How To Build The Perfect Late-Model</br> Lancer Evolution
A Great Collaboration

The last time Garage G-Force collaborated with body kit specialist Varis, all sorts of wonderful things happened. If you cast your mind back to 2011, you might remember a certain white CZ4A Lancer Evolution X built with the knowledge and expertise of handling specialists Sunbeam, that quickly became the talk of the time attack world when it blasted a 57-second lap at Tsukuba. In the process it also became the quickest Evo X around the legendary circuit, stealing the crown from the Koyama Racing Labo CZ4A. At the time I remember being quite impressed at the pace of progress 4B11 tuning had taken – the real-world results speaking for themselves. Fast forward a few years and we find G-Force applying lessons learnt on the race track to more street-oriented Evo builds.

The car I’m about to show you could well be the perfect embodiment of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – a great mix of performance and looks, plus all the functionally and ease of use its SST dual-clutch transmission throws into the mix.


You know, when I actually look at an Evo X I can’t help but feel pretty sad, and maybe a little angry. Here’s a model that arrived seven years ago, and one that – if rumours are indeed correct – won’t see a successor for years, or perhaps ever. It also makes me sad to see that in seven years its closest and fiercest of rivals – the Impreza WRX STI – never really fought back with any real attempt at pushing the technology of these AWD beasts forward. Subaru never even bothered to develop a dual-clutch transmission option, which to me at least made the Evolution X the instant winner in the battle that’s been going on between these two rally-bred specials for 20 years. The ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach might be working for Subaru, the STI is still, after all, a very capable car, but as an enthusiast it’s hard not to call them out for avoiding to step their game up. Replacing the 4G63 was a commendable move by MMC and it’s obviously paid off because this an engine that has proven to have plenty of potential for tuning. To illustrate the point, with this car Garage G-Force decided to show us what an explosive street machine the Evo X can be turned into.


To address the looks of their demo car, G-Force’s collaborator for the build, Varis, sent over their complete wide body aero kit. It’s an comprehensive package of meticulously-manufactured bits and pieces that turn an already pretty aggressively-styled car into something that looks even angrier.


The front bumper received an in-your-face lip that stretches well outside of its factory dimensions, topped off at both sides with carbon fiber end-plates/canards. This sets everything up for the addition of the wider front and rear fenders: one-piece blended and vented items up front.


These are tied into the rest of the car’s profile with a carbon fiber finish. A little touch of Super GT race car perhaps?


The rear widening is executed with a two-piece riveted-on flare that begins deep into the rear door for a more integrated look. Vented side skirts are also fitted along with a carbon fiber underskirt, making the Lancer appear lower than it actually is.


The black RAYS Volk Racing G25s in a 19×10.5-inch fitment all round are a very nice choice, and a perfect match for the Evo’s angular body and aero upgrades. Now that Yokohama finally makes its grippy ADVAN Neovas in 19-inch sizes, Garage G-Force didn’t need to think twice when it came to tyre choice.


It’s not hard to notice that the factory Brembo front brakes have been replaced with a package more capable of dealing with close to double the horsepower of the stock Evo X. The Endless 6-pot monoblock calipers continue to be the ultimate in Japan-built brakes and – despite their prohibitive purchase price – they offer reliable brake performance without impacting on unsprung weight. Like at the front, Endless 2-piece discs are also fitted at the back end, slightly boosting the braking capability of the Lancer’s factory Brembo rear callipers.


The exposed glossy fibers of the Varis carbon trunk lid and GT wing are almost an identical shade to the rest of the Graphite Gray body, so it’s only really when you step closer do you notice all of the aftermarket additions.


That includes the Varis bonnet – vented to help expel as much heat as possible, and for safety held in place with a pair of Aerocatch latches.

550 Turbocharged Ponies

Lift the bonnet up and it all gets even more interesting. One of the things I like most about the presentation of this Evo’s engine bay is how high-end it all looks.


