It’s January! Who Wants To Be A Speedhunter?
How much do you want it?

It’s a serious question too – one that’s been on our minds for a little while now. Speedhunters fired up in 2008 and has been constantly evolving since. You, our readers, have very much been a part of that and now it’s time to expand the way we work yet again, so we’re going to do that by sourcing new contributing editors through the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program. We want you to join us: that’s the basic premise and yes of course there’s more to it than that, but if you’re sat there reading this with the required motivation and skill then it’s possible. So how much do you want it? Read on and you’ll find out exactly how to get involved…


So why do we need more contributors? I’m looking at a calender; on it are 365 days and today is one of them. It’s what history will refer to as 2014. I have a fair idea of what will happen but the past has shown me how much more is possible than even I can imagine. Just to physically cover the material and miles we do is a massive effort and there are so many territories that we haven’t touched on yet. Next week, the Tokyo Auto Salon kicks off in Japan and Dino will be snowed under. What would you do if you were there?

January editorial 2014-2

Planning for 2014 began properly in December when I headed over to the Speedhunters HQ in Stockholm for a couple of days, so that as a team we could sit down and thrash out as much detail as possible. Travel has been a massive part of the Speedhunters way since its inception, but even with all the air miles, baggage claims and immigration checks, there are hundreds of amazing events/cars/collections/workshops/treasures/junkyards/races we can’t get to. You get the idea?

January editorial 2014-4

So we did what you’d expect of us. Instead of settling for that, we worked out how to make sure we encompassed even more than before. That begins with an ambitious plan and to be completely honest, I’m not sure exactly where it will end up, aside from knowing that it will be amazing.

January editorial 2014-14

The fact is, if you want something badly enough, you’ll make it happen. Anybody who has ever built a project car can relate to this. The long hours in the workshop tackling new engineering challenges or solving problems that arise can prepare you. If you’re determined enough, then you push on through and create the outcome you’d like.

January editorial 2014-10

If not? Well then, you won’t make it, will you? That unfinished project will be yours – nobody else’s. Only you can get yourself out of bed in the morning and if you’re reading this disagreeing with me, then I’d guess it’s because something else is motivating you. Maybe you have to get out of bed? You should never rely on anything else or anybody else to get you going. Sure there will be times when your own motivation comes into question, but ultimately you’re the one that will make things happen.


Don’t get me wrong – Speedhunting is hard work, no matter what you think. I’ve done a lot of jobs in my time and some of the most punishing times I’ve had have been spent Speedhunting. I’ve missed important family events, friends’ weddings, birthdays (my own) and made my eyes bleed through physically pushing myself past barriers of fatigue and distance. And that’s just in the last year. So are you really sure you want to do this?

This is what we do
JanuaryEditorial PMcG-1

January is a month of inspiration for us here at Speedhunters, so I hope it will be for you too. So much so that we’re making that the first official theme for 2o14, so use your imagination and show us your best #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER work around that ethos. Inspiring locations, angles and techniques, as well as subjects. For information on how to submit, take a look at previous articles here and make sure your submission reaches us by 17th January.

As well as that, the team are going to be travelling the world to bring some amazing stories to us, Paddy has shot the Ross Sport Evo which is itself a perfect example of achieving your dreams if you want them bad enough; this is so much more than a feature car. You’ll have to wait until the theme kicks in later on this month to find out exactly what I mean by that though.


As I touched on before, Dino is headed to TAS, one of the most important auto shows in the world. It’s a must-attend event on our calender. This year I’ll be heading for the Detroit Auto Show at the same time; a first for us and a great opportunity to cover the worlds biggest, breaking new car stories in one place. Or two depending upon your point of view.


That really is just the tip of the iceberg though, as we’ll be bringing you so much more I literally have to have the calender next to me to keep up with it all. Straight after Detroit I’ll be heading to our friends at Air Lift Performance  for a long overdue look around and chat. There are some great shops nearby we’ll be looking at too. They’re only ninety miles from the show, so why not? I’ll be following that up with a couple of days in the company of the Risky Devils drift club in Chicago too. Oh yeah, we’re mixing it up.


One of the more interesting Japanese events for us is Battle Evome, take a look at this Legacy wagon for example. Can you imagine that sitting anywhere else? It was popular last year so Dino will be back for another look later on in the month. So those are just a few of the pieces laid out for you to assemble into your own perfect feature list.

Okay, okay enough of the teasing though, how do you become a Speedhunter? Read on…

It goes a little something like this
January editorial 2014-13

Paddy has curated the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program to the point where we knew it formed the ideal starting block for our photography search. So if you think you can produce images which blow ours away, work to tight deadlines and manage your own schedule then there may well be a place for you on the team. Each month we’ll run a theme as usual for those of you who want to continue to participate, because after all, pure Speedhunting isn’t for everyone. Then we’ll also select one contributor’s work to run as a separate guest post; if we like what we see, we might offer you a contract which will operate through the 2014/15 Speedhunting year. A guest post is no guarantee of a contract, but it will be a great opportunity to show your work to a large audience. Hopefully you’ve read the rest of the article, because contained within it is your first theme of the year. Like I said, you need to put some effort in!

January editorial 2014-11

In the meantime, here’s a little test… What do you see when you look at this photo? A Porsche in a garage? Maybe you think it’s a decidedly average picture, which to be fair it is. Would you drop some lens flare in? Maybe blow out the background? Straighten it up a bit? Cut it out and add in a race track? Well that’s not what we’re looking for: what we want is for you to see potential.

