Your New Wallpaper. Literally

BMW’s iconic CSL GT on home turf
Daytona, USA
Jonathan Moore

Remember as you were growing up, which posters you had on your wall? If you were in my generation, chances are that at least one of them might have been of a Lamborghini Countach. No? Showing my age? I’d love to make out like I’ve grown up a bit since then and got all serious, but really, is there anything better a gearhead can have on their wall than an amazing bit of automotive art? 

PM_0008_Rotiform Porsche 964_1920

Rotiform’s 964 walks the walk
Wörthersee, Austria
Paddy McGrath

Here at Speedhunters, we aim to please, so to complement the original line-up of spectacular prints made available in our first release, we’ve now carefully sifted through the mountain of extreme machinery that we’ve featured over the last year, to hand-pick the finest selection of stunning shots. From hypercars to high-speed drag cars, and rotaries to racers, these are some of the craziest cars we’ve snapped over the last 12 months and now you can get to experience them on your walls.

This is petrolhead pornography.

LC_0015_LIberty Walk Ferrari 458 rear_1920

Not afraid to shock: Liberty Walk’s 458
California, USA
Larry Chen

As always, the prints will be of the highest quality – on 220gsm premium art paper with a semi-matt finish and lay-flat PE backing coating, and they will be sent out in heavy duty cardboard tubes so that they reach you in pristine condition. So, along with the ones mentioned above, here’s a list of the cars you can adorn your wall with…

BL_0002_Lexus 4-rotor turbo front_1920

1000 horses, turbo and nitrous – the angriest rotary ever
New Zealand
Brad Lord

BL_0001_Lexus 4-rotor turbo side_1920

A fine line between genius and insanity: the four-rotor, 1,000hp GS300
New Zealand
Brad Lord

BM_0004_Honda Turbo dragster_1920

A turbo with a Honda fitted to it
Willowbank Raceway, Australia
Bryn Musselwhite

BM_0003_Zakspeed Calibra_1920

Unraced: Zakspeed’s carbon stealth Calibra
Niederzissen, Germany
Bryn Musselwhite

BM_0005_Forge VW Golf_1920

Forge’s Berg Cup mountain destroyer
Gloucester, England
Bryn Musselwhite

BM_0006_Pagani Huayra_1920

The quick way to rearrange your internal organs: Pagani’s Huayra
Verona, Italy
Bryn Musselwhite

BM_0007_Gobstopper 2_1920

The Ultimate Impreza: Gobstopper 2
Bryn Musselwhite

BM_0008_Pagani Zonda Revolucion_1920

An emotive force: the Zonda Revolución
Modena, Italy
Bryn Musselwhite

DC_0013_RWB 993 Carrera 2_1920

Rauh work, raw passion
Tsukuba, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0014_Gatebil Audi 80_1920

The quattro warrior: an Audi 80 like no other
Mantorp Park, Sweden
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0015_WTAC Nemo Racing Evo_1920

The time destroyer: Nemo Racing’s WTAC Evo
Eastern Creek, Australia
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0016_Drift Hilux_1920

Brute Ute, engineered to slide
Eastern Creek, Australia
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0017_Maserati MC12 Corsa_1920

Blue thunder: Maserati’s barely tamed MC12
Fuji Speedway, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0018_Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport_1920

Unobtainium Maximus: the Veyron Grand Sport
Fuji Speedway, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0019_RWB Rotana 993 Turbo_1920

Nakai goes turbo
Chiba, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0020_Liberty Walk Ferrari F50_1920

The other legend: Liberty Walk’s F50
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0021_Liberty Walk BMW M3_1920

A bold statement: Liberty Walk’s M3
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0022_Bensopra 380SX_1920

The Nardó special speed challenger, the BenSopra 380SX
Narita, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0023_Kakimoto NSX_1920

Steroidal power, sublime sound with the Kakimoto NSX
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0024_Libery Walk Ferrari F40_1920

The legend grows stronger still: Liberty Walk’s F40
Nagoya, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

JM_0002_McLaren F1_1920

Still the ultimate road car: McLaren’s F1
Woking, England
Jonathan Moore

LC_0014_Liberty Walk Nissan GTR R35_1920

Defining the niche: Liberty Walk take on the R35
California, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0016_LIberty Walk Ferrari 458 front_1920

The lowdown on Liberty Walk’s 458
California, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0017_Aston Martin CC100_1920

A century in the making: the Aston Martin CC100
Pebble Beach, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0018_Porsche 917-30_1920

Face to face with the destroyer: the CanAm Porsche 917/30
Larry Chen

LC_0019_S15 JDM movie star_1920

The S15 JDM movie star
Fort Worth, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0020_Fox Mustang_1920

The Fox Mustang redefined
California, USA
Larry Chen

MG_0001_396 Motoring Toyota Cressida_1920

A JZX100 that likes to party
Mike Garrett

PM_0007_Players Supercharged VW Mk1 Golf_1920

The enthusiast’s dream of a supercharged Mk1
Paddy McGrath

PM_0009_BMW Turbo Volvo 242_1920

A Labour Ovlov: the turbo BMW-powered Volvo
Mantorp Park, Sweden
Paddy McGrath

PM_0010_1JZ Caddy_1920

The VW Caddy with Soarer spirit
Gröndal, Sweden
Paddy McGrath

SK_0003_Magnus Walker 911 STR_1920

Porsche Perfection from Urban Outlaw
California, USA
Sean Klingelhoefer

SK_0004_Bensopra 380SX_1920

BenSopra’s Nardó special speed challenger
Narita, Japan
Sean Klingelhoefer

SK_0005_Lancia Delta Evo LaSupra_1920

Far beyond epic: the Lancia LaSupra Evo
Gröndal, Sweden
Sean Klingelhoefer

SK_0006_LIberty Walk Aventador_1920

Underground tuner turns worldwide phenomenon with the Aventador
Tokyo, Japan
Sean Klingelhoefer

