The Biggest Car Festival In The World?

There’s a strong chance that Wörthersee (as it’s simply come to be known), is the largest automotive festival/gathering/party/holiday in the world – or whatever else it means to the hundreds of thousands that attend it each year. There will be more stories coming from this beautiful area of southern Austria, but for now I had to give you a quick taster of just how big this thing is.

Do you like the sound of V10s and anti-lag? Five-cylinder Quattro motors bouncing off the limiter? You should be here… And you still could be, because the event doesn’t officially start for another two weeks…

Worthersee Tour 2014 (6 of 16)

Chances are you are in the same position I was in last week. You’ve seen the stories and the pictures, and heard the hype. But it can’t be that good, can it? Prior to driving the 1000miles here from the UK, I thought I had a rough idea of what to expect. The trouble was, my brain wasn’t big enough to comprehend what I’d find. I think Paddy probably had the same problem when he visited last year.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (1 of 16)

Firstly, yes it’s primarily a European car festival, so VAG group product is by far the most popular. For some that might be a turn off, but it would be a big mistake to dismiss it for that reason as you’d miss out on so much more.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (10 of 16)

You have to remember, that group of interest covers a lot of cars and a lot of styles, plus a large part of the world when it comes to the people who make the trip here. The Vossen team have as part of their world tour, and I’ll be showing you more of what they’re up to later on.

As you can see from this Audi RS4, performance is everywhere. That is what’s really surprised me and I realise now I was being rather naive.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (2 of 16)

After all, VW have a long heritage of making quick cars – like this Golf Rallye.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (8 of 16)

And as automotive enthusiasts we’ve got a long history of making them go faster. This turbo-converted Beetle ticked a lot of boxes for me; carbon bumpers and a stripped interior sent out the right kind of message as it was parked up at Faak Am See, which is where a small stretch of road becomes ‘Turbokurve’. This is just one area in a massive valley system that surrounds the picturesque lake and a huge parking area is fronted by rows of people set up with deck chairs and supplies, waiting for stuff like this to happen.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (3 of 16)

It doesn’t seem to stop at all either. Wherever you go there’s something going on – traffic, shows, people hanging out or taking a drive… The first evening we headed up to that petrol station, which you need to read more about.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (4 of 16)

With the main show still being a couple of weeks away it’s dizzying to think what it must be like around here at that time. There’s talk this is the busiest it’s ever been at this time in advance of the event. The numbers being thrown around sound incredible, but I can believe them. Over one million people coming through here? That actually sounds realistic based on what I’ve seen.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (12 of 16)

So if you’re in to cars, then you’d like this.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (11 of 16)

There are so many people here having a good time. How can they be that wrong?

Worthersee Tour 2014 (7 of 16)

Wörthersee so far has been really eye opening. Try and imagine driving for 20 miles and seeing 90% modified cars in the busy traffic. Every hotel, guest house and campsite has interesting cars parked up outside, and you’re sat in a beautiful alpine valley which itself is pretty much perfectly set up for tourists.

Worthersee Tour 2014 (16 of 16)

So if you thought Wörthersee was all about lowered VWs, then shame on you. I’ll give you one more example – the main image of the 997 Porsche, the Lamborghini Gallardo and this 964 were all taken within five minutes of each other from almost exactly the same spot. That’s on a minor side road, early evening, mixed in with a whole load of other cool ‘traffic’.

They chose to be here, and I’m glad I did too.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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The sunburn on my neck is a reminder of the fun I had at my town's small local car show. It was fun seeing some odd cars  like a Opel GT and a De Tomaso Pantera


I challenge your question with my event, the Woodward Dream Cruise. It's technically only a one day event, but it really already started. One Saturday in August Woodward Ave, the main drag here in Michigan is turned into a massive multi mile cruise of every car imaginable. The numbers can't really be confirmed, but it's guessed to be about one million people and usually around 400,000 cars. In one day. That doesn't take into account the week before where there's a few more thousand cars out cruising. I'm sure this event is massive, but I think the Dream Cruise takes this cake.

And it's not just a bunch of lowered VWs.         :D


How can I download a wallpaper of that first blurry shot of the R8 with that guy's head in the frame? I'm also interested in buying a print of the Golf pan with all of the people in the way. 



Rallye Golf :-)


God I have to make it one year. I tell myself that every year. This is the only car meet / show or whatever that I'm even remotely interested in attending.


EricSeanDelaney  I'll second that. I've never attended but Woodward is definitely a bucket-list type of a day.


I'd say Goodwood FOS. I don't need to explain why. When was the last time you guys went anyway?


