No Turbos Here: The V8 Lexus RC F

With the 2014 North American International Auto Show quickly approaching, the big debuts are starting to surface. One of the most anticipated performance machines from this year’s show has appeared in the form of the Lexus RC F Coupe.


The RC F Coupe is of course based on the new Lexus RC that debuted last month in Tokyo. The goal for the RC F is simple: to fight with heavyweights like the BMW M4 in the hotly-contested high performance luxury segment.


And while the new M3 and M4 have made a much-publicized switch to turbocharged six-cylinder powerplants, the RC F Coupe is sticking with a naturally aspirated V8. Lexus has yet to reveal full specs on the engine, but claims it will be the most powerful V8 the company has produced, beating out the 5.0L engine from the previous IS F.


The V8 will come mated to a responsive automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, and will feature a console-mounted control to switch between four different driving modes.


Outside, the body treatment is much more aggressive than the normal RC, with a raised hood line, more aggressive fascias and even features a speed sensitive active rear spoiler as seen on the flagship Lexus LFA.

We’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing more about this machine at NAIAS in Detroit next week.



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Auto with paddles. Slight disappointment, that's the climate these days.
At least it's not a hybrid.
That V8 into the 86 should happen.


Apparently they've listened to Jony Ive and took influence from Braun into their design


Once again, Lexus stays true to itself. Amazing lines. Unique grill. Luxurious look but still providing the power we beg for. And I'm not even a huge fan of Lexus.


love it.. looks amazeing.  V8 power


I am the only one that sees a resemblance with the Toyota GT86 here?


Vittorio JanoIn most countries of the world, there's a license plate at the bottom of the front grille, so it's a lot less shocking. Funny to see how this car has a "marmite-effect". On Jalopnik many commenters seem to hate it, here on SH it looks like people quite like it and in the French press nearly everyone appreciates it.
And for myself, I actually love it.


I think it looks Great!


greenroadster I see it too :P same company though, near enough


aussieANONIt has to be the 86 chassis already, surely? Can anyone confirm yes or no?


WTF.... the future is getting uglier every time a new car comes out

turbo BEAMS ae86

@the_great_DC aussieANON pretty sure its the IS chassis..not sure if thats the FRS platform or a variant


@the_great_DC  aussieANON  the RC is based off of the GS chassis not the zn6 chassis

"The RC is a stand-alone model, rather than a two-door derivative of a sedan. Based on the GS platform, the coupe differs in all dimensions from the GS and IS lines."


Lexus seem to be the only mainstream manufacturer being properly bold in their designs at the moment. Plenty of companies make funky looking concepts but never pull through with it. Thats what I like about Lexus, they have big balls and make really interesting looking cars like this. Even though it's not particularly 'pretty', it's sure to snap your neck when it drives past you.


Aisakey Vittorio Jano I like that it's a bold design, but the nose in that last pick looks rather bulbous. Maybe it's the angle?


wheatgodIt's technically a luxury car. Most people buying this car will be rich businessmen who don't care about driving a manual car. All they really care about is the fact that it's a Lexus, it looks nice, and it goes fast when the foot goes down.


I very much like the design language of Lexus nowadays. No one can call them beige anymore. In fact BMW and Audi styling designs are getting pretty stagnant.
Lexus is maybe not elegant or pretty but definitely bold and aggressive. In a sports coupe this is a good thing. Even if the M4 is marginally quicker, I prefer this because its not the default douchebag choice.


Racer75 greenroadster What until someone shoehorns that new V8 into one...


Racer75 greenroadster What until someone shoehorns that new V8 into one...


wheatgodLouisYioYeah, but most of them are slowly straying away from manuals.


NA and those exhausts! All it needs is the manual option as previously stated.


FunctionFirst Aisakey Vittorio Jano It's not the angle. It's the proportions. The front overhang is way too long. Common problem with almost all modern cars. Usually the designers try to hide it by making the nose really round, but that only works for one angle (2nd pic). Also the bonnet line is really high on the front thanks to pedestrian safety.


I have to say id buy the RC F over an M4 but Id buy an M3 over whatever lexus makes as competition in this segment. I only dislike the old timey center console (not a pun it just looks retiree/pentioner to me) I prefer the new c class interior.


if it had a 6 speed id be down


Lexus SC500 '14


Like most would be awesome cars, it takes a while to get use to the look and most of the time, it's the experience behind the wheel that says it all.  And if this car is reliable like most Lexus' are, then we've got a winner.  As much as I like the competition, I'm always down for the cars that I can fire up and go.  Drive the distance and not stress about stuff breaking or having electrical issues.  Are 21" wheels going to be the norm for the next sports car segment?


haha very ironic you chose the side view/profile picture to display as the headline - its this cars best angle. i don't care how good it is, it still looks like absolutely terrible. omg that grill


Looks as if it has an elephant seal snout in the profile shot and it's just a generic design at best..meh

Gianluca FairladyZ

Very nice car from outside.. But i would have liked an interior a Little bit more sporty..... it's too luxurious to be a true sports coupe... my opinion...


Is it just me, or does the interior look completely puzzled together from not matching parts? It's by far the worst thing about the car.


Interior looks a bit tacky with the blotches of carbon fiber panels and random clock and vents sitting in-front of the monitor. I've always liked how simple lexus's usually make there cars but this one i think needs a bit more gadgets and more wow factor going on in the interior of the car. The front hood looks like a person who has a really big bump on their head. could be just a bad angle but it should slope down a bit. FINALLY a V8 in their car, now this is sweet news!


saebersold I saw it at the auto show and thats exactly what I thought. It looks like 10 different people designed the interior and they weren't on the same page.


Is this a BRZ basically?


According to information from engine will produce over 450 hp* and over 383 lb-ft of torque* compared to IS F 416 hp @ 6,600* 371 lb-ft @ 5,200