January editorial 2014-5

Before I flew out of Sweden, Rod and I spent the day looking at a few upcoming feature cars. The winter in Sweden can be harsh and dark, so the builders and the imagineers keep themselves busy. So we went to meet some of them – this is the potential I’m talking about. Speedhunting is not something that you stumble on; you don’t turn a corner and it’s there waiting patiently for you. It has to be worked at.

January editorial 2014-6

If you want to shoot the most amazing builds in the world, you have to go and find them, build relationships with the owners and justify why you should be worthy of presenting and celebrating their pride and joy. Although it does pay, this is not a job.

January editorial 2014-8

It’s a way of life, for us as Speedhunters and those who we meet along the way. Our guide in Sweden was responsible for one of the most incredible builds we showed you last year and we can tell you that was just the start. There are big changes underway right now for the Supra-engined, spaceframed Lancia.

January editorial 2014-9

The single turbo set-up is just the start of it all. We love the ingenuity and approach, and it embodies what we’re about at Speedhunters, so we can’t wait to unveil the results. It’s going to be a big part of our year in 2014. Do you want to be too?

Our kind of people

If new cars or drifting aren’t your thing, that’s cool. What about some full size, American body-dropped, frame-laying action? From NZ? Yup, Mad Mike has been at the project drink again. This full fat, flat out Chevy is his latest. You want inspiration to look outside of your usual scene? Here it is: the people we work with at Speedhunters continue to push their own boundaries and ways of doing things.


A total of over 35K miles had been travelled so this picture could be taken. So it’s no easy ride and not everybody will make the cut. If you’re sat in a country full of crazy builds and insane automotive stories that we haven’t seen yet, then get in touch. We need you.

January editorial 2014-15

2014 is coming at us full force, boosted and sucking in the future, burning it and spitting out the remnants. A lot of people will be making New Years resolutions, which I personally think are overrated. You’re way better off trying something new every single day. So what is it I want to do today?

Ride in a trophy truck, that’s what. I’ve got a fairly good idea of how I’m going to make it happen too, so I’ll make a plan and put it into action. This will happen. Better still, I’ll drive one.

January editorial 2014-1

This year we’re going to go further and show you more and hopefully you’ll be along for the ride.

Photo 12-24-2013, 13 36 26

If January is an indication of what’s to come in 2014, then brace yourselves as we’re going to be lifting the lid on a very special can of collaboration that’s coming later in the year. This one’s big! Can you guess what we’ve got going on?


But most of all, be happy. It’s what 2014 is going to be all about for us. Good times and good people – be part of it.



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God I wish I had some sort of photography skill. I would kill to have this job! But all my skill is mechanical :(


i want to. But the problem is I;m still a College Student


I know someone who'll be a perfect fit! Its hard but I'll try convince them B-)


I once had a guest post....liked it very much, thanx.


I would kill to work with the same people on this site! Everyone on here seems so awesome and friendly and they have the best jobs of all time. I am amazed at all the unique cars I see on Speed hunters and would very much like the opportunity to be apart of this great big family one day! Sadly I am only 15 ._. and although I am not positive on what age you have to be to apply for this, I'm sure it will be a while until I can actually make plans to do so... But expect me to be back with an application soon! :)


muhammadilhamWhy should that stop you?


awesome going out to start speedhunting :)
definitely sending in some shots soon.


This sounds fun!! I wish i wasn't fifteen... I need moar ages..


Couldn't give us one more week to get some pics at the Osaka Auto Messe could ya? Guess its my big chance. I look forward to the challenge.


One Question: Since its a theme of inspiration.. are we just describing the photo/photos in general like a normal IATS submission or should we write a bit more about how we are inspired given this competition?


Oh how exciting!


Speedhunters... this is not a job. It’s a way of life


Project 350ZTT You could always start now :)


muhammadilham I first started contributing to Speedhunters when I was in my fourth year of college. I didn't even own a car and had to beg friends for lifts to events and used to get people to bring their cars to me so I could shoot them. If you want something bad enough, you need to fight for it because it won't just land in your lap.


majik16106 Deadline is the deadline. We're going to be stricter than ever before with the rules and people really need to understand the brief inside out.


how can we show our pictures? on the flickr group?


2 weeks, time to step my game up and go for this.


majik16106Feel free to submit however you see fit, if the subject isn't obvious, a few words will always help.


Noah_LinesAge is no barrier, it just means you've got longer to do more stuff :)


ChanceRyanBAgain, age is no problem. Sure you can't work with us for a while yet, but it doesn't mean you can't get out there and create some amazing images. You've got a head start, use it!


DanLucaci Check out the link in the story, e-mail to


Awesome to see that you guys are going to Air Lift. Their facility is awesome and a really detailed look from your end should help break down even more of the myths around air suspension. Not to mention they are super nice people and something cool is always being worked on there.
Going to see if I can submit something every month this year for #iamthespeedhunter... you might get sick of me.


Let's see if I can get my rolls of film developed in time for the deadline, there's some inspirational stuff in there(to me at least) :)


Awesome! It's a shame that my country doesn't really have a car scene at all... Guess I'll have to work around it somehow!


Looking forward to it, sounds like a fun speedhunting year!


PaddyMcGrath You know.
Question: Is the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER Themed month with the Jan. 17 deadline our only chance to move on as a contributor? Or are you saying that with each theme throughout the year there will be one photographer chosen from that theme to do a guest article and then possibly move on from there?


Bryan, are you just going to the Detroit Auto Show on media day? It's about time Speedhunters came to Detroit! And what's this about Airlift?


Challenge accepted!


EricSeanDelaney It's been on the radar for ages, any suggestions for good stuff? You local? I'll be at Detroit on Media day with Ben Chandler, the day after we head for Air Lift and then Chicago and NY. Good times!