Ugh. Volkswagens


sean klingelhoefer EricSeanDelaney  You're welcomed out here anytime you can make it. I'll be going this year for sure if you're schedule isn't too jammed packed.


Is it just me or does Speedhunters seem to be running out things to post? And the things that do get posted just seem tacky.


I think... If you going in JDM you back home in TRAIN ?!


It's not just you.


just fucked up posers...


Finally posts that don't involve the Fr-s?

How much did you guys make earn for promoting that hideous car?


sean klingelhoefer  : Soooo you're saying you don't want to go to Gatebil?  That is what I'd like to get to next year personally.


sean klingelhoefer  EDIT: Also *I AM* remotely interested in attending and reporting any car meet / show / race that you have lined up if you feel it is too much of a burden... I could take some of that weight off your shoulders there Sean.


You posted the wrong Merc vid from Turbokurve. Here he chucks a U at the end:

turbo BEAMS ae86

LukeEVOLUTIONVIII haha.  only scene thats all looks


Anyone else hate vossen wheels? Never seen a car with them looking good, km4sh included rather rock the rims off an old mercury


prazzi  Everyone likes different things… you've got to remember that :)


Abdulb I think when you are getting new articles nearly every day you aren't always going to get total winners. And that's with a world wide scope which probably isn't cheap to fly everyone in to all these places. I think they do a pretty good job considering the volume they are turning out. And I'd rather see something every day and maybe one killer article a week than just one a week.


MilesHayler this is just stupid doing this with people right along side. You could suddenly get some extra traction and launch right into these bystanders. There's vids of this happening.


Quality over quantity, every time. SH used to churn out multiple top articles a week, so what's changed?


More on that chopped white Beetle.


There's no reason to hate kid. Look at what you said, 'multiple top articles a week...' SH is throwing out multiple articles a day! Then to say you cannot find even one of them interesting? What seems to be happening is that you've been coming to this site for YEARS like much of the audience SH has, and now, you've become so enthralled with what used to amuse that you put SH on a pedestal. As you've aged, your tastes have changed, and what used to keep you entertained doesn't anymore. It's not that SH has changed, because they're still popping out great things daily, it's that you set your expectations too high and let yourself be swayed by the same repeating 'these articles suck' comments. Form an opinion of your own... Just sayin...


LMFAO *thumbs up*


EricSeanDelaney sean klingelhoefer  

Austria and an orgiastic celebration of VAG cars hard parking and cruising, or Detroit and an orgiastic celebration of American muscle, classic and hot rods hard parking and cruising. 

I guess it really depends on your taste.


midgeman Perhaps you have changed, and the # of quality articles are the same?  This isn't the midgeman blog, it's a global blog, with global appeal, and a global audience covering global events.  If it's not to your standards, why not create your own blog?  Then you can source, edit, and dictate content.  The last time they posted about this event was - the last time it happened.  You have to keep in mind, this "industry" is very much saturated right now.  While there are some exciting things going on (and this event is one of them), the level of "newness" out there isn't what it used to be.  For a variety of reasons.


midgemanthe last time they went was, again, the last time it happened


H8RADE  There is absolutely nothing interesting about a bagged, brand new car, slammed to the ground wearing very expensive wheels. 
I just want to see cars that have a story to tell. Cars that were built despite of a lot of obstacles. "Cruisin’ The Family Supercar" was by far the worst article on this website.
It built with an unlimited budget and by people who have access to everything that is needed when building a car.


@turbo BEAMS ae86 LukeEVOLUTIONVIIIcouldn't be more wrong.  It's not all looks.  These events are mainly centered around looks.  Show me a car show or any genre of cars that isn't?


sean klingelhoefer  We should make a plan for next year :)


prazzi  Sorry Prazzi, but I wouldn't shoe a Mustang on those boat rims. nor an EVO X, but I've seen successful installs of both using Vossens. Not saying you have to like them, just that we all have different tastes.
BTW: Boat reference is to Mercury outboard motors, not to the length of the car in the photo. :)


Chri5 Duncan MilesHayler  Wouldn't catch me doing it! It was just a response to the video linked in the article.


You can call it hate, but it's my opinion. I guess I've just come to expect too much. This site has changed from what it used to be, in both quality and content, and I'm not the only to see that. Just read the comments. I'm not going to be interested in every article, but the reasons I used to love SH so much have become the exception, not the norm.
They have covered the same events multiple times yearly, as well as new ones, and it was the out of the box coverage and passionate photography that interested me, something other sites overlooked. Paddy's article last year from the Spa GP is a perfect example. F1 is the most covered motorsport in the world, but I'd never seen it covered like Paddy did.
Oh well. I guess I'll just have to start looking elsewhere for quality content and less saturation of slap-on over fenders and hard parkers.


