Audi Builds A Monster For Wörthersee

As I write this, preparations are well under way for this weekend’s massive gathering at Wörthersee – and of course we’ll be there to cover it all. But in addition to being the one of the world’s biggest gatherings of VW and Audi enthusiasts, the Volkswagen Group itself also take a big interest in the annual event, and actually uses it to debut some of its coolest concept cars. This year Audi is bringing quite a specimen to Austria: the A3 Clubsport Quattro concept.


Based on the recently-released S3 sedan, the Club Sport Quattro takes performance to another level. Under the hood sits a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine making an even 525ps. That’s a big jump from the 300ps the standard issue S3 generates.


The boosted five-banger comes mated to seven-speed S-Tronic transmission, and of course output goes to all four wheels. With that sort of power and grip on board, Audi claims a 0-62mph (100km/h) time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 192mph (309km/h).


Naturally, the footwork has also been upgraded with an adjustable suspension setup, and the car wears a set of unique 21-inch wheels and tires. The wheels cover giant carbon ceramic brakes that are assisted by a trick air brake system that raises the rear spoiler to improve braking distances by up to 12 meters dependent on speed.


The electronically-operated spoiler is just one part of a more aggressive exterior treatment that includes widened fenders, large vents on the front bumper and a big diffuser out back. Now, let’s just hope that this concept actually becomes a reality!

Look for more coverage on this and the rest of the happenings at Wörthersee as we kick off our coverage this weekend.

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I want one! Or ten! So sleek and stylish, the grille does it for me! Should have a bigger engine!


Lachys114  Engine is big enough! 5-banger for heritage's sake and an ass to die for. I'm not to fond of the front though, let's see where they come up with for the production model :)


Ooh. Ooh. Ooh... finished. Thank you Audi. Swoon...


Ooh. Ooh. Ooh... just looked at it again. Yum...


westhave Lachys114  
I think the 'lighting' in the render does not do the front justice, hopefully we get to see the real thing soon! 

Inline 5 making 500HP - yes please!


Audi builds a bad-ass high-performance Quattro with 500+hp, a ceramic brake package and active aero: Dedicated VAG fans install air suspension, wheels that don't fit, and only have it trailered to and from car shows.


westhave Lachys114Looks like someone cut of the nose of it.


Transverse engine?  No thanks.


If that gets built...that will get added to the wishlist lol


Is that an embossed Audi logo on the rear door?


Looks like the contiuation of that Audi quattro concept.


no manual transmition? it socks...


Couldn't care less. They do the same thing every year and they never produce what they show. VW W12 Nardo? VW Golf W12? Audi A1 Quattro monster? Pff...


I would have to agree wholeheartedly.... car manufacturers don't seem to realize that its MORE annoying to know what they COULD PRODUCE but choose not to. "We have the ability to make something super awesome, we're going to show it to, get you excited, and then...NEVER MAKE ANYTHING LIKE IT."


5-cyl turbo, Quattro and perfect size. Put a "real" gearbox in there and I'm in :)


AGR  ageed or at least make the shift lever a button or a smaller lever since its almost useless


Anyone can drive a fast car, but not everyone can drive a car fast...... the ability to switch gears yourself and heel toe into a corner is part of that skill set. No more automatic supercars. You worked hard to get your millions, the least you can do is shift your own lambo.


So they make what appears to be a great little car and then put an auto in it? What a shame. How about a proper gearbox with a clutch pedal!


I thought Worthersee was next weekend?


I like the car, don't get me wrong, but the rear looks a bit Lexus doesn't it? Not at all a bad thing. Anyone else seeing this though?


525ps would make for a lot of shifting, not sure if I would prefer a manual or the dsg, 21 inch wheels? They look to big, I think I would prefer 19s?


Each to their own I guess, I agree that engine is pretty radical but in full group B style a touch more power would be more appropriate (IMHO). The front is just different to the run of the mill Audi's and to me is a nice change for this model, and dayum that ass!


dragulanj Vorsprung durch technik.
I guess you'd also like it to have a carburettor with manual mixture control, and a lever to advance/retard the ignition - after all letting a computer do the job for you is no fun.
Leaf springs, friction dampers and solid rubber tyres on wooden wheels are probably on your list of requests to 'separate the men from the boys' too?
Even proper race cars haven't used manual boxes for well over a decade now. Like Bob Dylan said: "the time they are a changin'"


I don't think I'd change anything about the car, exterior-wise.


Not even the (in my opion slightly excessive) wheel size ?


thats awesome. yo.


Yet another lake with it's own monster. :)


I feel I shouldn't have to point out, in a forum filled with car fanatics, that the original Quattro was 2 door but after reading all the positive hype about this new variant, I seem to be the only one concerned about it. Am I saying I dislike this car, absolutely not but Audi, you have an insignia that would fit this "S3 Based Sedan" already. I like the sounds of the RS3 a lot better. Audi has shown for several years now that they can produce a smaller, 4 door chassis that performs. If they want to bring back the 'Quattro', a 2 door with functional rear seating (compared to the TT) is a great place to start.


Man, totally hyped for the new range of Audi's. Considering how much BMW has spread out their product range wouldn't be surprised if we see and rs version of this down the track that's non hatch. Awesome!