The VIP Entrance

Some cars sidle into your sphere of attention. Perhaps a mention here on Facebook, a photograph there on the internet and a glimpse at an event. Others storm up to you, grab you by the shoulders, kick you in the shins and positively scream in your face. Job Design’s Lexus LS460L was definitely of the latter kind.

After walking round the halls of SEMA for four days, I was pretty convinced I’d seen everything there was to see. But while leaving with Larry, we rounded a corner and bam! – my eyeballs had been assaulted.


The car wasn’t a local either – Job Design are a Japanese company specialising in VIP design. The Lexus had been shipped all the way over for SEMA, but due to some mix-up, it had unfortunately spent more time sitting at customs than it had in the show halls of the Vegas Convention Center, and arrived just on the last day. And with it popping up in Dino’s Tokyo Auto Salon coverage as well, we thought we’d bring you a closer look at what could be one of the most ‘out there’ VIP cars around.


To say it’s not your usual sleek bippu style would perhaps be a bit of an understatement. It’s an attention-grabber, a show off and a reminder that styles never stay the same. The consistent use of red, black and white throughout the entire car is a bold statement but certainly ensures that it can’t be missed!


Inside, the luxury look is very much still in place, albeit with the Job Design twist. Entirely retrimmed in suede and leather, the trio of colours again feature large. The black stripe running down the centre of the car’s bodywork is even recreated on the roof lining. It’s these small details that work to tie the car together, turning what could probably have been a ridiculous mess into something that, while undeniably bold, also works surprisingly well together.


But if anything’s going to catch your eye, it’ll be those wheels. The Work Equip e05s are a massive 22×10.5 at the front and 22×12 at the rear – custom-made for Job Design by Work. And if you’ve got all that dish just hanging around, you might as well make use of it, right? Adding your company name seems like as good a use as any…


Once the wheels have grabbed your attention, they’re further ensnared by the custom-engraved brake discs and those HUGE 16-pot CSD calipers. The wheels are tucked far into the arches courtesy of an air-ride set-up and those massively widened arches, complete with vents at the rear. Over the top? Yes. Larger than life? Undoubtedly. But what you can’t deny is that it’s a great demo car. After all, there’s not much chance of anyone missing it…

Secretly though, I’m wondering if there’s another motive for the Lexus. I reckon it would make a bloody good Transformer – don’t you think? Michael Bay? Are you hearing me…?



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The white on the exterior is a bit much for me. But it has some really nice touches. Look at how the vent on the front quarters wrap around the wheel arch, then the top crease gently into the same line that the pinstripe follows along the side of the car. That's a cleaner design than a lot of OEM styling. No photos showing the rear?


I have a feeling this is definitely going to be a Marmite car!


Ballllllllllllinggggg lol


I can't stand VIP normally, but I find my self studying every picture and seeing something new every time I look. Garish as hell, but still captivating.


Not my style, but it's very well executed, great looking wheel brake setup and cozy interior. I think the owner was a successful businessman who then went to Amsterdam and accidentally discovered the local "coffee".  :)


And here comes my marmite-coated breakfast muffins... followed by yesterday's lasagne. Yes, well executed but still bloody awful...


yep, that foats my boat pretty damn nice...


koko san Yeah, that wheels/brake set-up is really something. I wonder how the engraved discs work? I assume the design must just wear out after a while...


Vilko Sorry, no - I think he'd just arrived and had the boot/trunk open. The white is certainly bold on the exterior, but the way that it's only been used low down and not all over the place is pretty clever.


SuzyWallace Would it depend on how deep it was engraved? It's a pretty cool idea anyway, maybe not all that functional (like slotted rotors) but cool anyhow.


Brett Allen SuzyWallace I guess it would but surely too deep would affect the strength of the disc itself? I'm guessing...


Brett Allen SuzyWallace I guess it would but surely too deep would affect the strength of the disc itself? I'm guessing...


SuzyWallace Brett Allen The rotor engraving should definitely not wear down, unless you expect the disc itself to wear down. It is even functional as the engraving essentially acts as slotted rotors. I thought this was a quite popular mod at last year's SEMA, I'm pretty sure you guys even mentioned it in your coverage last year...


Hehe, I remember seeing that insanity @ TAS this.
Was good to finally see what it's all about.
Great read, and awesome pics, as usual!


SuzyWallacekoko sanI think they stay in place like any other pattern, depends on the dept. I am seeing rotors with Speedhunters logo in the future.   :)


Someone put in Work. :)


Not feeling the logo's on the dishes!


koko sanSuzyWallacenothing new here lowriders been doing it for a while. But its all show


koko san SuzyWallace Now you mention it... ;)


@flushpokeBrett Allen But you do expect the disc to wear down, right? If the brakes are being used anyway...


FunctionFirst Lol a lot of VIP car are not garish, i'd call this transformers-type style like an offshoot of the original


VIP is the best, epic car too


this is what it will look like when the donks people get a hold of it 10 years later.