Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gets Nuts In His Backyard

Perhaps the only thing better than having a garage full of badass vehicles is having your own place to drive them, and that’s exactly why we love Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s set-up. When Vaughn isn’t competing in Formula Drift or sliding his Mustang somewhere around the world, he can be found ripping it up with his buddies on his own private rally course. In this video from Monster Energy we get see exactly what Vaughn and company do out in this one of a kind backyard.

Hey Vaughn – can we come out and play next time?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

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This article still not going to make JR more likeable. He still needs to learn that even 'mericans needs to show respect to deserve one too


greenroadster  What's not to like???  Serious question.


SVT_Bryan greenroadster  Yeah, what gives? He's genuinely a hard working guy who's succeeded in doing what he loves on a daily basis?


wheatgod  Is that how you like to relax? ;)


Speedhunters_Bryn SVT_BryangreenroadsterCan't wait to hear this answer. The man is good at what he does, on and off the track.


I should have also mentioned that this video also makes me want another Fox Body even more than I already did. Damn it.


That is right, a Maryland boy ends his video with some good blue crabs!


Mike Garrett  can we get a SH article on his Fox Body?! please?!


greenroadster  I got to meet, and talk with him and ryan tuerck a bit before his drift expo in st. louis , he's a very nice guy, seemed down to earth, just hung out with everyone. just my two cents


I want a fox body so bad, but it would be track car.


I so wish there was an old quarry in my back garden. :)


SethMonteleone Mike Garrett  I reckon we could manage that, as long we get to beat on it too! One of my old editors put together a 500bhp Fox body for a UK magazine maybe 12yrs ago? It was ace and I've always looked at them with fond eyes. Maybe they're going to be the working mans 964 Porsche and prices will start to rise?


kphillips9936 Speedhunters_BrynSVT_Bryan - Remember hitting Frederik Aasbo? The man is a lunatic, and not a good, 100 mph drift-way. For me, this article is about a boy racer who nobody wants to play with, even tough it has all the toys. Except a few friends who accept his bully personality. He is arrogant and superior. Not a drift personality. Not for me, anyway.


greenroadster kphillips9936 SVT_Bryan Thanks for the reply, genuinely, it's always good to hear peoples opinion. I can see how he might come across that way sometimes, Vaughn has been accused of being the 'corporate' drifter in the past but it's always going to be hard to achieve a happy medium between the apparent 'rebellion' of motorsport whilst actually making a living from it. Fredric and Vaughn get on well, accidents happen and that's what that was. They have to push 110%. 

Vaughn is not naturally a showman, he's quite a humble guy. So did you ever consider that the attitude is an expectation, for him to be that way? Remember WWF style characters, they all need a role to play, the same could be said for drifting. For a start there's the Mustang thing, he stuck with his roots and eight years ago committed to a way of doing things that other people now follow (V8s). Investing in his future by acting in a professional way and involving big name brands in a sport which sometimes lacks credibility should be applauded. You can rebel all you want and be seen to be 'cool', but that doesn't pay the bills or keep you in the sport.


Speedhunters_Bryn kphillips9936SVT_Bryan - Schumacher is a great pilot. Maybe the greatest of them all. But nobody really loved him. I hope he will get better and live a happy life. I always  enjoy it when he gather wins for Ferrari. But I didn't like it as a man. I guess, I always thought that drifting is a different kind of motorsport. And Vaughn showed me that I was wrong. That is why he is a disappointment to me from a drifting point of view.


holy crap i remember when he blew the motor in the coupe here at GGP in Houston. so long ago!


Speedhunters_Bryn Of course they are everywhere here in the US, but not many are used as missile cars.


Sod off.


greenroadster Speedhunters_Bryn kphillips9936 SVT_Bryan  
Soooo.... if someone's really good, but gets paid for being good... That... makes them a failure to you???


Speedhunters_Bryn - Thanks, you have a point here. As for the parallel between wrestling and drifting, yes, it is dance involved in both. But when wrestlers hit each other, they are previously understood that both agree the final result. And Aasbo didn't agree for JR to drive a Mustang on top of a small Toyota - his in particular. And if Vaughn JR is promoting a V8 style drift and bully personality in this sport, please accept me disapproval in both. If you want to drift - you can do it politely and smiling and...with a turbocharged engine. If Ford want to sell cars for drifters world wide, maybe Vaughn isn't the answer. The small Ecoboost 2.3 litre Mustang it is. And another pilot who doesn't want to kill you while tsuiso.