The New STI: Race Car First, Production Car Later

We’ve been getting pretty hyped about the new Subaru Impreza STI for a while. The first rumours were interesting and then it kind of dwindled, then Bryn found out he was headed for Detroit and it was one of our must-sees at the show.

So what’s this? Only a film showing the debut of the new model as a race car! Forget the cloth cover being pulled off today, here it is on the other side of the world, being shown off at the Tokyo Auto Salon…

The car has been built by STI for this year’s Nürburging 24 race, where it will run in the SP3T class. Subaru has already had great success in the N24, and they will be looking to follow that up with another win in 2014. Along with showing the car at TAS, Subaru has also released this short film chronicling the car’s development and track testing.

Obviously there was some strategy here to unveil the car in race form first, and we like it. Seeing the new STI in competition trim has us really wanting to get our hands on the next iteration of Subaru’s rally car for the street. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting to see some of Dino’s images from the show floor.



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Few questions: Did they place the motor lower and further back in the chassis much like the BR-Z? Or is it still really nose heavy like previous models? Will we see a return of Subaru to the WRC? Anyone know?

The STI looks good, if a little like an Evo X in the front, but that's alright. However, the base model WRX looks way too much like a Camry with a hood scoop. Wow. Much boring. Very bland. 

Can't wait for Dino's photos.


It looks like a really fast Camry.


I want one !! So I can pick up my morning espresso..


I was wondering when speedhunters would mention this.


FunctionFirstyou never know, with the gt86/brz partnership, the base impreza (can i still call it that?) could well be a camry with a hood scoop


Hmmm... loooks like a Holden v8 supercar with a hood scoop. And not a particularly impressive hood scoop either, its more like a hood hole.


Someone needs to NGTC the hell out of this.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

I'd buy one..........if the road car has that widebody on it.


wheatgod Agreed... you cant please everyone I guess. But I always felt the Subie was synonymous with massive hood scoops, the legendary McRae 2.5RS 555 WRC cars are what defined the Iconic Sti scoops... especially since the 555 was probably the car that got me into cars in the first place.


wheatgod  Excaty, the fanboys probably don't even realize the necessity of a top mounted intercooler on a turbo boxer engine. Form followed function, but man what a form it created :)


FunctionFirst They are introducing "axle forward layout" to help alleviate the traditional pushy handling.

Otherwise I don't think we will ever see Impreza returning to WRC though as it's actually too big a car. WRC regulation has shrunk the dimension and it won't fit. And they don't have any smaller global performance model.


I wonder why there's no one make Sti series (that I know of anyway) I'm sure Subaru could sell quite a few of these.


looks like and evo only much slower


NunoVieira I was hoping I wasnt the only one that noticed...the look alike part. When I first saw it I thought it could be easily confused as an evo x to the untrained eye


if you cant beat them join them I guess


Im excited and all... but that video was awful. All those silly effects and there was no rhythm to it.


cool, still prefer the old impreza


Awsome video
great to see some of the custom parts for this race car,
 i was always cheering for  subaru during the last 24 races on the nürburgring. always nice to watch subaru battle with audi .

i realy like the new designe it looks agressiv and still like a subaru