The Colt Speed carbon air box with built in ram-air guide, carbon radiator shroud, and shiny HKS piping were all well-chosen parts that turn what is a pretty ordinary-looking bay into something quite exciting. The 4B11 isn’t much of a looker compared to the 4G63 it replaces – something that can be said for so many new-gen engines – so G-Force ended up using the stock engine cover to keep all required pipes, lines and connectors hidden away. 


However, it’s very easy to pop-off and expose the 4B11’s composite cam cover. It might all look pretty stock-like, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The 2.0-litre engine was pulled out, stripped down and fitted with an HKS 2.2L stroker kit that replaces the entire bottom end with extra-strong components. Unlike the 4G63, the Evo X motor has its hot side against the firewall, which is why G-Force fitted a pretty hefty heat shield around the upgraded turbo.


The Precision Turbo 5830 is fitted on an exhaust manifold of the same brand and controlled by a TiAL external wastegate. It’s a pretty large kit offering plenty of boost – enough to help the engine push out a solid 550PS with a very useful 589Nm of torque to play around with in the midrange. An HKS F-CON V Pro – a very popular choice amongst JDM tuners – takes care of controlling the 800cc/min injectors and ignition maps; maximising the engine’s response at the same time.


The turbo dumps spent gasses down to the G-Force titanium exhaust system which features a valve controlled by an actuator to help it remain quiet when it needs to be, and sing properly when surroundings allow. It’s yet another touch that makes this a very modern take on what the ultimate street-tuned Evo X should be like.


It even has bonnet dampers – a rarity on Japanese cars!


The rest of the magic has been worked on the driveline. The Getrag-built, transversely-mounted SST dual-clutch transmission that was offered on this model has never been know for its ability to handle much power over stock. In fact, I’ve been in cars with 380PS or so that had pretty evident clutch slip. So it’s a good thing that G-Force got rid of the stock clutch plates and replaced them with an HKS upgrade kit as well as fitting a transmission oil cooler to keep the DCT nice and happy. That translates to reliable and instantaneous shifts, even when the car’s being pushed hard on the track.


A few changes were also needed in the interior. For some odd reason the factory front seats sit way too high, but that was quickly sorted with a Bride bucket fixed onto lower mounts on the driver’s side.


Then came the most interesting addition of all – a Colt Speed  GT Shifter. It’s essentially an extension which raises the shift lever so it sits a little higher and falls easier to hand when the car’s being driving hard. The red switch pulls up and releases the shift lock so you can move the lever out of P or into R. Of course, SST-equipped Evo Xs also have paddles behind the steering wheels, but I guess the guys at G-Force prefer to actuate shifts the old fashioned way. Kind of.


You could call it a learning curve, G-Force first going and building a reliable 700PS time attack car, and then applying what it learnt to create the perfect Evo X street package. This car is a great reminder why Mitsubishi should really continue to make the Lancer Evolution. Too bad that probably won’t happen any more…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Garage G-Force Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Max Power: 550PS, Max Torque: 589Nm

Mitsubishi 4B11, HKS 2.2L stroker kit, HKS forged pistons, HKS H-section connecting rods, HKS billet crankshaft, Tomei Powered camshafts 260º in/ex, Tomei Powered adjustable cam pulleys, Precision Turbo exhaust manifold, Precision Turbo PT5830 4B11 turbo kit, TiAL external wastegate, Precision Turbo front pipe, Garage G-Force sports catalyst, Garage G-Force 80mm valved exhaust system, Colt Speed carbon air box, ram-air intake, HKS aluminium piping kit, HKS Type R intercooler, Blitz large volume intake manifold, SARD in-tank fuel pump, SARD 800cc/min injectors, Colt Speed bonnet dampers, HKS F-CON V Pro engine management system

Mitsubishi SST dual-clutch transmission, HKS SST clutch upgrade kit, HKS transmission oil cooler

