Renegades Of Speed:<br/>The Koenigsegg One-1 Is Here
Not of this world

I want to live in the same world that Christian von Koenigsegg does. I know that might sound like an odd thing to say given the fact that I’m stood here in the Swedish factory he established in an old aircraft hangar. But somehow there’s a disconnect between our two realities. His appears accelerated and complex in ways I can’t even comprehend. Watching him deal with matters on the workshop floor makes me question whether he’s even operating with the same concept of time that I have. Maybe he’s invented his own? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-5

Stood on the right, the cars (that word is not enough to describe them) that leave here are direct descendants of the first model Christian created when he was 22 years old in 1994. That was an achievement in the middle of a long line that includes revolutionary flooring systems, music storage devices and is capped (for now) with having just launched the world’s most powerful production car, the first megawatt car. The One-1.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-1

Sean and Rod visited the facility at the start of 2013, so I’ll not dwell too much on the surroundings (just make sure you head back to that link and take a look around at just how things work). It’s an incredibly normal place that extraordinary things emerge from and I’m thinking that’s because of the people inside.

Koenigsegg One 1  (1 of 1)-2

Take a look at this render of the One:1. I could have shown you the others which are more conventionally angled. But this demonstrates for me the genius of the Koenigsegg design ethos. Look at those lines! That flow! Now you can see that this is so much more than a car. This is the kind of thing you’d draw if you had no limits; a ’50s futurist mix-up with contemporary aerodynamic practice. That central air intake on the roof is pure fantasy, yet ultimate function at the same time.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-9

We knew the One:1 was coming because it will be available for download in Need For Speed: Rivals as soon as the covers come off and it’s officially released at the Geneva Motor Show, so preparation has been going on behind the scenes for quite a while. So we also knew we had to bring you the inside story on the build-up of this first car in the last few days before it’s loaded into a transporter and driven south to where the world can see it in the composite for the first time.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-6

Because that’s what you’re looking at here: a mass of carbon fibre components brought together like no other before. You might think that the One:1 is a modified Agera, but you’d be wrong. This is a new strain of Koenigsegg carbon fibre and it’s lighter than ever. What’s also worth noting is the panels that I’m looking at here are destined for the next One:1 on the line, because there will be five customer cars to go with the prototype for Geneva. And they’ve all been sold. As an example of just how far things have been taken, the central carbon fibre chassis tub weighs 72kgs. That’s not a typo.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-10

Christian recognised a few years ago that big things were coming, like Huayras, P1s and other hypercars. Which meant he wanted to do what he’s done since he can remember: something better than everybody else. That’s why the One:1 really does have his input right the way through it; none of the shots I’m taking are staged and he’s constantly on the move as the team bring the final parts of the build together. This simply wouldn’t work without him.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-23

The guys were working around the clock so I decided to stay on and watch from a distance as the factory quietened down and the Swedish darkness descended outside. The team all knew exactly what needed doing and it makes me smile that just as I have done the night before an important car show, they’re digging in deep into the night and putting the final touches to the car.

As they headed off for some much needed coffee I referred to my college book of photography tricks and started waving LED strips around. This could be a long night…

More power than you
Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-15

So as you may know by now, One:1 is indicative of the power-to-weight ratio. So the raw facts are that the dry-sumped, 5.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 generates 1360 horsepower at 7500rpm. Which means the One:1 weighs, yup 1360kg. That’s an incredible figure when you think about it, and I urge you to do that. A Bugatti Veyron weighs nearly 1900kgs, but then that’s old tech right? So it’s hardly fair to compare the two. Maybe it would be fairer to compare it to a Pagani Huayra? A hypercar we love at Speedhunters, which weighs 1350kgs. Dry. With less power.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-18

What Koenigsegg did was make sure there was absolutely no questioning this statistic and that weight includes all fluids and a 50% fuel load. Just add driver and decimate whatever you meet. This power-to-weight ratio means something else to Christian, as it signifies the world’s first megawatt production car, because 1360 horsepower equals exactly that – one megawatt. Sounds cool huh? It’s the future now; adaptation and creation of new ways of thinking because of the need to constantly innovate and move forward. I love it and the standard has been set for others to follow, if they dare. Horsepower is so last century.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-17

