2015 Mustang: To Wide, Or Not To Wide?

In just a couple months from now the all new 2015 Ford Mustang will begin rolling into the hands of owners and builders around the world, and we can only expect that it will be the most popular platform at this year’s SEMA Show. Designers, however, have already begun playing with new car, and one of the wildest renderings we’ve seen yet is this from Rob Evans. If you’re not familiar with Rob, he’s the winning designer of that wild Lexus IS that was brought to life for SEMA last year.

Rob’s take on the Mustang includes an extremely aggressive wide body kit that seems to be taking some inspiration from today’s massively popular Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk designs. Does the raw wide body do the Mustang justice? Is the over-fender style here to stay? Is it too much? What are the chances of a car like this really being built?

I guess we’ll know in a few months, but for now let’s hear your thought…

Mike Garrett
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This is quite extreme.
I like the front canards.


The rear fenders dont seem to fit, but I like the front

turbo BEAMS ae86


Gianluca FairladyZ

The tuners or designers should start to make or invent bodykits that work also for EU-Regulations! A kit like this is impossible to be sold in EU-Zone, so goes the Rocket Bunny and the LB-Performance as well! What a pity, because we have really a lot of ethusiast here who'd like to buy or individualize their machines with these bodykits!


That actually looks sooooo sick.. oh man.


This looks stupid.
Way too much in the rear.

Played out.


This wouldn't be a problem in Sweden. Didn't know laws where that hard in Italy..?


Looks like a Wiiiidebody Toyota GT86 with a Mustangfront. ;-)

Gianluca FairladyZ

AGR  How it is in Italy i cannot say, cause i live in Swizerland. But if we take example here, the Rocket Bunny kit would fail because of 2 things:
1: the front bumper needs to have material report, which you can do without problem. But for the homologation of the front bumper with the new laws, you need to make a separate pedestrian impact test. And come on guys, if someone gets caught by a bensopra GTR or Rocket Bunny chances are equal 0 :) The test needs to be done by the TÜV and is not very cheap...

2: As you have big overfenders, a big part of the contact surface of the tire needs to be covered, which is not the case in any of these RB Style kits..
The idea would be to design a RB kit that is lightly modified to pass "our" or EU reglementations... Because if they would pass these reglementations, i would announce myself free to be EU Importer.. :)


Too wide, the RB/Liberty Walk designs have just seemed to have jumped the shark at this point.  Some cars just need to be left alone or not as extreme as that thing.


On the front its ok...on the rear way too much. Just go back to the drawingboard, make a proper Pro-Touring and come back.


I wouldn't mind seeing a wide body for the new Mustang but I would prefer the look that the RTR line of Mustangs provide as their over fenders work well with the factory lines. Perhaps the color in this rendering is too dark but I feel it does not flow well with the design of the Mustang and makes it look worse than factory.


Looks amazing to me.......


The RTR's where ok...but i dont like the shit on bags. Just a normal coilover setup thats street drivable would be much more impressive. These days everyone is switching for bags and lowering them waaayyy to much. I hate that. Just go for a more regular setup. Takes a bit more effort and would gain a lot more respect then bag everything


The bag/coil respect thing is debatable but I do agree that a lot of kits designed today seem to be rendered at a near impossible ride height which often means people who do get them have cars that look like they are on stilts.


KeenanCook  Yeah, amazingly disgusting. Is there some generic design out there? Some sort of book that says all wide body kits have to look this way? It honestly looks like every single Japanese kit made in the past few years. They took a car that did not have swooping lines and made it look like it was butter on hot asphalt (melting into a much preferred pile of plastic). Something a little more boxy would have been much better. In the words of Barkley, this is just Turrrible.


Just..... nope.


I Thought this was a FR-S in first look


I'm not quiet a fan, each to their own. I'd personally proffer some thing that works with the lines of the car. (Z4 GTE for example, looks amazing!)


Like the widest GT86 wannabe ever?


overfenders are being diminished by speedhunters, even your moms has overfenders now, #rocketbunnyasskissing


lets copy mr TRA/LB/Rocket bunny who copied RWB...........GET AN ORIGINAL IDEA FFS..................................


I think if you look at some of the more popular cars on speedhunters and you then look at this mustang rendering. The chances of it being built are really high. Not my taste, but would I put money on it being popular.... absolutely.


Derelict KeenanCook  Opinions, he's allowed one.


ughh.... gaudy.


@TRDnation  I thought that too... they definetly ruined mustangs with this generation. and this modification didn't help...


Meh, too many suck-up fanboys on here. It looks tough...you don't like it, lets see what YOU can come up with instead...


