Hoonigan Racing HQ: The Video Tour

Earlier in the year Keith and Sean took us on a photographic tour of the amazing warehouse conversion that is Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division HQ. In the same vein as Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (the actual place, not the TV series), HRD’s 12,000sq/ft complex features a custom fit-out, but with 16 converted shipping containers forming the basis of the very cool multi-level build. Quite possibly the world’s most awesome automotive-themed office/party space – complete with a large, fully-equipped workshop – I’m pretty sure that HRD HQ is a place that all of us would like to visit. Of course, the much easier proposition is to take a video tour, and thanks to Ford Racing and Ken you can do that right this second by hitting the play button above.

Brad Lord



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haha, love the mtv cribs styled video


Must be pretty annoying to be so in Ford's pocket that the most interesting car you can get in your shed is a current model reasonably priced family hatch.


Love the use of shipping containers these day, gives me some ideas. 
Awesome video and post!


the guy is a walking billboard...of himself.


This space is so great! I look up to Ken Block and what he has achieved. He is a real positive role model.


Other Will For that type of racing he does a hot hatch seems to be the best thing in my opinion .. i guess a mustang would look out of place in a rallycross environment ... Plus Rallying today is done with hatches ... i mean look at the mean Polo WRC and an s2000 Peugeot ... they seem pretty capable to me :D


ken block is living the dream.  great shop.  having a good time.  fat wallet.  good for him.


haha he is kind of a goof ball. its cool to see these legendary drivers interacting in an almost normal setting. Makes me feel less small.


Onecton Nothing wrong with the choice of model from Ford's current lineup. I blame marketing. he should have a RS200 there, still Ford, still rally.


Other Will Onecton well all right can't say something against an RS200 that thing is mental :) but if we indulge ourselves on glorious Ford rally history. 
Why didn't they give him an escort cosworth still mental as hell but not so ultra rare ;)


Other Will Onecton I believe Block bought an ex-rallycross RS200 back in 2012, the car went to the US sometime later that year and the trail has gone cold since.
I have subsequently been told that the car is still being worked on: I hope it is finished and sees the light of day soon!


Such a cool facility (and I'm rather partial to those rallycross Fiestas as well!). 
Shame that he has had to sever all his previous ties though: would be nice to see the Gymkhana Subaru's parked up there!


I went to visit this place thanks to Ford and the ST Octane Academy. Ford Marketing is the best!


Other Will I dunno man, those 600hp AWD Fiesta rallycars in the garage were pretty badass.
It's not that he's in Ford Marketing's pocket with that Focus ST either, that thing is there to rep Fifteen52 parts to the Focus ST kids that tour the place.
Though since he races a Fiesta it would make more sense to have one of those on display, and it would free up some floorspace; it's really tight in person.

I wrote about it on the ModBargains blog a few months ago when I toured the facility.