You, With The Movie Camera

Here at Speedhunters, we’re always looking at new ways to bring you fresh, exciting content that you’ve not seen before. So…

Remember this?

Seen this?

Or how about this?

Well, we’re very excited to announce a new format which we’re introducing to the #IAmTheSpeedhunter programme. If you haven’t guessed already, it is of course the ‘moving image’.

To kick things off, we’re looking for films you’ve shot from a first-person perspective (just like those three videos above). The best work will make it onto a final cut which we’ll be debuting at the Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show. We’ll also be releasing the film online.

Not shot anything like that before? Well, now is your chance! No GoPro? No problem, Let Me Google That For You. No car? No problem, get creative! Go to a show, get on a pit wall, explore a junk yard!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with…

The Speedhunters

Closing date for submissions: 13th April

Please upload your HD Quality films to Vimeo with ‘downloads’ enabled. Fire off an email to or just Tweet at us @Speedhunters



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The 'moving image' is something new you're introducing? Like....videos? That's not new. Is this why I haven't been able to search for videos on speedhunters for awhile? So that you can make videos 'new'?


The Pagani Huayra -- sounds and looks cooler than most spaceships.


xrockonx Moving images/video is new to the #IAmTheSpeedhunter programme, which up until now has only been about still images. In other words, it's an opportunity for readers who shoot video to have their work showcased, like photographers do every other month through IATS.


'Here at speedhunters' - sounds like a fucking fashion blog. Which is basically what it is becoming


I think i have an idea... is it okay if i have shot the video beforehand?


Ahhh, I don't know much about the iats thing. Thanks


Someone please get some more videos of that Ross Sport Evo.


My comment was constructive. Dont delete comments. This is ment to be interactive.


Should it be edited or the continuous shot? I have in truck footage of our offroad trophy truck testing but it's like 20min long


Hayden Evans  Edited footage is more likely to make the cut but if you don't have time then send it in as-is.


Noah_Lines  Absolutely! Doesn't matter when or where


xrockonx  lol. No, its new to #IAmTheSpeedhunter, not to 'the world' or indeed, to Speedhunters


RBJKT Noah_Lines  sweet! i'll have a geez through what i have..


Noah_Lines Most definitely! Awesome


Awesome, but is the IATS thing just on instagram, or will the videos be posted here?  Would be great to get Luke making some more or Dino filming the car meets in Japan :)


Can't say I like these helmet cameras - the rattlin' and shakin' makes me a bit sick...


@Beany  IATS lives across all channels, not just Instagram


@h  Tried using an Oculus Rift? Whole nuther level of sick-making ;)


@Beany  Slightly vague response, sorry.. the final video will be published on Speedhunters and also shown live at the Bilsport show in Sweden


I'm super stoked about this segment. I really enjoy the /drive DRIVER'S EYE thing... maybe you guys can score some content like that. I'm surprised I don't see more first person, sponsor watermarked videos.
You guys have been delivering great content! Now all you guys need to do is convince EA to build a marketing platform in the form of a sim-racing title that can directly compete with Gran Turismo etc. Publish it on PC.
If the career progression requires players to learn about your partners' brands, you're not just selling players on those brands, you're conditioning them to sell those brands to their social network!
Emulate the marketing techniques employed by real racing organizations, and even a stolen copy of your game will generate a ton of brand impressions.


Question regarding video submissions: Do you guys care about watermarks, brand stickers on dashboards etc?




@FlavorB  No probs with stickers on dashboards, watermarks less so. Only because they'll spoil the flow. Constantly flipping between loads of different watermarks would not be awesome. 

Re the other stuff you're saying. Yeah, totally.


Two of the three videos have the camera mounted to the helmet - the drag looks too stable to be on a helmet. Is it required to be on the helmet/person? I have a couple videos of the camera mounted right next to my helmet (suction-cupped from the sunroof). Would that count?


designertyler  Absolutely. So long as its as close to FPP as possible then its viable