I would like to see more of that Bizimoto guy. I love his work. I dream of having an engine buildt with him one day.


MatsNorway Funny you should say that, we're working on it right now.


Speedhunters_Bryn EricSeanDelaney Yea, I live 25 minutes away from Detroit and have been going for more than half of my life. Good suggestions for the auto show or Detroit in general? The Air Lift thing sounds interesting, I'm also about 30 minutes from Lansing too! Early welcome to Michigan!


Speedhunters_Bryn EricSeanDelaney Yea, I live 25 minutes away from Detroit and have been going for more than half of my life. Good suggestions for the auto show or Detroit in general? The Air Lift thing sounds interesting, I'm also about 30 minutes from Lansing too! Early welcome to Michigan!


midgemanPaddyMcGrathWe will be looking for photographers throughout the program and year, natural evolution will lead us to a good balance. Although it will be based around a body of work rather just one submission, so a guest post would give a chance to look at that work. Feel free to submit a portfolio if you'd like to be considered :)


2xthefunThank you, if half the stuff we have planned comes off it'll be amazing!


John PalazzoBrazil right? Massive air cooled culture, plus workshops too. Look deeper!


westhaveOoh film! Good work.


DaveTNo such thing, submit away it would be great to see as much as you want to send. I'm intrigued by the whole air suspension thing, it makes total sense to me, but I'm looking forward to knowing more.


PaddyMcGrathmajik16106Serious Paddy is serious. But yes as he says a part of this is deadlines. Plus inspiration could be the first hand tool you were given as a kid, the photo you need might be right outside.


zollzDon't try too hard, they need to want it :)


EricSeanDelaney Auto Show is set and Lansing too, but there might be a few spare hours on the Sunday to hit up some sights. We're pinning that down at the moment, I want to revisit the Henry Ford Museum as I remember it being just about the best I've ever visited. 
Is it mind numbingly stupid to head for the old Packard Factory or other old facilities and walk around with a couple of grands worth of DSLR? I've got my street smarts, but don't fancy any trouble.


Speedhunters_Bryn PaddyMcGrath
Sounds great. I look forward to sharing my work with you in the future.


Speedhunters_Bryn EricSeanDelaney The Henry Ford is worth a stop for sure. While you're there, you can do a little bit of parking lot looking and see some masked cars parked around. You have to do it from the streets, but it's always fun seeing the camo'd cars everywhere. 

From what I remember, the Packard Plant is fenced off, but I'm sure there's a way in. You'd probably be fine there with DSLRs, since it's not really in the main city. The Model T plant wouldn't be worth it though since that's still around. It's actually pretty sad to see that one and it's a lot more crowded there.


Speedhunters_Bryn EricSeanDelaney The Henry Ford is worth a stop for sure. While you're there, you can do a little bit of parking lot looking and see some masked cars parked around. You have to do it from the streets, but it's always fun seeing the camo'd cars everywhere. 

From what I remember, the Packard Plant is fenced off, but I'm sure there's a way in. You'd probably be fine there with DSLRs, since it's not really in the main city. The Model T plant wouldn't be worth it though since that's still around. It's actually pretty sad to see that one and it's a lot more crowded there.


PaddyMcGrath DanLucaci I've been wondering myself, last time I emailed pictures. I'm wondering if I should've emailed links to flickr instead and then you can choose the best file size from there. That could be blocked by spam filters though.


Oh man this is gonna be tricky on my part--it's chilly in the North East!  A fresh 8" of snow doesn't help either but I will definitely be submitting this is what I have been waiting for!


Do you prefer we send you one photo per one email or do you prefer batches of submissions at a time?


Speedhunters_Bryn John Palazzo  Ok, so maybe it's not as bad as it may have sounded, we do have several huge drag racing events, a small drifting championship and some rallying. (Rally dos Sertões for example.) There's also 4 or 5 big static events (almost all of them on the same venue though). The VAG scene is starting to build up (with brazilian market cars, wich is nice) and we have some different muscle cars around. But I still don't think it's enough material for a year worth of stories for example. I'm not saying that I'll not participate, I just think that going to some other countries will be a good ideia. And about our air cooled culture, it's really not that big. We do have air cooled cars made here on the 70's/80's that are unique to our market, but custom air cooled VW's are rarer then you may think (although they exist in a fair number).


Speedhunters_Bryn John Palazzo  Ok, so maybe it's not as bad as it may have sounded, we do have several huge drag racing events, a small drifting championship and some rallying. (Rally dos Sertões for example.) There's also 4 or 5 big static events (almost all of them on the same venue though). The VAG scene is starting to build up (with brazilian market cars, wich is nice) and we have some different muscle cars around. But I still don't think it's enough material for a year worth of stories for example. I'm not saying that I'll not participate, I just think that going to some other countries will be a good ideia. And about our air cooled culture, it's really not that big. We do have air cooled cars made here on the 70's/80's that are unique to our market, but custom air cooled VW's are rarer then you may think (although they exist in a fair number).


EricSeanDelaneyInteresting! I'm happy to poke around most places, but have heard stories about people getting mugged around the rougher areas. So waving a fancy camera around might not have been a good idea.


EricSeanDelaneyInteresting! I'm happy to poke around most places, but have heard stories about people getting mugged around the rougher areas. So waving a fancy camera around might not have been a good idea.


Speedhunters_Bryn Well yea, there's a bit of that haha, but that's mostly when you venture off the beaten path. 

You can try to hit Belle Isle too, I assume it'll be open, it's right here in Detroit and it's a race track! So the rubble strips and everything are always there. It's a little safer than going more into the city, usually.


