How much fun is it to watch Hamster, Slow, and Ogre bicker and search for every flaw in their companion's cars? Imagine a sporting publication that urged readers to accept and appreciate every team and every type of sport. Do you see what I'm getting at?
Since the very beginning, this has been the way of our culture. Ford vs Chevy, Import vs Domestic, etc. etc. etc. etc.... That is what makes it so dynamic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has their right to share it, even in this world of numbing political correctness.
So, Mike, if you post a car that is clearly, erm, questionable at best, expect an equally questionable response. Welcome to the real world.


How do you mean? There's nothing wrong with having manners though. The pointing and name calling BS is what I take a problem with, let people be, let them do what they want as long as it doesn't affect you and yours, what's the point in posting for drama y'know?


Thanks for the info. Fad that takes over a whole country? Couldn't that stick also be pointed at the various parts of any flavour of car culture at various points through history? When I was a kid it was muscle everywhere, then when I moved to Europe it was 'kustom' or 'rodding' then hothatches.... Just because something is popular is no reason to hate on it. Usdm style Hondas an all.


@Jagdroach Would you honestly say the same thing 10-15 years ago?
I sense a double-standard.


Mike Garrett apex_DNA D4k0t4 A Honda with such "style" would be deemed as "rice" regardless of all the "fast" mods and whether it "gets driven hard" or not, without so much as batting an eyelid.


D4k0t4 It's still called rice.


TarmacTerrorist I'm willing to bet you'd be the first person to call a late '90s Civic with R34 front and rear end conversion "rice" regardless of all the "go fast" mods done to it.


DaveT  Mike's mini-truck hackjob was last week. #carculture #huntspeed


DonHoonigan What in the Christ is a 'hanmer'?


I'm surprised how not bad the Camaro front is, but the E46 really takes away from it for me.

Regardless, kudos Mike for showing a car that will challenge people's tastes.


You know very little about me then I'm afraid.
You don't seem to be answering any questions or arguments put to you.
As for this mythic machine
I'd encourage them, I'd rather have a future for the scene as a whole by having people experiment with their cars now - maybe make a few mistakes, learn and develop their own styles then have the whole culture disappear down a very bland drain.
You seem angry dude, go deal with that hate before it consumes you.


Paddy McGrath I doubt anything deemed unpopular these days i.e. certain FWD vehicles would "challenge peoples's tastes". 



Well that's... uh... different. To say the least.


apex_DNA Paddy McGrath I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate? (I'm not around these parts much lately and at the tail end of a week of 18 hour days.)


I still do not understand why so many people hate on this. I mean if you don't like it, move on! The car was built to the owners liking, not to impress everyone. IT is something different! This is what makes Japan car scene different from state side. 

Either way Mike, great article! and for the owner of this car, great craftsmanship on combining the Camaro front end and the BWM rear end.


It's not a type x slammed on ...... Rims! Burn it! It's a which! It turned me into a newt!!!
I'm glad at least some of the people reading sh aren't so closed minded. How dare someone try something different. What nerve do they have trying to inject something new into a 25 year old car. There disposable cheap cars it's not like it's a one of one car. It looks better than 90 percent of the hatches in Merica' if you ask me. But what do I know I guess I forgot that you build a car to impress the internet/others not yourself.


demzo_BRG Yeah, people and their opinion having... I don't get it either... #sarcasm


midgeman Hit a nerve didn't I :D


TarmacTerrorist After it became wildly unpopular, nobody wanted a future for the "rice" scene. People did "make a...(ton)...of mistakes, learn(ed) and develop(ed) their own styles", that is until a new wave of fads came in under different look, name, whatever. History repeats itself.
I'm not angry, I just feel it's unfair to other enthusiasts who are shunned for their modification choices or the type of drivetrain layout they choose while others get a pass.


Paddy McGrath apex_DNA I love SH and come here almost every day, and would like to personally thank you for the variety of content for us mere mortals to feast on, but would a kanjo racer with a Camaro front end, M3 tails, bright graphics, body kit and chrome wheels ever get featured here? It would probably get more "hate" than all the criticism on "stance" articles combined.


demzo_BRG  Right on the ending. Can't contain my outrage...


Let me clear up my utterly unimportant view point.
I'm a big Honda fan always have been - started on bikes, ended up into cars. The terms used to insult others work is not fair, it's not right and regardless of your power train, preference towards turbos or even wether you smoke in your car is up to you. We are on the same side here I think it's just you are coming across quite aggressive. We have spoken here before man, you seem safe, clearly some wires have been crossed- I would never insult someone else's work as you never know who is listening and making people feel like sh!t isn't cool.
I don't see why you are attacking us dude. I promise I don't mean any harm or insult to you and yours interests. I love engines and cars full stop, regardless of their power delivery.


Shock and aww, the work that's gone into this chassis is amazing, thats what people don't consider anymore. Fantastic.


plot twist: its a camaro with a 180sx body

2nd plot twist: its actually a 3 series BMW with a camaro front end and 180sx body

final plot twist: your head explodes


You always want what you can't have I guess.
A 2014 Camaro drifting in Japan would be a rare sight indeed.
I thought he just grafted an OEM front bumper to it.


at least this is unlikely to be getting recalled!!! :p


This car can take a great big helping of "nope" on the way to "Fuckthatville".


I was going to come in here and LOL hard at this American abortion, but seeing as though it's Japanese it's A.O.K in my book, because they are allowed to be crazy. They invented the crazy drift car, so it's all good for me. Carry on crazy Japanese people!