Fuck it, do it. Don't like it? Don't buy it.


Damn, those are some ugly overfenders, specially in the rear, they kill the car


What happened to replacing entire panels with wider ones that still respect the basic design. You know to kinda keep the shape/lines/proportions/whateveryouwannacallit?

Looks like tumour. One at each corner. We need a doctor.


I feel like there are better, more elegant ways of making the new Mustang prettier.  Take the lines the car offers and use them to enhance the car's presence.  Slapping on overfenders is a good way to make the car look more stunning, eye-catching, but not necessarily better looking.  I think the wheel design could change to mesh better with the overall design.  Wheels with that kind of deep-dish are off-putting, I think.


Like others... at first glance I thought it was an FR-S. Then noticed the headlights for the new mustang. I am a fan of overfenders, hell I design and add them on cars also for customers, this I think does not flow. Maybe a redraw is in order.


The idea of installing wide (super wide) overfenders it´s not really for every car. The first kill for me was the LB 458, mmm no thanks.


Maybe it's just me...The fenders look ok, but those wheels throw it off bad. Can definitely see this as a track-ready beast, bring back Pro-Touring anyday.


"Too Wid, or Not too Wide" ...... come on Speedhunters.  Grammar check?


I think it's a bit unbalanced; probably would look more "complete" with a big GT-wing (maybe a rollcage?).


Exactly.... I'm all for criticism but, everyone without a constructive criticism should post their own rendering up for us to judge.


@Old is New That's more like it.


Gents,  do you understand that wider track width increases grip?  I really hope the owner did this wide fender flares for track use/performance and not just looks.  Everyone complaining about the looks, ok and?  Doesn't matter what it looks like i bet shes going to be amazing on the track.


Retarded design by a school child


Ummm... i don´t think so, i prefer a Mustang MUSCLE and i know that 2015 version it´s too away from that, nice try


Jezza k  Really? Do you need to insult? haha 0 ideas right?


Hopefully this is function over form because that is hideous!


That looks horrible. I'm all for widebody kits, but for the love of god stop slamming all of these cars. It's not a good look at all.


Too much.  Do not want.


EscortSportage  Do the extreme camber and extremely low ride height increase grip too?


The width is fine, its the flares that are FUGLY. That kind of width requires a proper wide body kit, FIA group5 style (with less boxiness of course).


Too much, but then again, I don't like the proportions of the new stang, so this might help a little.




JoseFickert Jezza kyou are right,sounds like a school child comment


i think i just came


little too extreme for me, but if it is for a track car then so be it. -Call me old school when it comes to mustangs, but I just feel the fender flares are way too over the top. takes over the whole look of car. i wouldn't put that on my new mustang-when i get one :)


Completely dreadful. People need to realize the Rocket Bunny look does not work on everything. It barely works on the Rocket Bunny cars.


I'm sorry but I can't seem to find anything wrong with it... 90% of the people commenting are hating on this and I understand their 'opinions' but each his own and all that nonsensical cliché stuff. Personally, I think it looks aggressive and mean. I could imagine seeing those LEDs coming up behind me while I look in the rear view and think, 'oh boy who's this guy?' I would love to see that car be thrown sideways next season in FD. And to all the people hate on drifting, get over it (: it's here, it's popular and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So either get with it and RESPECT the amount of dedication and work that goes into creating those monsters or continue to cry about how you BELIEVE it to nonsense. Because when it comes down to it, people actually have fun doing it. Just because it makes you miserable doesn't mean you should try and convince others to be just as miserable as you ;)


No need to hate brotha(: they're selling, quite well I might add. It's the equivalent to 'car-fashion' I guess you could say. Just like clothes, you may be happy walking out the house in a plain T and some sweat pants, but there are others who prefer to make an impression and wear things like wing-tipped shoes and button downs. You may not agree with it but hey society doesn't need to conform to you brotha (:


Arghrargh  Takes too much work and these guys have found an easier way that all the kiddies love. OVERFENDERS ON EVERYTHING!
Personally I'm looking forward to this trend dying out.


Fat kits need love too


From that angle it look a bit too wide to suit the car in my eyes, but would love to a see a render from another angle...


too wide bro.. front part quite acceptable but the rear na... if you remember that movie NFS the stang looks sexy.. that sort of wide body will fit. looking forward for the improvements.


I love everything but those "wings" coming off the front lip. If this car was real and someone said 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, I'd believe it. Looks totally nuts. Bravo, build it


Look, there is a car between overfenders. Someone should help...


