GT4 Stinger: Kia’s Answer To The FR-S

If you happen to like performance-oriented rear-wheel drive coupes, this week’s North American International Auto Show is the place to be. We’ve already seen Toyota’s FT-1 Concept, the next incarnation of the Corvette Z06, and now we have the GT4 Stinger from Kia.


Kia is calling the GT4 Stinger its most aggressive concept ever, and you can see the car is clearly targeting buyers that might be interested in vehicles like the FR-S, BRZ and Hyundai Genesis.


While the design of the car is sleek, more important is the fact that Kia claims driving enjoyment was their highest priority while developing the GT4 Stinger. Chief designer Tom Kearns says the car is “a throwback to days when driving a car was a visceral experience that wasn’t muted by electronic gimmickry.”


Powering the GT4 Stinger is a version of the two liter turbocharged and direct-injected four cylinder found in the Optima. Output is set at 315 horsepower, which is impressive considering the car weighs only 1,304 kilograms.


The engine will come mated a close ratio six-speed manual transmission, and the Stinger’s quick-ratio steering rack has been designed for maximum agility and driver feedback.


Regardless of whether it comes from Europe, Japan, the US, or Korea, I say you can never have too many rear-wheel drive performance cars. The fact that the GT4 Stinger has been built with a focused driver experience in mind makes it even better.

Bring it on!



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Interesting. But the frontend.. No, just no.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Mmh... The base is good but it Needs some pepper!!!!!!!! good concept anyhow!


at least it is WAAAAY better than that horrible FT-1 thing. i love it :D


It needs a Saab badge..?


GT4 Stinker.


Interesting name given by KIA (GT4 Stinger)... The fenders reminds me of the Corvette C3 which is also called a Stingray. The design is clean, but i feel this gives the aftermarket industry lots of scope... 

Didn't the Volvo c30 concept have similar A- pillars? It would give a great view while drifting!

Is that lights up front set too low for cars in Britain?


I second the statement that you can never have too many RWD sportscars


Pop-up headlights and it's good to go. Too bad this won't happen...


I have to say I am impressed with Kia stepping it up in the performance world, but it will all come down to how it drives. And yes please change that ugly front end.


read GTA 3 times in a row ;'D


I like this quote "Regardless of whether it comes from Europe, Japan, the US, or Korea, I say you can never have too many rear-wheel drive performance cars. " That's going to be a dangerous little car. 300 plus hp in a car that weighs 2870 lbs. Not sure I like the headlight placement, but that is going to be a strong competitor on the streets.


Needs a 5 or six speed manual gear box.


Looks better than the "next supra" in my opinion.


I never thought I would be excited about a Kia, but this thing actually looks pretty cool. And weighing in at only 1300 kg with over 300 hp? Me gusta


Didn't even realise before, but that steering wheel is a total rip-off from Audi. :)


Interior is awesome!! Now reduce the power to 240Hp, lose some more weight, smaller wheels also and we're set


Not a huge fan of the front end (I hate how safety regs have killed pop up headlights, but in this day of LEDs, you can do better), but overall I totally dig it. That light plus that much powaaahhhh? Hoo boy this should be fun!


Hideous exterior, Specs are amazing, but wow... Roof line is reminiscent of a FORTE (I don't know whether that's a good thing...)  the front end looks like a Catfish made love to a Cadillac and the rear end looks like an updated version of the early 2000s Mercedes C230. Beautiful interior and outstanding power to weight ratio... can it put that power to the ground though? I agree with Eaottaja, I knew I recognized that steering wheel!! the hood lines too, remind me of the new Sport Quattro concept. Never been a Kia fan and this new stab at the FR-S doesn't change my opinion... to each their own though.


bje4278 I really miss pop ups


YES yes and yeaaaaaaaugh this one hits all of the right buttons.  Great shape, smart design and intent, good choices for gadgets and gizmos plus the car looks terrific.  Almost something Dodge-esque about it, in a way that is good, for being different and small/tight/taut. As an FC RX7 lover I cant stop seeing Panspeed overfender buldges in this design and I like it here, anyone else?  Well done Kia, its about time you had a car like this.  I am sure a lot of people wont like it but I sure do.


I keep coming back to the same mentality regarding concept cars: Until it's actually built, I just don't give a shit.