Looking around you can see that this is no radical new departure for Christian though. The Agera S sat alongside the One:1, also bound for Geneva, has a familiar feel to it. So this is logical progression at its best. It’s as though he has to ease the world into his vision of what we should be driving. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’d laid this plan out 20 years ago, such is his drive. I’m just not sure where you’d go next? I’m quietly confident that Christian does though, although of course he’s not saying anything right now.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-19

On workstations all around the One:1 are the separate items that go to create the monster. I keep on getting distracted by them and that’s one of the very special things about getting this access: I can experience all these components separately, take in the details and see all elements that would be otherwise hidden. I know what the back of this door handle looks like. I also know how light it is.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-25

And as much as the power is impressive, the weight is the deciding factor here for me. The titanium exhaust tip looks familiar to that of the Agera, however this has been created by 3D printing. At the moment it’s the largest titanium component produced in this way and it weighs 400 grams less than the more traditional item found elsewhere. Just this one feature takes three days to print. That kind of attention to detail is how you end up owning a superhypermegacar company at 41 years old. Inspirational? You bet. The internals of the new variable geometry turbo are also produced using this method. Just imagine what Christian has planned next…

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-26

Carbon fibre wheels are the stuff of dreams around here and I’m guessing they are for you too, but this is Koenigsegg and their reality is altogether more impressive than you can imagine. To start with, the wheels are constructed entirely from carbon fibre, with the air valve being the only metal involved. First seen on the Agera R, they use a method that Koenigsegg created called ‘Aircore’ technology. So the spokes are hollow, yet the whole wheel is one piece! Unsprung weight is reduced by around 40% over an alloy wheel in a similar size. Handling improvements and weight saving? It just makes so much sense: practicality can be beautiful and enthralling. They measure 19×9.5in at the front and 20×12.5in out back. Add in that they’re centre lock mounted and I could spend hours just talking about the rolling stock alone. Michelin developed a tyre solely for the One:1 to ensure it can become the worlds fastest production car.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-28

Because that’s what it will do, I’m sure of it. Forget the others, what you’re looking at here has a (currently) theoretical top speed of 280mph. Now I’ve talked about components and weight, but one of the most dramatic features for me is the aero; the rear view being dominated by that top-mounted active rear wing. The way it links in to the body with those twin supports emerging like an exoskeleton from the frame keeps me coming back for a second, third, tenth look. The detail is exquisite and yet again, it’s all function to go with the form.

Details make the legend
Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-32

The active aero package features so many ways of channelling air it’s dizzying. Underneath it’s channelled through the carbon belly pan which can change form through the use of hydraulic actuators; the One:1 is destined for top speed production car records and Christian knows that the world is watching, so this has to be both impressive and innovative at the same time.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-14

Ever folded your door mirrors flat in the pursuit of a higher speed? Best not try that here. I’m told that these mirrors are an active part of the aero package and the One:1 has an overall lower drag coefficient with them fitted.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-24

Looking at the front end and canards, you can see how the flow is directed up and over, with them forming an important step in the process of directing the air correctly. The front splitter is large by road car standards, but Koenigsegg have added a lift function to the front suspension which enables you to get over speed humps or transition onto an incline. I’m not sure I should use this word, but erm, it’s quite practical wouldn’t you agree?

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-4

Because that’s what this is – a road car. Quite possibly the most incredible of the breed so far, but still one all the same. So the interior is a sumptuous mix of materials, with the launch colour scheme flowing through to the material choices. Now I know Alcantara isn’t exactly weighty, but I feel the team must have had kittens when it came to keeping the weight down and the luxuries potential owners will demand high.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-2

You only get this good by hard work, determination and knowing that the new roads you’re carving out of a plain landscape are headed in the right direction. So it’s genuinely no surprise that Christian is so linked to every part of the creation process – bearing in mind there are other team members working on the One:1 that you can’t see here. It’s like watching a whole nightclub dancing together. This is co-ordination at its finest.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-3

Again here he is, discussing ventilation and finishes with a team member. He just doesn’t relent and that’s why Koenigsegg exists in the exalted way it does.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-29

The One:1 is the first Koenigsegg with a fixed roof, although it is bolted on, so in theory could be removed. But then you’d upset the balance and wonderful aesthetic of the air intake (which I should point out here is not the finished component pictured, hence the slightly matte and unpolished finish).