Speedhunters_Bryn Well yea, there's a bit of that haha, but that's mostly when you venture off the beaten path. 

You can try to hit Belle Isle too, I assume it'll be open, it's right here in Detroit and it's a race track! So the rubble strips and everything are always there. It's a little safer than going more into the city, usually.


Ok, got a few questions:
1. I've seen a few comments about age... is there a minimum age to have a guest feature and/or get called upon to be a contributor?
2. If I want to submit a portfolio, does it have to relate to the monthly theme as well, or can it be a bunch of my best shots or some event coverage?
3. What's the best way to submit more than one photo? I'd assume that adding multiple photos to an email is a no-no due to the file size, so would emailing links to Flickr shots be best? Or should I send a few emails with one shot per email?


I smiled so hard at that last photo ;) Awesome opportunity and i like the freedom of work you're anticipating. 
One question though: Is this thing limited to photography?


Where I live I see more modified cars rolling around than I did when I went to southern California in the summer. Maybe I just was not looking hard enough when I was there or maybe I went at a bad time? Now the real question is do I use my precious free time to work on my project cars or go out speed hunting? Its even harder to decide in 2014 in my country with the the R34 Skyline and S15 Silvia Legal to import this year!


Speedhunters_Bryn DaveT You'll have a great time there. I had a working knowledge when I went and just learned more while I was there. The history of the company is really cool as well.
I'm pretty sure I know what I am going to submit this weekend too, stoked.


Speedhunters_BrynChanceRyanB Thanks for the advice! I know the perfect place to start :)


get outta here you guys suck you guys are so not 21st century look I am a photography graduate and some of the shots are bland you don't give the cars their due and it's sad then you want to offer a contract but then say it's not definite which is it play games and lose speedhunters your stories only get good when their is a real writer and the work has the car in character if you would like to expand in 2014 get real with the multitude of talent that is out there otherwise just sail into the boring graveyard of redundancy step it up


Eloquent in your brevity.


@Cjymiller epicmotorwerks World's greatest run on sentence? Punctuation helps with the credibility.


epicmotorwerksWow. Okay, so if I understand you correctly, by hunting for new talent we're not 'stepping it up'? I'm confused, it's always best to be clear and in no way did I want people thinking everybody would get a contract out of this. 

We're looking to improve day by day. Surely you can see that's the intention here? Plus we aim to be the best we can, that doesn't mean we're the best though...


maxproofAnybody with a talent that we see being a part of the team is welcome ;)


maxproofAnybody with a talent that we see being a part of the team is welcome ;)


EricSeanDelaneySpeedhunters_BrynGreat advice, thank you!


Speedhunters_Bryn No worries! Just helping the auto side of Detroit one person at a time!


Speedhunters_Bryn No worries! Just helping the auto side of Detroit one person at a time!


Bryn, there was an outrageous Ford Anglia, an oldschool R31 Skyline, an original Bee-R demo car and a few other feature cars we were promised to see in previous months. What happened to those? 

Additionally, is this 'special' collaboration related to Pretty Boy Fredric...or is Chris Rado and his mental builds rejoining the  SH team?


zephoto I was thinking the same thing. Not many cars out when it's -15* with a foot of snow on the ground...


2xthefun PaddyMcGrath DanLucaci We prefer if you attach the images directly. We get a lot of submissions and if we had to chase links outside each e-mail, things would get messy really quick.


QD I'll see if I can answer these...

1. There's no minimum age to take part (just like its always been) but as far as I know (don't quote me on this) you would need to be 18 to take a contract. I'm sure Bryn can clarify that point.

2. It doesn't need to relate to the theme at all. If you're confident in your work, send us your portfolio and we'll take a look at it.

3. We prefer if you attach the images to the e-mail. Remember that quality is greater than quantity but variety is the spice of life :)


@GeoffTyndall Attach as many as you want (within reason) to the one e-mail.


zephoto Remember that this will be an on-going process, so don't worry too much if you can't make it this month. We will be monitoring for consistent participation however.


@SeekingPerfection Seems a bit passive aggressive towards Fredric, what has he ever done to you?


PaddyMcGrath Hello Paddy. You misunderstood my intentions. This expression originally derives from Pretty Boy Floyd, an old boxer. They have similar haircuts. #TROLLTILLIFALL

On a serious note, can anyone inform us on what happened to the feature cars I mentioned above and whose project car is this FR-S?


@SeekingPerfectionAll are waiting in the wings, I'm really glad you ask as it's validating to know people pay attention. I am guilty of not delivering two of those promised due to time constraints, it turns out being Editor in Chief can really eat in to your day :) They're coming though.

Neither of those are part of the collaboration I refer too.


This has been my ambition for quite sometime now. Everyday I envy you, while sat in my boring 9-5 job. I just hope there's enough room for another UK photographer.


PaddyMcGrath zephoto : Oh don't you worry good sir--the wheels are churning and you'll be bombarded with excellent content from me.  I accept your challenge with these harsh conditions and will DELIVER!  I'm looking to prove myself.


Question for the Speedhunters crew: Speedhunters_Bryn

I've writen and photographed for a couple of magazines and sites, so I know what it's like to have deadlines. Next to that I'm an engineer, so I'm more into the passion of all the technical aspects as I am into the aesthetics of it al. I see myself more of a writer then an photographer, although I do both and love doing both. But most of all, I see myself more as a freelancer compared to a full-timer. Is there a way to work around a contract and work on a freelance basis?



Camel Sto Malli

AlexKaraflasA Gia karaflas exeis poly malli re arxigopoulo.