Those are mustang cues on a FT-86/ZN6/BRZ, 
im not hating it, i like it because it looks like cars/styles i do like a lot
but it kinda lost the mustang shape sometime in the middle of the process


needs more sidewall, other than that, do it.


No offence to the designer who clearly has some excellent skills, but that style is just wrong on a 2015 Mustang. This could be one of the most beautiful designs in an American sports car for the masses in a long time... if you're adding flares, you need to match the lines of the flares to the car, and make it blend neatly. It looks like when VIP style goes too far, and that is ONLY something you can really do to a VIP car (remember, they do it to stand out, and get the "look at me!" factor), which makes the "murdered out" scheme used here seem very non-cohesive.


I like the idea, very much, but there are some things I don't like.
The side strong lines of the car are completely lost: especially the character line that runs from the front bumper to the rear bumper, passing through the door of the car, that line is one of the most important for the mustang's new design direction.
The fenders in the RB kits are well linked to the stock body lines, even if they could use more originality and discontinuity from one model to another, but here it seems that the designer just placed some curved sheet metal onto the body, just to accomodate a 13 inch large wheel.
But the front end looks nice, I like the side winglets that connect with the front fender.
If only the wide parts connected more coherently with the bodylines, this kit would be a winner for sure.
I hope my criticism was contructive enough.



And all of them copied real racing teams and manufacturers who have been fitting over fenders since, oh, the 1960s. Except those ones actually serve a functional purpose.


Each to their own, but this trend of fitting the same over fenders to every single car ever needs to stop. Or, at the very least, designers need to start taking cues and inspiration from the lines of the base car. Don't just copy-paste the same kit onto every car.


It's ugly! widebody fenders would fit better.


Yes, to wide, but not too wide like above...




The rear look horrendous. Like a pigeon toed bulldog with hip dyplasia trying to take a dump.


Is it bad that I want this car, for the sole purpose of adding some yellow stripes and a "WIDELOAD" vanity plate?


Spaghetti  If Rob can actually do something with the rear end and make it look somewhat good. I give the man MAD PROPS


Did anyone see how much this car is going to retail? roughly 25,000. I'm really considering it because of how much a bargain it is. FR-S or 2015 mustang?


I wonder if I can make a Mustang look like an Audi TT?


My first impression is that I don't like it, but that's probably because I own a Mustang.
On second thought, I do like the front end, but I think the back needs to follow the "hips" that the Mustang has to make it wider.  And a different set of wheels, this isn't Tron.  Deep-dish wheels might be all the rage for muscle cars (and many others), but this is a new age.  A set of GT-style wheels and a GT-style wing would look nice.
However, if it's a functional kit, then by all means do what works best.


Yea I would but not that dramatic.


too wide. its not like a stang


jcali  you should probably look at the weight of the 2 cars also. They are not cut from the same thread.


Call me crazy, but I don't think it's gone far enough. 

The wide is there, the massive overfenders are there. It still an external oil cooler, 7 exhaust stacks painted yellow and star shaped tail lights. If you're going to go bosozuku, you need to go all the way. No half-pie cow-pie efforts. It needs bass boat flake in the paint and a much bigger chin spoiler.

I think this shape actually would lend itself very well to this. The Mustang is evolving into a worldwide platform, it would be cool to see it customized in many different styles from around the world. 

We might be on to something cool here. Japanese Boso-stang, or at least a kaido racer. Swedish mad engine swap, 2jz or turbo M70. Aussie burnout special...


peter_ayers  Go to bed.


jcali  You seriously have to ask this question? The base Mustang has over 100 horsepower more than the FRS, not to mention the improvements made to the chassis, so it's going to be unstoppable in the corners. It doesn't even seem like this should be a decision.


That would be bonkers :D Bring back the bosozuku to the main stream :P Kaido racer style would be cool too, but then it needs to be a lot cleaner


@Jake Laird Where's your sense of adventure?


jcali  Apples and oranges, it will come down to your personal preference after some seat time. I've spent a lot of time in both and prefer my FR-S as an everyday car. The brute horsepower of the 5.0 is very fun, but the Mustang feels a little big to me. The FR-S fits me like a glove.

Steve Hayward

I think one of the characteristics that make Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kits so popular is that their designers really work with the body lines of the car.  And here it seems that the fenders lean too much towards the bosozuku style (slanted straight out, maybe too wide) without really working with the lines of the car.  It's sometimes a subtle difference but one you'll recognize when you see it done properly.


steve is right!


I'm a fan of widebodies to get some big beeft 335's out back and even then maybe push them out a bit more but this just looks completely absurd.  Some of the commenters are right on the money - boso style all the way in that render and I think its hideous UNLESS you go all in and rock every boso trick in the book.


