Dreaming About The IDx

It’s been a long time since a concept car has captivated enthusiasts as much as Nissan’s IDx duo did back in December at the Tokyo Motor Show. To me it’s really everything you could want in a car – a rear-drive chassis, usable interior, a (hopefully) low price and plenty of heritage. Obviously I’m not the the only one excited about this car, and this week we came across a gorgeous render from automotive artist Hugo Silva. As Hugo’s image shows, the reborn 510 will surely be a ripe machine for modification if Nissan does in fact build it. He’s set his up with some very cool stuff including aggressive overfenders, a huge GT wing and a badass set of wheels with thick rubber.

Of course, at this point we still don’t know whether Nissan will actually build this car, and even if they do, it will still be years before we can get our hands on it. In the meantime maybe I should go down to my bank and start an IDx savings fund? You can also peek at some other fan renderings here. Will this be what we’re featuring in 2020? As far off it sounds, that’s only six years away!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Hugo Silva Designs



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Very nice, this might have to be my new desktop, the exhaust design doesn't work with the rest of the car imo


I sure hope this is the right price for me when it's released.
And that it doesn't have a god damn CVT.


maxvr6  It's cool huh? I think maybe an exhaust tip like a Koenigsegg might work here. 



They must build it! They will build it! Pleaaase!  :D


Speedhunters_Bryn maxvr6I have this funny feeling we will start seeing more of these single center mount exhaust, but yeah Bryn that would be perfect!


Speedhunters_Bryn maxvr6  Yes! Exactly the kind of thing I was thinking, great minds think alike! ;)


First words when the Speedhunters home page loaded, "Oh my god. Yes!" They need to do something soon! Hopefully then we can slide the IDx around too :) And I could sell my Z for a down payment, but 2020 seems so far away. I hope not that long :(


So I was very against this car when I first saw it. Maybe it was because my dream of a new Silva coming to the United States had been dashed (as this is clearly a 510 revival), or the concept was so much different from what I expected. Either way I was opposed and thought, "Never in a million years would I ever want this...", until recently. Seeing these renderings actually has me excited to see what the final product will look like, as well as what will be done to them once people for which stock will just not do get their hands on them. I guess I know what my next new car purchase will be ;)


Sweet gaijin plates


as much as i like it, by 2020 im scared these cars will have no exhaust pipes and no goregous sounding engines, replaced wit electric, im not agaisnt progress but man i love being capable of doing mods in my small garage without needing an electrical engeneer.


The only thing that I think it's ugly on IDx is the face


Eagerly awaiting this car, but it is unfortunate that it's still several years off. I hope the market is still available for the car by then.


That looks beautiful


I wasn't the biggest fan of the IDx but this render looks amazing. Consider me schooled!


I remember seeing this on Facebook recently. It's so awesome! They totally need to make it. Like the concepts though! This render is so cool.

Gianluca FairladyZ

We want more if this!!!!!:):):)


The rendering makes this car look sort of like an S2000, but when you see the photo it's based on there's more of an old Datsun 510 feel for it. Much like when the GT86 was in pre-pre-pre production, we'll have to wait and see what actually gets made.


SuzyWallace  Agreed.


I think Nissan already said they were putting it into production by 2016.


This is the most likeable rendering of the idx Ive seen. Seriously though Nissan wheres my s16? I dont wnat to be 50 years old and see a commercial thats like says hey, remember the silvia/180/240.... of your youth? its back! Because thats basically whats happening with the idx. I like the 510 but I have no interest in buying one and for me its the same for the idx. It all seems like a marketing grey area that I just cant buy into.


EricSeanDelaney Has it been confirmed? Maybe I did see that somewhere. If so, good news!


this.guy.said As strange as it sounds, I'd be totally happy with a slightly modernized S15!


Mike Garrett EricSeanDelaney  Jalopnik had this quote from January:

"Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer told media there was no confirmation of which of the two concept models would hit production.

"Don't say that we won't do both, but we will definitely do one of them," he said."


Must say, not bad at all. Dig the colors and stance.


Everyone keeps saying 510, but i dont see it. 
This is a Silvia reboot. Look at the lights, and the roof line angles. Its as clear as day. 


I am in every way looking forward to THIS. Over the past 7 years. There have been a select few that made me say " That's what I want", the way that the IDx has. I saw the BRZ/ FRS when it was at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and in no way did it make me want it. I believe that no matter what. The IDx will be a major threat, Not only to the BRZ/FRS, but akso the MX-5's. Which makes me a bit sad cause I own a Miata...


J.Albert  I think its safe to say a bit of both more 510 imo


J.Albert  I see where your coming from!


J.Albert  I totally agree J Albert,  I commented the same thing when the first preview of the iDx was posted. It looks exactly like the '66 Datsun Silvia, the only 510 feature i can see is the horizontal black line on the D-pillar. Just my humble opinion.


I really started to like this concept when I saw it moving.
Hats off to Hugo. I want his kit for my IDX Nismo...yum!


two things one:NOT BAD and two:BUILD IT NOW!!!!!


I don't get it.....all I see is TA22 Celica reborn with modern taillights.  Love the idea and all, but I don't see the inspiration from older Datto's or 80's-90's Nissans.....???


I'm not sure why, but the one render with the white A-pillar looks fantastic. And to be honest I wasn't crazy about the car until that


Take my money... I want one!


im not crazy about this car if I'm honest, it looks too high and short, and the lines are really not to my liking... i guess it'll get toned down a little seeing as this is still a prototype but at the moment i'm not that exited for it ^^


The single centered exhaust pipe just doesn't sit right with me. Two or four smooth-cornered rectangulars would make me like it more.