Here For Your Soul -<br/>The Devil’s Own Tow Truck

Imagine you’re the Devil. Keeping all those badasses in line that have descended through the gates of hell is hard work. Now imagine how annoying it would be when occasionally one of them breaks out of purgatory and returns to walk among the living? Now that’s just plain bad for business. You’re the original sinner, right? Something has to be done. People need to know who’s the boss…

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-4

What’s needed here is a mercenary who can go and catch those errant souls and return them for an eternity of lockdown. What would he drive? Only the baddest, toughest tow truck known to man, woman or beast. A vehicle that would make Chuck Norris quake as it pulls up.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-1

Which is exactly what I found in Finland last summer. Whilst driving back  to the UK in a Mk1 Cortina I’d bought, I stopped in for some Friday night cruising in downtown Helsinki. There I stood wide-eyed, while the amazing atmosphere of a couple of hundred like-minded gearheads was shattered as this Chevy-cabbed creation rolled into view.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-7

I say shattered because that’s exactly what it did. There are strict laws in Finland when it comes to modifying cars, but older commercial vehicles? Well it’s almost a free rein when it comes to those, which is why you may have noticed the alloy radiator dominating the front end view of the six-wheeler. Peering inside, I catch sight of the AutoMeter gauges as the waft of methanol lingered in the slow summer evening air.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-8

Glancing up at the row of battered and dusty sunglasses gave me the idea that this would be the perfect vehicle for collecting souls – as though they’d been left there as trophies.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-2

I managed to convince the owner it would be a good idea to meet up over the weekend so I could take a closer look. Amazingly, the truck has been finished for nearly three years and he’s never let anybody shoot it before. I’m not sure quite what swung it for me, but I’m sure glad he agreed. The cab had sat around for ten or fifteen years – hence the weathered look – and those four rear wheels are full-size lorry items. Just check out the clearance on the front pair! The virtually non-existent rear suspension means rubbing isn’t an issue.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-3

There are old oil cans and a box of bits on the back, but what’s obvious is that none of this is contrived. Far from it – this is the real deal. The owner has been been and done it, raced it and blown it up. This is how he’s lived his life for a long time and there’s no reason to change now because somebody came along and gave it a label.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-10

There’s only one area I’m not allowed to show you and that’s under the bonnet. Normally this would mean a no-go for me and I wouldn’t have pursued a shoot, but really? Look at this thing. How could I walk away? The owner waited until I didn’t have a camera anywhere near me and briefly lifted the bonnet. I can assure you this thing is the real deal. A blown methanol big block? Rumours have it over 1000hp is on tap.

The Devils Tow Truck Finland-5

So instead of showing you the engine, as our driver went to leave I shot a short video.

There are a couple of things to look and listen for: first up is the pair of almost unnoticeable fire bursts that leave the exhausts just after start up. Then there’s the engine tone of course, then the haunting noise of the towing hook clanking on the metal spar after he guns the engine. Make sure you listen until the end too – that last blast of acceleration is over a half mile away by the time it echoes back. Badass? 100%. Please excuse the shaky camera action, I had the wrong lens on for filming and this was a case of take what you’re given… Now are you a believer?

Because there are souls out there that need collecting. Adios.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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This thing gives me goose bumps.


it's the truck from jeepers creepers.. with MAD BOOST!! lol


Badgercock  And you have the cock of a badger! So that's saying something :)


Hate to be that guy but, 8 relatively nondescript pictures and a shaky video... SMH, where is your tripod and 2nd lens.
Really, really, really cool truck. Top secret engine bay though? LOL, what a joke.


i love the way he keep his truck secret, wonder what else this guy could hide in his garage or barn
very nice post bryn keep up the good work


I also immediately thought of the Jeepers Creepers truck when I read it. The sound and look of that thing is seriously haunting. I know the video isn't what you wanted it to be but somehow it adds to the mystery. Akin to shaky phone cam footage of a Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster.