Camel Sto Malli

AlexKaraflasA Gia karaflas exeis poly malli re arxigopoulo.


I can  only assume do not resend a photo that has already been featured on IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER


I check this website everyday waiting for all the new features you guys have, wishing I could have a chance to do something like this even if it was just for a short period. it would be such a great experience. I know im not the best photographer but it is something that I do love to do. good luck to everyone that is going for this it should be a great experience to whoever gets a chance to break in with the speedhunters. just remember to do it because you love it, if you don't have that you shouldn't be doing it


So many epic builds locally. Hopefully this kind of thing comes up when I'm out of school and better at photography.. :/


Well, this sounds great. You'll be hearing from me! I do my own Speedhunting anyways and run a car blog of my own (which is very much inspired by your stuff, admittedly), so this seems like a great chance to grow - especially as I have developed a huge passion for doing this stuff!


So I'm out if I'm blind? SOB.


Looks like I've got some work to do this year.

Honestly, this aligns perfectly with my goal this year to be more involved in the automotive world once again. Doesn't hurt that I just blew a huge load on a bunch of new photo and video gear and set up a new home office. 

I like where this is going.


PaddyMcGrathQD Thanks for answering! :)


AM81 I'm thinking your comment may well be tongue in cheek ;) But you remind me of my mothers cousin who is blind, her husband (also blind) collects noises. Anything from steam trains to rain drops, some of the places we've had to place him over the years to capture stuff is hilarious, I've said before it's a good thing he couldn't see how dangerous half of them are!


wheatgodThen you'll enjoy our upcoming announcement!


BastienBochmannWe look forward to it, as cheesy as it sounds inspiration is everywhere if you look for it. That's what started Speedhunters, so great news you've gone for it to.

Which Gatebil are you thinking of attending? Mantorp is in Sweden, Rudskogen is Norway and July.


CooperMacmillanWhat area are you in? Get out and practice!


Kevski Style Most of the Speedhunters team work on a freelance basis, contracts exist because of our legal and payment structure. So that's how we work anyway, we're looking at a way to source writers too, but at the moment we're just looking for photographers. Setting the written tone for the website is very important so the process of finding the right contributors is too.


Speedhunters_BrynBastienBochmann I'm looking to attend the main event in Rudskogen on 11 - 13 July. I want to go by car (about 1500km one way) which should be an adventure in itself, since my car has just under an inch of ground clearance and should be even lower by then, ahahaha. A friend from Scotland wants to join me for the trip. The roadtrip there should be an adventure in itself, haha.


Speedhunters_Bryn Kevski Style : 

I can understand that, although, it doesn't require a contract over here in Holland. I write and shoot a story ( Could be anything, events, races, carshows or just a special on one car, as well as in dept how to's on just about anything car or motorcycle related),  make an article, I submitt it to the magazine, they review it and if given the ok, I get paid after billing them. Contracts over here usually make matters worse because of our tax system in which you can't have 2 job's without paying more then 50% tax over everything you earn. Thats why I asked the question in the first place. Not having an actuall contract circumvents that. I've worked for Total Tuning Magazine, AutoBlog, Klassiekerrally and Auto Motor Klassiek, as well as some business websites, from sponsors of my race car a couple of years ago. But if it has to be with a contract it's not going to be me. I do have a press car however, and know my way around circuits....


Kevski Style The contract system is the same in most countries, what I would add is that it protects you as a contributor. There is a clear understanding where and when images/words will be used, the payment due and even how the payment will be made. Handshakes and email agreements don't stand up too well in a court of law when talking about international copyright. Having worked in the print media I've seen my articles turn up, translated word for word in Singapore when I sold the article in the UK. More recently co-publishing deals and licensed material has meant it's incredibly hard to keep track of your work, a contract lays all that out and keeps it professional.


Speedhunters_Bryn Kevski Style : 

That's true. Had the same run-in's as you discribed. And I can't say I've had any experience in International copyright. The thing is, I am interested, but I would like to know more about the business side of things (it;s not about the money though, as people don't tend to get rich by photografing and writing for a living, especially in the car industry). So can I ask my questions here, or is an email probably better?


This is awesome!! Had some images published through iamspeedhunter and I am so up for this!! Sent in some images already and will be pushing myself even more in 2014 to get those WOW images. Fits in perfectly with me wanting to spend more time shooting car and car related events so expect to receive a lot more images from me. Good luck everyone :)


Ya know, ever since I found this website automotive photography has started to interest me more and more and I think with this years tax returns coming up I might just be able to buy a camera. Do you have and good recommendations on what to buy? :)


This is great news. Do you have any space on board for a London, UK based videographer?


Looks like there is going to be competition for the place ;) Good luck everyone !


Great opportunity! However I do not have any faith in this. I know you should be very skilled to get a position as a photographer in automotive or motorsports sectors but only skill won't get you anywhere. You should have two things "luck" and "money". By luck I mean "opportunity" or "network". By money I mean you must be financially covered well or you must know some people who are this way. And of course you should be living in a area where has some real passion about cars and you should be able to access them and to events.

Let me tell you my "failed" story. I've been in 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed as a visitor and semi-amateur photographer. I shot over 3000 photos, eliminated best of them, processed them and published in my website. If I got a press access I could have managed to shot much more great photographs (again skill aside you need luck or money)Ok then I said myself create your own luck. I've sent an email to car brands and automotive related agencies including Speedhunters and I wrote I will be delightful to provide you a photography service next year in FoS. All I want to be assigned as your event photographer so I can access to event as a press member. I do not want any money plus you don't even cover any of my expenses. So guess how many of them returned to my mail? NONE. 

