GM’s Most Powerful Production Car</br> Ready To Be Unleashed

With production car engines getting smaller, and in many cases less inspiring by the day, it’s always refreshing to see big numbers – both in cubic capacity and horsepower – making it to the sales brochure stage.

Chevrolet’s highly anticipated 2015 Corvette Z06 is machine with some serious performance credentials, but now – less than six months out from its public release – GM has revealed just how potent it will be. How does a supercar-rivaling 650hp sound?

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Initially, 625hp was the number being floated by GM, but this new revelation really ups the ante. Not only will the new Z06 become the most powerful GM production car ever produced, it’s outputting more than the McLaren 650S (641hp), SRT Viper (640hp) and the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4.


At the heart of the Z06 is the General’s new LT4 engine, which we now know a little bit more about. The supercharged 6.2L V8 unit is based on the same architecture of the Gen 5 LT1 small block used in the Corvette Stingray, but it’s been suitably specced-up to handle the boost injection a 1.7L blower provides. Among other upgrades there’s Rotocast A356T6 aluminium cylinder heads, forged pistons and rods, and lightweight titanium intake valves.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

On top of the peak 650hp (485kW) figure which is realised at 6,400rpm, a crushing 650lb-ft (881Nm) is developed at 3,600 rpm. That’s a 40 percent improvement in peak torque and 29 percent improvement in horsepower over the last Z06’s 7.0L LS7 engine. For the driveline there’s an all-new 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmission that GM says shifts as quick at the world’s best DCTs, or – and we’re loving this part – a seven-speed manual gearbox option.

With purposeful-looking aero, a wide body draped over 19×10-inch (front) and 20×12-inch (rear) wheels, performance suspension and a Brembo brake package, this is going to be good.

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The Z06 aero package does wonders for the C7's lines. Can't wait to see one of these beasts in the wild. 

On an unrelated note, I wish that manufacturers would move away from such massive wheels (diameter wise) but alas, such is necessary to compliment current styling trends. 

Also, it's refreshing when you guys post automotive news like this. Thumbs up.


Big Pooky  Those giant things behind the wheels might have something to so with the wheel size.


Big Pooky Big power needs big brakes thus the big wheels.


Can't wait to see this at LeMans, interested to know what changes they'll make for the race.


650hp 881Nm supercharged V8, 7 speed manual gearbox, RWD, Brembo brakes all wrapped in a sexy sports car body. Doesn't get much better then that.


...This is going to be expensive


Just imagine the ZR1...


I liked Corvettes as a kid (and who didn't?), but then came Gran Turismo and everything changed. I've kinda lost sight of American motoring, but driving a 380hp 6-speed-automatic single cab pickup truck with a utility bed for a living, helped change that. Sure it's not fast per say, but it handles quite well for it's size and vehicle type, and that sound at full throttle? Priceless. Thanks GM.


Price tag? Must say they sure look better than they ever have.


guReMcO AWD is better


Gimme a pushrod any day.
Gimme lower parasitic loses any day.
Gimme a low CoG any day.

Hats off to GM for doing this.


arhiva400 Pushrods = ain't care. With that much literage they could make the same amount of power naturally aspirated using direct injection and a DOHC design - you know, technology that's somewhat newer than the 1950's.

Also hats off to GM for killing people with their cars and ignoring the problem for over a decade. Should have let that shit company die off in 2009.


FunctionFirst arhiva400 Or they could just ignore armchair racers and make a kickass engine based off of a well developed, inexpensive design.


this.guy.said Big Pooky Having seen them in person, they're bigger than dinner plates, just incredible brakes.


For idiots that can't drive


A truly nice piece, value for the money beats my Porsche hands down. But when you have to bring it back to the dealer for service and deal with a service manager that treats you just like the kid with the Cobalt that needs its ignition switch fixed, you will know why I bought a Porsche. Been there, done that, not going back.


Is it going to be able to go round corners?


FunctionFirst arhiva400 You realize this is a direct injection design?
OHC designs are older than pushrods.
DOHC engines require a lot more overhead room.  Utilizing a OHV engine allows for a more compact unit, and lower COG.  This allows for a smaller cross sectional area around the engine bay, lower drag and overall better performance.
There's tradeoffs, sure.  But they are working with what has won races over and over again.


FunctionFirst arhiva400 are you one of the paper spec racing guys? I've own OHV, SOHC, DOHC and let me tell you.. you should ride in my car.


The massive power and torque is nice, but I do miss the "purity" of the C6 Z06. I'm not normally an LSx kind of guy, but the LS7 really was something else.
I do very much like how the Z06 kit works on the C7, though. Pretty tasty.


LanceWinters I take it you know nothing about Corvettes then?
The last Corvette lapped the ring in 7min19sec, faster than almost every supercar on the planet


I've seeing this in person in Silver, and it's tasty!! Hands down take this over a Viper, and it's the only American sports car to be considered in my opinion.
Great Job GM


Boom. GT500, 650hp, 200mph (If you have room), around $65,000, and less mid life crisis.


@teddybeaver LanceWinters omg omg stand back everyone here come the ring times!!!


Saw one in LA, yellow to be exact. I was in a 13 Camero, put it to shame, like duh right. I really felt inferior in my rental when I drove by that on Wilshire or Sunset near Rodeo. Looks good from all the angles I saw. Looking forward to the new Ring lap time.


LouisYio There isn't going to be a C7 ZR1. That's why this Z06 is much more extreme than the C6 Z06.


RoughIdea RWD is more fun


Can't believe GM is still running strong with the single cam pushrod motor.

Freakin amazing if you tell me. I guess lower weight distribution is key though as these motors aren't top heavy and wide like DOHC V8's are.


rorymallinson2 LanceWinters Considering everyone uses those times and a lap around the ring as a benchmark of what a car can do.


prazzi It does, but the GT500 I've heard is scary trying to make it corner.

Obviously I can only take word from people that have driven them as I'm not rich enough to own one.


Hoonigan_RB RoughIdea Not always more fun. AWD you can do shit you can never even think of doing in a RWD car.

Plus you can go mudding with Evo's and STi's.


I like the idea of ZR-1 performance at a sub 100,000 price point. With prices ranging from $70k to $80k, Chevy's 2015 model, with incredible torque, aggressive stance and styling, the incredible aerodynamic improvements, this track capable vehicle is smoking hot.