Seeking Perfection

@Meany I really struggle to understand why people complain for anything nowadays. If you are expecting photography of professional level, then I suggest to stick to posts from Larry and Sean. I mean, honestly, it easy for you and me to criticise the hard work of others while we hide behind our keyboards.They can keep feeding us the shortest spotlights or old full features from Super Street, but you have to love them.


Speedhunters_Bryn Badgercock Daaaamn right!


WillAnton He's cowering in the bushes, hoping he can keep his eyes.


Lol, kind of reminds me of the gasoline tanker truck in "Duel"...
Also, who is the wise-ass that is replacing every instance of "sitting" with "sat", lately?


Oh... My..... God!


FMR you kept this one quiet! Mental!




It belongs in a horror movie, but its awesome!


obsession_Si  I thought I'd shown you this! Yup, it is :)


Luka024 WillAnton  Behind a concrete block actually :)


Great to finally see some pictures and video of this beast. I actually live in Helsinki but still haven't seen the truck but once with even worse video to prove it. Maybe this summer proves to be better for demon hunting...


Haha sounds great!


Here's a video from local cruisings, not mine but I've seen it multiple times, makes you want to cheer from joy every time. It's badmotherfucker


Looks like Mater's long lost Appalachian cousin.  I can hear the banjos now!  :)


With those 4 big truck tires.....I guess even at over 1000 hp - no burnout :)))))
Huge traction.
With that huge amount of grip, I wonder not about the engine, but the gearbox....


This thing would fit right in on any of the MAD MAX Movies...


Damn, that's so badass.


I live in Finland, and you really don't see these kind of builds too often. I quess you'd call this rat-truck? :D


@Meany Secret is good, specially in Finland. Stay under the radar of local DMV/DVLA.


Ho The car looks like a after apocalypse or he was gone of devil's garage...


greenroadster  My thoughts exactly. i may have missed it, but is the power going to both rear axles? That tranny is the real hero here. lol


about 125ish in the truck smokes all 4 rears


This badass truck is widely known as Mater in Finland. This is something you need to experience in flesh and blood, but the video is a good substitute. :)


Red Beard To me it looks like it only lights them up on the first axle not on the second one.
I dont give a shit, that thing is as bad as it gets..


You are right, the second axle is dummy. Doesn't take anything away from the truck's appeal though. If I don't see Mater during the cruising night, it's been a bad one... :)


Nice!!! Ready to be in the next Mad Max movie!! ;) ;) 


It reminds me a lot of the tow truck from the Wrong Turn movies.


Rock Face  & Lille Buller  pause movie at 1:11 and it looks as if the there is smoke coming of the lead pair of rears... I would like to drive it looks a lot of fun. Any body know if it has been down the strip and what times it runs?


homeboy has monster swag in his footsteps.


Rock Face  No doubt.  I really like this thing!  From watching the video it sounds MEAN.


Red Beard The middle axle is where the final ratio is, third axle is the dummy just coming along. Not sure if I understood you correctly, but I've seen the car many times. I don't recall hearing it being on the strip, but it would be nice to know what time slip it would do, that's for sure. The owner wants to keep low profile and getting the go to shoot this story was if not difficult at least challenging. But I'm glad to see it took place and we can all enjoy about it now. Good job Bryn!


I have seen this thing in action and it is pretty mad. Loudest thing that I have ever heard on the street and it nearly gave me ear damage in the last summer.

You noticed correctly that the last axle isn't driving. It would a bit hard to route the drive shaft through the axle in front of it. I have seen only such axles only in big trucks. The lack of second driving axle probably only makes the thing crazier as now it can do burn outs a lot easier.

Couple of years ago this thing received an "iceberg award" in one car gathering as it was by far the least fuel efficient vehicle on the scene...


Best truck ever


I saw it too, I think that it had a nitrous bottle added... well see for yourself, there is something that looks like a nitrous bottle 
I was filming burnouts and I thought that someone was doing burnout at the background but it was the truck idling :O it is the most loudest car/truck I have ever heard, after top fuel dragsters :)