Roll Up, Roll Up, Get Your Fresh Gatebil!
Because Gatebil

This is your official Speedhunters health warning: You shouldn’t read this if you’re of a sensitive nature. If you like your BMWs to have BMW engines; you think drift cars need to be Japanese; and you don’t like road cars on slicks, loud music, raucous crowds and pure petroline-powered debauchery, then Gatebil is not for you.

Right now, somewhere in the middle of Southern Sweden, we are surrounded by the mixed-up madness that is the world’s best track day.

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (1 of 8)

Because that’s what this is. Just in case you’re tuning in for the first time, Gatebil (pronounced Gart-a-bil) started out 21 years ago as a track day in Norway. That grew and grew in popularity until it spawned a series of events which are track-focused – but now encompass everything automotive.

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (7 of 8)

So, if you picture your dream grid of grip or drift cars, then stick a grenade in the middle of it and randomly assemble all the blown apart bits back together, you’d be getting close to how it works around here. As an example, the S13 above is part of collective we shot the first night we arrived here. You may have spotted the S15 front-end conversion, but not the BMW turbo engine…

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (5 of 8)

As for this Evo? Well, it’s probably best I tell you what’s in it at a later date. But yes, it is rear-wheel drive. The reason why we had to shoot them on the first night is because the guys made no bones about the fact that they might not be in one piece for long after the track opened. As for the other feature cars we’ll be bringing you? That Audi at the beginning – it’s got a hybrid of Porsche 996/7 suspension having visited Magnus the builder last winter. We couldn’t wait to see it run.

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (8 of 8)

Because Gatebil is #MaximumAttack. These guys go hard from the off and there’s an air of 100 percent commitment to having a good time in cars whether you’re driving, breaking or fixing them. Yes, this is the Audi Coupe pictured further up, and this picture was taken after that one. Bring your welder to the track? Absolutely!

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (7 of 15)

Of course, we’ve brought some friends to party with too. Peter Pentell and LaSupra are representing Speedhunters in the grip stakes, and from the home of Gatebil itself we’ve got Fredric Aasbø, who’s Hold Stumpting all over the place. You’ll see more of what they’ve been up to soon enough, but suffice to say, despite their experience there’s been some drama! The guys from Dust Productions have just been in and shown us a clip of what just happened to Fredric on track, and you can see it here!


Essentially, he had a tyre give up on him which shredded the rear of the Rocket Bunny kit on the Angry Bird. You didn’t think Fredric made a mistake, did you?


And Peter? Well, he’s had a crazy couple of weeks getting the Lancia back in shape after rolling it at Mantorp a few weeks ago. He’ll tell you more about that in a future story. The last two watermarks tell us something too – Mr. Larry Chen is in the house! Engine bay, cockpit, bushes, apexes… sky. There’s nowhere he hasn’t been to find new angles on the mayhem.

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (15 of 15)

Oij Oij Society did such a great job of getting us a killer set up at the recent Elmia Show that Rod decided they should be reponsible for our pit/relaxation area/pop-up store. So with two articulated race trailers, one 60-square-metre awning and a huge sail tent, we’re loving being the thick of things. In fact, this story is brought to you via portable Wi-Fi from the white trailer in the background of this shot!

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (4 of 15)

One other cool thing we’re doing is hosting a whole bunch of guys from EA’s Ghost Studio in Gothenburg. Game designers and engineers are all here, soaking up the atmosphere and researching car culture. Even the boss man, Marcus Nilsson, is digging the scene out on-track with Fredric.

So that’s a brief taster. Obviously more will come over the next week and coming months with the features we’re shooting right here, right now, at Gatebil Mantorp. Wait, is that a genuine E30 M3 DTM car over there? Hang on, the turbo is where? I’ll get my camera…

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn

Cutting Room Floor
Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (12 of 15)
Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (3 of 8)
Gatebil 2014 Mantorp Park  (6 of 8)


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"Fredric Holding Stumpting" should be a "guess the part" competition name. You could have Mister Aasbo holding a varity of parts and ask what he is holding. (This may only work for English speakers and abusers like me, but I'm sure it would be fun).
Every year I make promises with friends "next year dude, we are going!" And every year the summer gets here faster then the funds to finish projects... Must. Try. Harder.


Love it when yoi speedhunters go to gatebil!


You guys going to feature some more of that audi coupe in the first picture? That is a great looking car.


Zach Attack came here to ask that!


"One other cool thing we’re doing is hosting a whole bunch of guys from
EA’s Ghost Studio in Gothenburg. Game designers and engineers are all
here, soaking up the atmosphere and researching car culture. Even the
boss man, Marcus Nilsson, is digging the scene out on-track with
 Please tell us that they plan to include this in a future Need For Speed game (ProStreet 2?)


I love Speedhunters' Gatebil coverage, but it's high time for a new writing angle. I feel like every Gatebil-related introduction warns the purists and sensitive types to stay away, and speaks to the smorgasbord of unique builds at the event. We get it!

