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Nigel Petrie’s Hilux build is something that we’ve covered extensively here on Speedhunters. Now there’s a brilliant full-length documentary from Matthew Cox that follows the amazing machine’s local Australian debut at the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge and subsequent summer spent in New Zealand. I really like that film makers are moving on to longer, more in-depth films rather than just eye candy – and I think this project shows why.

Do yourself a favor – grab a beverage, sit back and check this one out.

Mike Garrett
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I watched this the other day and it gave me shivers! Simply amazing. Well done Nigel.


Nigel,you are outstanding man! Thanks a lot for this magical video.


Cant wait to watch this with some mates. Thanks Nigel.


Good clip. End has some nice rolling footage.


As a fabricator, always admired the build, including the whole pull it to bits idea. After that video, much more respect for your build because you have captured the soul of a build it yourself idea Nigel. 

It is said of many projects, "A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this." , without the struggle there is no accomplishment. Stoked for you Nigel and I hope you continue your struggle for therein lies the victory.


This is so motivating. The car, the story, the man himself. Actually, I just canceled my evening plans and called my mate with a "garage-invasion" warning. 
Huge respect to the filmmaker as well. To capture a good looking car, drifting on a nice track in slow motion is one thing, but to capture the emotion is something completely different and so much harder to achieve. 
When the gearbox broke, I seriously felt the amount of sadness and resignation he felt. 
Just as I felt a huge joy when he rolled the Quaife box in to the garage, and straight up euphoria during the last shots of the car ripping on the last track. 
Too good Nigel, too good!


Truly amazing video. This displays emotions better than any Hollywood movie. Even if you are not a motor sport enthusiast, you can find inspiration here.



The One Otaku

Beautiful film from Matthew and very inspiring. Nigel is portrayed as someone very passionate about his craft and someone you'd want to hang out with. Bravo Matthew!




There goes my lunch.


I don't know what impresses me more the car or the raw emotion of the journey you allowed us to follow with you.
Bravo sir. I always wear my "Engineered to Slide" hat proudly but maybe even more now.


Great way to spend my lunch hour. This was a fantastic video and it really captured the essence of what building a car is.

I have been following this build for quite some time now and it is great to see what he has accomplished. Nigel, you are a truly inspiring and I wish the best of luck with the Ute in the years to come!


Awesome and inspirational


I tip my cap to you sir!




I just can't get over the sheer amount of engineering porn in this car. It's insane.


Nice inspirational film. Respect to the builder of the car.


Simply Amazing !!!!!Followed everything for those years .. and u come a long way Nigel ..... u deserved this spot and that Documentary top it off ..... i know i am not the only one who felt your deepest emotion even though we were not there ...... great work also from the film maker and his team ..... 5 start rating given to all of u ... Nigel hand shake from me to u from the caribbean island of Trinidad And Tobago ... excellent work ... thank you Speedhunters .....


I remember when he started this awesome build. Just wish the vid was longer. That truck is beautiful!


That was an amazing journey, congratulations Nigel!  Can't wait until I get to that point in my build!


Watched this the other day and I was blown away by the whole video and all the highs and lows that went along with Nigel's epic adventure. Truly worth a watch!


This is the video you show people that don't get cars when they ask you "why?".

The lines are now well and truly Blurred between Engineering and art.

Automotive Mona Lisa? 

I still cant get my head around the fact that this was all done in a guys shed......


The online world (be it Tuning, games, music or whatever) starts producing these long, absolutely beautifully done documentaries, while the TV world barely does 10 minutes per subject. Interesting to notice.

If you want to see something equally great, search for "Kei To The City" on youtube ;)

Trevor Watson

Best hour lunch brake I have taken for a long time to watch this! Awesome video! Been trying to keep up with the build all the way through and great to see the final result! Now I only wish there had been a similar 'movie style' video for the build its self!


Nigel.i think that there isn't one single person in the automotive world that you didn't earned their respect...
Unbelievable video,many many  times where i brought to my mind my build,my ups and downs,my pain,my smiles when something went as planned...
Respect my friend,the least we owe you for your build,your inspiration,motivation and courage to take things one step further...
Hope you enjoy your life's dream as much as possible


Acc  Thanks for the recommendation. They need to develop more documentaries such as these.