Anyway for sure there must be something that I did wrong or clearly the universe didn't want me to get this opportunity. I can't generalize this is the way of things. All I want to say that these are great opportunities. You need to work hard play hard but always set your expectations low so you won't get upset at the end.

my 2 cents...


Just a random question here. I probably already know the answer, but none of the current speedhunters crew are going to attend the event TX2K14 are they Speedhunters_Bryn? The reason why I asked is because I feel like the event in and of itself is a cool thing and there is a ton to cover. The event showcases some of the craziest builds here in the U.S. When attending, you get to see the passion that drives them to build some of the fastest cars. It's a unique event. Also it really comes to life on the friday night. Then of course, there is the famous street races that go down that night also. What I'm saying is that there is plenty of stuff there if you ever want to cover it. Just thought I might throw the idea out there. I'll be attending this year to cover it as well for my personal enjoyment.


I haven't participated in #iamspeedhunters due to my studies for the HSC (final exams for Australian high schools). If you're looking for a photographer I'm right here! Australian Sydney based with a load of free time to do speedhunting. You can check out my portfolio here:


Just what I've been waiting for .. My current job takes me to offshore rigs all over the world for a month at a time . So long hours, hard work,traveling , not being home for those important family events and holidays are something I have dealt with for the past 12years. I know my photography is up there with the best but there is always room for improvement. I never see any coverage from Speedhunters of events or builds from Canada or the Caribbean , coming from the Caribbean and now living in Canada I believe it would be great to have a photographer on your team to bridge that gap and capture the audience from these locations . Thanks for this opportunity , hopefully I can be an official part of the team in 2014 .


Hello Speedhunters team, I am a French based follower, and I am part of a semi pro Drifting team in France. I am clearly not the best photographer in the World, but I do attend some very cool events, car shows, and I have met many inspirational people along the way. Maybe I can't help you with amazing photos, even tho I love shooting cool cars when possible, but in terms of connections, I can brief you to some very cool garages, cars etc.. don't think France is sleeping quietly in the car World, it is moving, and fast ! So if you feel like you want to give some Gallic flavor on a few occasions, please feel free to contact me, and I will gladly put you in touch with the right person/place when necessary ;) no money here of course, it is just pure passion, and I would be happy to see some truly amazing cars from France ;) (one good example of a crazy build, my friend has almost complete a BMW E30 with a Saleen S287 engine in it, and it works. It's been built to very high standard of course ;) worth a feature ? probably yes ^^
Anyway, please feel free to contact me if you interested

Best regards and happy new year for the whole team ;)


Brand new dedicated automotive photographer community.


If you want a ride in a trophy truck come to me in vegas. It's almost done, 6121 with a ls7 and 30 inches of travel baby


Still a couple more years til we can import Cossies into the U.S.... Truly despise Mercedes Benz for buying off legislators on the gray import ban fascism.


Already talked with you guys, but i didn't got a answer yet... I am a manager of content in a Facebook page, called Xtreme Tuning (, has 34,000 likes, not bad for a small country like my own, Portugal! Here we have some good projects to appear every day. Portugal is still recognizing new styles of modification, but we're in a good way! In competition, we have good events too! Both national and international. What do you think of this at least? I can do a full interview somehow private, if you want ...

Eka Budhi Irawan

Dear Speed Hunters Team. Cc Speedhunters_Bryn

Let me introduce myself, my name is Eka, I'm car photographer based on Jakarta, Indonesia. I very happy to have choosen in #iamthespeedhunter The Flash Theme, what a great pleasure, thanksPaddyMcGrath. I know from chats below that Speed Hunters is looking for freelance photographer, I know I'm not the best but believe me I try hard to be the good one!

If you interest, let me know.


John Palazzo Speedhunters_Bryn


Speedhunters_Bryn John Palazzo  tell me about  Colombia! here its hard speedhunting we dont have a big market and so many bag tings....we are tired of that limitations, for the same reason we need to push our limits, and we do the best we can, having a media - brand that promotes the car culture here, and in a half of year of hard "speedhunting" we find interesting bulids and we covered local events (if you want to know more about Car Culture scene here in Colombia   here is our page )  this is our passion so our work as photographers content creators...especially in South America  is to push the culture as far we can.
, my goal is to expose more the south scene, would be great if speedhunters could be a part of that goal.! 
people in the south we need to join forces!!


Eka Budhi Irawan ayo bang...


PaddyMcGrath I'm still in my first year. But I will try my best.


These are the moments at wich i wished i would still have my camera. The Dutch scene has been booming the last year and i would've loved to get this covered on speedhunters. Aw well, hopefully there's gonna be another chance sometime!


@Speedhunters_Bryn I'm waiting patiently in the wings for the #IAMTHEFACEBOOKPROFILEPICTUREHUNTER project. Call me, yeah?


This is an incredible opportunity to get fully immersed in the automotive scene, something I'm very interested in. The New Zealand has a wide range of styles ( as you can see in Taryn's posts ) that are too good to miss.


Almost every successful paid person, feels that anybody who offers to work for free (for someone else) simply isn't any good. If you'll work for free anyway, and think you're good, then start your own blog! If your blog gets noticed - well then you are good!
How would YOU feel as a paid photog, if some kid said "I want your job so bad, I'll work for no money"? You'd be like "man, eff this mo+h3rfuck€r!"
I work in design, and lots of kids try to get in with promises of 'free work', but there's no bigger turn off, than someone who's willing to devalue my hard earned position by whoring themselves out without pay!
Face the fact that if your work was truly great, you would've been called by someone.
I won't even look at a resume from anybody willing to work for free, and my first job as a paid intern, was to throw away the 3000 resumes that weren't me.
Stop giving out your loser advice, and work for whatever you want until you're too good to be missed.