JMax Paint Garage LLC  Why do you have 2 pairs of testicles and why are they leaking fluid?


@Jake Laird  Looks pretty well done to me, no hackjobs seen.


@Jagdroach TarmacTerrorist  The Japanese don't call it anything, because they almost certainly don't hate on very many cars and respect everything everyone else is doing with very little hate, if any from my experience. They respect each other and don't care what other people do!! We could learn a lot from them.....that's why their culture is SOOOOOO broad!


apex_DNA  To be honest I wasn't interested at all in the import car scene 10 years ago. I grew up around hot rods and muscle cars. But then and now I have always respected cars as long as somebody put in good work. Doesn't mean I have to like them but I won't got hating on them if I do. Its all fine to say that's not my thing, its another to say a car would look better on fire.


Spaghetti JMax Paint Garage LLC  hahaha I can't unsee it now


This is my point (though unsure if trolling) - instead of wasting time complaining about that which you don't like, use that time to build something that you do like. Our obsessive need to categorise, bitch, moan and pick holes will be the undoing of the scene/us- not a kid with silly amounts of camber and fibreglass.


It's original, I'll give it that but not my cup of coffee. 
Now if he wanted to take it a step on the wild side, drop a LS3 in that badboy, lol.


TarmacTerrorist  Absolutely. We can all blame the internet for what will be the demise of the car scene world wide due to hate and everyone needing to voice their opinions. We should all band together and get off the internet and get back to how it was 15 years ago, when no one really hated on anything because there was no way to do it....other than in person, which very few people will actually do. No troll.


the more I look at it, the more its growing on me :)


Paddy McGrath apex_DNA I'm with Apex on this. How many major car manufacturers are from Japan? I'd say 3 now. Now count the features SH has done on Nissans (Countless), Toyotas (about half the Nissans) and Hondas (maybe 10 in SH history)

There's your double standard. You barely feature the absolute uber cream of the crop for Honda, yet damn near anything with a sparkly paint job and TE37SLs  from Nissan is like HOLD THE FRONT PAGE ZOMG!!! Look at the size of the scenes. Yet you overlook arguably the largest.

I know the VW kids are just as butthurt. Except for the last 2 years, they got plenty before the new crew joined and axed the dub meet coverage.


What the funk...


soo soo sooo goooddddd.


D1RGE EXE Paddy McGrath apex_DNA It's 'they' not 'you' FWIW. I don't work here anymore :) 

I will say that it's incredibly difficult to find a balance of cars every month that appeals to everyone. You'd also be surprised at what proves popular as it's often something completely from left field. Sometimes cars that you would think would be a nailed on winner, completely flop. A lot of the past Honda features would have fell under this with less than impressive readership numbers, if I remember correctly. It has been a while! 

I don't believe that means one should give up on them completely mind you...


Spaghetti TarmacTerrorist I doubt its the internet's fault entirely tbh. Its a fundamental error in the way we are taught to respect each other and our rights to freedom of speech. Most people have a knee jerk reaction to anything they don't understand or don't personally like but its more then this - I've seen this sort of 'forgetfulness' of manners happening at car shows and hill climbs in front of the build-owners who are usually right there under the car. People have long forgotten basic manners and think their freedom of speech tops all.

I don't say things like "oh you should of..." I say "has the owner thought of doing X?" its a simple change to the way questions and opinions are asked or voiced that takes a lot of the combative nature out of the words being said/spoken/printed/formed by little pixels of colour. instead of "that rear looks ricey" how about "I'm struggling to understand the rear choices he has made, can anyone elaborate?" I was taught this in kindergarten - words can start wars sometimes over the way something has been said, and they can hurt regardless of the subject matter. Freedom of speech does not top, and should not stop common decency.

we need to start respecting someones right to do what they please with theirs. thats not to say 'don't voice an opinion' just think about how that opinion is voiced before opening your pie hole/tapping out words with thumbs that could easily upset someone. 

In regards to this particular car, the front, rear quarters and tail are the first things to go crunch when drifting so why not try something else for now seeing as in a year or two it will need re-doing all over again, why not have fun with it?


midgeman demzo_BRG You think you hit a nerve. I think you must've hit your head.


I love this car!! Now the haters can't complain when you pull up with an LS in your S-chassis.


when you see a car like this on the streets, other websites etc. you will call it "rice!!" when you a see car like this on speedhunters, with a japanese plate number, etc. you will call it "nice!"
whats wrong with you -nowadayscarguys- ???
sorry for my engrish. hope you understand the point.


RyotaKurosawa As you can see, opinions are quite divided :)


milkplus Well said! haha


@Lou Yep.


Very tricky....That is not a s15 dash. It's the top section of the s15 dash layed over a s13 dash.


front looks good, back not so much. ima go regular s-chassis any day.


i love this car


The front would suit the coupe better imo


This is the worst car I've ever seen. 

But it's cool someones willing to do something like this to their car and not care what others think.


Good thing they cleaned the engine bay before hand...




I love how the Japanese express their individuality unlike here in America which is a free country. This is art. Love the grafting.


First time i've ever seen someone blend the S13 & S15 dashes together.


Before I start I'd like to say that everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with their car, and I support that. With that being said this car is ugly as f***. I like face conversions but this looks ridiculous in all the wrong ways, and the bumpers look ricey and over dramatic for no reason. I can understand why Japanese people would be inspired by American body styling, but I just cant say I like this car. sorrynotsorry


















what are those????