Dare I say the build of the decade ?? Don't think there is much that will beat it ??, Nigel has built put his life into this build and to be honest, after watching this film (which i have been waiting for for quite a while) I feel inspired to get out into my garage and start building something worthy of his approval


Nigel you're a true engineer-er,  a true fighter, keep your head up! and dreams alive! I am a toyota/lexus enthusiast/photographer I love SH. I enjoy watching, learning, about stories like yours. I remember I was a kid admiring a Toyota Pickup lowrider that would always cruise in my neighborhood I thought that was the coolest thing ever that was 20 yrs ago. I've seen the drag Sequoia. TRD trucks as well but who would've thought about building an old school Toyota pickup drift time attack? Genius you are. You mentioned you didn't build it for looks..but that thing looks sick! cool! It drifts too! even cooler! One question I did not catch, what motor is under the helux? not a 2jz?


Simply awesome what a guy in a shed can do.
Simply epic build.


Awesome build and cool garage. But why choose a Nissan engine/gearbox?


greenroadster  Thanks for the garage love, I used mostly engine parts I had knowledge with so I could concentrate on everything else, at the end of the day it had to be light, powerful, reliable and aesthetically pleasing, this motors out of my PS13 and has been sitting in that car for 10 years, it makes 360 rwkw now (only 190rwkw in the video and is perfectly balanced.


KEATHUON  Thanks, I appreciate the comments. Its an SR20 and you can see it all and read all about it on Engineeredtoslide.com


chrismorgan46  Thanks man, I really appreciate it.


EVOMINUS  Thanks mate, all I ask is that you share it around and spread the word, these stupid 4 wheel creations can make this world a better place :)


Trevor Watson  There is the Behind documentary? Its only short but you get the idea, https://vimeo.com/74275452


@Red Beard  Thanks for the comments, I still ask myself why................... and then I see what I built :) Wouldnt change a thing!


AndrewBrusseau  All the best Andrew, those low points you go through are just there to test you, show them whos boss!


ZeusEdwards  Thank you for following and enjoying it, I appreciate it.


AirLift_Lucas  Thanks mate, its been a real journey thats for sure.


The One Otaku  thanks, I am passionate, Matt captured it well though!


dinonovakpr  Thanks, that was the aim, I liked having Matt do this style of film, I get a little bored sometimes when people focus on the nuts and bolts and not the reason behind why they do something.


@FunkyChild  Haha, thank you!


Oompa  Thanks, I appreciate it.


RuslanDzhusupov  No problems, it was my pleasure


JackieMoon  Thanks!


Don't you worry about that my friend...i have been following your build from the start and believe me i have forwarded links from your masterpiece to whoever i knew and could possibly -even as litlle as their minds,hearts and souls could- understand or help them motivate accomplice their dreams..even if its not a "car" .....
I can't get out of my head ,your reaction from your first drive,your first slide....no matter what happened afterwards...it doesn't matter....I hope i can feel a bit like you,even for those few seconds......i have been down a very steep and paiful road and the only think that motivates me is that some day i will too feel like that..
We live very far away but if there wasn't for the distance i would glady and with all my heart give you a hand whenever you needed one..


Great job Nigel. Your ute is huge amount of inspiration for a lot of people around the world. Thanks, that you performed your project on such a high level. I strongly belive that thanks to people like you, projects performed in sheds will be better and better, and there is no risk that we loose our identity and passion as 'shed' fabricators.
Cheers mate, and keep it up


EVOMINUS  Thanks mate, I really appreciate the comments, I love how so many people understand the Journey.


@Kris_e34ute  Thanks mate, Ill endeavour to always do it for those thrashing it out for the guys in the garage. Its not an easy life thats for sure.


your an inspiration to us all. Great work Nigel.

what wheels was that on the 240?



this is truly amazing


this is awe-f-ing-some


a true gear head movie.


Epic and motivational. Just the kick up the arse needed to get my own projects completed.


Just wanted to say I've been watching this build for some time now & you are inspiration to us all. Just goes to show what hard work, dedication & a love for what you do can accomplish. Congrats on your success.


Great film, glad I was able to be a part of it.


WOW Amazing piece of art!  i like the slowmo @ the end you could see how good that wheel camber setup is.
i also like the fact that Nigel always brings his bmx ! Drifting and BMX riding awsome  
nigel seems to be a real cool guy.  movie was just brilliant


Saying this build was amazing and inspirational would be like how you explained building your own car compared to tuning a production car, it's just two different worlds and it was touching to see the lows and highs and how you showed what one person can do with such ambition and skill! Nigel words can't describe your feelings and your journey but joined with the video, your commentary and the behind the scene video it's amazing to watch and I'll watch this 3,4 or even more times in the future to help me on my road to succeeding my goals.

Thank you for what you did and thank you for sharing it with us!

Also thank you to Matthew J Cox for putting these documentaries together, amazing work.