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-34

Here at the front end, you can see a small window to the cabin, so you can admire large parts of the atmosphere as your megacar consumes them for your pleasure. Oh, to admire that view…

The Need For Speed
Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-12

Throughout my time here at Koenigsegg, I’ve been fascinated with how ordinary it feels, yet how extraordinary the results of what is produced here are. The One:1 impressed me with figures before I arrived, but now it’s another realm. It feels different from any other car I’ve encountered – more brutish and simplistic than some of its Italian contemporaries, but so true to its core Swedish values at the same time.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-21

Although the looks are dramatic, they’re constructed from only essential components and purpose, which makes the end result even more impressive. There’s so much more to the One:1 we simply have to head back to Sweden when things have settled down to bring you a full feature on it.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-22

Having been here to enjoy part of the process has made it all the more special; watching it come alive, more and more promise appearing with every component that’s mounted. I could quote prices for the completed vehicle but the truth is it’s much more complicated than that and they’re all sold anyway. So what’s the point? This isn’t some school yard game of one-upmanship, this is the future.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-2-2

Of course there is a chance for mere mortals like you and I to enjoy the One:1, as it will be available to download in Need For Speed: Rivals on 4th March when the car is launched in Geneva. Amusingly you can also select to use it as an Enforcer car in the game. Which to me seems a little unfair – surely nothing will ever get away from you ever again? Oh I see, that’s the idea right?

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-1-2

Of course there’s also the option to just enjoy it as you see fit: on the open road, and let’s face it, unless you come up against somebody who’s selected the One:1 as an Enforcer, you’re going to be out there until your skills run out. Ghost Studios have worked closely with Koenigsegg and their legendary attention to detail and sound-recording will take you a little closer to that dream.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-27

For me it’s very apt that the One:1 has been included in the game, as it’s indicative of the blurred lines between virtual reality and the incredible world that people like Christian Koenigsegg exist in. What many of us would think is impossible, he’s made possible.

Koenigsegg One-1 Megacar-30

For that I’d like to thank him. Without cars like the One:1, we don’t dream, we don’t think ‘What if?’. Days like today and things like this are the reason we as a human race keep pushing forward. For a couple of days I got to see the world that Christian lives in and what a place it is.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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You mean Blofeld right?
Also, I did hear he was working on camless engines, that is the next step (and something I hope to work on too).


Alex22  This is why he is so inspirational, Drive will be releasing a program about the One:1. That will be well worth watching!


Oh what I would do for one of those LED blankets.  SO COOL!


zephoto They're not blankets. Just the oldest trick in the book, single strip of LEDS stuck to a plank, stuck the camera on bulb mode, open the shutter and walk around the car in darkness holding plank. Voila! The LED strip will cost around $30 from ebay. It's just something they had lying around!


Speedhunters_Bryn  Indeed ! He surely knows his stuff and I love the kind of limitless/fully open minded thinking he has. Definitely the mark of a genius there.


Speedhunters_Bryn zephoto  : Ahhhhh lol I thought it was some sort of examination/inspection blanket.  Thanks for clarification :D

Captain AntiCraic

1360 x 0.746 = 1014.56 kW


I've got a rechargeable led work light that's about the same size as a fluorescent tube that'd produce similar results.
Going to have to give it a go.


@Captain AntiCraic In the car industry they use metric horsepower.
1 hp = 0,73549875 kW but usually used this way : 1kW = 1,36 hp

1 metric hp is 98,6% of the mechanical/imperial horsepower you are referring to.

Captain AntiCraic

Alex22  Google anticraic


I'm not sure why but he looks so evil. I'm definitely going to hell now.


A nice looking car with more power than anybody ever needs. Though, traditionally (meaning essentially forever in this case) horsepower to weigh always referenced Horsepower/lbs. That's not a knock on the car in any way.


NicholasMaher  maybe in 'murica mate, the vast majority of the world use the metric system.....