If you squint it looks a bit like Fredric Aasbo's Scion TC stretched out. Bit too wide for my taste, but i enjoy these renders that designers come up with these days.


The rocket bunny theme with the fenders look horrible on the mustang. Think the Front bumper sit well for the design but the fendera are too wide.


LS1RX7_owen  Bring on the takeyari pipes, shark nose and giant wing!


KeithCharvonia jcali Yes I can see weight playing a factor but I'm looking at this as a daily driver. I want to test the new mustang though considering it may have better chasse enhancements and the handling has been improved  with the removal of the solid rear axel and now has independent rear suspension. Only other big thing is gas mileage on commutes lol. Its hard to pass on an extra 100hp.


BramvandenBerg it never was mainstream


@Jake Laird jcaliunstoppable in the corners?  what do you drive that you're using as a yardstick?


I honestly can't wait when all of the current trends are grouped together with "rice" from 15 years ago...but it will take time, think of 2014 as 2004 and you'll see what I mean. Some people understood what "rice" was back in 1998 or earlier, for others it took them another 6-8 years to get their blinders off.


apex_DNA  100% agree


Yeah. no.. just no


Yoo,where my WIDE lovers at?


Im looking forward to seeing what Vaughn Gitten does when he gets hold of one!


nope nope nope


Bocket Runny  Louvers or lovers?


@kuruma San apex_DNA  RICE = Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement
Back in late '90s it was Super Touring, now it's works-style.


apex_DNA  You disgust me. 
rice is used to describe dodge neons and beaten old SOHC civics with home made body kits and canon mufflers. Frustratingly, this particular designer is being tasteless and disrespectful. What you would call "rice." He is taking a mustang, arguably the most american car there is and fitting it with a wide, works style body kit that is too wide, doesn't flow with the lines of the car and is an infamously Japanese look. He's carelessly ruining the design of the mustang, and at the same time dishonouring one of Japan's most iconic automotive modifications. This disrespect of time and origin - the careless mimicking of obscure trends - is what spawns "rice." What i don't agree with is your belief in all current trends becoming "rice." I despise that thought, particularly since these trends are just reoccurences from other trends that date back to the 70s and 80s. Hella-flush: Tsuraichi - Slammed: Shakotan - tire stretch: Hippari - 'drift' camber: Oni Kyan... the list goes on. 
Don't be so arrogant and disrespectful just because you don't like something. Having said that, things that 'work,' or 'look right,' do so for a reason, as do things that don't looks right. Don't just assume its another ricer trend, things often go a lot further than just that.


Don't designers get taught about proportions in design anymore? The Porsche 993 GT2 is widebody, the arches blend nicely with the rear of the car. These just extrude straight out the side. The front extensions ruin the angularity of the light cluster and appear to form a crease offset from the car's natural feature line. The rears interfere with the haunches in very much the same way because they are too small in diameter and a completely opposite to the square shoulder of the original body.


@Jake Laird jcali  Don't take horsepower too seriously. My current car has 190bhp more than my previous car, I think it's boring in comparison.


hard t judge with just 1 view. but one thing is obvious to me. the way too wide wheel flares need to blend into the body panels a lot better. especially the rears. i did a better job when i tubbed out my 57 hard top 10 years ago. and i just torched out original wheel opening and welded a 6 inch wide flat peice of 14 gauge in its place.  but before paint i BLENDED THE SEEM. that crease is increasing the visual effect of an already too wide body kit


apex_DNA I see nothing wrong with cars that most people think are "rice". Why? Because it's not my car, why should I care? So really you're just being an asshole. Stop being so narrow minded man.


I think it looks fuckin radical. it needs a GT wing, a touch less camber, and it would be an awesome time attack car. albeit, it is a mustang and not an ideal choice for a TT car, but still. you can always make shit work. any who. i like it. i do hate mustangs though.


terryschmiddy apex_DNA so only japan is allowed to make wide body car? thats fuckin stupid dude. its a trend, and there I can't see a problem with that. its fucking awesome. if i had the voice, i would wide body everything. fuck off you bitter cunt


looks like they made a rocket bunny kit for the mustang!


what the fuck is this shit? bahahah...


I am a mustang guy who builds mustangs and composite parts, and apart of mustang race teams both drag and road racing. I am not a fan; however, there are many different takes on cars, and I'm not paying the bills, so go knock yourself out and make what you love!


Looks really cool, i like the wide body. Its "anti mainstream", i mean not much people to think about wide body kit placed on modern muscle car. My dream to steer this mustang with this body kit of course. Keep up the good work!