SK_0007_Audi Ur Quattro_1920

Quattro crossed with fighter jet
Stockholm, Sweden
Sean Klingelhoefer

SK_0008_Honda Formula Red NSX_1920

Honda’s halo car goes SoCal
Long Beach, USA
Sean Klingelhoefer

Ok, so we know there’s some tough choices ahead of you. Which shots to choose? Which room to put it up in? Or maybe you were thinking about re-decorating anyway… If your other half has been asking which wallpaper you think would be most suitable, then maybe, just maybe this could be an option. Hey, dream big, right? Once you’ve made up your mind, head over to the Speedhunters store and get your new wall decoration ordered!



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Can we get more pics of the McLaren F1 LM please?  Want to buy more then that side profile!


Hi, I'm unable to find any prints from the first release in your web store. Will they be available anytime soon?


For sizes it says A1 and A3, what are the dimensions of those exactly?


I miss Linhbergh's pictures.


Seriously! Fix the shop, I've tried to buy some of these prints 5 times now. First the cart is wrongly updated with items i didn't want. Then it is finally right, then i continue to checkout and the items are wrong again. I clear cache, try again. Oh forgot to log in. Have to add everything to the cart once again. click through to the checkout- nothing happens, cart gets randomly emptied...


Hi, I'm unable to find any hot-roddery or kustomisation. Is there a fault?


I LOVE this idea...  just not the pictures picked.


That CSL! Damn!


For a second there I actually thought you guys meant real wallpapers not posters. LOL but for real, you guys are gonna make me become bankrupt from buying your posters. I LOVE them. Thanks so much for sharing your photo art with us.


For a second there I actually thought you guys meant real wallpapers not posters. LOL but for real, you guys are gonna make me become bankrupt from buying your posters. I LOVE them. Thanks so much for sharing your photo art with us.


Annnnnd I want three of these. Gobstopper is gonna be on my wall!


cant seem to find any post about the Kakimoto Racing NSX?


Awesomeness,  I will be placing a order.


Thank you so much for those great pics!
Such a good collection of real automotive photography art.
I don't get why some of the readers still complain about this or that missing. Guess it's hard to be satisfied at all.…


@Han_theman  That's because it's coming this month :)


Elliott Skeer  A1 = 33 x 23 inches, A3 = 16.5 x 12
Check out


speedhunters_dino  Ya big tease...


Please give me an FD to chose from :)


I know that shouldn't belong here, but could you upload higher resolution pictures? or maybe let the users choose which resolution.
Since blowing up the picture in Photoshop just results in, well you know what results... sulky, blurry pictures.
Pretty Pretty Please ^^ ?
I know 1920x1080 is the go to resolution.... but please ^^ i want higher XD
Stunning Pictures BTW!!!


Anton B  We're working on it. Sorry for the pain.


Onecton  Given that our pictures were 800x533 before the re-design, I think we've come a long way! We also need a site that actually loads - if we went much bigger than 1920x1280, it would slow to a crawl.


SuzyWallace Onecton  I know I know ... But asking questions is always free :) I am farly happy that Photoshop has a good algorithm when it comes to enlarging pictures... and since i have a well call it funky resolution, it always takes some fiddeling :) 
like that one.... 21:9 is sometimes a real pain lol


Unless I'm mistaken, it seems these poster selections are coming in waves and replacing the selections before them.  I'm insanely glad to see that I can now be proud to display Speedhunters photography in my house, but I REALLY disagree with the "buy it while it's hot" mentality when it comes to the posters.  To be honest all I've ever thought Speedhunters needed to "merchandise" was the art, but that's a different point.  Just my two cents that I felt I had to pitch in...when you care about something you should voice your opinion on it so I did, Looking forward to receiving my menacing Aventador print!


Onecton SuzyWallace  Super widescreen! Enlarging pictures is always bad news though - you can't add information that's not there. Although CSI would have us believe otherwise. ;) Why not make a custom border for yourself that you can drop the originals into to get the correct ratio (you could even use other SH shots for that)? Then you wouldn't have to mess with the picture...


SuzyWallace you mean like frame the picture? not a bad idea but it would kind of defeat the purpose of that screen real-estate...
On the other hand im quite statisfied how they turn out, even after enhancing CSI style like ^^


Onecton SuzyWallace  It doesn't have to be with a boring black frame though - creating something cool to go round the outside (presumably the side), tailored to you might be kinda cool. Could even be a mini-collage of SH images that you adjust depending on your mood. Just an idea...
Otherwise, get a job working for the forensic department. They'd love you. ;)


SuzyWallace *MIND BLOWN* whoa! That never occured to me O_O thats a really really good idea! I mean the collage thingie, sound really good. Actually i have it quite in my mind how it should look, and going with the collage i can use pictures even before the last great site overhaul, since they can be smaller, and even the pictures before which were stored in that extra wallpaper section.... Suzy you made my day :) thank you!

I higly doubt the forensic appartemend would take me, but hey, see that reflection on that licenseplate? EHANCE! see? now Sharpen! aaaand Flip it! See there is a guy with a weapon in the reflection ^^


Onecton SuzyWallace  Glad I could help! :)


Roku  You can still get the previous prints - it's just a bit difficult to show them all in the store at the moment. If you'd like any of the older ones, please email and they'll be able to help you out. :)


@Chris  We can still do the older prints - if you email your request to and let them know what you're after, they can help you out.


Appreciate the info, thanks!