Garage G-Force SPL Öhlins DFV adjustable suspension, Hyperco springs 14kg/mm (front), 12 kg/mm (rear), Endless 6-pot monoblock front calipers, Endless 360mm 2-piece floating front discs, Endless brake pads

RAYS Volk Racing G25 19×10.5-inch +20, Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 265/30R19

Complete Varis wide body aero: Varis front bumper, Varis front lip spoiler/diffuser, Varis carbon bonnet, Varis front wide fenders, Varis wider side skirts, Varis rear wide fenders, Varis carbon trunk lid, Varis carbon GT-Wing & carbon stays, Varis carbon rear diffuser; Garage G-Force rear tow hook

Bride adjustable bucket seat, Bride seat rails, Colt Speed GT Shifter kit, HKS AFK A/F & Knock Meter

Garage G-Force
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I really hope those rumours aren't true, I might not be in love with the Evo line, but I do acknowledge something special. Lets hope they keep making em


Wow. What a car! If I had an evo (and a lot of money!!) it would look like this!


I wonder how hard it'd be to slot that gearbox into a 9 =P


RubayetKarim It's better them stopping production than creating some slow bloated piece of shit that trashes on the Evo name, like the Dodge Charger did


Am I the only one who doesn't like the SST? The car just didn't feel right with it, and I can't understand why "enthusiasts" of these cars wouldn't want a manual? Maybe thats just me.


Even though Im not much of an Evo fan, Subaru fans needs evos, like Batman needs the Joker. They just arnt there best with no one to compete with. When Subaru has no real competition its makes for a bad time for everybody, which is why the 2015 STi is running 20 year old tech and people seem to be comparing the new WRX against everything in the FWD world cause really there is no competition with the Lancer/Evo out. Really though what else does Mitsu even sell? I have no idea.....


loooking to get an evo for first car :P


i like what they did with the overfenders and side skirts. it reminds me of the over fenders on the evo's from V and VI. very attractive car!


yup.   yup.... yup yup yup yup.


These photos are great! I think  the EVO III is one of my favorite cars out of this garage but this is an exceptional car. Thanks Dino.


Only 2 pedals? only 60% Perfect.


the perfect car, nuff said. Well, if it didn't have a dual clutch transmission :P


jdmRob Because it reminds me the advancements Subaru and Mitsubishi should have done since this car first came out.  Guess CVTs is what we have to endure from now on...


jah1mon Thanks!


johnbezt Yup:)


IshMel plug in hybrid SUVs lol


FredrikDavidsen I like both. The Getrag on the EVO X is a great transmission, perfect if you daily the car.


aussieANON RubayetKarim Agreed I guess.


I'm waiting on delivery of my EVO X right now, and while I like the engine mods, and the body work done on the G-Force, the TS-SST isn't my favorite out of the box either... adding a bigger stick doesn't make me feel like I would like it any more. It is the only aspect on this car I'm not sold on. Everything else is beautifully done.
I opted for the regular stick GSR model, and I'll be putting the two piece rotors, and improved airbox on shortly after I take possession. I like the valved exhaust, but police are looking for odd pipes around the catalytic a lot now, so I'll need to hold off on that one. :)

I am curious how much weight was shaved on the wide body kit (or if it was a net increase). Ohlins Suspension would be nice, but rockets the price of the car quite a bit here in Canada.

Thanks Dino, and G-Force for making a new car purchase even more expensive with wish list items. :)


Oh my yes. More like this please. While I do miss the slightly more "raw" character of earlier Evos, I've always been a big fan of the X, especially when it's modified like this. Very nice and comprehensive build in that particularly Japanese way.
Standouts for me are:
- The widebody kit. This is how to do them right.
- Those G25s are to die for.
- That carbon airbox is pure porn.
Keep it up!

turbo BEAMS ae86

nice men.  more like this!!!


