Fill The Parking Lots With McLaren F1s

How many of you guys have been lucky enough to catch a McLaren F1 in the wild? While I’ve seen my fair share at events and museums over the years, I can’t ever recall randomly seeing one on the road. I imagine it’s quite the experience – but if seeing a single example on the street is something special, what would it be like to see almost 20 of them in place at one time?

This video shot at a recent McLaren F1 Owners Club meet in Europe gives us an idea. There were no less than 18 F1s taking part in the event, along with other more ‘run-of-the-mill’ McLaren models, like the new P1.

The video might not be the most polished you’ve ever seen – but it doesn’t need to be. Just enjoy the sights and sounds from one of the world’s most exclusive car meets.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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Who let the new guy over there in the corner?


Hahaha take it easy on him it's his first meet


Sure would be cool to see them like, I dunno... driving. As in more than 10mph.


Who thought it was a good idea to have a car meet on a dirt road?


It's a shame the white/red Mclaren F1 at this meet was crashed and subsequently written off. The driver lost control, rolled it and hit a tree. I read it on a week or so back. See this link Mike


Was the F1 XP3 there? It would be great if Gordon Murray came to a meet like this.


I've seen a F1 on the motorway in Auckland, never in a million years did i think one would be in this country let alone actually be driven, Was only doing 70ks but i slowed down abit in the hope he'd get bored, change lanes and go for it but alas he did not.
Still a very unexpected occurance.. Should hunt him down for a feature ;)


Did you see the gas station owner ringing his hands?
However, far too offroad for an F1 this parking lot, in my opinion :P


I see Mclaren's all day, hasn't changed how spectacular they are in the flesh though!


TarmacTerrorist Wow! Where do you work dude?


I live next door to the MTC and yes, I am incredibly lucky :)


TarmacTerrorist Don't ever move :)


RacingPast TarmacTerrorist I don't ever plan on doing so unless its to live near an equally good set of roads and an equally top notch F1 Manufacturer...
does set the standard very high on our own cars though when you see Mclaren Special Ops fairly regularly...


That explains it then, he has a.... History of crashing his F1


its probably the only supercar of that era that doesn't look dated. the only other example i can think of is the jag XJ220


I can say I have seen a F1 'in the wild'.....out on the desert roads in western Colorado. It was actually the F1, a Bertone Mantide, Ferreri F430 16M and a Ferrari 612. They were being drive cross-country.


Does that silver F1 have a freakin Oregon plate on it?  Currently living in OR, can't miss one of those.


SaintJ I remember in the late 90's when i was living in Porirua my dad told me that the Whittakers chocolate factory owner had an F1. My absolute dream car!! I wonder if its the same one.


Wildhamsterscelica I also noticed that. Either the owner is in Europe and left the plate on for a different look or owner shipped his car overseas for the meet.


last f1 sold price tag, about 10 mills. how mucho money is in this video ? :O!


Saw Ralph Lauren driving one of his once in the greater new York area, don't know which was more impressive, the man or the car


Don't forget the 1999-2002 Skyline GT-R (BNR34). That car never looks as old as it is.


So is it legal to drive a car in Europe if it has only US plates on it? This is not the first time I've heard of this, but I'd like to confirm.


TarmacTerrorist Mr. Atkinson loves the crap out of his F1, he'd rather drive it (a bit spiritedly, it seems) than keep it in his basement, which I think it's pretty neat! Accidents are bound to happen in high powered cars like this when road conditions get bad, and it's hard not to get a bit excited when in a car like this and a beautiful place like that. I don't blame them :P