Return Of The S2000? With AWD & Boost?

I think it goes without saying that one of the most beloved Hondas of all time is the S2000, and that most of us were quite disappointed when the Japanese carmaker stopped building the open-top sports car at the end of the last decade – with no successor in sight. Well, if a report from Auto Express is to believed, the S2000 may be on its way back. Sort of.

Along with the upcoming NSX and the micro-sized S660, word is that Honda is planning on a third sports car to slot in between them. While this would occupy the spot formerly held by the S2000, from the looks of it, the car wouldn’t bear much resemblance to the original. First off, this new S2000 would be a coupe not a roadster, and it would be powered by a variant of the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine from the upcoming Civic Type R – and perhaps even hybrid technology borrowed from Honda’s new F1 program. If that’s not enough, there’s also a chance the car could come with a version of the AWD system being developed for NSX. As with all of these news stories, none of this information is confirmed so you can take it with a grain of salt. But the idea of a turbocharged AWD S2000 is an interesting one nonetheless…

But what say you? Should a new S2000 embrace the latest performance technologies, or should it stick with screaming, naturally aspirated roots of the original?

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Sounds more like an Integra/RSX! Let Honda throw the kitchen sink at it! If they don't push the envelope who will?


The AWD is a bit of a surprise. Surely this is to go up against the 86?


dear car gods; make this so. let us all bask in the glorious return of the Honda motor company to making the best handling performance cars on the market with the return of a civic worthy of a type R badge, the return of the NSX, a new small performance car via the S660. now all we need is a new ITR. Thank you honda thank you.
I see nothing wrong with a turbo all wheel drive S2000 this is a move in the right direction for honda and would make a car that would fill a gap that the Toyboru has sort of missed. a car that requires very little work to modify and see big gains and will undoubtedly handle like a dream out of the box. this also sounds like a car that the big honda tuning houses will be happy to work on, I personally cant wait to see what Mugan and Spoon will do to the car if it makes it in to production.


NA, RWD please! However I wouldn't be disappointed with an AWD boosted car...


Unsure how accurate this render is but it looks good.


if the render floating around was awd and turbocharged... i would buy the crap out of it.




An AWD turbo car can not be called S2000...




The price point and technology puts this In competition with the porche cayman, m235 type buyers.




RWD or gtfo ;)


HAS TO BE RWD if the idea is to succeed the S2k
if not should just name it the new Integra/RSX


American Honda will pull the rug from under the U.S. market faster that you can  say S2000.


Coupe, I can accept that. But AWD and turbo... no. RWD and NA pls. :)


If it's to succeed the S2000, should be RWD and NA. If it's not, then it's a new car and not a successor


This things price tag is going to make us all vomit.


I thought Honda builds all their performance vehicles with motor-sport in mind... So why use/design/explore AWD? Extra engineering that must be removed as soon as the car goes racing. (WTCC, GT Racing, even WRC cars start out as 2WD, etc.)

Boost is inevitable... we should get over that one.


MilesHayler Heresy. How dare you put the 86 on the same level as the s2000.


So, the new s2000 is a audi tt?


earmenau MilesHayler  LOL. I wonder which one is NA and which is boosted? ... OHNO!


For me, the essence of the S2000 is its high revving RWD nature and the ability to drop the top! I've had a love affair with these cars for near enough 10 years now and have owned six of them. I could accept the addition of a turbo engine. As some have said I think that was an inevitability as manufacturers battle for power figures, though I don't think Honda needed to chase numbers. Just look at the love the GT86 has gotten even with its measley 200bhp. They should be focussed on making it a DRIVERS CAR. I hope they still do this with the new range.

Turning it into a coupe with AWD rather than a lightweight RWD convertible though? It will never be a true S2000 in 'spirit' and I don't believe it should share the same name. It would be like calling a Mini a 5 series BMW.
All these changes seem to point in one general direction..... I wonder if Honda are looking to sign up to WRC......


AWD, Hybridisation... Think I'll Pass. All sounds very heavy and expensive.

You just know that the price will make you turn green, and as many have already said it HAS to be a hi revving NA 2.0L 4 pot, RWD and LIGHTWEIGHT! 

Essentially take the GT86/FRS/BRZ formula and add 30-40 BHP and sell it for £20K-£25K. Simple.


"Lets take the DNA of the S series of Honda History...and throw it out the window, torch it, drive a CRV over the top of it and produce the new S2000 from it"

Gianluca FairladyZ

Mmh.... I think we'd like to have every kind of nice sports spec engine, but we have to face the fact of the strict emission regulations. For me there should absolutley be a new kind of Honda Sports Car S2000... If so, I think that Honda will go the most economical way and take the Civic Type R Turbo Engine..


If that happens....screw you Honda. Keep it RWD.

Nicholas J OGara

How about, nooooooo. You fricken bastards.


why the hell AWD Turbo Coupe should be named as return of S2000?


keep it as it was, rwd, roadtser, NA with plenty of unicorn farts


rorymallinson2  Haha, unicorn farts ftw! MCM!


