Sedan Love: An R34 With Room For More

Nissan Skyline. Say those words, and some pretty badass images will probably pop into your head. It might be Super GT or Group A racing domination. Maybe it’s a tuned GT-R looping Tokyo’s C1 expressway deep into the night. Maybe it’s a hakosuka screaming down the front straight at Fuji Speedway.

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In reality though, the Skyline name has also been seen on many much less glamorous machines over the years, including many nondescript sedans and even the occasional wagon. While the Skyline name usually gets enthusiasts’ hearts pumping, these less sexy versions usually live out their lives with no fanfare whatsoever.


This brings me to Junya Nakata’s ER34 Skyline sedan, which I recently encountered at Fuji Speedway. As you can see, the car is one hell of a looker, and the fact that that Nakata-san decided to use a four-door base rather than the more common coupe body style makes everything that much better. Speaking of four-door Skylines, let’s not forget that the legendary Skyline GT-R made its debut in sedan form back in the late ’60s.

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When Nakata-san started his build, he began with a standard issue ER34 25GT-T four-door, but over the last few months his creation has been popping up on websites and social media feeds everywhere. From the front his Skyline looks just like an R34 GT-R and that’s because Nakata-san installed a complete BNR34 front end using a factory Nissan bumper, hood and fenders.

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Elsewhere, he added a rear bumper and side skirts from URAS, as well as a set of of the company’s aggressive Type-R rear wide fender kits. Then he had everything coated in Nissan’s Millenium Jade, which GT-R fanatics will know is a color that appeared on the rare BNR34 Nür Spec.

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Beneath the unbelievably tidy GT-R-inspired exterior, you’ll find a set of Trust coilovers with custom Swift springs, along with Ikeya Formula adjustable upper control arms and Yura Mode extended lower arms up front.

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As for wheels, Nakata-san is running a set of 19×10.5-inch +19 ADVAN GT wheels with Nitto NT555 tires. Easily visible behind those Hyper Black spokes are BNR34 GT-R Brembo brakes front and rear.

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Since this is a street car through and through, interior modifications are simple and tasteful. There’s a pair of Bride buckets and a classic Nardi steering wheel, along with the requisite double-DIN navi unit. Like a lot of four-door R34s, Nakata-san’s car left the factory with an automatic transmisison, but he did the right thing and had it swapped over to a manual gearbox thanks to the guys at a shop called STRANGE in Kanagawa. For now, performance modifications made to the RB25DET are mild, but include a front-mount intercooler kit and a one-off exhaust system using a Kakimoto muffler.

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So yes, over the decades the venerable Skyline has been available in many different flavors – some sexier than others. As Nakata-san’s ER34 demonstrates though, a couple of extra doors can be a beautiful thing.



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My gawwd! That thing is drop dead gorgeous!


I'm kind disappointed by how brief this was. I got excited and wanted to see more. Also, I absolutely love sedans and especially love wagons .


(X_X) why is it over ... more longer more skyline sedan! please!! Seems the builder ticked the right boxes... Bu-riddo seats, a classic Nardi, BNR34 nose .... Kakimoto exhaust ...
I wonder whats lurking under the hood, hopefully a RB26DET? or TT? i hope the Builder got ride of the NEO engine XD... everytime i see a Skyline Sedan, an article from Banzai Mag pops into my head, a brown r32 sedan, That was as Badass as it could get ^^


This has to be continued... At least I think so, but on the other had it's a daily with mild modifications. This particular car is up there with the coupes I've seen in my life time. The body work has quality written all over it, the interior is nice and tidy, but I wonder what the engine bay looks like. RB25DET's look good in all engine bays when its done right, pretty sure the owner didn't skimp on that. It's definitely a looker and neck breaker when it comes to daily divers. Nice photography and write up work @speedhunters_mike


That paint is absolutely mesmerising. The colour is just beautiful. 10/10 paint job right there IMO.


This like the four door R32 is true greatness.


This is the colour I always bought them on Gran Turismo. Can't believe it looks this good in person.


did u guys go to the hks premium day 2014?


aussieANON  Nuuuuuuuuuur. :)


Oh yeah we have sedan love right here. Here's a number of R34 sedans, one of them is even powered by a Toyota 1JZ!


SuzyWallace aussieANON  It makes me all tingly inside.
One of the only other cars that have a coat this nice (that I remember) was the green Volvo 242 with the M50 engine. Odd that they're both green, but there you go.


AlexBailey Thanks! I'm guessing Nakata-san is planning on some more engine work next, so perhaps I'll have to check in with him again for a full feature?


Onecton Yeah, there's something great about four-door Skylines, no matter the vintage!


RayDA Yeah this was an on-the-fly encounter, but I'll staying tuned to what Nakata-san does to see what happens next!


If it's me I'll imagine Ken Nomura.


meal stub The feeling is mutual!


aussieANON So subtle, and so eye-catching at the same time. Not easy to pull off.


Advan GTs look money against the Millennium Jade!


this thing stopped me in my tracks while checking out the parking lot at TAS. there were a ton of 4 door gtr conversions there but this thing was so immaculate, it made all the other ones look incomplete.


Millennium Jade, classic colour though i've never seen it on a R35 yet... much more vibrant than silver moss


aussieANON I agree, it's gorgeous. What a clean build, and that rear fender kit, damn! It really sets the whole thing off. Less is indeed sometimes more. I only wish the widening of the fenders looked neater where it meets the tail lights, looks kind of weird. Other than that, pretty much perfect in my book.


Haha.No engine pic or shot of the drivers side. What gives?


i love a tastefully modded er34.


beautiful car!


I saw this sedan back when Dino did the article on the TAS parking lot, I was waiting/hoping there would be more coverage. Im a bigger fan of the 4 door model skylines, theyre not as glorified but deserve just the same amount of love. Glad this one got to shine!


I like so much this car... four doors a problem? Not at all!...
Beautiful pictures!


What a monster... my perfect dream car right here... one day ill own a sedan like this, and take the ladies drifting in the back...
Thumbs up for the Japanese M5 Boss car of all time...


More doors for more whores!


R32 Sedan


deleted_31349176_deleted_31349176_elvisafonso   YESSS !!!! EQUIP WORK WHEEEEELS and a classy black lip


GTS_four この人の34、きっれーーーーにワイド組んであって気持ちいい


nice_shinchan ただ組んだだけじゃこうはならんよね。


Beautiful!! Would Have loved to seen the beautiful gtr tail lights, that would have been the cherry on top!


deleted_31349176_deleted_31349176_elvisafonso S-Tuner!