Hawaii, We’re Coming For You

It was only a few days ago that Larry and Matt were at Road Atlanta for the second Fatlace Offset Kings showcase held in conjunction with Formula Drift. Well, this weekend it’s all on again – this time in Honolulu with a standalone event on May 18 (Sunday) at Keehi Lagoon Memorial Park.

Dino will be making is way over to the 50th state from Japan, and bringing back the goodness that Offset Kings Hawaii promises to deliver. As we did in Long Beach and Atlanta, we’ll also be running another #FeatureThis activation; choosing our favourite car from the show and shooting it then and there for a full feature. In Atlanta, the honour went to the awesome Mercedes-Benz 240D above, as photographed by Larry, which you’ll be able to read about in detail next week.

If you’re in Hawaii and planning on bringing your car out to Offset Kings, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Brad Lord



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Bring Larry instead :(

Joshua Jackson 92

hey guys I know this may be can an awkward question to ask but Can you guys please come to sydney speedway to do a story on Sprint car racing these are 900 horsepower machines drifting with 24 other cars and if one of the cars makes a mistake the whole field can suffer so can you please have a look at these amazing machines. Sydney speedways website is here http://www.sydneyspeedway.com/Sincerely Joshua Jackson From sydney, Australia


@808onevia  I'm flattered, but Speedhunters would be nothing without Dino. I hope you guys in the 808 give him a warm welcome.

I will be back probably next year anyways for my two year wedding anniversary (I got hitched at the North Shore :D) and also to shoot some cars of course.


I'd love to have you guys check out my 450+whp 1984 jetta. But I'm not going to the show. . It isn't a show car lol. Hit me up on IG @ungluck


It's one thing to meet Larry Chen, but to meet another certified legend, THE Dino Dalle Carbonare, I can't pass that up. See you guys Sunday! (PS, I hope you don't take that the wrong way Larry, lol.)


Absolution  The man, the legend, the white framed glasses!