Shedding A Tear For The VW Kombi

It’s not so often you’ll find an automotive film that could possibly, just maybe, bring a tear to your eye. But I have to say – this one comes pretty close. And why shouldn’t it? It is after all, paying homage to the end of the road for one of the most iconic vehicles of all time.

Watch it and you’ll see why.

Mike Garrett
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I never understood how this thing got to be so famous. Sure it looks pretty cool, but apart from that what's the appeal exactly?


dovvv That's literally it, these days at least.


mrwicksy dovvv  It is quite easy to explain. These vehicles had space for 8-10 passengers and all their luggage (legally). Off-road traction was excellent, as the engine is in the same place as a 911, and they were light weight (1350kg).

My first vehicle was a T3 and I used it to pay off for the car and my studies (doing contract driving for a local company taking their shift workers to work in the evening). I was able to pay off the vehicle within 6 months (I was 18 yrs old)!

I bet there are other (ex)owners with similar stories to this.


Here in Brazil, the "kombi" as it is called, is a beloved car for all and used for all purposes, an automobile that will leave memories!




dovvv  If you have to ask then that's it I guess


dovvv  I've owned and daily-driven a bay window bus for most of the last decade – specifically, a last-of-the-US-versions '79 2.0 Westfalia with fuel injection. What's the appeal? They're actually a blast to drive, especially with upgraded tires, shocks, etc. You get used to the (lack of) acceleration, the overall pace, and you learn to enjoy it. It's quite literally a vehicle for reminding me that there's no need to go so fast all the time, that there are still things to see and places to go just because I can, not because I have to. It holds tons of stuff – I've carried 3300 lbs. of landscaping stone in mine at highway speeds. On 27" all-terrains, it will get me deep into the woods on Jeep-grade trails and back out again. And it sleeps four adults (two upstairs, two downstairs) pretty damn comfortably. And even when the motor was whipped and leaky and ready for a rebuild, it still started up and got me where I needed to go. I've owned some really great cars, and some really shitty cars (40+ and counting to date), but the bus will always be my favorite.


krautwagen dovvv  And THAT'S the big deal about them. GREAT story!


What if Mitsubishi Lan Evo make a wish also?


Touching indeed, thanks for featuring this. My '82 tin-top T3 has 240k on it, it's been in my fam since I was 4, and I've driven it since the day I turned 16. It now sits in my driveway, patiently awaiting a complete overhaul & upgrades, but I'll never get rid of it.  That van defined my life for many years. Hauling my bands to gigs, friends home from parties, camping trips, Laguna Seca race weekends, concerts, hauling most of my BMW 2002 in pieces, the first date with my wife, and so on. It's rolling personal history, and it's rare that such a vehicle can find fans & draw such devotion around the world & across every walk of life.


//applause// Thanks for featuring this. Fantastic. I've been into VWs pretty much since birth and have had my 67 camper since 2003. I don't even know if I could explain the appeal (because I definitely can't explain their prices these days), but I've taken my bus all over (on road, off road, shows, cruises, commutes, etc) and it just makes me feel good driving it.


Lovely film, very touching.  As a little boy an orange and white Kombi used to take me to school.  I've always had a soft spot for the VW Bus.


BusBuddha  Jalop much? Just saw this pic in the kid car post there. Nice T2!


This movie was made in Brazil!


Shit... it actually is very touching


Bravo VW, Bravo! Great little vid


That was actually pretty touching. Another great one comes to an end. I will always remember it for "the Libyans are coming" as it drove through the Kodak film booth (no more of those either :( )


I wonder if touching me, a car, I lack something emotionally in my life.....Mmmmmm....No, I don't think so. I'm pretty balanced when sharing a tear here.


Sad sad day




I moved to Florida in my van and lived in it a while. I've become a Floridian in these many years--loving my guns more than life, hoping poor people will just die and not cost me any money, participating in all the activities that show you why this state is so special. I wish I had my van back, so I could move the hell out. .