Bryn, awesome article and great insight!! the spotlight on the owner itself really fascinated me, and the car looks amazing. I just saw a P1 a couple of weeks ago, but this looks highly impressive in its own right (love the color scheme with the orange trim). It's truly an amazing automotive golden age we live in with the amount of Hypercars that are being produced.
To dream of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle like this!
Excellent work.


Oh please full spotlight soooooonnnn!!!!!!!
I have the biggest man crush Christian von Koenigsegg and his cars, if only I was a Chinese multi million/billionare (I hear 3 of the 4 production One:1's have been sold to Chinese)


Ya, actually 4 of them will be in Chinese hand.


How will this car compare to the P1 and the Porsche 918?


No idea what gonna happen around conering this time, but for sure this car can destroy them on the straight.


Power to Weight ratios have always used non metric units of measure since pre-metric days, always. We use the metric system for many things though not all. Horsepower is not a metric unit of measure.


NicholasMaher  Maybe where you are from but in metric using countries we've used the Hp/Kg at all times to measure power to weight, there is metric horsepower as well as Imperial...


Uhhh... Night club dancing... coordinated?? I take it you haven't been in some time ...harmonious unified motion is not exactly something you witness there. It's just massive disorderly chaos. Other than that faux pas, great article


linken200 I know some history, fully comprehend the metric system, and can look at Wikipedia too. HP is a somewhat abstract term and obviously can be converted any other unit of measure. I've seen hp/weight comparisons for decades in English language magazine articles from many different countries. Not once have I seen it expressed as Hp/Kg. Hp/Kg has NOT been used at all times to reference power to weight. Any references to HP until quite recently have always used "traditional" horsepower not metric, and even those are rare. Almost nobody uses metric HP in normal popular usage. This article does not use non metric HP, it refers to traditional HP.


We know what he has planned next: He is trying to bring a camless engine to production cars:


NicholasMaher well you must understand that there are civilizations that aren't using English for language and still compare HP/weight?  In Sweden (where the car happens to be made) WE have ALWAYS used HP/KG.

And even most other car manufacturers or Magazines/shows such as Top Gear that refer to Bhp/tonne does so with metric system regardless of them being in a imperial country IE. Caterham 620/500  etc...


Needs more motor shots...


Koenigsegg is setting the standard for hyper cars of the future


Chris Nuggets  You haven't seen Bryn's moves... ;)


ChanTyngKang  Yes they are!


Derelict  You're right, unfortunately access was very limited and I couldn't simply tell them to open up for me. Hence my underside shot, there were people working above me!


Chris Nuggets  You're going to wrong clubs my friend, this is what the one's I go to look like... ;)

Or at least they do in my head...


ThePhoenix  Hopefully we'll be finding out in the future!


2bAUS  He's a very cool guy, entirely human and not at all removed like some intellectuals, which he very much is.


Speedhunters_Bryn Chris Nuggets Hahaha which one is Christian Von KoenigSOULLLLLLLL


linken200 Completely understood. Using Kg as one side of a power/weight comparison is fine. Compare all you want.
None of the examples you note use HP expressed as a metric unit of measure.
And I would think that you'd have to talk to someone at Top Gear to see how they are spelling ton/tonne to know which they are actually using.

As I said, using Kg as the weight (rather than lbs) is relatively new in English language magazines, TV shows, etc. The numbers wouldn't be close (for this car) if they use lbs.


It doesn't matter if it's new or not in English media, the car is from Sweden where it isn't and they are entitled to name it so regardless of what you feel is a more used term of measurement. For millions of other people it makes perfect sense.


And I didn't mean that they used metric HP but they they use the term tonne to divide it with which is metric.


Yeah, hope it will cornering as a Pagani this time, don't let the Stig hit the tire wall again =)


In One:1 word: SCARY!


ThePhoenix  not necessarily the Venom though...


It's just beautiful. Amazing look on this car; a perfect analysis of what we'll have in future!


I lovely this great Koenigsegg One:1 Supercar I very very likely it very nicely and more powerful wow it is so beautiful.


So amazing is Supercar so powerful Koenigsegg One:1 I very lovely it and it is beautiful.


i was fortunate enough to see this little puppy at geneva! stood there for a good 10-20 min just starring at it!

just an incredible creation!


Amazing technology - just how the hell do you 3D print Titanium too?!  Even the concept of that is just nuts!