The Last Teammate: <br />Remembering Imola 1994

As you are likely aware, today – May 1st – marks the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Formula 1 San Marino GP – a race which saw the loss of both Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. There have been some great stories and films posted this week remembering that tragic time, and one of the best I’ve seen is the 43-minute documentary film from Sky Sports F1. It looks at the events of that tragic race and the 1994 F1 season itself, through the eyes of Senna’s ’94 teammate Damon Hill, and Ratzenberger’s teammate David Brabham. Not only do the two drivers recollect the fateful day,  but they return to Imola two decades on to pay tribute to their fallen friends. It’s very well done and quite worth the watch.

Mike Garrett
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Emotive stuff.


I was 11 when I was watching the Grand Prix of Imola '94, Senna started from pole ... After a rough output and a safety car when it was on lap 4 with a 2nd Michael Schumacher, saw him we all saw on TV .... an angel was going to heaven .... 

After that F1 has not been what it is ... that if the security measures for the FIA ​​have since improved. 

R.I.P. Senna


The worst day of my childhood, when us brazilians lost " A hero reference "  



SENNA!!!! SENNA!!!!!


Deep deep stuff

R.I.P Senna


R.I.P Roland and Ayrton!


Here we are 20 years later Michael Schumacher is the one we're hoping makes it. What a cruel twist in history.

But wow, what a terrible weekend for F1 history. Roland and Senna.


Thanks SpeedHunters for this post... As a Brazilian, and huge fan of Ayrton Senna, I have to thank you all for remembering.


SENNA (the Movie/Documentary) really helped me understand the greatest driver ever. I was only 8 when Senna/Ratzenberger passed, they drove to their limits, I just wish Senna listen to his gut and not drove that day. 

R.I. P to a true competitors, inspirations, and stand up guys.


Agreed with everything you said.
My fav line from the documentary Senna:
"If you no longer go for a gap that exist; you no longer racing driver."
I think their playing Senna on the velocity channel this weekend.


So much emotion in this, Race in Paradise Ayrton and Roland, you are both sorely missed and you will never ever be forgotten. I only wish I had been alive to see those legends race, but I will forever look up to Ayrton as a hero and an inspiration.


Wow, Senna was a bit before my time but this was a really good tribute to him and Roland, thanks for sharing!

Gianluca FairladyZ

R.I.P. Ayrton Senna.. You're the best!


I remember watching the race with my dad, i was only 11 and at that time a fan of Damon Hill. I was absolutely shocked by what happened. I think it is a good thing F1 started improving their overall safety since then, it is a lot safer now, but that does not mean it has gotten any better in my opinion.

RIP Senna.


Great video. Also rewatched Senna this weekend. 

I still remember how much this affected me as I'd never known a death of someone I "know" before. We were on holiday and I was 10 and me and my Dad were looking forward to seeing the replay when we heard the announcement and it wasn't shown. Remember it like it was yesterday.


I was seven en watched my first F1 race. It always stayed with me. To me he is the greatest driver of all time. R.I.P.


Damon Hill! what a "character"...!! RIP Ayrton