NitrogliserinbakayaruHi guys, there is an element of truth in both your thought processes. My first job was completely self initiated and produced, only when complete did I sell it to a magazine and then moved on to a freelance career. I look on it as working from a position of passion and  interest, complete with the self belief that I can produce a relevant package which was worthy of a fee.

Because of the blurred lines between what we do and personal blogs it can often appear that by offering services, surely you'd be snapped up? We are a professional business though and along with the photography come administration skills, financial management and so many other facets that we look for.
The first piece of work I did for Speedhunters was an unpaid guest blog, why? Because I had produced some material about a project I'd been following for a while, I didn't have a suitable outlet for it and Speedhunters seemed the obvious place, it was published and I struck up a conversation. Here I am now. It's hard, you never know what will happen but if you proceed in a professional manner, then you're headed the right way. 
So I guess I see it from both sides, the skill set must be there and as I am approached by a lot of potential contributors on a daily basis I see the broadest of spectrums. What I would add is that personal blogs and even Facebook albums have misguided some people to think they are professional, publishing the work is the easy part!


LarozaShort films of great interest. I particularly like your Benz film, from Players. Nice! Come say hi at a show sometime :)


ZillonGet on it!


Speedhunters_Bryn Thanks Bryn. Still honoured to have it posted on this site. If you let me know what shows you're headed too I'll make my way and shoot away!


LarozaSpeedhunters_BrynPlayers Classic would be a good start :)


Speedhunters_Bryn Laroza See you there! June 7th!


Hayden EvansSend me an email hayden!, I'll be back for SEMA, if not before. This needs to happen.


Hayden EvansSend me an email hayden!, I'll be back for SEMA, if not before. This needs to happen.


F1Fan426Speedhunters_BrynSounds interesting, got a link to anything we can look at? Not sure I know the event :)


RoulianelyFeel free to email me at the address listed above, if you have something we should see... Don't hide it! :)


Jordan_Butters You're in the club Jord, gold card holder #alreadythere :)


bakayaru  First of all I have a website and there you can see my work. I don't advertise my work now if you are so curious google my nickname and then you'll see my portfolio. I'm also a photographer of a international automotive news agency.

You wrote many things about my experience but I didn't tell the whole story in my post. 

First, most companies are outsourcing photography services so it is not something like wanting someones hard earned position.

Secondly, this is a temporary job not permanent.

You evaluated my post as a prig HR worker. There is no empathy in your post. Also be respectful to others opinion!


Speedhunters_Bryn Dear Bryn, First of all IMO you are lucky because you were born in a country and it is not my country :) I live in a country where we don't have any automotive and motorsport related activities. Even there will be some, they are not huge so you won't be interested in chasing them. Living in a great country is a big head start. We can't deny this. You could be the most skilled photographer in the world but you do nothing because of the emptiness of your country or you could be an average photographer but live very close to Nordschleife. Which person looks promising? Unless you provide interesting content then your skill is for nothing.

As I mentioned earlier skill aside you need money too. If I were rich I would follow the exact steps of Rainer Schlegelmilch or Paul-Henri Cahier. I'll go event to event.

Anyway I don't want to dramatize this post. All I want to say someone will get this opportunity and I know he/she will completely deserve that.

Good Luck!


Nitrogliserin I need to know where you're from now, surely there's something? :)
I think it really is a case of working hard, yes I was born in the UK. But that first story I referred too was a road trip across the USA. I studied how other people had done the same thing and then did it differently, I worked two jobs for six months to save the money and bought an old Cadillac rather than something cheap and easy when we got there. When I finally went full time freelance a couple of years later I would sleep on the office floor overnight and commute 160 miles each way in a beach buggy to earn £500 a month. I watched every photographer I came in to contact with and read every word I could lay my eyes on. 
I appreciate your input and your effort to get out there and do your own thing, I salute that!


Speedhunters_Bryn Nitrogliserin bakayaru : 

Same Here: First wrote stuff for sponsors, like how to's and about engineering on cars and bikes, for there websites. Got even more questions then I gave answers, but it got me started to make a 2 weekly blog of really indept car/bike engineering, but the problem arose that I didn't have many pictures. So I bought my first DSLR. But even before then my blogs got noticed by magazines, and I even got 2 offers. Photographing started to become more and more important by then, which is always a steep learning curve when new. But if you really want to, with the right skills and equipment, and a bit of luck and keeping track of the marked, you can get noticed. The biggest problem is effort though. Most people don't realise the time it consumes. Besides the normal 9 to 5 to support your every day living, you have to spend an equall amount of time into photographing writing. That usually means no life or personal time to begin with. And for absolutely no pay whatsoever. The only things you photograph or write for are feedback, and in my case sharing my knowledge/expirience with everybody. I started to get paid about 3 years later since the moment I started with it. But then again, I really started working on cars at the age of 6 helping my dad, and started carting at the age of 7. And even at that age, I always asked questions to all kinds of people the world over. That way you can build a network of people to really on. For most circuits and events in mainland Europe I know who to call and get the info I need. But that goes both ways. People call me to when they email me. And thats not allways by an equall amount. A lot of times you tend to invest more then you recieve. But on the other side, the things you recieve after asking for them tend to help you get what you need. And its never about quantity.