But I will say Mr. Chen still gets it.


Abdulb  Apparently just a few of you haters... I for one have been looking forward to this coverage all year, its right up there with Gatbil for me. And considering the epicness of Worthersee a two week in advance preview with this amount of sweet machinery should be a clear sign to you about how amazing the real event will be.


My post from the other day got 'moderated' off the site - look down the bottom and you will see EA is the copyright owner for the site. That means that they actually have the backing of one of the worlds largest entertainment companies and explains the prevalence of infomercials of recent times. I would like to have seen more variety on Worthsee or maybe even just a longer, more cohesive post for a first run - this one just gives a smidge without really doing tribute to what is going on there.


@Pug  EA has been good enough to fund Speedhunters since day one. It's only right they see some return on their investment IMO :)


I (a S-Chassis JDM-guy dyed in the wool) don't always comment on Speedhunters.
But when I do, it's because of intolerant haters: Please STFU & GTFO
There's no right or wrong if it comes to a brand, a style or the concept of a modified car.
It's the passion that counts and not if you'd do it differently.


nielssan its nice to see some enthusiasts out there get the full picture


PaddyMcGrath seriously, its like some think a big bad company came in swooped up a previously privately run blog (like what has happened with most of the forums out there).  Newsflash all, without the backing of someone with some pockets, like EA, you would not have the level of coverage, from all corners of the globe, within hours of events happening, with professional photographers, in one place.  Are there constant NFS flash ads?  Not that I have ever seen.  So you have to deal with an occasional promo for new sweatshirts....big deal.  Other blogs promote their swag, why should SH not want to, for those readers who do want such items?


@turbo BEAMS ae86 LukeEVOLUTIONVIII  lowriders, kustoms, minitrucks, mallcrawlers, rat rods


@revtil9k nielssan  But it's sad to see that some enthusiasts don't understand simple sentences.
I'm up for all styles. I really liked the "Van Meets Spaceship" article. Why? Because it had a story. A guy didn't just write a cheque to a garage and ask them to build it. It took years of work.
If a stanced/slammed car is worth writing multiple pages about, then go for it. I loved the Kaiser Drag'n. If it's simply sitting on bags, hardparked, it doesn't deserve a feature. And compilations of pictures from shows are okay, as long as they are offset by good features (which seem to be coming along once again). It's just, there have often been days (sometimes a couple of days) before any article is published, good or bad. Speedhunters would put up multiple articles a day before, doesn't matter if they were hardparked or missiles.
I've learnt more from this website than from anywhere else. I feel like I owe a lot to it. I would never hate on it. I was only offering what I thought was constructive criticism. I'm sure the editors and contributors did not mind what I said, but I would like apologize to them regardless.


Abdulb nielssanIt's the general trend of the industry right now - those slammed cars are keeping the engine of things moving on the aftermarket side.  It's not my personal everyday thing either, but there are still ideas, styling wise, that can be learned from seeing how some others interpret their own cars, and the results they show.  I imagine that after introducing the general event pics, there will be several specific features down the road.  This is a major event, and a wide array of cars attend.  Like any other "import" car show worldwide.  Constructive criticism, by nature, involves suggesting how to make the end result (this site) better.  All you did was complain.  Thankfully you expanded upon your complaint in the above post.  Their content delivery has always been varied, it's never been a daily procedure of 4-5 articles.  You always have to sift through things that may not be your style to find pieces of things that are.  Such is the blogging world


zephoto sean klingelhoefer For starters, I wouldn't call gatebil a car show ;) Secondly, I've already been. Twice.


PaddyMcGrath sean klingelhoefer Ya Definitely. Heading to N24 next month? ;)


EricSeanDelaney sean klingelhoefer Ya we'll have to see - if I come out there I'll definitely let you know.


sean klingelhoefer PaddyMcGrath Afraid not, likely not shooting any motorsport this year.


I need to do it, gutted I can't this year because of finishing uni but next year I'm making no excuses.


Yes and no, it's the biggest organised one, but Worthersee is basically just a big car meet that happens for 2 weeks or so. It's like all the car enthusiasts in Europe decided to have a holiday at the same time, the villages around the lake become saturated with car enthusiasts, standard cars become the minority, cars are parked on pavements and grass to show them off, people go drive the roads around the lake, meet up in quarry's etc.


VW is the best. I hope one day I will be able to drive my own [url=" rel="dofollow" target="_blank">] VW Lupo. Some say it is a boring car, but I like small, cuties, and among that it is really powerful.. Well, you know what they say, poison comes in small bottles :D I mean just look at it :D" rel="dofollow" target="_blank">


doridori they are Messer wheels