Plastic Fantastic! Speedhunters Present The Rocket Bunny Model Kit

It was always going to happen really, knowing the team here at Speedhunters. In January last year, Sean showed off the GReddy/Rocket Bunny FR-S in its gleaming, full-size metal; and we did yearn for it… A year later, Mike took a longing look at the Aoshima model kit of the red Rocket Bunny FR-S, a Scion for your desk. And we wanted that too. Could these two concepts be brought together? You bet: we’ve been able to secure a super limited number of Speedhunters Edition GReddy x Rocket Bunny 86 scale model kits, which are available now on our US and EU stores.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-10

This precision kit comes ready to assemble in 1/24th scale – you’ll just need glue to get up and running and paint to accurately recreate all the little details. The model is a 181mm long representation of Miura-san’s finest, just over seven inches over over-fendered, bewinged plastic heaven. We’ll be presenting a run-through of building the kit shortly as part of our scale model theme.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-07

The model is packed with authentic details: miniature representations of its big brother’s every component.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-05

Everything is here, from the GReddy exhaust and G25 Volk Racing wheels to the quick release steering and custom shift knobs.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-01

As with the previous kit we looked at, the best thing about these Aoshima models is that they’re a modifiers dream – what you see on the outside of the box isn’t all you get. There’s so much more inside.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-06

You can leave it stock, or shave the factory fenders to fit on the full Rocket Bunny kit; make it left- or righthand drive; sign it as a factory Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 or GT86 instead. It’s all there.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-08

Of course, you don’t have to use the sticker sets that are supplied in the box – not when there’s a whole load of scale-size options available… like the Speedhunters RC sticker sheet!

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-04

Once our stock sells out, that’s it for the short term – though we are trying to get hold of more kits.

SH Rocket Bunny Model Kit-03

These kits are going to disappear fast, so head over to the Speedhunters store to secure your little box of scale heaven.

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This is awesome!!


Wow you finally made something I want.


this is really cool, but it's too expensive from you guys, on the usual sites like hlj it's half the price, and the shipping is astronomical!


@djmattm Hi, it all depends on where you are in the world. When we checked the price point it was roughly in the middle of what it costs worldwide, the shipping is from the UK where we hold our stock. We know you can source it elsewhere, we're just proud this has happened so have added it to our shop too! Hope that makes sense


Hey guys, when will this be back in stock in the UK? If it all that is....


Very cool, who is the model builder ?


We are looking to get more ASAP!


There are a few knocking around on eBay and Amazon, but they're all from Hong Kong/Japan; how likely are they to be fakes or otherwise dodgy...? Happier to wait if there is a likelihood there will be some more on here however...


There are no fake car model kits (unlike Gundam). So those are real. You can just get this kit straight from Japan, the shipping isn't that expensive. Check out hobby link Japan or hobby search. Should be around $35 shipped to North America.


i want d brz