FredrikDavidsen Although Manual feels more tactile, there are times when its kind of a hassle to keep your mind engaged to 3 things, clutch, shifting, and braking. Dual-Clutch transmission are nice as they offer convenience and fast shifting still holding up fun.
I mean, waking up at 7 Am and going where you gotta go and shifting while tired is kind of taxing on the mind!


This or the Ross Sport Evo..


Now apply this level of build to the proper 'modern Evo base' and you'll have a winner!


A lot enthusiasts sit in traffic everyday. That's what sold me on the cvt


smithadamb Funny you mention that as I need to return and shoot their customer's Evo 9 wagon...


Hotcakes Yes of course we all love the older Evos, but times need to more one hence why I felt the need to show that you can still make a superb car out of an SST equipped Evo X :)


Kirk_B The valved exhaust doesn't bypass the car, just one of the silencers.  I'd say weight was added btw :)  Enjoy your car!!


Stop saying a car is "perfect". Everyone is different and imposing stigmas is shallow.


Mitsu is in a very uncomfortable place right now. They have a confused brand identity that no one really understands. Are they sporty? Eco? Are they both? Do they even offer more than 5 cars? Add to that the fact they have lost marketshare year-over-year for almost a decade in the US, and sales volume has been consistently falling too. I've read several reports from automotive press talking about Mitsu leaving the US market altogether. And with the death of the Evo and no replacement announced, and the base model Lancer 3 years overdue for at least a refresh, I find myself inclined to agree. They hold only slightly more marketshare than Suzuki or Isuzu did before they left the US market, so it seems even more prudent knowing that.
Too bad really. I loved my Evo and I still wish I had it.
Also, more features like this?


speedhunters_dino smithadamb Sweet Jesus, Dino. You just made my day!


FredrikDavidsen because car "enthusiasts" know that the 5speed manual is horrible to drive, good for racing but not for normal/track-day use


smithadamb I have never seen this wagon before. All of a sudden this is more interesting than the 'The Perfect Late-Model Lancer Evolution' is not that perfect anymore.


So this car did not use any spacers for the wheels?


Welcome to objective journalism...
Dino is paid for his opinion on the cars he writes about. If he didn't include superlatives this story would be a blind recital of a spec sheet.


smithadamb this car always puts a smile on my face, I prefer the sedan but there's just something about this wagon..


But its an automatic LMAO


reno808 How is a twin clutch SST an automatic? I agree that it is missing a pedal, but it is still a sequential gear box. The clutch is just in the sequential action of the stick or paddles.


speedhunters_dino Kirk_B Thanks Dino... couldn't find an R32 like yours here, without Yobo abuse (people thinking they are Paul Walker), so I went with the next best thing.

I'll look into the valved exhaust options again, as the only ones I have noticed before here are the bypass Cat type... great for Rotary engines, but environmental no-nos.


FunctionFirst i know what you mean. gone are the pajero/montero/gto and evo days. even on their website they offer this !!! sourced from nissan?? wtf mitsubishi. if mazda can make a comeback with their newly redesigned products without a premium sports car so can mitsubishi. i feel without the evo its like batman not having joker to fight with. the subaru guys already won.


Double clutch and sequential are completely different. It is essentially a auto, albeit a very good one.


I don't understand the shift extension when the car has easy to use paddles behind the wheel? Am I missing something?


you can choose your own gear, yes, but it automatically shifts the gear for you


Did I miss something? Sooooo many awesome cars and builds on Speedhunters atm :D


who likes car pledge this game we need this to happen only for pc and mac its a amazing game


speedhunters_dino FredrikDavidsen Just like "murdered out", the awful trend of using daily as a verb needs to end now.


After reading this I immediately went on the hunt for the HKS clutch pack but it seems to no avail! HKS Japan don't list it on their website either. Gah. Want it!


Can we get some mordant info on the exhaust set up pleas


can anyone suggest a best decals for my lancer.


Any update on this stroker kit? I'm really curious to see how it held up. I'm looking to do it with an EFR7163 set up and I want to see if it's really worth it