Watch Out Formula D</br> The Vikings Are Coming!

Formula D is considered by most to be the drift championship. Maybe it’s a profile thing or the fact it’s in America, but either way it’s like New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, right? So what do you do if – like Finland’s Juha Rintanen – you’ve won a European championship and want to show the world you’ve got the minerals required to compete at the highest level? You pack up your S14a Nissan Silvia and ship it to the East Coast of the United States and find out if FD is ready for some more European talent.


We’ve seen this kind of commitment before with Fredric Aasbø and Mad Mike Whiddett. Both have similar stories behind them and now look at them! But don’t think this is some over-ambitious, over-funded exercise by somebody who doesn’t know what they’re getting to, because Juha and his team attended D1 GP in 2009. Transmission troubles got in the way of success then, but now with a proven and trusted Nissan around him, he’s confident it’s going to be a different story. He’s an accomplished, experienced driver with bucket loads of skill, so this is going to be good. The plan is to compete in four rounds of Formula Drift; mixing it up with the names you already know and love at the top level of the Pro championship.

Juha Rintanen Formula D 2014-2

I’ve been in plenty of pits at European events like the Drift Allstars series that Juha won last year and his set-up looks like it should be at an FD round. There’s the immaculate articulated truck with full livery, professional presentation and an air of business about it. Of course, only the car and some spares are being shipped stateside, but the next time I can I’d like to show you more of the European drift scene. Sure, it’s perceived as being smaller than Formula Drift, but in reality the teams are as just as good.

Juha Rintanen Formula D 2014-2-2

But how will he fare against the giants of FD? With only a few weeks until New Jersey, Juha is under no illusions as to how big the mountain he has to climb is. From a super-tight budget to the minimal practice time he’ll get, when everything says ‘no’, Juha keeps saying ‘yes’, adding, “I’ll take it one competition at a time, humble and learning, but in the end we will sure try our best to be competitive amongst the best.”

So will he have enough power, angle, attitude? We’ll find out soon enough, but for a heads up on what’s heading your way America, take a look at Juha’s website, or his Facebook page which is updated with loads of pictures and videos. Even better, throw him some spare dollars and get some popcorn, because the Vikings are coming!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn

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It's an S14 ;)


That pic cocking the front wheel is epic.


Juha is a badass but there is no point in competing against JR and Forsberg. Judges love those two and I am starting to wonder if anyone is going to surpass them this season. Tangible evidence is the fact that Field got robbed.

Good luck Juha and I hope you annihilate some V8s! Take some inspiration from Kenneth.


@TROLLS ROYCE Having seen Juha compete I completely agree with that! I've been to his home track too which is a great mix of elevations and corner speeds. I really hope the car performs and he gets a chance to show how good he is :)


@Mic Pretty amazing huh?

Here's a couple of videos too


BMueller That's what I said... Second time around ;)



I wouldn't exactly call Finns Vikings. ;) But nonetheless, its really great to see a Finnish drifter on FD!


Finaly, i have great belive in Juha!
Still remember the old days in 2007, battling against Fredric in Botnia ring and Alastaro :)

Good luck beating the us of america drivers ;)
All northmenn are Vikings!


will his car be featured? An european drift car could be interesting


I wonder what tire he'll run since nexen decided they weren't interested in selling tires to fans of the fastest growing motor sport in the world
(when I herd the news this spring I canned my order of nexens and bought some achillies)


Really nice article of Juha Bryn! Thanks for your nice words of the livery also! =) I´ve been the designer of Juhas livery and other stuff and also a sponsor for a three seasons now and I can say it´s been a good ride! =) I also shared this nice article of yours in my facebook site, search: PP Design & Art or just click:

Perttu Papunen


The Vikings were from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Not Finland.


Achilles! :)


shakotan dann I read on wrecked that Nexen stated they were designing an all-new tire and would be returning next year.


Good luck Juha! Love the shot with the wheel in the air! Priceless!


I'm very glad for Juha, all the fellows from EU champs will be cheering him :)

Hey Bryn, If you need some great shots from Drift All Stars London that was few weeks ago, just send me a note ;) Basically all the european drift scene is there..


Thanx Mic :)


Thanx ;)

Andreas H Husby James Dean vs Christer Halvorsen! :D


Formula Drift is not bigger than Europeans Championships. In FD you have 4 or 5 very good drivers and the rest. In Europe, you have at least 20 very good drifters, if not 30. If good drifters from Europe move to FD is because you really need "a next step" after winning. And Japan or Australia is far in distance and also far in culture from Europe. So, the logical step is FD. But its not something that you want from young age. Or something to desire. You want something else, something new.
I do believe that drifting, as sport, is evolving different from each continent to another, despite being so close thru internet and social media. The cultural differences make or brake rules or define what is "cool".
It remains to be seen who will be the greatest championship. D1, FD or KOE or Drift All Stars?


ArildDyrkorn Finland is a relatively new country, and was part of the Kingdom of Sweden until the early 18th century so by that virtue, the Vikings did come from the land now known as Finland.

As I've visited Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the last 12 months and didn't encounter a single active Viking, I think it's far to assume we're talking history here and as Finland didn't exist in what is widely recognised to be the Viking era (800AD to 1000AD), you'll just have to accept my title as journalistic licence.


jdmRob There are a lot of great European drift machines out there, I have one lined up shortly which should prove very interesting.


Ewottaja See my answer above ;) I wish him the best of luck, will be good to see how he gets on.


BMueller Speedhunters_Bryn 2.10 in that first video is the reason why they don't run that event anymore, but in general the enthusiasm in Europe is amazing!


Speedhunters_Bryn BMueller
They do run it this year

Project 350ZTT

Haha. I think someone is just a hater. Forsberg has been on fire this year with JR and Moen right behind him and Aasbo getting better every year. Take a look back at FD history and you will understand that they don't give into favorites and almost went out of business because of it. Also look at the iconic roll drift alliance has had with putting FD on the global map.
I'm stoked to see some new talent in FD because its always exciting to see a wrench get thrown into the middle of it all. Daigo is one example of that. Yes the judges are not perfect and they may make bad calls, but that does not mean they are biased.
P.S. I used to think JR was overrated till last year when I really got to read about him and talk to him for a few minutes at Irwindale and the guy is super laid back when he's not focused on competing at that moment


Speedhunters_Bryn jdmRob Cartu Racing 2jz powered BMW!


Well most of us Scandinavians don't agree with you. But hey, who are we to judge :)

Hope to see you at Gatebil, so we can have a good old fistfight to resolve this :D

Anyway, reat that Juha get's some coverage.
And all Scandinavians, vikings or not, will surely be cheering for him in Formula D


Holy shit Juha. His stepping straight in to the most difficult track in the whole FD season. Good luck buddy. Will be rooting for ya :) Really hoping to someday see either Kristaps Bluss or Gvido Elksnis on the FD battlegrounds.