Also, chalk up the third vote for more coverage of the Audi in the opening shot!


I'm fourthing the comment for more coverage of the Audi in the opening shot!
I really do enjoy the annual Gatebil coverage. But, and I know it sounds ridiculous, I'm starting to get a little jaded with it. It's like, "oh look, ANOTHER car with a 1000hp BMW engine swap", or "hey, there's another car that doesn't have it's OEM engine, who expected that?!"
Again, I know it sounds crazy, because builds like that aren't actually common in "the real world". Maybe it's just because literally all of them seem to gather in the one place at Gatebil.


I already overdosed on my Gatebil..

Speaking of which, were you ever able to snag a feature with that 918 esque cayman?


ToyotaSupraMan Oh god yes doing the insane things in Gatebil for a Prostreet 2 sounds like it would fit the bill!


At the risk of sounding like EVERYBODY else, more detail on that blue Audi per favour? And some hd images? =P


Also HOW does Porsche suspension work on anything other than the greatest rear engined automobile ever?


Gah! I just want Gatebil coverage! Can't wait! I wouldn't mind a bit of stuff on the new speedhunters rig (truck)


TarmacTerrorist I feel your pain, car is currently on axlestands waiting for the motor to be pulled in order to fix an oil leak... also I'm graduating uni at the same time so busy times indeed.

Good luck with your project and see you next year :D


Did you guys take a closer look at the Citroen rallycross replica built by Tommy Engström? A Xsara with 4wd, e34 m5-engine (of course turbocharged and loads of power) and Sadev gearbox? Great build that deserves a coverage...


Please do a full feature on that black thing (RX-7?) in the bonus pictures...


@B It's done, in the closing hours of the event I had a passenger ride too :)


@Jonas Ahh no, I saw it on a trailer and then once in the pits! Gah, if only we could have got closer. It looked so good!


InnerToxicity Pretty well judging by the way the Audi moved, feature is shot :)


@zz The white one at Mantorp? We lined a feature up for Rudskogen, if you mean the carbon one. That too, they're both built by the same people.


Hotcakes When you're there, it's hard to take it all in. Trust me there's nowhere like it.


Big Pooky You're right, you do get it. But it never ceases to amaze me how many people complain when there's 'the wrong engine' in a car. So good work for being one of the understanding ones :)


gatoonik Zach Attack Your wish is our demand! Done :)


Hopefully nice and technical? That suspension has my interest piqued... I'm intrigued and want to know the whys and hows! =D
Grip or drift?


Speedhunters_Bryn it never ceases to amaze me the different cars that are revealed at gatebil. it seems that every year gets better and better. im glad gatebil season has started. btw what kind of engine sits beneath the bonnet of the fd??? volvo? ford v8? frankenstien'd rb26??? i cant wait for the feature!


d_rav An SR20 :)


InnerToxicity I took a load of pictures last winter whilst in Sweden when it was in bits, so you will be able to see lots of detail. It's a grip car, we also shot a big power VR6 Mk3 Golf turbo that be built before the Audi.


Speedhunters_Bryn That Citroen is crazy. One of the coolest builds I have seen. 
Tommys car will get a lot of attention in the future.


Great event, and lots of crazy things going on as allways! Gatebil never fails to deliver!
I passed your rig after the road works just north of Stockholm with my white 86 Lude. Wondering where you were going? :D


@B there's pictures of the car if you wanna see more of it :)


Hey Bryn, I think your camera might be broken. Some of the shots are really crooked and I have to lean my head to make them work. Also, I spy dust. Clean your sensor already.


I meant the one from Elima (If I spelt it right).


midgeman Speedhunters_Bryn dust is probably on your monitor, and you might have a neck problem in that first case


CharlesChris15 Speedhunters_Bryn 
No, there are clear spots in some photos caused by most likely dust or dirt on the sensor.
My neck is in perfect functioning condition. I've never been to this track, but I'm assuming the corners aren't on a 45* decline. If they are, please correct me.


Speedhunters_Bryn ... Give our love to Peter, very much looking forward to seeing him and the car in the UK at the end of August ;)


Noted :)


That time attack Audi S2 really is a splendid looking thing.


midgeman CharlesChris15 Yup, dirty sensor, my bad. No rules on angles though!


@zz  Yup, it's lined up. It wasn't at Mantorp, they have another based on a Boxster with a twin turbo 928S motor in the middle...


Hi Bryn :) Did you shot any good Pictures off my Rescue Range Rover?


Speedhunters_Bryn There are also no rules against HDR, selective coloring and excessive editing in general either. Doesn't make it better. It's like adding things in post to enhance a lackluster photo.  It comes across as, dare I say, 'amateur-ish.'
Like Larry says, the image should be interesting even without the car.
Your discerning, educated reader.


Morgan Strand Haha, of course! Drop me an email to and I'll send some over ;)


Morgan Strand Haha, of course! Drop me an email to and I'll send some over ;)


@B Seconded. That FD looks absolutely wicked!