Full Need For Speed Ahead

As the release date for the up-coming Need For Speed movie looms, things are kicking up a gear and a trio of new behind the scenes clips have been released to explain some of the finer details of what actually goes into creating a big-budget hollywood flick where the cars play as much of a role as the actors…

So what do you need when you’ve got an awesome ensemble of cars for your main cast? A badass camera car to keep up with them, that’s what! Forget your normal daily drivers – even the cars behind the camera are looking pretty tasty.

Even the cast play a hands-on role. Dominic Cooper, the English actor playing Dino Brewster, the film’s bad guy, took to the wheel and learned how to perfect his 180 skills. Coupled with the ability to deliver a killer one-liner and a shady look, those are essential bad guy tools.

Need For Speed’s range of cars has always been a wide-arching umbrella, but of course every selection needs a good contingent of muscle. This short film takes a quick look at some of the vintage Americana to feature on set, touching on the work done to them to make sure they’re up to spec.

If these shorts have piqued your interest, you’ll be happy to know you won’t have long to wait to indulge your fast film thrills. The full film will be out in cinemas in March, so sit down, get strapped in and prepare your popcorn!

Suzy Wallace
Instagram: speedhunters_suzy



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Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why the RSS feed updates so sporadically? It's my main way of checking for updates on the site but it's currently showing the Nagoya article as the most recent.


I wonder how much it would cost for that company to build be a replica P1.


These supercars look fake in almost every shot, even on youtube...


Salivating at the mouth...


Yeah I'm actually starting to really look forward to this movie!


sp4rk  Completely agree, i want to see these "cars"in the movie but now i don´t like any one...
Hope that the movie will be fun


Actually want to see this one..as the game where as over the top as this movie is gonna be!


wheatgod  no car is boring if driven properly


wheatgod  no car is boring if driven properly


nickevans_93 will get on that video tomorrow when I inevitably fall asleep in a lecture.


nickevans_93 as for the car, it just looks like a P1 rear-ended a 12C. I don’t really like it at the moment :l


Strawbs_ My thoughts but I've immediately fallen for it.


nickevans_93 it’s McLaren so I’ve got to fall for it. Just might take some persuading.


British guys are always the baddies...


English bad guy? He better drive some form of Jaaaaaaaggggg.


Fast and Furious is better and the need for speed games have like supras, rx-7's, Nissan 350z's and R34 GT-R's and some lamobo's thats it. the games dont look like the movie or even come close besides rivals


Hoppum  Thought this was just me.


I think this is all brilliant and it really captures the spirit of Need For Speed. I'm stoked!


That's because we Brits all dress dapper and take milk in our tea.