I know it's difficult to make cars like Honda used to and still fit within regulations in all the different global markets these days. But Honda are slowly erasing everything that makes them unique. N/A is the way




Don't assume it's a s2000


@racingpast Oh no... Which one is a sport compact and which one is a true sports car? OH NO!!


Adding awd and calling it the S2000's


The original car was about a classic FR platform with a lot of subtle modern touches, like vtec and sophisticated suspension and interior. I think this car will be good and quick but not really a successor to the S2000.


AWD turbocharged coupe?That's the farthst possible thing from the S2000. I like the idea of a new Honda sports car but don't call it S2000 just because you think it will increase the sales. Because it won't.


rorymallinson2  But unicorn farts kills polar bears! Thats why the modern carmaker have to warm the farts with turbos.


MikeFlo true sports cars aren't drop tops lol


It needs to be what it used to be fr amd that's it and only manual nothing else


Roadsters are though.


earmenau  AlexLobanov MikeFlo RacingPast

Woah! Calm down guys! 

I merely meant this from a commercial standpoint. They've seen the massive success the 86 has been and want a slice of the pie! 

I wasn't comparing the cars per se, just the market.


It should do both ... embrace new tech while living up to its roots.


But unicorn farts make MOOG smile


click bait.


The idea of an AWD turbo'd Honda is definately something that interests me. Even as a casual fan of Honda though, I don't think this should wear the S2000 badge.


I think Honda and Subaru would have been onto something cool


I dont think the AWD and Turbo engine will be as original as older Honda stuff. When you look on other brands they all have turbo AWD sports car so why not have something unique like RWD N/A roadster. Something like Toy/baru 86?


Hybrid tech from F1, yes. Turbo, hmmmmaybe but preferably not. Awd, BOOOOOO!
The S2000s beauty lay in it poise, balance and simplicity, it should stay as close to that as possible =)


I own an S2000 currently and if honda produce an AWD successor I will drive to the dealership and lay down my deposit the day they start giving me the chance.


Bring on the turbo. Hybrid seems a bit to much. But the world needs more rwd sport cars!


Hmmmm, my fav honda with my fav drivetran, PLUS turbo........yes please :3

NFSWorld player

the S2000 is a good looking car has good acceleration and handling, i really like this one

NFSWorld player

i really want this car to be IGC in nfs world


make version with CVT  just for fun. (Continuously Variable Transmission)


Porsche spyder 550. Boxster s. Carrera. Lotus Elise targa. NSX targa. Viper targa. Supra targa. Just to name a few...
Sit back down @alexlobanov


The proposition of a Turbo charged 2 liter 4-wheel drive sports car is anything but interesting, soon it's all there will be.


Why can't Honda just do things right like they used to. If its its not front engine, NA, and rear wheel drive, its NOT an S2000. Wake up Honda!


Ill get You board off :P blow!


@NFSWorld player  really!


@j_kouki  onto? maybe into?


@NFSWorld player   Im right with you there id like to see this car in NFSW



sandpaper condom

Mon dieu, AWD turbo coupé...that sounds terrible. Maybe it will be available even in 4 doors and flat back pick up. Why not a range of diesels as well?

I wish they would bring it back to life as a car for enthusiasts, not rich old people in mind... It should have the same 4 pot 2l engine, but redone so the S2000 can claim back the record for the highest specific output, ofc placed in the middle of the car on a new version of the old but very interesting X type frame; the same simple, clean exterior design, the same kind of back to basics functionally cabin. With the same 50:50 weight distribution, but about 200kgs lighter. And i'm not talking about ornamenting it with carbon this and kevlar that, they should just leave out tactile displays, electric and heated seats and automatic wipers, headlights and all that kind of expensive equipement which nobody under 50 is interested in... Something as simple and light as a go kart, but that could potentially be used everyday, even tho roadsters aren't really daily drives...

Oh and VTEC to kick in YO!


I wish I had this car.


sounds like a car for nerds who can't drive


Coming from a honda head, i think our beloved manufacturer has yet to make a true statement in this new era. 
Honda has been capable of building a reliable naturally aspirated monster for decades. The closest weve got was the rl with the indy v8 concept. It should be completely feasible for them to engineer a top teir motor to compete with the higher end performance market, and do it in the way we know they can do, without the need for boost. Imagine a 5.0L or even 6.0L v8 or v12 even... Honda lfa? Combine this with a hybrid setup and you could easily have a 700+hp lightweight coupe in the bracket between a zo6 and gtr. Not to mention we desperatley need a sequential box on all motor lines. C'mon honda!

sandpaper condom

Also, I don't really care how many gears, but the gearbox must be manual. Preferably an open gate design... xD


1.5 engine from a FIT spin it to 10k, turbo it, have that hybrid F1 KERS thingy, the body same dimensions, tranny.. your choice 
its HONDA cmon!


is it me or do the first 2 pics bear an uncanny resemblance to the adventador.   "mini version"


is it me or do first pics bear a likeness to the adventador.  "mini version"