But being a paid writer and photographer, I can surely relate to bakayaru because I know the amount of time and effort that go into it. So if you take the pictures for your own blog to get noticed you won't get paid. I you take them for a magazine you should get paid. Otherwise don't do it. You can submit, although I wouldn't do it more then once. Simple reason being: I you get featured, and when you ask the right questions and don't get a yob offer, its either A: They want free content, but there isn't any revenue involved, in which case it probably isn't a good starting point, as youcan always write your own blog. B: You really aren't good enough to be paid, in which case you really need to get better, or just quit. Not everybody is cut out to be a writer/photographer, the same as that not everybody is a rocket scientist. Or C: There are no vacancies, in which case they saw your photo's and know who you are, so when there is a spot, they'll probably contact you if you are indeed good enough.

As for living in the wrong country: Everybody lives in the wrong country: The grass is always greener on the other side. A good photographer always travels. Sometimes a mile/kilometre (whichever you prefer), sometimes through several country's. You just need to invest time, money and effort into it, which does not allways pay off, as with everything in life. People don't really understand the amont of time/effort involved. I can honestly say that I would love to do it full time, it isn't currently viable. that being said, i'm luckier then most, as the photography and writing I do, tends to be paid, although it's not nearly enough to earn a living. And of all people in the business, most people don't get to do it for a living. Estimates are currently at about 0,5% of all people tends to get paid well enough to earn their living entirely from writing/photography.

All in all, above is not hard fact nor is it fiction, it's what I've encountered in 12 years since I began....


Speedhunters_BrynHayden Evans Tried emailing you but it wont send to the address


Speedhunters_BrynHayden Evans Disregard that. Email was sent with the subject line of "Off road truck in Las Vegas"


Speedhunters_Bryn I live in Turkey. Although it's a large country and almost everybody has a car unfortunately not much going on plus world's most expensive oil prices and car taxes are here so It's a country that really bugs you :)

I really admire you because you are putting a hard effort to build your career. That requires a great motivation and patience. In 2000 I started to write for a Formula 1 blog. I did this for 4 years. We even published the very first motorsport newspaper in Turkey. However sales didn't go well and project cancelled after 8th issue. Everything that I did in this country resulted in vain and that really throws cold water on you.

Being in a right country is not the main case too. You can live in UK or USA but if you don't have a passion about cars then it's not helping either. During my UK visit I met a lot of people who doesn't know Goodwood FoS or in Sweden you met people who absolutely doesn't have any interest about Northern Lights but I've been there just for those occasions.


Nitrogliserin Speedhunters_Bryn : BTW, Turkey hasn't the most expencive oil prices: Norway, Italy, Netherlands and are more expencive by 9cents and up the litre....


Kevski Style Could you please look at the list in the link below and find where Norway and Turkey are? :)


Nitrogliserin Kevski Style : It only said: World most expensive oil prices. Be more specific the next time.... I still pay 9cents the litre more, and I'm not complaining about it....


Kevski Style come and start living here. After a year I'll see your complaints then we'll talk again.


Nitrogliserin Kevski Style :

Were did I say that it's a huge succes to live in Turkey. I've been there (Istanbul) , and I wouldn't even consider living there, for multiple reasons. But moving is always an option. I lived in Canada first before coming to Holland. A lot of my relatives still live there, as well as in England and Holland. 

The thing is, and I said so in the post 2 days ago: You don't find luck, you need to make it happen. If you really want to start earning a living with photography you need to take risks. Speedhunters_Bryn moved to another country. As did Dino Dale Carbonera. A shit attitude and complaining how tuff it is won't get you anywhere. Most photographers know, but still tend to look on the bright side. I wanted to be a fighter pilot, want to the physical and psychological evaluation and passed. During training they found out that I have a color distortion in my eyes. I can see all colors, but some colors tend to blurr which are in close proximity in the spectrum, like red and green. Therefore there was a possibility I could not distinguish red from green when taking off with landing. I can assure you I can , since it are bright colors, and because of the distortion I can see way better in the dark. But I had to quit the program. And yeah, that sucked, But then again, why would I complain, it's the way it is. If your not happy about it, you should do something about it, or quit. Don't see the obstacles, see the possibilities. It goes for cars, it goes for photography, it goes for life....


BastienBochmann I drove all the way last year to Rudskogen, and slept in the car for the week. It's a great first time taste of Gatebil!


FabioTorresOliveira Hey Fabio, you need to contribute to the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER theme as detailed above.  We want the potential candidates to prove that they're good enough for the job. Best of luck!


Kevski Style sorry about your condition. that must be a real unfortunate. 

I kinda agree with you. If you are not happy with your life yes then change it. take some serious decisions but it's not an easy thing to do and after a certain age, before you do something with your life you do risk assessment and then you usually forfeit. anyway... have a nice day.


Speedhunters_Bryn F1Fan426 is their main website promoting the event. I have a ton more links if you would like some more info, but this should cover most of it.


I don't know you, and therefore my words can't possibly be personal to you. I hope you will understand the damage that comes from doing good work for free?
Companies will just outsource work when they get the chance, and "downsize" or "rightsize" their teams - meaning good people get fired so you can build a rep. You get ripped off. Experts go broke. Companies look for more stupid spec monkeys to rip off.
happens every day.


Speedhunters_Bryn CooperMacmillan Kinda missed this, just saw it in my emails, I'm in Brisbane, australia, though I dont know if you'll see this comment now that the post is a few weeks old lol


Speedhunters_Bryn What if we're not too confident? My confidence has taken several knocks lately. What if we just want feedback?


I'm an avid fan of this site,how about a scoop in manila,philipines?, we can unite every place at the same site,or what are the different concepts this people think of?how do we tune up rides here??what kind of culture can i show you?if you will give me the chance to show you,please contact me at me show you my pimps..have a great day god bless.