I want to. I want to be excited, but in the end it's like every other time I've seen a concept car, hype meets disappointment when it's never built or scrapped.

turbo BEAMS ae86

feels like very single car has the GTR blacked out A-pillars today


MikelMorganThe article says it will have a 6-speed manual, if you read it...


Wow!...  Now the battle between Toyota, Chevrolet and KIA is getting very exciting and difficult.
Now on KIA concept: The design? I like it, is very simple but the lines make a very godd sensation of perfection and security

Thanks to Speedhunters for this article and the photos <3


The GT86 seems to be the starter for new trend in the automobile industry, affordable sporty RWD cars.
The Nissan IDx and the Kia GT4 may be prototypes for now, but u can see that they are thinking about it.

Is the GT86 the new MX5?


Ewottaja Well the current designer for Kia was an Ex Audi designer sooo


vector52787EwottajaPeter Schreyer, yeah I know. Cool looking wheel still.


Wildcardfox  can you imagine what that will do to a lot of peoples ego's? getting beat by a kia? in your toyota SPORTS car? lol!


"Kia is calling the GT4 Stinger its most aggressive concept ever, and you
can see the car is clearly targeting buyers that might be interested in
vehicles like the FR-S, BRZ and Hyundai Genesis."
Isn't Kia owned by Hyundai? Just saying.




robzorWildcardfox Not that it hadn't happened before.


No matter what brand a person is in, a car that light and with that much hp will be a performer. I guess the days of making fun of Kia's is over.


Darelumga No, the MX5 is still the MX5. This concept is nothing's not as if sub $50k RWD 2 door coupes have been off the market since the mid 90's. Toyota didn't really re-invent the wheel here.


I prefer this to the Datsun concept, 10 fold! I'd even have this over an 86.....It looks as if Kia and Hyundai are stepping up their games in the design department that's for sure!


Doesn't matter if it is or not the funnest car ever to drive, i think we should be happy with the fact that FINALLY the industry is giving some attention to the car's enthusiasts who miss the old rear-wheel drive sport cars.


apex_DNA If I recall correctly, Hyundai has shares in Kia, but not the majority.


@turbo BEAMS ae86 GTR? First was the Mini and then Suzuki Swift! :)


Dude, sweet! Exciting times for the auto enthusiast!


Wildcardfox Everyone that's been smoked by a Optima Turbo (and thats more than will admit) knows they aren't to be laughed at anymore. We have a Kia and its impressed the hell out of me. I'm extremely suprised with what they've done in recent years. That new sedan is damn nice too.


rickim24apex_DNAThe company along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary,, together comprise the


Never before have the words "I really want a Kia" left my mouth, but dang I really want a Kia now.


RacingPast What do you mean set too low for Britain? Because they'll be underwater most of the time because of all our rain? ;)


audi r8, nissan gt-r and vw up anyone?


D1RGE Wildcardfox  I, myself, have never even thought about a KIA or an Optima turbo with any amount of worry or fear, but point taken. They are starting to become cars to watch out for.

45 has no eyes. Not much space for the passengers in the back. They should take out the rear seats and make more room for the trunk. Other than that i'm pretty excited that kia is making some pretty nice cars out there now!

JMax Paint Garage LLC

Somehow it reminds me of the Toyota (Scion) Fuse concept:


I wonder if this thing will have a 60k mile timing belt service interval like all of the other quality kia products.


Kia should buy Saab and make this the new Saab Sonet. I don't know why, but this just looks like a Saab to me.. in a really really good way


Kia's been stepping their game up recently!


Ramah_Nyang Agreed. Kia are certainly making a great name for themselves over the last few years with exciting new cars.


You mean Volkswagen EcoRacer (it's the same designer, maybe VW sold the ideea)


15k-20k I'm game...otherwise the new mustang is still the winner in the performance rwd class.


Well you know they hired away all the engineers from vw, Mercedes and BMW. So essentially your getting a European inspired but reliable because


This Kia car is a reborn to Lancia Stratus rallye.


Stratos, more like a Volvo 1800 Sportwagen.


I'm so excited LOL wanna drive this very intriguing one atlast one that doesn't orient us with electronic sounds LOL I'm so happy with manufacturers like this... That I know my daughter will have this fun cars in her time...